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MODERATOR why is this company allowed to post a job opening here

Posted By: NJMT on 2009-05-03
In Reply to: Avenir Technologies - don't bother - deenibeeni

when it's an offshore company???  They are looking for in-house MTs, and they are located in Pakistan...

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I believe the moderator said OSi is no longer allowed to post.
yes, per moderator, company name is allowed.
To Moderator: Is Seroesh Saleem Akhtar allowed to post on the jobs board?

it's okay to post company name, per moderator.
One is not allowed to communicate with the moderator or the...sm
administrator through the boards, you cannot post a message yo the moderator on the board.

You have to REPORT the message to the moderator or send a message to the moderator or administrator.

Better to chill out.
You are not allowed to post their link on this site. Post
will be removed. It was up last night and post got removed.
Dear Moderator: Regarding post below

(sorry, the only way I can reply is to post a new message)

Regarding my message below (MTnest),  you wrote: 

This site is not affiliated with Webmedx.  If people choose to respond positively about that company, they have every right to do so.  Not every person has the same experience with any company. 

Negative comments are not tolerated about this company; that is why I thought perhaps they owned this board. 

My point was not that people choose to post positively, but was that why are people not allowed to post negatively lately toward this company without being intimidated or having 5 or 6 posters immediately come out swinging?  Does not matter to me, just an observation because this board seems to have become less open. 

It is like everything nowadays.  You have to find out who is sponsoring something to make sure you are getting objective information.  If people are no longer able to post honestly without fear of intimidation, then the whole dynamics of this particular board have changed, unfortunately.  It used to be fun to come here and get all points of view, good or bad, and make up my own mind. 

Moderator please remove post sm
naming account at Keystrokes!
I reported your post to the moderator, WE are not animals, maybe YOU are...nm
Why are they allowed to continue to post here when they are known not to pay?..nm
When nm guessed correctly, the moderator pulled that post too.
She guessed with a line from Romeo and Juliet without giving a name and that post was pulled too.
I just asked the moderator to remove Denise's post...sm
from the board. Since we all figured that she must be new on this board making such a faux pas, I thought that she does not know how to tell the moderator to remove her post.

why is OSI allowed to post jobs on this site??? SM
It is on their website that they have an offshore office in the Phillipines. 
OSI is not allowed to post on the board any longer. (SM)

If you cannot control your emotions when discussing OSi topics, you will be banned.

I have deleted an entire thread about OSI pay because of the vicious personal attacks.  If you cannot respect others opinions or state yours without being so vindictive, don't post here.


We're not allowed to post names or even
initials here.  Their website might give some insight.  The CEO and his brother own the company, but CEO is active in the company and he doesn't know his rear end from a whole in the ground and is motivated by GREED.  He just kinds of plays it by ear as he goes and after talking with him you feel like you need hip boots and a shower. 
If D&L does not pay their MTs why on earth are they allowed to post here continually?
No forms of foul language are allowed, that's what got your post removed.
Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
Moderator answered "Not True" which means she will not delete post with name and link (nm)

Moderator - Indian company
advertising for clients on the Job Board. 
again, per moderator okay to give company name.
It is not allowed at my company
Are you allowed to say the company name, cause
it's okay to give company names, per moderator.
Is a company allowed to charge,.sm
a fee to use equipment to do company work?  I am assuming this is not IC but employee.
No MQ posts allowed on Company board. (NM)
Regarding Spheris, are you allowed to use your own computer for this company and are the accounts
full of ESLs. I know they used to take off for QA or something. Do they still do that. I am just curious as it seems like some people are liking this place better and just wondering if they have gotten more lenient with their MTs as far as time schedules etc.
You're allowed your opinion and I am allowed to
I just left MDI-MD, so there is an opening! nm
Anyone tried the ESL opening at Transhealth? sm
Curious as to how difficult it is.
Apply anyway. That way if they do have an opening come up
for days, they will have you in their database and the test will have already been taken. It couldn't hurt to try. I have a friend who just was hired to do ops there. Their rate is very good. Their application asks the times you are available and because you don't find MTs that like ops that often, I am sure they will be able to fit you in at some point. I would go for it. I hear they are a really nice company to work for.
Webmedx just had an opening for QA. sm
I justed interviewed with them about a week and a half ago for QA position, but turned it down because of the pay. Maybe they haven't filled it yet and since you can no longer transcribe, this might be an option for you.
OSi coordinator job opening again? Another
Same here. No issues opening them.
Again, VR is opening up that can of worms.
I answered on the other board, but mine was not moved so am reposting. As far as VR, I love it, others dislike it, even saying the hate word. I can make $20 and up per hour on the platform I use. From what I read here, some are not so lucky to have a very good system and it slows them down to where their pay has been cut to a large degree. I love escription, have used it now for about 4 years and really hate to straight type anymore. I find the ESLs, at least where I work, are so much easier with VR than having to sort through what they are trying to say. I will say how a system is trained and who works on it has all to do with what kind of reports you have. You could have almost perfect reports with a good system that has learned well and then you could get a clunker with loads on teaching the machine various ways and that is where the problem lies with VR.
Opening up that can of worms, once more
I stayed with a job that went to VR but not for 3 cpl. That is really low and I hate it is coming down to this at so many places. My straight pay is 8 cpl. Escription is a really good system. You will find all kinds of answers on here back and forth. This will never be settled, seems like. Some love, others despise. Some have good systems, others not so good. From just what I gathered reading MQ site, I don't think their platform was that good as many talked about how it always had same errors and never seemed to be different. I have been accused of being software promoter but like you and others I do MTing but just happen to like my job and VR.
Toyota is opening right outside of Detroit get over it.
That does not mean I should or should not get a response to my resume for a job opening. Please - y
Anyone having trouble opening posts?
Let me get this straight. You were angry because they did not have an opening on the account that y
were they supposed to do, remove a current employee to make room for you? They can only hire for accounts that have openings. I don't think they were unwilling to work with you, as you think, but maybe that's all they had open at the time.
That's exactly what I told my BF last night, opening the boxes...
I'm in CA and it took 4 days FedEx ground from TX. Maybe yours will come even sooner. I'm waiting for the tech to call me as I write this so my email, etc., can be set up and then my training date/time scheduled.

