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OMG! That is an awful benefit plan! Are you kidding me? You contribute nothing to the

Posted By: SueEllen on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: Keystrokes announces 2006 benefits package sm - Keystrokes Management Team

cost of health insurance? One day of bereavement leave? You seem to be proud of this package. I would be hanging my head in shame were I you!

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Did you understand the part about the SE comprehensive benefit plan.

I don't think you can still contribute
to a 401K at a previous job. You need to roll it over into an IRA is my understanding.

I'd recommend going to this website, http://www.daveramsey.com/ and on the right side under TRUSTED SERVICES click on the EPL INVESTMENT place to find a reputable investment broker in your locale.
Do companies really contribute to insurance?

I am not sure if it is where I live or what, but I just discussed employee status with my company, and they wanted over $450 a month for health insurance for a very high deductible plan (5000 family) with a copay (20%).  I specifically asked if the company paid part of that, and she said yes, 50%.

I went online to e-insurance and priced out a comparable policy, and it was around $200 a month for a family high-deductable policy with an HSA option.  How can it be that a group policy costs over 3 times what an individual policy costs?  Or do the companies fudge a little bit when they say 50%?  I find it really hard to believe that my company will not give me any kind of raise but will automatically pay $5400 a year towards my insurance without batting an eye.  (BTW, the other option was $850 a month which would put them paying over $10000 a year for insurance).

What am I missing here?

TransTech - is their insurance affordable? How much do they contribute? sm
For family coverage, about how much is the monthly premium?  Do they pay well?  Do you have to work a set schedule or can you get your lines in within a 24-hour window?  Thanks!
Yikes, does the company contribute toward your premium? sm
Wow, seems very high.  I've heard of $300 - $400 for a family plan monthly but never double. I know that a lot of places feel that you as the MT are saving travel, clothing, lunch money and getting a lot of perks working from home, but so are they by you doing it!  I do know plenty of people do work just for benefits though. If you're working for needed income just as much as benefits though....I'd check around.  Wow again!  Company I just got an offer from (didn't take it, they're bad) offered full family bennies for just over $300/month and it was a decent plan - good co-pay, deductible, etc. But it is one of the bigger MTSOs.  If it is a smaller one, they may not be contributing, just offering it to you.  It is possible to find one that contributes monthly toward your premium.
How could we start a running list, to each contribute to and could
Any ideas? Javabean, what do you think?
Don't worry just find out and then have a plan A and plan B
I have gone through something like this but not with that company. I too am the insurance provider for my family and there are preexisting conditions, so a private policy is no good.
First of all, I work elsewhere but had the same situation. I fell short of line count, but not because of me, because they did not have enough work, and I like many others cannot make quota because of the way they count lines. Then, on last paycheck there was a negative on insurance money taken out of check. I thought I lost insurance, but found out at the end of the year, they did an audit and found out that I overpaid all year and so I actually was owed money that check.
In the meantime, I found another job but have to wait 90 days for insurance. Can't find a policy to bridge the 2 jobs, insurance is on my mind all the time. My heart is with you. Personally I am getting the 90 day meds, working on my second job which will become my real job and if I lose the insurance, Cobra will kick in in case of disaster so that is like major medical.
Sorry such a long post, but I suggest: Not to panic. You probably did not lose insurance. Call the benefit provider to see you are still covered, not the employer. If you are not still covered, get 90 days of Rx if your plan covers by mail and be billed, immediately get another job which is a better place to work anyway (I found one) and in 90 days you will be okay. Some places like Disriter cover the first of the following month, but I would not necessarily suggest you work somewhere which is not so great just for insurance. You can consider TransTech. That would be my suggestion. Sorry for such a long post. But this hit a nerve and I wanted you to understand some options, as I have gone through it. Good Luck.
According to a friend, awful, awful,
Low pay, bad accounts etc..
What would the benefit be except that you'd
She's going to benefit from it, too, so don't
If she's going to pay the person part of her rate, then she's obviously going to have her doing part of the work assigned to her, and she's still going to make 6.5 cpl off this gal. Not to mention, the original poster knows nothing of this person and she could stiff her for pay entirely. I would be very leery of a work offer such as this. The original poster would be better off going directly to doctors' offices or other services and offering a free trial of her work. However, if she went to a decent school, her school should help her obtain PAYING work upon graduating.
It's a benefit to me.
All those who doesn'ts you mentioned are actually tax deductions, which overall lowers your tax burden anyway. I love working from home and do consider it a benefit not having to commute, deal with office politics, boss breathing down my neck, etc. I did take a pay cut to work at home and am still glad I did. This is just my opinion and I am one of the rest of the working world. I love Judge Judy too.
I would like that benefit best of all, lol nm
What is the benefit of IC if they tell you when to work. nm
Those in need do not benefit from outsourcing
The people in need do not get anything.  They will continue to starve while the upper castes/classes become more and more of a consumer-driven society.
What they want is a benefit-less employee.nm
There is one loophole to their benefit.
I got caught in this with the birth of my last child.  You have to have worked a certain amount of hours within the past year. Its an average of 24.  If you worked enough hours to qualify, then you can absolutely take all 12.
You can say that again. Never for the MT. I get sick of being taken advantage of for their benefit.

