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Line requirements, production incentives

Posted By: (nm) on 2007-08-13
In Reply to: Interview tomorrow...what questions should I ask? - MTinMI

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Is it legal if there are production incentives?
More money/production incentives only.
They are extremely flexible with my schedule and everyone is very nice. They were also very understanding when we had personal issues this summer. I also think their insurance is pretty reasonable.

I pass along pay I'm offered when it is higher to encourage them to pay more.
Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production??
I have an offer to go shift lead at $15 an hour or another company is offering me 0.9 a line with production incentives on a fairly easy clinical specialty account with what looks like a lot of normals.  Would most of you go for the certain money or take the production in hopes that you can work up speed and eventually make more?  Not sure what to do here.  Thanks
Does Keystrokes offer production incentives or...sm

maybe cost of living raises or performance raises or ANYTHING like that, so a person knows there is a chance for income advancement over time?  TIA!

I think they start you in the 8-9 cpl range and with shift diffs and production incentives
you can make another 1.5 cpl or so. I work second shift and my base is .09 plus I always earn at least another half cent on production bonuses and a quarter cent for the shift diff.
Line counts - the lower the line count requirements
the harder the account and problems with trying to get production off the platform the company uses.
line requirements
They have three skill levels and a different rate of pay within each level based on your quarterly reviews. Line counts required when I hired in: 3000 lines per wk part time and 6000 full time per wk.
What are the line requirements for TT?? nm
MDI-MD line requirements
You specify the number of lines you plan to do. I think there is someone on our team who does 250 lines/day. Whatever number of lines you commit to will help determine what account you would be on, I think.
MDI again. What are their line requirements?
Line requirements, cpl, etc. sm
may not be good indicators of what you will be paid at certain companies. I have worked for several companies in the past, large nationals as well as smaller MTSOs, and it has been my experience that if they have rotten platform or if their dictators are awful, it is not going to matter what your requirements are...you just won't make money.

Take a look on the job board. Most companies post what their requirements are related to lines per pay period, etc.

Unfortunately sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads until you find your Prince Charming!
Line requirements
I'm supposed to set up for a phone interview next week to talk about employment and my experience so I'm not sure on the pay scale yet since they told me that they can't tell me over email, but they said line requirements is 10,000 lines every 2 weeks for full-time and 5,100 lines every 2 weeks for part-time.  I'm hoping the pay is at least decent, I know people are pitching a fit about what most everyone is paying right now, but honestly we just need some extra money coming in for my family because my husband's pretty much been laid off since Thanksgiving and I'm only makin just over $14/hr at my current transcription job which isn't enough to keep us afloat much longer!
Line requirements at TransTech
What are the line requirements at TransTech? Is there a time clock to punch in and out? How long do they give you to get up to production? What if you can't get your line in during the 8 hour time frame? Can you log in off hours and get them in?  TIA!!
MDI-MD minimum line requirements? - nm
Help with company's and line requirements??
Any good companies out there with employee status and benefits who do not require a tremendous daily/weekly line count requirement? Thanks for any input! 
What are the line requirements for fulltime at
Also, the cost of their family insurance? 
What are their minimum line requirements
available for family members as well as the employee? They sound like a great place.
Why is it that OSI's line count requirements

Doesn't seem to be right.  That's only 1000 lines per day. Most places are 1100 and up. 

IC companies line requirements


Stat-IQ Solutions has a 2500-3000 line per week requirement - work when you want without a committed schedule.  I worked for them a year ago before I went full time with my current employer.  They are hiring - see MTjobs.com.

leads don't have line requirements
Not even with incentives are you making .12 a line
It is impossible to make .16 a line at Transcend. Typing more than the max incentive of 23,000 lines per pay period will only add 1.5 cents per line.
how does line incentives work?

If your company says they will pay .01 over 2000 lines daily, does that mean if you type 2100 lines you get the extra .01 for ALL lines or just the 100 you went over?  

Can you share what the daily line requirements are?
and maybe the insurance rates? TIA
Part-time line requirements
I am an IC thinking of changing to a larger national part time as an employee. But as an IC, I have no idea how the line requirments work? If I am a part-time employee working 20 hours a week and I don't meet my line requirements, am I allowed to work extra hours?  
Seemed really low to me, on the incentives. Maybe 1 cent per line for a lot of lines.
Spheris line rates & incentives
Some employees at Spheris are now being told that production and QA incentives will be eliminated. The line rate is variable, but in general, the very least you will accept. This used to be a wonderful company. Very little concern now for either employees, quality of work, or serving best interests of clients. Many are leaving.
Is it typical for decreased pay for not meeting line requirements? sm

I know every company is different but has anyone had their pay rate decreased for failure to meet line requirements?  I have heard of taking away benefits, etc. before but never heard of decreased pay rates for IC because of this nor have I ever heard of the pay rate being different for full time versus part timers within the same company.  I have health issues causing my lack of meeting line requirements.  It isn't because I just don't want to work.  I guess this is just another tactic to take money out of our pockets and into theirs like the pay rate isn't low enough already.  Geez by the time I cover my expenses as an IC, I doubt I come out with anything anyway.  I might as well just work for free for the government to donate all my money overseas! 

Has anyone ever figured out how much difference is needed in pay between IC and employee to cover average expenses related to the job?  I know standard is 1 cent usually and that does not cover my expenses. 

