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Not paranoid, just careful

Posted By: Fatcat on 2008-08-28
In Reply to: OMG - MT2

My friend, no one is paranoid. When someone claims 27 years of experience one might think they would know the basics, which would include something as notorious as TranSCAM. What bothered me was that anybody would post something about this scummy company that might lead some innocent newbie who (apparently like yourself) had not done her research. TranSCAM counts on this kind of gullibility. Please don't support it. If you do not know about a product or a company, please do not recommend it. It is called doing your due diligence. Have a pleasant day.

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Lots of people have been burned by them..be careful, very careful. NM
Getting paranoid.
You and I are both obviously Diskriter employees, I have never posted a followup wherein when I typed the M other word a link came up, I looked at your post and the same thing happened. This needs further research, do you think it is coincidental that both of us are DR employees; not supposed to be using their great equipment, yet when we posted the M other alphabet a link came up? Gonna do a google search, I bet M other initial does own DR.
Er, maybe I was being paranoid, sorry (mm)
can you say paranoid?
are you being paranoid?
Frankly, I have found that there are patterns to the types of dictations I get throughout the day. Early morning, I get ER from overnight. Then I start getting the admit H&P's for the day, then by the end of the workday, I am getting all the DS for those who will be going home. Some of it is determined by TAT, some of it is determined by the doctors' schedules, some of it is determined by the likelihood that a certain report type will be dictated at a certain time of the day, and some of it is determined by the likelihood of what doctor dictates what kind of reports (for example, the attendings often dictate their own admissions, but often their residents dictate the DS). I don't know about you, but I can get a lot more lines from ER or the attending doing their own H&P than I can from any resident dictating a long-winded but short-lined DS (notorious paper flippers).
LOL, Some of you are so paranoid. If you
work for TT did you by any chance come from the Q, maybe that's why you sound paranoid.
You are so paranoid. If you don't like TT, why don't you

find another place to work? I'm getting tired of hearing you complain. Or is that your every day attitude?  No need to answer that. I'm not going to get in an argument with you. Not worth it.

 TT does their best for us and most of us are realists and know there are slow work times. You have to work around it. I'm very happy there. If you aren't happy, go somewhere else.


OMG - are you that paranoid?

The OP was willing to work for free to begin with.  If someone wanted to scam her, they wouldn't turn around and offer to pay her.  SHEEZSH--I think you're the one that needs to WHOA, HOLD ON! 

She's not being paranoid
She's being businesslike and realistic. If the OP has good credentials and the proper education, she (or he) should not have to work for free.
I don't want to be paranoid, but that would be
my guess too.
Sorry, but paranoid much?

I don't mean to come off really offensive, but to just assume that it's a company trying to bring you down is a little much.  Each server has its own address so it's very plausible that only one server was attacked.  It could also be that the server that crashed did not have good enough protection on it and the trojans got through the firewalls.  It could be a number of things.

To assume that it's a concerted attack from Big Brother because you have a couple hundred people talking about the idea of a union is a bit much.


WOW! Paranoid much?
You need to chill out. If any post should be reported it's this one, seems to me you are the one trying to stir things up.
Not as Paranoid as You Might Think..
I have wondered if people were shifted around and secondary accounts assigned based on employees becoming eligible for benefits and sign-on bonuses. I have no proof of such, but there's been some rather suspicious things done, i.e. assigning certain accounts as secondaries when they don't have enough work to support the primary MTs on the account, etc. It does make you wonder. Again, though, I can't say I have any substantial proof of that AT ALL and so it's pure conjecture on my part.
Thank U. I was feeling quite paranoid! nm

Me thinks somebody is a bit paranoid.
I've worked other places and I've never done as well as I have at TT. I doubt they pull the bull you state.

For me, I planning on being there until I retire. I think you should back up your info with FACTS, not RUMOR.
Wow, that really sounds paranoid!!! nm
I'm paranoid about not being able to get my correct
Call me paranoid, but I think this is management
Fishing around to see how many of their MTs are on this board - waiting for the emails wanting to know if the spaces thing is true.