Congrats to BOTH of us :-)
Some slice Indian businessman will be opening up his own MTSO
of the U.S. CEO. Then the real money is going to be saved. Don't MTSOs see this?
Cooper has an opening in radiology. St. Christopher's hires in-house, but
I think they are in Philly.

Their last job opening on the other board isn't dated. They were using Vianeta &Arrendale? soft
I tested and passed Med-Tech, interviewed and was told they had opening- but I guess

I made the mistake of typing the name IC as "individual" contractor, and the recruiter e-mailed me back with the corrected "independent" contractor, and later sent an e-mail and said they were not hiring and that if anything should become available, they would contact me.  I have since found that they have hired since that time, but no one ever contacted me again.  I figure it was "their loss", not bragging or boasting, but I know I would have been an asset to the company.  IMO

They seem to be a pretty together company though.  I occasionally go to their website and read their quarterly "whatever you call it," and they always have interesting information in their for transcriptionists, and about the company, and the QA standards and goals.   I would love to have worked there.   I hear they have good benefits too.


I looked facility up on line - checked careers and found they had a current opening for MT there. (
That pretty much told me they did have inhouse. It was an MT position for acute care, not just one of the ancillary departments.

Which company is this? I post here all the
time and would like to know if my company was the culprit.  Thanks.
Post an ad = company doing bad. Don't post = company doing bad. If we
did not have something to complain about, what could we possibly do with all that spare time?????????
Why post this if you are not going to say the company name?

Have to post about this company now...
Hi all, I've been through the grind over the last few years like so many MTs trying to piece together IC work, getting a good job here and there only to be forced into VR with as much as 60% pay cuts, etc. etc., so I just wanted to say for a change, THANK YOU to the one company that has kept me afloat through all this misery. It's a small company that I've worked for over a year now part time (wish I could be full time, but there just aren't the accounts available). This company is AccuSTAT out of Wisconsin. The pay is above average, the working conditions are great, things are run neatly and sensibly, and it is a pure pleasure to work there, like it used to be at the great smaller MTSOs before 2000. I know, it sounds like I'm some kind of company official plugging this way, but I'm just a lowly MT who kind of stumbled into the job when I needed it the most. As many bad experiences as I've had over the past few years (and posted about here, too), I am just so grateful to them and thought I should say so.

If you have the chance to work for them, I have to put in my 2 dollars and say go for it. With all the pressures on smaller MTSOs today, though, how long can they keep operating in a way that's profitable for the MT as well as for them? It doesn't seem like a good climate these days for any honest company. It does seem like work is starting to trickle back to the States and I hope that continues in a big way (I've taken another job outside of MT to fill in the gaps, hence my name). I hope all the small (and large, if there are any) MTSOs who are such an asset to the industry can hold on until then.

We just never hear about these good companies enough because they seldom have to advertise for MTs, but I think they deserve a mention and some credit for what they do. I know I'll be there as long as they have any work for me. I do hope that some of the hospitals who are tired of poor quality of work and questionable billing practices will take a second look at companies like AccuSTAT that are have always been committed to high standards, and do such a good job of keeping MT morale so high -- always the best way to ensure excellent transcription, IMHO, though so often not even considered these days. OK, off my soapbox, I know I sound nerdy but sometimes you just have to say it out loud.

Don't know company, but post seems complete to me. nm