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I am stuck at OSi

Posted By: Down and out at OSi on 2007-11-05
In Reply to: OSI - old OSIer

I tried full time with another company but had issues with their platform and couldn't make my line count so now I'm stuck back at OSi full time and hate every minute of it.  I'm too depressed and downtrodden to even keep trying.  I feel like I'm in an impossible situation.  This has been going on for years and I don't know where to turn.  If I make another leap which doesn't turn out I will be in the same boat.

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Looks like you are stuck with us.
Sorry - that should be "sincerely" - the "c" key stuck on me again!
should be thought, T key got stuck. nm
Way too mny companies for anyone to be stuck
You bit on it, and now you're stuck!
You can't trust everyone in this profession.  One day, you'll wake up and realize what you're doing, which is defending someone who obviously knows how to make a buck off of people like you.  Have a nice life!
8.5 cpl?? Are you sure it was NE? They've had pay stuck at 7 and 8 cpl for years! nm
It's true that the new MTs get stuck w/ crap
I found that to be true and got nowhere when I asked to be moved. The person who started this thread is making the right decision by leaving and so am I.
Are U new there? Get stuck with an atrocious acct out of NY? nm
Oh my...Ever get a word stuck in your brain...sm

that you know is wrong, but you use it anyway?  That is what happened there.  How embarrassing. 

I have been stuck with companies that subcontracted
I work escription and love the platform, but have been stuck working for a company that subcontracted from I don't know where. I have looked for other companies to work for, but find so many subcontract for the company I work for (who gets the work from someone else) and are connected somehow. How can you find the source company to work for? I would really love to know that. Thank anyone in advane who can answer that. It is very true that the more people who take a piece of the pie before you, get the best pieces, hence more money.
She is stuck in the stone ages and wants to
send everybody to India who prefers the internet to books.
you are ignorant and stuck in the Middle Ages...
VR is not always bad, the bad is that the pay is much, much too low. It should pay the same as straight.
If you have to use what THEY say to use, you're stuck. Ctrl + I and logging in to iChart do not
I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. Sorry for those who stuck around!! sm
I sure hope you find something soon......my heart goes out to you. Lesson learned, I suppose. When people show you who they really are....believe it.

I was in Fort Wayne so I dont think we know each other. I stuck it out until 2005, SM
pay went down, down, down.
If there's no lifeboats left, we're stuck on this Titanic n/m
Mine didn't seem to work when I had it minimized, so I'm stuck using their own expander, which
2400 lines, I'm stuck on that number. 8 hours??? I want to see her answer that one.

outstanding account(s) to do this in 8 hours.  We had one whole week lately with no work at all, maybe get 30 lines an hour.  And it wasn't just our office, people were calling NJ also about not having any work.

 And if you are doing quality work, you have to be slowing down to make out the slurrs and bad grammar. 

Well, her day will come.  When they turn her into an editor, and her accounts dry up into nothing but VR let's see what happens.  And her account must be very simple (tasty for VR grabbing), it will disappear. 


No one is stuck with the worst. The work is not pooled like MQ. It is by account and FIFO. nm