I work on that account, NO problems with line counts or the requirements! sm

I have heard of putting the entire team on QA, I have had it happen before.  I got released back after 24 hrs because I was fine.

There are issues with a couple of things on that account.  It will likely come down to some of the MTs not being allowed to work on that account any longer, which leaves more work for the rest of us.  The communication about the issues they are now addressing with 100% QA for all of us have been thorough and when I have not understood something I have asked for clarification.  I have one concern that I feel certain they will call me on and that is fine because I can alter my ways and make sure it is right.

I don't know what is wrong with some of you. I suppose there are MTs who don't believe in doing the job 110%.  If you are productive AND accurate, you can make very good money at TT, I certainly do. If you think the pay is low, move on...if you are good enough to find another job.  TT is a CHOICE for me because when I was looking last fall, I had no fewer than 10 offers and entertained them all, but went to work for TT because I felt I would be happy there.  No surprise to me, I am extremely happy. 

The 100% QA is not something I am taking personally because it would seem to me that the only way to address the issues at hand is to do this very thing.

Bummed!!! Apparently the MDI-FL side doesnt get incentives. It seems like the benefits/incentives
would apply to everyone. Oh well, wouldnt be the first time.
Then company should set line count per day with incentives for above that. If get line count done
Incentives? What incentives? Lucky I can get the minimum lines.
my line rate and production
Oh boo hoo... I do not know what to do. I was making so much money on my last job until they lost their accounts. I am making the same line rate now but it is so much more involved as far as formatting and no MS Word that I don't know what to do. I'm looking to the future and my bills and I'm not smiling. Is it time to leave the business or are there places I can make my 200 lines an hour like I used to?
Yes. Their line rate is based on production with a minimum

per pay period (twice a month) of 3500 lines.  I think that 3500 lines per pay period only pays around .065 cents a line though.  5000+ lines a pay period is 8 cents a line.  They are IC, but they do pay the employer portion of Soc.Security (kind of like statutory).  They pay for black and white 65-character line (spaces included).  Hope that helps.

You need a 2nd line and Cphone to work for them. 800 lpd is PT production. Someone posted a
0.0425 on eScription, lot more than double line production.
MDI-MD: What are daily line requirements for full-time/part-time? Thanks! nm
MQ MTs: What is the SE or IC requirements?

Is the part-time SE/IC 4,000 lines in a pay? 



SE requirements at FN

They're actually saying 14,000 per pay period, not 1400; but no, I have no idea why they're saying that.  I work for FN as an SE, and the requirement is 12,000 per pay period, and pay periods are every 2 weeks.  You're not expected to work every single day, so if you figure 2 days off a week, that means you have to do 12,000 lines over 10 days or 1200 lines a day.  If that seems like a lot to comit to until your little one starts kindergarten, then I think starting as an IC may be the best way to go.  That way you can get into a comfort zone, and once you're cruising, then you could decide if you wanted to go SE or not. 

Another FN employee told me the $25 charge for having your check overnighted to you is a tax writeoff.  I don't know if that's true or not, but I never opted to do it.  Just wasn't worth it to me, and my check arrived in a very timely fashion.

It is difficult because you either have server issues, internet issues at their end or NO WORK. It is almost impossible to get the requirements in 8 hours.
MDI-MD requirements
PT requires 3500 week/700 day. Do you have to do 700 a day, or do you just have to do 3500 per week? In other words, can you do 500 x 5 days and 1000 x 1 day? or some other combination adding up to 3500?
Requirements to be an IC
They require you to be a small business owner and have errors and omission insurance. Per other internet postings, so not verified fact.
What about incentives? Are there any at all? nm
How is pay at KS? Incentives? nm
Incentives - who has them?
I've read a couple of posts where MTs mention incentives, goals, bonuses and I'm interested in finding out which companies actually reward or motivate MTs to do more than just the minimum required, aside from just getting more lines. Thanks!
TT incentives
Does anybody know how TTs incentive tiers work? I know that if you type 13,000 lines, you get 0.25 cents more for the entire 13,000, and if you do 20,000 lines, you get a penny more, but what are the in between amounts?
I have seen accounts that run incentives based on minutes of dictation, but they also do it on number of reports done or lines typed. Just depends on the account I guess.

Don't be afraid to ask for a backup account, by the way. Some accounts have lots of work.
AND if you maintain under 10% QA another 0.25 cpl back to the first line!!!!  They also have a great benefits package.
Pay better than most, no incentives, but
lots of OT available, 6 pd vacation days, a week PTO, get paid for down time, though there hasn't been any of that lately thankfully.   They provide all equip/software.  $500 sign-on bonus, $500 every year on anniversary.  QA fairly strict, minimum score 98.5. 
The requirements to be met for performance are:
1. Minimum of 100 lines per hour, or regular full time 150 lines per hour. Radiology is 8 reports per hour or 12 for full time.
2. Quality Assurance Plan standard (I believe that means QC percentage).
3. Work the schedule that has been agreed upon.
BUT under the compensation plan it says you are paid by the line. Again the line versus the hours. You see how they incorporate both and make it perfectly legit. I don't get how they can get away with it.
what are the requirements to become a recuriter ?
How do you become a recruiter? Is there a requirement as to how many years of being a medical Transcriptionist to be considered for a recruiter position ? Not being disrespectful, just very curious.