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MDI versus MDI-MD

Posted By: Re-post on 2008-08-01
In Reply to:

Would appreciate clarification - Are these the same company, the one located in Gaithersburg, Maryland? Thanks in advance.

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MDI versus MedScribe versus SoftScript versus Transsolutions versus TransHealth. SM

I'm getting ready to start applying and these are the companies that I'm looking at.  So give me the low-down.  Good, bad, India?

Here are my criteria:

9 cpl or better

Does NOT send work to India

Good accounts with at least 50/50 of ESL versus American dictators

Consistent work flow - no downtime or time spent waiting for work

Upper management should be professional, positive, and encouraging.

Pay for lines WITH spaces.

Is there such a job out there or am I just dreaming?  If there are other companies other than the ones I listed that would fit the bill, please feel free to let me know. I tested with TransHealth and I felt like I tanked.  It was a hard test and I had to use the mouse to stop and start the dictation as it was online test and you couldn't download the voice files.  So that made it a lot more difficult.  One of the dictators was cutting himself off through the report and I had to leave some blanks.  I'm very frustrated with this whole process of looking and testing.  Are all the tests like that?  Or are there companies that allow you download the test files and transcribe them using your pedal and software?  Ugh!  I am just so frustrated and discouraged.

Thanks for any helpf.

MQ versus others
Neither do I......
SE versus IC
I thought they were the same, so I guess I am the one with the missing brain cell!
IC versus SE

I know the SS differences between the 2 but can anyone tell me is there any real advantage of being an SE versus an IC?  Why did MQ do away with SE?  Do you think this will be growing trend with companies?

RN versus MT
Take the R.N. course. I wish I had taken it at an earlier age. You will have a job that you can depend on with good salary. Don't make the same mistake I made.

Good luck.
RN versus MT
So true!!!
SE versus IC - sm
If you got 8 cents as an SE, what do you think this would calculate to in line rate as an IC - 9 cents?  By this, I mean SE helps with your taxes but by how much would you estimate?  Anyone know? 
QA versus MT?

I was just offered a QA position.  If I accept the position, it will be my first QA job.  According to my calculations, I would only make about a dollar more an hour on average by staying a production MT than I would as QA with this particular company, who pays their QA staff by the hour.  I am wondering, is being offered QA anything like a promotion in the industry, or is it more of a lateral move/matter of preference?  Would love to hear opinions on pros and cons of QA  Thanks!

BS versus DQS
I have used them both and produce about 150 more lph on Bayscribe.
MDI versus MDI-MD
Thank you for your response. Do you happen to know if the one in Maryland is the one that people generally refer to as a good company to work for and one that and does not send work out of the US?
MQ versus Webmedx
Been and done MQ...now at Webmedx and enjoying my job again. Nice to feel valued.
SE versus IC. I know there is s simple

but I'm a math retard.  If an SE made 10 cpl and an IC also made 10 cpl, and everything else were equal, then the SE is actually making more because half of the 15% social security tax is paid by the employer.  So the SE makes 7.5% more than the IC, correct?

Now here's where I'm a math retard.  If you take that 7.5% into account, what is the SE's *real* line rate?  Sure, it's still cpl but when you figure the employer is paying 7.5% of the taxes then does that make the line rate actually more like 10.75 cpl?  Or am I off on my math?

I have to agree with you that job hopping can look unprofessional. I have a bit of dilemma though: I am on my second job and either I stay and continue to be unhappy or risk a third try that may put me in a similar/worse situation. Here's the kicker though - My problem is not the company...it is my coworkers. I am discouraged by a lot of my fellow MTs' work ethic and the every-man-for-himself attitude. I don't mind sharing my normals with everyone. If it means they are more productive, helps them get more lines in and our account is in turn, why wouldn't I want to share? We have all been new to an account...why not be helpful and supportive? Here is the resume I would love to send out:

