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MQ employees

Posted By: MQ MT Oldtimer on 2005-10-02
In Reply to: Clues to MQ. - ----

Quoted: Remember employee = real benefits, not this 3 days a year PTO and insurance that is laughable. Also you must provide the equipment, the internet, and pay for downtime such as weather. A supervisor to authorize your stupid OT

PTO can be up to 18 days per year. As a FTE, I was given a week of vacation PTO and holidays. The insurance is not laughable. Compared to many companies out there, it falls right in the middle somewhere. Who pays you because it snows? (or rains, etc)? I know in our region, many MTs were affected by the hurricanes and received some compensation. And where have you worked that you do not have to have OT APPROVED??

I still think so many of you are so accustomed to be picky that the reality of "real job" is going to scare you off.

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Oh for sure employees, but not too often for statutory employees. Sorry for confusion.
Attn: Any Transcend employees or former employees
I have been offered a job with Transcend, but I am not completely sure about it yet and I need some input from you guys.  I have read positives and negatives regarding this company but alot of it was pretty old information.  Can anyone give me some recent feedback on them?    Thanks very much!!!
They have IC and employees, employees get benefits.
Good company. I am very happy there.
Does anyone like it at Precyse? New employees? old employees? nm
which employees are getting this and how much.
I havent heard a work about any incentives.
Certain new employees get PTO right away but other new

employees have to wait a YEAR?  Isn't that a little unfair and discriminatory???

And since when is $12-15 an hour considered GOOD in this profession?

Is this thread real?  April Fool's Day isn't for another 4-1/2 months!

How to keep employees

Every single MT company is full of BS these days.  They turn our homes into sweat shops, they cut our pay.  They have no consideration for our feelings.  MTs are job hopping just looking for a decent deal.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a company with high standards.  A company who gave so much in the way of decent treatment, time off, flexibility, civilized treatment, appreciation and good pay, and I mean very good pay.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have every MT in this godforsaken lousy business clamoring for a job with your company?  All you have to do is be FAIR, pay decent WAGES, treat people like HUMANS instead of machines.  You would never be posting a help wanted ad.

Man, I wish I could do it myself.  I would have the best, brightest MTs out there becasue I would attract and draw them to my wonderful company instead of nickle and diming them to DEATH. 

Why don't you want to know what former employees have to say about OSI?
I think they would serve you better on what you want to know.  I worked for them for four years.  The first couple of years were okay, not many problems to speak of, then it all went down hill from there.  The higher-ups started to get nasty to the transcriptionists, they starting changing accounts around, loosing accounts....it really got bad.  I think they have a revolving door on their main office, so many people come and go.  I would do my research before I jumped the gun with OSI.
no those employees are all over here

throwing muck and personal attacks all over the place, especially at the company (ies) they left.  I also know the company monitors the board which resulted in the formulation of the language of not allowing the company named to be posted.

As for not wanting a good thing to leak out, I've always been a cheerleader and am of the opinion that if I can help my employer grow by being a good employee and bringing other good employess to them, then that adds to my job security and a recognition by the company of my being loyal to them.

Maybe that's the part that has so baffled.

It is so new that most of us employees do not know anything about it yet. nm
MDI-MD....I think all their employees are SE (sm)

I got hired for Radiology not acute care...

I only mentioned that again because there were some posters last week who were running out of work at MDI-MD and were afraid they overhired but I think those were acute care MTs...


An OM did this to both employees and ICs

at a company where I worked for 4-1/2 years from home, then about 10 months in the office.  I ended up leaving  the company because of what I saw happening within the office.  The owner was a great person, but left much of the day-to-day operations to the office manager.  If someone called in and needed extra cash because they wanted to put a child in a private school, she would take work from someone else and give it to the needy person...now keep in mind that the person needing the extra cash didn't actually HAVE to work because of the husband's income and the person whose work was taken away was single and had no other source of income.

This is just one example, but it happened like this A-L-L the time I was in the office.  I lost total respect for the OM and then for the owner for knowing it was happening and allowed it to continue. 

They can't keep employees...
They are rude to their employees and they go in and change your time-sheet hours if you are getting paid by the hour and cut your actual work hours in half. That was my experience with them.
They must REALLY need employees
Between yesterday and today I've had 3 phone calls and several emails, after I said no.  I told the guy I'm not interested in a company that has QA in India, especially since they would be deciding whether my work was correct or not.
5 employees?
I do two of mine accounts, and I certainly do not require employees?  No wonder you weren't making any money.  You have to actually do the work yourself not hire people to do it.  My goodness.  
employees, I mean
US employees
They said they employ approximately 30 MTs in the US. 
Can anyone tell me how many employees
before I make a decision. Thank you.
Any MDI-IT employees out there? sm
How long have you worked at MD-IT?  Do you run out of work? 
They don't have employees there??
How many employees do they have?
they have about 52 employees
It is more than 52 employees
Axolotl is more than just a transcription company.  They also have an EMR system, which is very successful as well.  I know we have at least 50+ MTs, plus the EMR side at Corporate.
How many employees do they have in
New KS employees...VPN/HBO
Has anyone figured out how to get on the internet while on VPN/HBO Star yet?  I hate this ugh
Hey, I am looking for old employees...

I am looking for some folks that used to work for MTA in Atlanta before they sold to Transcend.  Post a message or privately email me, please...

Just looking to talk to some old acquaintances!

old MTA employees?

