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Medscribe owns another company too

Posted By: It is in Georgia on 2005-12-03
In Reply to:

I think it may be Southscribe.  Does anyone know?  I cannot recall the name of the other transcription company they own, but it is definitely in Georgia.



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Mike, can you tell me who owns this company?
Just curious. I used to work for a lady who owned a company in Louisiana many years ago and she had a bad rep re: paying. Last I heard she moved to Arizona.
Wonder if the same MTSO still owns that company.....nm
A friend of mine is a male and owns a transcription company. sm
He has no problem getting accounts and is quite wealthy from it. So, do not let your gender deter you!

His company is RX Transcription in Newtown Square, PA. Give him a call and maybe he can help you.
Full Circle Transcription in Acworth, GA. Does anyone know who owns this company? SM
Please email me if you do.  I may like to contact them and would just like to know ahead of time whom I'll be emailing. 
feedbacks on MedScribe company pls

Hi!  Does anybody here worked or is woking at MedScribe?

MedScribe in Florida is a good company
MedScribe in Florida is a great place to work, you will find many posts in the archives.  There are several other places that call themselves MedScribe but they are not out of Florida.  The one in Florida has been around since 1992, I have worked there for 3 years and they pay on time with direct deposit every other week and the insurance is affordable and a good plan. 
I believe that the Medscribe out of Florida is a different company than the one out of New Jersey
but I could be wrong... I applied with the one out of New Jersey and there never seems to be anything on here about them, which to me is a good sign. This was for an Dictaphone account also.
MedScribe, anyone work for this company that is willing to share your opinion???
I just tested and sent my resume, but I'm in the process of looking at several companies and trying to sort things out.  ty
SPI owns OSI now?
I believe Medquist owns
DQS and leases it to other companies and hospitals.
MQ developed and owns DQS.

Maybe Nuance owns them, so they are
I don't think MedQuist owns Lanier.

We used Lanier at a small hospital in a very small town before I went to work for MedQuist.

Who owns or operates Diskriter?
I did know, but I forget.  Anyone know?
Transcend owns MDI-FL but each is run separately...sm
Hope this helps!
Just guessing but it might be the woman who owns KS??
MQ owns DQS software. They developed it
MedQuist OWNS Diskriter and Lanier...nm
What?!?!? You clearly have NO idea what you are talking about! The "man" who owns TT
does NOT own the building they are working in. He is NOT a real estate investor. He has worked in transcription for years and was with L&H prior to their acquisition by MQ (as was the rest of the office staff). TT absolutely does NOT finagle their line counts. If you know anything about TT, you know that the Dictaphone ExText platform has had trouble for the last couple of months and they have gone out of their way to keep us informed.

You obviously have some sort of personal ax to grind with TT. It is YOU who needs to stop spreading TT misinformation. You need to be very careful about what you post.
Nuance owns escription and Dictaphone
Are your referring to Dictaphone Extext? Which Nuance system?
That's not true, my friend owns a payday business
and if you borrow $300.00 you pay $45.00 for that loan ending up paying back a total of $345.00.  Maybe that was just a very unfortunate situation of your friend. 
Manor Care, who owns Heartland, getting out of transcription business. sm
Manor Care Inc.
333 N Summit Street
Toledo, OH 43604-2617
Phone: 419-252-5500
Fax: 419-252-5500
Web Site: http://www.hcr-manorcare.com


Index Membership: S&P 500
S&P 1500 Super Comp
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Long-Term Care Facilities
Full Time Employees: 58,000


Manor Care, Inc. provides health care services in the United States. The company, through its nursing centers, offers physical, speech, respiratory, and occupational therapy for patients recovering from strokes, heart attacks, orthopedic conditions, illnesses, and injuries or disabilities. These centers also provide nutrition services, social services, activities, housekeeping, and laundry services. The company’s assisted living centers offer dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and medication management services. It provides medical and rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from major surgery; severe injury; or cardiovascular, respiratory, infectious, endocrine, or neurological illnesses. The company also offers home health care service, as well as services and facilities for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; hospice services that focus on the physical, spiritual, and psychosocial needs; services related to wound care and dressing changes; infusion therapy; cardiac rehabilitation; and physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as assists with daily activities, such as personal hygiene, assistance with walking and getting in and out of bed, medication management, and light housekeeping. In addition, it provides rehabilitation therapy in outpatient therapy clinics, as well as at work sites, schools, hospitals, and other health care settings. Further, Manor Care owns a medical transcription company that converts medical dictation into electronically formatted patient records. The company operates primarily under the Heartland, ManorCare, and Arden Courts names. As of December 31, 2005, it operated 276 nursing facilities and 65 assisted living facilities in 30 states, primarily in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. As of the same date, the company operated 91 outpatient therapy clinics located in Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic states, Texas, and Florida. Manor Care was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

The Indian owner also owns a residential home in KY, that's where the KY part comes in. sm
The lead MT is in San Antonio, TX, but as the other poster said, the headquarters are in India and 99% of the people you deal with are in India, some city that begins with an A, can't remember.  They are nice people, but they should be honest about it. 
Phillips OWNS MedQuist, who bought Lanier Healthcare in 2002..nm
To my knowledge, the owner still lives in India, simply owns a home here. sm

The work is received FROM the Indian office and sent TO the Indian office.  They used to hire only American MTs, but then started outsourcing to a company in India (big surprise).

