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Mediscript in Midwest

Posted By: anon for now on 2005-07-12
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Any information, good or bad on this company?

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Midwest did
I am originally from the midwest, headed back after 20+ years in Florida. Bought a house 1 year ago and recently sold it for more than double what I paid for it. The housing prices just keep going up, especially in the populated areas, i.e, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach.
Midwest MT is right
Definitely try a local doctor's office or local MTSO. I work as an employee for nephrologists and I don't have to type a minimum number of lines. I type whatever work I have for any given day and when I'm done, I'm done.
midwest here....
and only 3 reports today! Nothing on my accounts at all. This is insane. I have applied to a few other places. I can understand it getting low, but I have to pay bills somehow and this isn't going to work.

Any info on Mediscript, unsure where they are located, just took a test from them.  Checked archives and found very little, any info would be appreciated. 

do not know which Mediscript, just took their test, and that is what it said at the top of the test.  Anything about the company, is it a honest reputable company that treats his MTs good?  I guess if you do not know which Mediscript, you will not be able to answer my question.  Can you tell me this, it is a national?
I checked the archives and did not find any information that was helpful, what do you know or tell me how to find out.
They offered me 9 cents per gross line. They do not offer direct deposit, you invoice on the 15 and 30, unsure when you get paid, I think 20 days after you invoice. The platform is WP 7 or higher. I took their test, passed it, was hired, but was unable to get any help with start up. They sent me a packet of instructions and said to go for it. I am not computer savy, so this did not work for me, it might for you though. Gross line pay is the best in the business, I think it would be worth giving it a try. Just my opinion.

does anyone have any info on this company?  The usual, paying on time, staff, enough work, etc.  Thanks

they are located in IL.

Can anyone give me info on Mediscript out of Naples, FLA?

I got the same call - F from midwest here.
I just don't understand why they are so concerned that we received that flipping letter, despite the fact that it doesn't really say anything.

They also have a pdf of it on Qnet somewhere. I have messed around with the "rewards" section on Qnet and that HEAT thing seems to be some kind of outsourced help desk. Wonder what that's all about?
Re: Midwest housing
Well, it definitely takes two incomes to live in the Bay Area, unless one person makes $100,000 or more. I think we pay for the weather (voted best in the country, believe it or not) and the ambiance (sp ?). I always say if your family is close-knit, then live near your family if you can, as we do. My husband and I have talked about relocating to Florida and other states, but we would rather deal with earthquakes than hurricanes, tornadoes, and/or snow storms. We'll probably cry a different tune when the next big quake hits!!
Midwest where? Not Michigan, I can tell you that.

new Michigan MTSO ... and I'm just going to have to be moving on ASAP.  This particular accent is just about as bad, if not worse, than Eastern European for me.  And this is just way too high a percentage for me to deal with. 

Danged if I know where you can go to find fewer, but I'm going to be asking about that pointblank from now on, however negatively doing so will impact my job opportunities.  I mean more than 25-30% ESLs is just beyond ridiculous, IMO. More power to those of you who can and will do more than that.  I'm sure you deserve a lot more than whatever you're being paid.

Midwest Transcription
Anybody have info on Midwest Transcription in  Wisconsin?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Any info on Mediscript
Does anyone have any info on Mediscript, good or bad
Sorry, actually Mediscript, Illinois
Anyone with info on Mediscript TX?
They currently have an ad posted, but haven't heard of them.
Mediscript in Wisconsin, anyone have exp w/this co?
Mind you, not talking about Medscribe, Medscript or anything similar.  Need info on MEDISCRIPT in Wisconsin.....offered a job and can't find any info on them.  Please help me in my research, thank you!
Mediscript employee
I work for Mediscript and could not be happier. They leave you alone as long as you do what you commit to them for. The only downfall is a C-phone, but for the pay I can over look that!!!!

Need info on Mediscript. NM
Info on Mediscript

Can anyone give me some information about Mediscript out of Naples, FLA? 