Hey - could anybody tell me the name of the company in Georgia that belongs to the same person that used to own MTA years ago?  I had talked to somebody before about this company, but just cannot remember the name.  I would greatly appreciate any information.

why employees?
True, ICs saves companies money by not paying employer taxes, but they may HAVE to hire employees because they may want you to work a certain way, certain hours, using certain equipment, etc. which falls under the IRS classification of an employee. Many companies try to do this but don't want to hire you as an employee, which saves them money but allows them to have alot of control over your work. Check out the IRS website of classifying employees versus independent contractors for more info.
Wow. Then almost ALL MT ICs are really employees ...
I'd never read that whole thing before. I'd always known that them dictating hours and schedules made it an employee/employer relationship.

However, I was not aware of the first paragraph in particular.

Any company who dictates that you must use their software, or must follow client templates ... aren't they directing HOW you should do your work?


I'll add my hat to the ring of people who just sit around saying something should be done about this.

Yes, many of them really should be employees.
If you are one of them, I would be careful. I read in an article recently that if a company gets reported and investigated and then it is found that their workers should be classified as employees, the IRS can then audit the employees prior taxes and make sure they were filing correctly. If they are indeed classified as employees yet were filing as self-employed and taking deductions, there could be consequences. So I would be nervous to work for such a company.
MD-IT - Why not PT employees?
Does anyone know why MD-IT will not even look at PT employees?  I think they deserve a chanc to be looked at too.  I applied for them and I got a reply back that they only want FT at this time.  It is frustrating, as I need only a PT job right now with 2 small children at home.
New employees
I got that info from the e-mail sent out last week. It said they welcomed 32 new employees last month.
Why not ask current employees if they
can type on ALL the platforms, or if they would be willing to train on them before placing an ad? Very typical for MDI. I'm sure a lot of MTs ask for more work, given account information only to find there is no work on there as well! This company just never ceases to amaze me!
WC is for employees. An IC cannot file
a work comp claim.
Do they hire ICs or employees?

statutory employees

I have been with MQ since 1983 when they were still Transcriptions Limited (the good old days).  I don't know what they are doing and I wish I knew.  I am part-time 5000 lines a pay period but it only takes me two hours to do 500 lines so that works fine with me.  I am on disability and only work enough to supplement by SS.  Plus I cannot sit more than two hours at a time so it works out fine.  If they come up with this 4 hour minimum then I am in a heap of trouble.

I had someone from corporate call today to ask if I had gotten that letter about the new program.  At the time I told him no, but I think I did I just can't find it.  I have just gotten out of the hospital after a 12 day stay and can't even get my mind together to figure it out.

I don't like the sound of things but we will know in October according to this guy who called.

statutory employees

I was told today that we would know in October.

TransTech Employees
What platform do you use?  What Expanders do you use?  Can you use Shorthand?  Thanks.
TransTech Employees
I recently found out that you can use Shorthand with their Dictaphone Extext program.  Can you look back on old reports with their system?  What exactly do you have access to?  Thanks.
I have always had work when everyone else does and am out when employees are out so I am not sure I
buy that story that employees get work first. I think that is not true. I have looked into that in my office and it is as I say on this message. We all have work or we dont and there is no employees work and SE dont.
Set hrs always have been required of employees/and if SE they can only ask what

you aren't a contractor, you are an employee.

If they begin telling contractors what hours to work and clocking them in and out, they become EMPLOYEES and must be treated as such.

And believe me if they start treating me as an employee, they better start picking up a lot of my costs!!!!

I think this is one of those disgruntled employees ......sm
Trying to start something. Anybody with any common sense can see that.

I am certainly not fooled.
Medware~Do PT employees
PTO?  What are the pay dates?  I am a new hire and I have been given none of this information.  I have asked 3 times and no answer to my questions.  Is there anyone out there who can help me?
Employees pay taxes too
You are only paying 7.5% more due to SS, and you should be able to find 7.5% worth of deductions to take.  If you were an employee you still pay the taxes they just withold it from your check.  
Amphion - ?employees or IC - nm




Current MDI-MD employees - sm

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am curious as to what type of LD service everyone is using (and have been using long enough to know that they aren't going to get shut down!)  Mine (Verizon Freedom) is not going to work for me anymore.  Other than this, I love MDI, but I may need to look for employment elsewhere because of this problem. 



It does not say ALL. It says employees pay. Just like in a hospital.
My husband is a firefighter and he has to pay. I worked in four hospitals and always had to pay. It does not say how much, just that it is offered but not 100% covered.

How many employees does TransHealth have? Can
Transcend sent the employees....sm
an e-mail stating that they're planning to embark on a TEST PILOT with an offshore vendor for a very minimal amount of reports. This doesn't mean that the company will definitely decide to go that route permanently. Also they didn't state what country it would be -so those below guessing India may be wrong because there is transcription going out to other countries as well by various companies.

The company could have not said anything to the employees and no one would have known. Instead they chose to be open and honest and some people on the boards here want to knock an employer that is honest. They could have chosen to try to hide it like some of the others have.

I prefer up front honesty as opposed to behind the doors dealings any day with any company.
No, everybody there are statutory employees (SE) - nm
No it isn't. Pay is the 1st and 15th for employees and sm
2nd and 16th for ICs. It is for the previous two-week period.

For example, the period that just ended on 4/15 will be paid on 5/1. It is two weeks, not six.

I think people should have to be giving facts on these boards, not rumors. Call the companies directly. I am sure they all have similar pay structures; the last two companies I worked for were just like this and the hospital I worked at prior to them was as well.