On the other hand, maybe I'm not in the "special" group to get spaces, or maybe I'm on their list to be canned. Who knows?
This is not a racial post - are you paranoid! nm
I don't think you're paranoid at all. I live in NJ,
So glad you are doing this and am 100% behind you.  And remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after ya!! Bless you, Kurt!  Boy I can imagine the suits that do not want us to unify. Are you kidding? Our industry is a big $$ business to everyone but the MTs, and people have done anything, literally, for a buck.
Not necessarily paranoid conspiracy
Offshoring has not been without problems...recall several years ago a woman who was blackmailing I believe the hospital or company she worked for stating that she would post the reports on the internet if she wasn't paid a nice chunk of change. Someone else was holding the reports hostage. There were enough breaches of protocol/HIPPA (and some with a genuine desire to keep American jobs for Americans) that some hospitals would not hire companies that were not US. It doesn't take a lot of imagination that a company based in a country rife with corruption eager to get a large account might gather a stack of resumes to show an American account that these were the people who would be doing their work.

Paranoid or cynical, I'm not sure which; as to a conspiracy...heck, every business decision is a conspiracy; theory definitely, although I also postulated a stupidity theory and an innocent careless theory.
I know I'm a raging, flaming paranoid, but
do you get any sense that they can deliberately manipulate your work pool(s) so that you never quite reach $900 and grab the brass ring?  Seems to me it would not be difficult for management to do, either by over hiring or sending work overseas, or some other work flow tinkering.  That way they can keep the majority at PT status, and save a bunch of bucks on benefits (nice alliteration there - no?)
Sounding kinda paranoid.
Why are you so up in arms? Some of your comments sound like you're a caffeinated conspiracy theorist.

For instance, you think IC's billing statements will be scrutinized.

Uh, I have no problem with my bills being scrutinized. They are absolutely accurate and in keeping with my contract. Why would anybody be concerned unless they were trying to fudge the system, hmmmm?

As far as companies putting Spyware on ... pfffft. I go through a HIPPA compliance training session every year. Takes, what, 10 minutes? I sign the paper. Everybody's happy.



Learn to differentiate the difference and you'll be a much more relaxed person, IMO.
am I paranoid? (to current MDIers)
This talk about letting people go come January 1st is already worrisome, but tell me, have any of you sent a personal email to D lately and NOT gotten a reply? Just wonder if this is a clue I should be paying attention to.
Spoken like a true paranoid underachiever.
How ridiculous.

Not to sound paranoid, but I tend to agree.
They control the work pools and can make your day as easy or as hard as they like. Before I asked why I was being switched around all the time, the line count was at least achievable. Afterwards, perhaps as my punishment, it became even worse. All different account specifics, all parts of the country, thousands of different doctors. Finally gave up. I took my 6 years of acute care and went somewhere else.
Some on tech support now paranoid. I agree with, don't
If you're so paranoid find another company
you type a character and leave the rest of us at Transtech alone. Thank you.
Maybe I'm paranoid, but sounds as if someone WASN'T chosen...
Annuder : Paranoid Conspiracy Theories?....
Is there a medicament against 'overbearing' paranoia?
I did mostly car accidents and it really made me paranoid about driving for awhile, but I sure sm
knew if there was a solid yellow line, if my lights were on, if I had my seatbelt on, etc. lol
Do not be paranoid. I'm not with Shapin. Its a small company in Illinois.

Be careful
Be careful
All I can say is be careful...
You will get a great offer, good training and be happy as a lark ... until you're out on your own, no one from IT will respond to your inquiries about technical problems, and they'll train you on one account (one that gives you great line counts) and then presto-chango, you're typing every ESL doc they dug out from wherever it is they hatch them from and you'll make ZERO dollars. I think the problem here is, like a lot of others, the good dicatators are going through VR (you'll notice, Transcend has a TON of openings for VR editors), and we (the MTs) are getting stuck with the dopes who cannot talk. I'm giving some serious thought to switching to editing - I'd rather do that and do twice the work, than try to figure out what these jokers are saying. Anyway, I was making great money during training with Transcend, but am now LOSING money and trying to decide if I should look elsewhere.
Be careful, though
My training went exceptionally well and I was on cloud 9. Then - WHAM!!! They put me on the account I was hired for (of course, no one told me it was different than the one I trained on), and it is AWFUL. I made great money right after training, until this new account ... now I'm taking a loss. These dictators are AWFUL - so I hope for your sake, when your training is over, they don't do the same to you.
Be careful. (sm)
I don't know if they do this anymore, but I was hired at a gross line count and then they changed things after hiring. I did the math, and I came out as losing money. Many others were complaining of the same bait and switch at the time.