I understand what you are saying, though.  And if they are honest about it, then it is the choice of the MT as to whether he/she wants to work there.  The fact that they blatantly misled in their ad angered me, but then again, I have been an MT long enough, nothing should surprise me.  I guess I have done my part, and I have no particular axe to grind so I should just leave this alone now.  I just was shocked when I saw the ad. 

Good luck to all of us in finding a job that treats us well and pays us even better (smile).

That's MEDSCRIBE, sorry. nm
Medscribe---RUN AWAY
BEware of Medscribe......... Listen to this.......I've had Susan interviewing and calling me for three months on an Editor position at $17/hr.  Well, after being told I did NOT get the job (even tho I was never tested), she had the nerve to call me back a week later and said the job reopened and she wanted me for it. I tried calling her and leaving messages for three days.  She never returned my calls.  I finally got ahold of her and she had the NERVE to tell me that the original person changed their mind and took back the position?  Did anyone ever hear of this?  So to all of you out there.......stay clear of Susan!!!!
SM, Yes it is all about me....it is about how all of us as potential hires should be treated. Besides, Ms. L did not even test for the QA position.....so the question is, was there really a position????
No, I'm sure she thinks ONLY about what is good for her not caring about how she plays around with other people. Sorry, but I don't have to take this kind of treatment and let her know it.
They're not the only one I've been working with one here in Canada and the same thing. I thought maybe it was me that was wrong but that's what they did too..mind you we got $1.50 to put up with it and work ha work we did or at least me!!!!
What's the story with these people? I tested before Christmas and never heard back (I know I did well).  Today they didn't answer an Email.  Should I keep on truckin'?
Things can change a lot in FOUR YEARS. I cannot imagine they would have been able to keep up that practice and still be around today. Maybe a person should simply ask them about the incident four years ago; you'd have nothing to lose and as an applicant, I would think they would HAVE to tell the truth about it. The problem is sometimes just ONE incident can get out of hand, repeated a little differently, and a different story could come out other than the real story. I'm not saying your friend didn't get paid. I'm just saying NO company could get away with this kind of protocol and still be in business.
MedScribe in FL

anyone have a clue why Medscribe is constantly advertising for MTs?


I don't know why, but whenever I post about this company it is not able to be found in the archives. I have posted many times about how miserable I was while working there. I didn't trust their line counter but I think worst of all was the way the talked down to me and scolded me for not making line counts which by the way... i normally could do but their accounts are MOSTLY re recorded and very VERY bad ESLs.... on top of a faulty line counter.

I did three weeks with them. Only filling in headers, sent to office where THEY input the macros (which we did not get paid for doing, of course) and I think I averaged about $3 per hr. A friend of mine got stiffed for her paycheck and they got threatened with illegal interstate activity because they were doing their business over state lines via phone. She got her money but it tooks MONTHS. This was a couple of years ago, but I don't think they've changed. Stay away from this place. The owner is a classical jerk.

I am interested hearing about your experiences there.  I read the story about the gal who had to sue to get paid, and before I went to work there, I asked about it.  They denied it vehemently, but in the proceeding 4-6 months, I had 2 checks that went missing.  I really do not know if it was the fault of the post office or not, but I was not impressed.  I also am not very impressed by the support system in place at this point, but would rather dish that privately.

I have been considering other employment because I always meet my minimum line count, and my quality scores seem to average in the 98% range, and I rarely take time off, but having only worked for HealthScribe (which I would almost take back right now) and MedScribe, I really don't know  what a good company looks like.  I am pretty specific at this point about what I want in a company, but it seems like they tell you what you want to hear and is not necessarily true. 

Does anyone work for Medscribe and if so, can I get some feedback - considering working with them.  Thanks.
Medscribe NY
Anybody working for MedScribe?  If so, how do you like it? 

I have never heard of this company.  Where are they located?

Hope you find out the information that you need.



medscribe NJ
I would if i did have some!
medscribe NJ
Does anyone have info on medscribe out of NJ?  there seems to be one in Florida but would really like to know if anyone has experience with medscribe in NJ.  Thank you in advance.

Wow.  I was just about to apply because their ad sounded good.  I read the archives and realize I sidestepped a mess.  I want to thank all of you for coming together and sharing your experiences so that others are forewarned.


Archives stuff is old, old.  Sounds good - 12 hour time period to work. Please, anyone know anything?

MedScribe does only pays between 7 and 7.5 cpl full-time IC.  There is an incentive bonus plan in place (if you are full-time) where if you fullfull all of your line commitments it is another 0.08 cpl, and they will place an additional 0.05 cpl for CMT status. 

A family policy will run you more like $195 per week (dental and vision extra)for the $500 deductable plan.
I like it at MedScribe
So far so good, little over 6 months.  Happy with the line rate and the insurance, my supervisor is very nice too.  They must have added some accounts because I have heard they are hiring right now.  I have not worked for the other 2 companies you mentioned, but did come from a rather big company and I like that I can call MedScribe and reach someone.  Hope that helps.
Hello.  Does anyone know if MedScribe in Jacksonville, FL, is a good company to work for?  Also, on another note, have "they" decided to drop the hypen from "well-developed, well-nourished?"   Thanks.       LLD       
I have been with MedScribe
they have been a fine company to work for.  I liked the training and support from my supervisor is professional.  I also came from a previous company that issued checks, so now having direct deposit is a blessing in my life.  They are OK by me, I hope that helps.  Good luck to you.  Karen.