I am in the Midwest. Which hospital system is this? nm
Midwest Transcription Services
Does anyone know anything about this company, good to work for, steady work, pay on time, etc? 
Anybody else on new TT account (midwest area)
I received some instruction sheets on the new account, but it's only the second acct I've done, and the demographic instructions are much different and I haven't gotten any feedback yet on all the things I'm probably doing wrong. Have e-mailed and no answers yet. Anybody on this acct and have time to answer questions by e-mail? Am I the only clueless one?
Midwest Transcription Services
Does anyone know anything about Midwest Transcription Services?  I think it is located in Wisconsin.  Thanks.
midwest transcription services....
does anyone know how they count their lines? 
Still in honeymoon phase, midwest. You might not
have been at this for a much, much longer time and will be able to help you once you do hit snags in the road. And you will. It is NOT being negative, it's being honest. I do not believe in portraying being an MTSO as the answer to all problems, either, because it's not for everyone. I worked long, LONG days as an MTSO with several clients and couldn't keep subcontractors despite paying well and pretty easy clinic work. I was stressed to the max and had zero time for myself or my family. Negative, you bet! At least it grew to be negative FOR ME, which is why I don't do it anymore. If it works for you, fantastic, but don't act like just because it doesn't work for others that makes them wrong somehow. This is about sharing experiences and everyone has a different one.

I found a great MTSO to work for now, I'm treated well and make as much as I did as an MTSO once I subtract all the free hours I worked, supplies bought, gas spent on errands, etc., etc. I'm a much happier person as a result, plus I actually get to be with my family-and without guilt that I should really be working! Like I and others have stated, it's not all goodness and light.

Not all MTSOs are terrible to work for and not all MTs are cut out to be MTSOs, and that's a fact.
Which mediscript?? What are your specific questions? nm
All I can find in archives about Mediscript is sm

"Bad news!" and nothing else.  That doesn't tell me or anyone else anything useful.  I don't care if someone says "bad news!" but could they please back it up with some real info?  Preferably first-hand experiences would be nice, thank you.

Does anyone out there have any info about Mediscript?  I know they pay by the gross line, but how much?  Do they offer direct deposit?  When are the pay days?  How's the platform?  Any info appreciated.  I'd like to gather some information first before I take any tests or talk to them so I can determine if it's worth going through all that for a job that might not be a fit for me.

Anybody have any experience with Mediscript, Texas? nm


Any negatives to report on Mediscript out of FL?
Midwest Medical Transcription Services
I don't know if this is going to post in the correct spot, I have never tried to post anything before.  Does anyone have any information on Midwest Medical Transcription Services LLC in  Wisconsin?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I work at home and I live in the Midwest.
You have to consider the job market and cost of living in your area of the country.  I think I'm doing pretty darn good.  If I factor in the incentive pay, I'm making around $35 per hour.
Are there any former Mediscript (Austell, GA) employees that know what happened with them?sm

I worked with them for about 10 years.  I drove by the other day, and they were obviously out of business.  Just curious as to the circumstances.  If anyone could e-mail me, I would really appreciate it. 


Midwest Transcription? Anyone know of this company. Cannot access archives. TIA. nm
to long time MT - the cost of living is about the same as the midwest - sm
you can have rent ranging anywhere from $500-900/month depending on where you live and what you want. It's not expensive like NY or DC or VA. The line rate is ABOVE - A-B-O-V-E 8.5/line and the docs are fairly easy with the exception of a few marblemouths, but I think every hospital has to have a few marblemouths, or it just wouldn't be right. If you are seriously thinking of it and would like to send us a resume, let us know your email and we will contact you!

We posted this because we wanted to know our options - rather than to have an outside service take the overflow.
Read in the archives that Mediscript (FL) is "bad news" Why?
See post below about noncompliant MTSO - this pretty much sums up Midwest - nm
I'm a midwest MT too (Kansas) ... but my gourd painting skills are definitely lacking too. :( n

There was a lot of trouble with this company earlier this year - see archives -- Mediscript

How did you find out about them?


I didn't ask about Medscribe, I asked about Mediscript in FLA. No direct deposit w/this co.