I also ran into the absolute rudest QA staff of my long career at JLG. It sounded like the owner was going to try to straighten them out at the time, but I didn't stick around to see whether she did.

I had the highest line rate at JLG that I've ever had (13 cents, can't remember if with or without spaces); however, the constant running out of work and being asked to take the day off!, constant switching around of accounts combined with the rudest QA ever made it absolutely not worth it. I've come to the point I realize that it's the entire package an MT has to look at. Others have paid less, but I've been happier.

I hope this helps. I know you asked for those with a happy experience, but I thought I'd give you an honest experience.
Be careful
Whether you can do it or not depends on what they hire you for. Look at the postings a few days ago where people talk about the one account with all the ESLs that people scream about.
Be careful with them
Good pay, but many many problems. 2 yrs with them & I can't take it any more.
Careful about A. They will tell you
that you are hired for tier 3, but then say they meant 2 or 1 and give you a much lower rate!!
Be very careful.

You're not supposed to be sending intercompany information anywhere.  I would get it in writing first that your ISP isn't going to be tracked and your info handed over to Transcend so they can fire you.  With all the info on this board about what they are doing, Transcend still has their weekly cattle calls on the job seekers' board, so it doesn't look like Transcend is going to lose anything.

Just be very careful.

Be careful
There are huge tax implications. Yes, you get to deduct for certain home-office expenses, but only under specific guidelines and there is a minimum amount that you must have spent out of pocket. If the company is paying you very, very well, then I'd say go for it. Under no circumstances should you take an IC/statutory emp. (where they pay no taxes) job at the same rate of pay as an employee. Please take the time to consult with a tax person before getting yourself in what could be a very expensive proposition. You won't be sorry.
And be careful.
It can mess up your Word program so that some of your commands won't work any more (if you use Word for anything else).
And be careful.

It can mess up your Word program so that some of your commands won't work any more (if you use Word for anything else).

Be careful
Depending the account you get you may spend more time with the demographics than it is worth and the line counts can be off if you copy/paste into regular Word and check them yourself, or even using a line counting program.
Be careful
Check the archives, where it is posted that they do not pay on time or do not pay at all, as well as some taking or having taken legal action against them.
Be Careful
I worked for them and made no money. When a QA position opened, I tested for it. They claimed I didn't pass. However, 2 years later, I am the QA director for another company. Hmmm. I think someone had a friend or relative that wanted the job too.
Be careful
This company makes a lot of promises they don't keep, their Editor is extremely difficult to work with, and their employee turnaround is awful.  Watch yourself.  I worked for them for two years and am SO glad to be done.
Be very careful...sm
They will tell you they pay for spaces but when you get your check (six weeks later) you will see you are not because the IType system they use does not count them.  When you inquire you are lied to and told they are not sure what is up.  They keep you on the hook but know all along they are not paying for spaces.  Apparently, they have been doing this for several years.  Do a search on this board.  As well, still waiting for my last check and it's been several months.  Won't respond to calls or e-mails.  No work either most days. 
wow, all I can say is be very very very careful ...
I can't emphasize it enough. Very bad reputation, but apparently the admins of this board were supposedly talking to him (owner) about not paying people and so forth and they have allowed him to post jobs again. But just be careful - there are quite a few companies out there that do not pay or will pay up to a certain point (i.e. when they are done using you) and you will never hear from them again.
Be careful!!!
They called me back for rehire and I have never heard a word. I quit because they never paid me on time. They promised me I would get paid on time, etc., but I have not heard a word from them. I would not be surprised if they are getting bought out by somebody else. I was supposed to have started back 3 weeks ago and still no word!!!!
be careful
D&L uses them for recruiting because they cannot recruit themselves due to bad publicity. I am sure there are others too. Same results as searching online for companies without the hassle of double testing or getting attached to a company you would never have gone to in the first place.