MT with 3 years experience in acute care; ESLs not a problem; reliable, will work the schedule YOU need, will be on time and stay for entire shift(imagine that); no children to bring to doctor/football practice/exhusbands house/school play; actually does research, has an extensive library of research books, and does not just toss a job to Quality dept for them to finish; NEVER cherrypicks or skips jobs; will not poach, working outside my schedule trying to get extra lines to pay for Xmas/kids braces/second mortgage, taking work from others; does not mind working over/extra when needed; does not have a endless stream of mysterious health problems - in fact, has only called in sick once in 3 years; recognizes the Quality department's value and that they are an essential part of the job I do; does not whine about hard dictators/OPS/ESLs/short reports/long reports; have taken Anatomy and Physiology courses in addition to initial training and still taking continuing education courses; sitting for CMT next month; helpful and supportive of my TEAM (for those of you who do not know, that is my coworkers and my employer); does not have constant, vague-sounding internet/phone/electricity problems that prevent me from working.

Here's a thought (not for the original poster, but for those the shoe fits) - how about thinking about what you have to offer a company instead of what you can get out of them? What do you bring to the table? Selfishness? Laziness? A baby hanging off of your hip, a slew of pathetic excuses, and a victim's attitude? No wonder you are not happy anywhere...you get what you give.

I will not send out that resume, obviously. Why? Because those types of MTs are everywhere. I cannot hope to find a place where none of that exists, not with the pool MTSOs have to pull from. Plus, it is not professional. The reason I did it here was to illustrate a point. People do not always job hop with the hope of improving their situation, many do it for bonuses or to find a place where they get the most and can do the least.

Want change? The responsibility for change and growth within this industry lies with the individual MTs.
IC versus Employee
As an IC, you can deduct at 100% all of your expenses.  An an employee, you can only deduct the amount that exceeds 2% of your gross income (if you are married and filing jointly, it is yours and your sponse's combined gross income).  In other words, if your joint combined gross income is $100,000, you can only deduct your expensed over $2000.  That is a huge amount to have to not include.  Check with any tax accountant or IRS regarding this.
Holidays versus PTO

I think it all depends on the amount of PTO that you accrue per pay period.  Some companies allow you to accrue more, but then you are expected to use your PTO for holidays.  Some may pay for holidays separately, but then you don't accrue as much PTO; it basically all balances out in the end.

IC versus employee

This is a muliple-part question--hoping someone here can help with some or all of them! 

1.  Does anyone have experience working for Shriners' Children's Hospital inhouse in Norcross, GA?  Many ESLs, how are working conditions, etc?

2.  I've been recently sent home from my small office practice (didn't volunteer!) and changed from transcription/med records clerk employee to IC; lost benefits. I think a little further on I'll have to get another inhouse job--remains to be seen if I can afford to live on this reduced income.  Does anyone have solutions regarding health insurance for self-employed, single people?  In my state an individual BCBS premium for someone my age is $300.00/month w/$250.00 deductible. (Yikes!)

3.  How to tweak my (hopefully) next interview to reflect that in my last job I was told basically I wasn't a good "fit" for the office, even though they were happy with my work quality and quantity?  In their opinion I didn't pitch in and answer phones quickly enough, schedule patients and take on copying duties cheerfully enough--in short, lacked a positive attitude, even though I DID do these extra duties politely. I'm nearly 60 years old--and don't do perky very well.  Should I just explain this last job didn't suit my skills and personality? 

Thanks for reading thus far--will appreciate your suggestions or input!



VR versus straight
Oh, I get pain 4cpl for VR.
VR versus typing
Do you make more money with straight typing or VR?  Just a poll.  I do both and seem to make more straight typing.  You would think VR would be quicker.
VR versus typing
I make WAYYYYYYYY more money typing that VR. There is no question about that at all. On one particular account that I do I can type almost as fast as he speaks so that is a great moneymaker, but even on my fast talking doctors there is no comparison to doing them in VR.

