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Posted By: Laurie on 2008-11-28
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Does anyone know anything about Nuance Co. ? or how they compute their lines or editing rates, how it works out for you ?

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I think Nuance owns Dictaphone now too. When I was looking for a C-phone manual it took me to their site. Maybe not so bad a deal, time will telleth.


I work at a hospital that uses the Nuance Speech Recognition. We were told they bought out dictaphone. We are in the process of training on this program. There needs to be a lot of tweeking before this platform would be beneficial to any organization.

We have the whole package - Transnet, ExText and Speech recognition.
Did Nuance
dump them?

Anyone working for this company?  Any input would be appreciated....

Nuance owns Escription. 
Has anyone heard of this platform?  Any information would be great. Thx
Focus / Nuance
Here's the URL to a PDF press release from 3/15. Nuance not only owns Dictaphone, but is the company that created Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Sold to Nuance, will probably be big changes, that usually
gets better, if at all.  I worked for Focus Infomatics and was treated like a lower class citizen.  The Indian men treat the women with extreme disrespect. I was yelled foul language over the phone and another lady that I know was sexually harassed.  I know one of those guys got shipped back to Bangalore, but I think the one who was the worst is actually still working in the Focus office in the States.
Nuance DNS - Medical
Very friendly and productive BUT your speech has to be very articulate, no accents or slurring of words. Takes time to train but worth it.
They partner with MTSOs who use their product. When a client signs on with Nuance, they are then matched up with an MTSO that uses Nuance's product.
Isn't it Nuance they teamed up with?
Nuance just recently
purchased Focus Infomatics.  They also purchased Dictaphone a while back.
Did Nuance by Dictaphone?
Can someone give me the website?  TIA
says who? Is that on the Nuance web site?
Won't see that. They were bought out by Nuance. NM
"A subsidiary of Nuance"
I don't know why it bugs me so much. It seems so pretentious.
Maybe Nuance owns them, so they are
Focus (Nuance)

Does anyone have any info about this company?

I was sure I had read previously posts but I am unable to find.

Maybe I am just looking for the wrong word  combination or on the wrong board?

Any information appreciated!

I really wish Dictaphone-Nuance
We are out of work. Dictaphone keeps the work and sells it to India for a penny a line. They have a good wage over there and we are going hungry here and can't pay the bills. The alternative is for our MTSO's to stop relying so much on Dictaphone and finding another system. Beating a dead horse I know.
The platforms Nuance uses
are Dictaphone, eScription, and PowerScribe.
What is the Nuance/Dictaphone/Ex-Text

Does Nuance own Dictaphone?   Is Ex-Text solely a Dictaphone platform?   Is Nuance also an MTSO--do they hire MT's directly? 

I believe Nuance became a partner last year.


Nuance is a partner with whom? Are they an MTSO?
Yes,they all fall under Nuance. I had not had any coffee when I answered the question. Still could use more.
Focus Infomatics/Nuance

It is no longer a mystery to me as to why or where our worktypes (especially ER) are slowly disappearing from accounts at Focus Infomatics/Nuance.  On their website, Nuance has stated that their goal is to totally automate transcription.  I wonder if that goal includes the eradication of MTs?

Anyway, here's a peek into the future with Focus Infomatics/Nuance:


There's more information on page 2 as well.


Has anyone done VR using the Nuance system? I am wondering
Public Records - Nuance


I ran across the above Federal Case Dockets while searching for something else entirely.  Anyone know why Nuance Corp. is involved in so many and what they are about?  One of the complaints is racketering.  What is going on?

IC versus Employee - Nuance
Does Nuance only have employees? If they only have employees, I wonder why? Wouldn't they save money with IC's? What is the advantage to Nuance with having employees? Just asking why..
Focus Infomatics/Nuance

I would avoid this company completely.  After much emailing back and forth with Janeen Neale, who led me to believe there was an account for me, I was advised yesterday that there was a hiring freeze for my intended account.  No mention of this was ever made to me before.  Also, she advised me that Vista and Word 2007 would work just fine -- then in yesterday's email telling me about the hiring freeze, she also added that the account didn't work with Vista/Word 2007 -- only XP/Word 2003.  To add insult to injury, she even got my name wrong!!!, lol.  Avoid this company.

Anyone worked on Nuance Dragon MT ASP software
Is it transcription friendly and productive. 

Sorry, meant Focus Infomatics/Nuance
"A subsidiary of Nuance" Why does Focus always post this? thx. nm
They were bought by Nuance in the spring of 2007.
And apparently they feel that stating that fact makes them sound more respectable, I guess.  Nuance also owns Dictaphone and Escription. 


Whenever an employer requires you to work a certain schedule or attend a mandatory training, they are are absolutely required to pay you a minimum wage.  Period.

