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My, you must have a lot of patience unless

Posted By: Been there,done that on 2007-11-05
In Reply to: If you people with little/no work need PT work - Try OSI

you are management.

If they wouldn't have put down their MTs so bad with all the crap, I would still be there. I just couldn't take the IMs, do THIS-no don't do this, do THAT kind of stuff, mandatory conference calls, and on and on and on. When I worked there, there  weren't many newbies. There were some really sensible people there, then they got rid of some good QA people and put indecisive QA people in there. I was in  he--  the last month or so I worked there and supposedly it has gotten worse.  

That would be one of the LAST places I'd apply for work.

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It has only been a few days since you applied, according to the posting dates here. With the amount of resumes I see being sent out to any good and reputable company being in the 1000s, I would think it would take more than just a few days to go through them all and then decide which ones to respond to. The first company I ever worked with took two months to respond to my resume. Try being a little more patient before giving up on them and thinking negatively, and posting negatively about them. I am sure you weren't the only one who applied. m-e-l-l-o-w.
Hey Patience! :)
Happy to help, in any way I can... hey, I'm as skeptical as the next person, but all those doom-and-gloom predictions did NOT come true for me. In fact, people from Transcend went out of their way to try to reassure us TRSers in any way they could, and truly, no bad things have happened at all. I'm working the same shift, the same accounts, higher pay actually, and my workload hasn't gone off to India because the clients whose accounts I do won't allow it. They don't like speech wreck either, apparently, so I'm still straight typing as well.

They've done a few other things such as transfer all of our various account instruction documents to the web, so we don't have to keep trying to log into a cantankerous shared network drive to find the latest version of the instructions. They also send out an automatic e-mail every time there's any update or revision to the instructions for the accounts we work on.

They also shut down the old TRS e-mail system, eventually, and we minions all opened Gmail accounts which we are able to access in Outlook. We also still have our MSN instant messaging going on; that didn't change at all. We can talk to our supervisors, co-workers and QA people very quickly and easily with it, even faster than e-mail (assuming the person you want to talk to is online at the time).

We do still have to get into that aforementioned shared drive to look for dictator samples, but I don't have to use it nearly as much as I used to because I have accumulated some pretty extensive sample files of my own, from which I do a LOT of copying and pasting.

Anybody out there, PLEASE feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions you think I might be able to answer. I don't guarantee I have answers but I'm happy to talk to anybody who wants.

I'm checking into it. Thanks for your patience.
Patience is a virtue...mine took six months --sm
to get back to me. Still there..three years later. They have to do their daily work too, probably are inundated with 1000s of resumes, have to test them all, and then decide who they want to interview. It is a long process and time consuming. If they want you they will get back to you..eventually. In the meantime, keep looking elsewhere.
Patience, is your account internet or c-phone? nm
Patient = Patience Thank goodness it is Saturday.
Just applied with them. Patience, how long did it take for you to hear back from them?
Sure, have lost patience, never lost sense of acting