SPI versus MedQuist
I tested with SPI yesterday -- no word yet on the results, but keeping fingers crossed very tightly!  Anyway, got an E-mail from Medquist today but I see I lot of MTs complaining about running out of work and a high ESL range of doctors.  Is MedQuist a place I should avoid?  I haven't tested or applied yet -- just looking to get out of where I am working now.  Not enough lines and just generally unhappy there. Thanks for all of your input!  Was offered a job with DocuMed -- called to accept and was asked to type a few more files only to never hear from that company again.  I guess I did some free work as I heard that I was not alone.
MQ versus Webmedx
Can anyone compare the hourly line rates between MQ and Webmedx for me?  I'm usually around 250 and 300 per hour at MQ but want to find a company with a better reputation.  Just want to know an average of what anyone can type at Wedmedx per hour.
OSi versus DeVenture

Hi.  There used to be a lot of negative posts on here about OSi.  What are you guys' current opinion on it?

Here's what I'm really contemplating:  contacting DeVenture, who had offered me a job at around the same time that OSi did.  Here's why:  I got put in a program that would advance me to acute care kind of transcription.  It did, but now I have to type for about 10 hospitals, thus I never can get good--or a good line count--at any ONE hospital's transcription.  So--my cents-per-line rate in theory has gone up but there's no way I can make the kind of line counts I made when I was just doing clinic transcription.

Theoretically, I have a primary account, but there is never enough work on it.  That's why I get work from 9 other difficult accounts instead.

Anyone else having this type experience?

Thanks a lot-


MQ versus Webmedx
Anybody left MQ for Webmedx?  Just curious about how they treat MTs as compared to the Q.  I was also told they do not offshore - can anybody clarify?
MD-IT versus Amphio
Has anybody got any feedback on MD-IT.  I am considering an offer from them and also from Amphion.  I've heard some not so positive things about Amphion and was wondering if anybody knew anything about MD-IT....
OSI versus Axolotl
Made the change and can't believe the difference.  I knew there had to be a better company, couldn't have been worse, and boy am I glad I made this change!
hospital versus IC
If you are happy being an IC, stay there. I went from there to MQ and was happy for several years, but just quit MQ because of all the changes. If you stay your own boss, you obviously have much more control.
MQ versus Webmedx
I am wondering if anyone has left MQ for webmedx.  Is it any better there.  Another question, webmedx does not supply an Expander with their program, or am I confused.  Just looking for anyone that might have switched and how they are doing with webmedx.  Thanks!
US versus India
I have to agree, the qualityof the India MTs has been superior in many instances and some of the people who claim hey have 10-20 years experience must be flat out lying.  I have seen lap coli in reports..in a urology report the patient is impudent, it is embarrassing to say the least.
Indian MTs versus US MTs sm
I QA'd Indian work for about a year and a half and for the particular ones I QA'd, they did not seem to grasp feedback. The same errors by the same MTs would come across again and again. Additionally, please remembers that most of the Indian MTs are sent to cream of the crop dictators and all that is left for the US MTs are all the crap. That combined with low rates, they try to do as much as they can to try to make money and pay the bills. Just my opinion; please don't flame!
MDI-MD versus Keystrokes
I just received a job offer from MDI-MD in Gaithersburg, Maryland and an offer from Keystrokes. I'm having a difficult time deciding because MDI is contractor/statutory employee, and Keystrokes is employee. Also MDI wants one weekend day and Keystrokes has a Monday to Friday position. I've heard only positive comments about MDI but conflicting comments about Keystrokes. The job profiles are so different that I don't know which to choose. I could try the MDI because they only give you five reports a day for a two-week training period (so I could keep my current position while I try MDI out). But I don't know how I could try both MDI and Keystrokes on the same computer, and then also stay with my current company (separate computer) and get my regular work done -- that's juggling three balls at once!!! Any suggestions about the way to go would be so very much appreciated.
MDI-MD versus Keystrokes
Do you have any thoughts as to which company is better?
To sm re: MDI versus Keystrokes
Would you please answer a few more questions if you don't mind?
1. Please explain what you mean by Keystrokes convoluted pay scale? (They offered me 8 cpl to start, minimum 1200 lines per day. I was told OT they do not want you working OT unless requested. No line incentive.)
2. Regarding MDI, I don't want to work weekends but was told you could work the minimum (700 lines) on your weekend day and that didn't seem to bad (a few hours of work and it's done). Does that seem realistic?
3. If you need to go away for a weekend or something comes up and you cannot work the weekend day you are scheduled, does MDI allow you to take it off, as long as you let them know in advance? Can you switch a Saturday with a Sunday if necessary? Do they hassle you or expect you to make up the lines during the week? I hate to think that I can never make weekend plans. It doesn't happen often but it would be nice to know you can.
4. How is MDI about taking time off for vacation, or if you need a sick day? I'm rarely sick but want to know what to expect.
5. I was told that generally, you can work as much as you want (although you do not get overtime), and that they do not restrict work. Do you agree?

Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me with regard to the above.

MDI-MD versus Keystrokes
Does anyone know if MDI-MD has a large amount of ESL. One of the first things the recruiter asked me was if I had ESL experience. Also, would like to know about Keystrokes ESL volume. I realize to an extent it depends on the account but any info would be helpful. Thank you.
MQ versus Webmedx
I have never worked for Webmedx but I spent several years at MQ and can tell you the company really went downhill since 2006. Do a careful background check on this company before making a decision.
ASR versus traditional

When I hired on part time with TT I was doing traditional.  It was hard, so I asked for ASR.  I'm learning.  Probably won't make as much in ASR, but it's easier.  The machine will learn the repetative parts of the report, but have to correct a lot on the rest esp.  most of the docs don't say period and the machine doesn't know where to put it.

If you are an employee versus IC, then
the MTSO can control your hours. MQ did away with their ICs/SEs years ago. There may be tax breaks too, I don't known.
If you are an employee versus IC, then
the MTSO can control your hours. MQ did away with their ICs/SEs years ago. There may be tax breaks too, I don't know though.
IC versus employee

The IRS has strict guidlines as to what criteria you meet as an IC versus an employee and rest assured both the person and the company will BOTH be fined.  There is definintely one answer the IRS does nto accept and that is I didn't know.  As an IC you are considered a business and you better know your business or you will get burned by compaines as well  as the  IRS. 

1099 versus W2
An IC receives a 1099. You will see your total earnings under the section called Non-employee Compensation.

I totally agree with the other poster who said you should see a tax specialist, and I don't mean H&R Block. Ask friends and family who they would recommend. Don't just choose someone out of the phone book.

I'm also recommending that you get into the habit of deducting the money to pay your taxes with every single check you receive, unless you're really good with leaving your money alone (no matter what) and can pay your taxes quarterly. Also, a lot of people have different recommendations on how much you should set aside for your taxes. It can be anywhere from 20% to 30%, depending upon where you live. Discuss this with your tax specialist.
IC versus employee
If you quit your job, I don't believe you will be eligible for unemployment.  You have to be let go by them.  I work as an IC and you have to also pay self-employment tax, which you obviously don't have to pay if you are an employee.  As an employee, you will have some benefits as they call them, whereas you will have none as an IC (including no vacation pay, insurance, long-term disability, etc).
Employee versus IC/SE
Well I started out at MDI-FL, then Transcend as an IC and would have been happy to stay that way but they made that impossible because you had to buy E&O insurance and Worker's Comp insurance and get an EIN number (not your SS #) so I went to employee status but I don't use the benefits as we have insurance thorugh my husband's work so I would prefer the higher line rate over the benefits.
Medquist versus Spheris
I worked for MQ for 6 years. I was not a very happy camper most of that time. I was afraid somewhere else might be worse! Communication was bad, rental fee every month on computer, very disorganized in all aspects. Now, I've been at Spheris only 3 weeks but I can see a great difference. Very well organized, detail oriented. My supervisor does NOT call me if I am away from the computer 5 minutes or more. I think I will be very happy with Spheris. I also love the idea of changing accounts to a higher level and getting paid more for harder accounts--you won't find that at Medquist!
Here is the facts versus myths about the SR pay....