Could you tell me about their platform and if family med ins is a benefit, PTO etc..
Please give more details. Do you work for them now? Pay rate?
Another benefit of employee status over IC
Many people are uninsurable or have family members who are uninsurable if they were to try to get health insurance on their own. Getting it as an employee of a company is their only way to insure themselves. As long as there has not been more than a 63-day break in coverage, if you are an employee, not only does the insurance company have to accept you, they also have to accept all your preexisting conditions. Health insurance with most companies is not cheap anymore, but expensive insurance is better than no insurance.
Where is our benefit at TT? Too long to get pregnant !! nm
Maternity leave benefit
I would like to know if there are companies that offer maternity leave benefit for FT?

Like Judge Judy said in her books, Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.  Who benefits the most (financially) from MTs working at home?  Who doesn't have to provide an office?  Who doesn't have to provide a PC (except for a fee)?  Who doesn't have to pay the electric bill to use this equipment?  Who doesn't have to pay the MT's phone bill?  Who demands the MT have high-speed cable internet connection?  Maybe your definition of benefit is different from the rest of the working world, but I/we count a benefit as something we can take to the bank, i.e., insurance, PTO, etc. (FT only, yet). 

Unpaid time off - a benefit?

New one to me.  Never heard of it unless ofcourse you have used up your PTO and need to take off unexpectedly.  As far as using your PTO when there is no work, I think that is totally unfair.  That should be your OPTION, not a requirement.  Suppose you had plans for that PTO?  I also do not believe you should have to clock out when there is no work, unless you want to work outside of your shift.  I mean your shift is your shift.  It should be up to the company to supply you with work during your shift and if they can not do that, then THEY should be the one with the problem. 

I worked in-house for many years by the hour.  When there was no work, I left the office.  To tell you the truth, when I started working at home I worked longer and harder than I ever did in the office.  Ofcourse since I was more productive, I made more money.  I think our jobs should be considered just as valuable as any inhouse employee, maybe even more so, and should include the same benefits if we are more productive and cost inefficient.  I mean, can they really have it both ways?

I usually try to give the benefit of the doubt,
but unfortunately that sounds like a big fat lie. But I am no longer expecting honesty, respect or anything else. They told me when I hired on, that ABSOLUTELY NEVER would they outsource our work. Period. Well partnering with one who does, is the same thing, IMO. Of course they know what the pay scale is. That answer just tells me its not good for us...
How is their benefit package? Insurance costs, etc?
Nah, even more work and the benefit of letting you make a

Thank you for the reply - is there any benefit to saying you will type 1000 per day?
Can someone sign on for 500 and type more than that? What I am asking is, is there any benefit to signing up for 1000? :-)
the benefit package for Diskriter is the only reason I am looking at them...nm
Some people who work in offices have that benefit, but no MT
Approximate benefit costs/pay cpl difference
Does anyone have just single coverage for yourself through Keystrokes, around age 40; how much approximately per pay period? Also, is there usually a higher line rate paid for acute care and Ops compared to ER? Any info appreciated. Thanks for all your help.
Need health ins in 30 days ..what companies have that benefit?

Hi, I really need health insurance faster than 90 days.

Does anyone know the companies that offer it effective in 30 days?  I have seen a few advertised but can't find them.

any help would be appreciated ... thanks in advance

Well, besides the outsourcing, they manipulate the line count for their benefit. nm.
This is home based with full benefit package. (nm)
I hate it when people tell me that working at home is a benefit (sm)
Benefits are something that the company pays for. No use as MTs. If it was a true benefit, then they should give us the money to cover the costs of what daycare would be, because if you have kids, generally they stay at home with you, right? So, they should be compensating us for daycare costs on top of what we already make. Now THAT would be a benefit!
Actually, having employees work at home is a benefit...TO THE COMPANY
more than the employee. The company doesn't have to pay for office space, electricity, etc.....
I try to be kind and give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have to agree. sm

It all sounds like a bunch of hooey.  My ex husband used to tell lies when the truth would have worked better.  Perhaps she is related to him. 