Long story short, I was in the same boat and contacted DOL a few months back.  With regards to Nuance/Focus, a company located near Boston, MA, here is the DOL office to contact regarding the issue of not getting paid properly:

Room 525
Boston, MA  02203

Phone:  617-624-6715 or 617-624-6700

Persons to speak to:
Mr. Paul Sullivan (not sure of his title)

Mr. Robert Lang, ( I think his title is Assistant District Director).


Feedback on Nuance transcription package
Just started the Enterprise Express software upgraded version in December.  There seems to be a lot of manual input to create documents even with the link to our ADT feed.  Any hopes of getting good production on this system.  We will be going to a voice recognition system in addition to the transcription package after the initial bugs are worked out.  After a month, I am just hoping things will start to fall in place, but looking for feedback if possible. 
Nuance owns escription and Dictaphone
Are your referring to Dictaphone Extext? Which Nuance system?
Focus/Nuance - Dictaphone-offshore
Focus is the offshore subsidiary of now Nuance also known as Dictaphone - they have just formed an on-shore team thus all the new positions - temporary to be sure - they will take any account and then throw it offshore after a while
Case in point Escription is VERY MUCH better than Nuance and others out there sm
If we all had Escription, none of us would mind doing VR.
Doesn't Nuance own Dragon Natrually Speaking?
They are located near Boston, bought out by Nuance (Dictaphone)
currently serving US clients with US labor only as an option. Which is why there is now a US QA team, and perhaps all US transcribing team. Great people, benefits, and job openings. I was the OP who wrote a while back offered a high hourly rate for QA and did a lot of research on them. They are now part of Nuance (Dictaphone) umbrella and I believe a good place to work for. However, I decided against going there for personal reasons, decided to remain with my present employer, but would not hesitate to join this place after doing much research. Also the training BTW is done by US trainer (at least for QA), all information given through US phone calls, AIM and website, written info. So forget the rumors, call or write and ask because I too was unsure, but as stated did a lot of research regarding their status.
The Dragon 10 product by Nuance is 1000 times better than VR on
escription and dictaphone. It is absolutely amazing. My brother uses it in his office and rarely has to change anything.
With Nuance buying Focus, what will happen to the eScription accounts? sm

I really don't think eScription is going to like the fact that Dictaphone/Nuance is going to be working on their platform and learning their secrets to their software.........do you?

This is so interesting to me as I am an eScription editor.  Maybe it is time I start my own business again and contact all of the eScription hospital accounts or contact eScription and get their input on this.

In reading Nuance's press release, Bringham Women's Hospital is an eScription account not a dictaphone account.   Very interesting......Don't you think?  Would love to hear opinions on this.

Is it true Dictaphone is now owned by Nuance (an Indian company)? (sm)

that explains why the downhill slide.

I heard Focus was bought out by Dictaphone (Nuance) less than a year ago. So I think it would be a s
move. Nuance's website looks sturdy, and I know dictaphone is doing well, so how can a company with that kind of backing give you any kind of worry? I'd take it. Good luck whatever you decide.
Hmm .. the TTers are not complaining anymore and Focus/Nuance are advertising again. nm

TransTech gets work from Dictaphone/Nuance; not the piece of equipment, but the co.

TT uses Dictaphone's WordClient and ExSpeech platforms. 

Dictaphone (the company) contracts with MTSO's to use their equipment and they (Dictaphone/Nuance) *divide* out the work each MTSO gets.  That is one of the reasons for OUR VERY LOW WORKLOAD anymore !!!!  We would be better off if we worked for a company who is not Dictaphone/Nuance-dependent for work. 

The very few accounts Transtech has -- mostly  overflow accounts -- are Dictaphone/Nuance accounts.  We TransTech MT's wait for Dictaphone/Nuance to throw a few jobs our way, which is NOT happening.  All of TransTech MT's are making LESS than ever day-by-day, paycheck-by-paycheck.  Heads up ! ! ! ! ! ! !

MOST of TransTech's accounts are obtained through Dictaphone/Nuance -- not by any TT mgmt people

out seeking work for all the MT's that they have recently hired on.  That is not a good thing when Dictaphone has control of how much work TT gets, when we can have some work from them, etc.  They have other MTSO's who want work for their MT's, too, so Dictaphone/Nuance has to share with all MTSO's who have contracted with them to use their equipment; thus, doling out jobs as Dictaphone/Nuance sees fit for their good.

Nuance is the parent company of Dictaphone. Dictaphone makes ExText.
Focus bought by Nuance/Dictaphone, DRC bought by Acusis. nm
You should check out the Nuance website and the Focus website
Nuance is Dictaphone and since a lot of use Dictaphone equipment, you can say we all have something to do with this. If you are surprised at the website above, look at the US website of nuance. Just IMHO and try to get both sides of the corporation.