I see that some people have posted flat out untruths about the editing pay rates for speech recognition.  Therefore  I'm going to share with everyone exactly  what the memo said as I copied/pasted it and edited out only the 1 word for the other program we work with:


For an existing MLS the company will take the existing blended line rate currently earned by an MLS including incentives and shift differentials and will pay an editing rate equal to 60% of that line rate. For instance an MLS with a base rate of 7.5 cents and a total blended rate with production incentives of 8 cents will earn an editing rate of 4.8 cents with no incentives (poster's note - see that this does NOT state that the flat rate if pay is 4.8 cpl, it's just an example). This first of all allows the MLS who is a current high producer to keep the incentive rates already being earned and will also allow an Editor to make more money editing than typing once their production increases over 67%. Our ***** editors have improved an average of 80% for comparison. We will give the MLS 30 days of full line rate pay on both typed lines and edited lines to allow a time frame for them to gain skill and experience.



Now also recall that the CEO has assured everyone that you will NOT be required to edit - if you don't like editing then you can remain on straight transcribed reports.  This does not necessarily mean you'll get the "junk" reports as in the SR  world there are various reasons a report isn't SR'd (i.e. new dictators that the system hasn't built a profile on). 


Now let's do some math.  Let's say that I'm the MLS they mentioned in the example with a blended line rate of 8 cpl and getting 4.8 cpl for editing.  Let's say I normally transcribe the minimal 11,000 lines per pay period.   This would result in a base paycheck of $880.  


Now as this same Transcriptionist if I were to do 100% editing and never ever straight transcribed a document I would need to edit a total of 18,350 lines to get the same paycheck....and I'm doing these lines in the exact same # of hours.  HOWEVER, let's say that I do realize the same productivity gain of the average 80% that the people on the other program they use have achieved.  This means that I would edit a total of 22,020 and my pay check would be $1056.96 - which means that I have made an extra $176.96 and I'm still working the same amount of hours.  If my productivity gain is higher than that, then I'd be making even more.


Now who wants to argue with making more money for working the same # of hours?  







Hospital versus At Home

The hospital I work for has finally said I could work at home.  I am wondering if there are experienced people that can tell me the cons of working at home.  I am looking forward to it but need to know if I need certain things and what kind of books to buy. 

MeriT versus ExText
I just started with Medware a little over a month ago as an Editor and work on the MeriT System. I worked on ExText before joining Medware and I like MeriT better. ExText is a great program, but I think MeriT is more MT friendly.
Precyse versus Transcend
Any info on recent experiences with either company would be much appreciated, especially interested in benefits provided by each - affordable or not.  Thanks
Precyse versus Transcend


transhealth versus hourly
I work for them currenlty and gave up my hourly job. I totaly regret it. My reasoning was saving gas since it was an inhouse job, but I totally regret it. Think hard before you decide to take that plunge.
IC versus employee status

I am considering a job offer which will make me an employee after being IC status for the past 9 years.  This job is 2 cents/line lower than what I make as an IC.  I also have extra expense now with unlimited LD and equipment rental that I won't have as an employee.  I am concerned about dropping 2 cents/line, but without the headaches of dealing with taxes every year, it might be worth it.  Any thoughts from anyone who has gone from IC to employee?


Diskriter versus hospital
There is a BIG difference between working for Diskriter and working for a hospital through Diskriter.  I've done both and there's no comparison.
Line versus report

I do radiology for a large national and a small service. The large national pays per examination not report and the small service pays per line.  If the large national were paying per line, I would make a lot more than I do now due to the fact that most of the reports I type for them are very long (some as long as 15 minutes!). If I were being paid per line, I would be happy to type these long winded reports, but I am not getting paid like that by them. The small service pays me per line and when I get a long report, instead of thinking, Oh no!, I am thinking :CA-CHING!! Every account is different but this has been my experience after 11 years.  Good luck to you.