I cannot believe any MT would not know at least the most important aspects of the BOS.  True, with some accounts, you ignore the BOS and do it however the client wants it, but still, you should KNOW the rules. 

Maybe I'll just put out a shingle and call myself a lawyer.  Of course, I know nothing about the law ... but maybe that shouldn't be a problem. 

Probably some people will move on and the company saves on benefit pkgs. (sm)

Telling us work is coming in at some time in the future is fine, but right now we have lost more than we have gained and  like you said, if we speed up we will run out quicker.  Not to mention that we will all have to work a little harder in order to make nearly the same as we did before.  Panic will make our fingers work even faster.

Remember the memo we got about over-editing.  Bet your butt we won't be over editing in the future.  If this ISR is so good, it shouldn't need too much now should it?


Prior search shows 8.5 cpl for FT benefit position. Do you still make this base pay after 1-1/2
you seem to have an awful lot to say...
I still think you would be perfect for that particular company. That is my opinion. Sorry you are so awfully frustrated and upset...Maybe a career change? You have a lot of issues...
i think its awful
That a company would accuse an employee of something without 100% evidence/knowledge. Guess the original post was TRUE!
I didn't pass either. I got a 78. I could have sworn I answered almost every answer correctly especially since we were able to use reference material. I guess that company does not want to hire that many MTs if their test is so darn difficult to pass!!!!
Awful. sm
Time clock punching that has you working at least 40 hours (even if you're hired for 35) just to get your lines in. Clocking in and out to go to the bathroom, stretch, answer the phone, breathe for fear it'll cut into your line count. Therefore, your MT work stretches out throughout the day, eating up all of your day.

Stupid, pompous, ignorant, incompetent, braggadocious upper management, with a resultant revolving door of MT managers, MTs and QA.

ASR that came with big promises and many MTs complaining of pay decline.

I would not advise anyone hire in with them until things change at the top.
That is awful

You are right, I am not just out of school.  I've been MTing for about 12 years.  I learned from my mom and then just learned on the job after that.  Never had formal training.  Anyway, that is really terrible that the schools would mislead you like that.  Even those of us who have been transcribing for many years are not getting paid close to what we should be, much less the people just out of school.

The best way to make money MTing, in my experience, has been with my own accounts.  I currently have two of my own accounts and in the past i had an entire hospital account, which really made some good money.  Even then, it is tricky finding good accounts because many of the docs don't want to pay what the work is worth.  Best of luck to you.

I worked there for just over a year and quit 3 months ago. Ever since the SPI takeover, things have gone WAY downhill. Management is awful and they treat their employees horribly. They just don't care about their MTs. Tons of people have quit, including almost all of the management that was there when it was still CyMed. My manager quit a few months before I did, and the work suddenly started disappearing fast. I could no longer even come close to making a decent line count. It also doesn't help that they don't pay for spaces. The new managers put us in the awful new work pools and there was rarely enough work to go around. I would totally avoid this company!
It was awful when I was still there!
After the SPI takeover, my Cymed manager quit, then we had a temporary one, then there was a new so-called permanent one, then she resigned from the company, then we got another temporary one, and then finally another one, who was very rude and horrible with communication! I quit very soon after all of that! I have never been happier since I quit that hell hole! They couldn't even keep an elephant typing for peanuts!
Wow, that is awful!!
I can't imagine not working for and not receiving that much money!  What Steve did was very generous and Proveros should be proud of him.  It's unfortunate that his financial manager gives the company a bad taste in your mouth!
MQ may be awful
but I wish all companies had a policy like this.
Yep, CTS is awful!
If it makes you feel any better, I did get paid after I quit.  I worked for CTS back in the summer and there was always a story as to why my checks were late.  I stayed on through three billing periods thinking it would get better....boy was I wrong.  It just got worse and the checks got later every time.  I finally quit and honestly did not think I would get my last check, but surprisingly I did (two weeks late).  CTS is without a doubt the worst company I have ever worked for and my advise to anyone that might be thinking about accepting an offer......RUN and don't look back.
That's awful. Something needs to be done about
That is awful, but 75% of your pay?
You don't have much of a job left.
My experience was that the accounts that were put on Turboflow were done by their overseas workforce.  If you were lucky, you were able to remain as an editor.  In my case, after a couple of months and without notice, they decided that my account was so easy it no longer needed editing.  Just, we no longer need you to edit this account, goodbye.  I had worked on it for four years.