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Okay, here's the scoop.....

Posted By: need to know on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: MedWrite1.....anyone ever hear of them? Got a VERY vague email..... - need to know

Below is a cut and paste from an email I just received from this company.  I don't know if they offshore or not.  Also, I tried to see if I could find their website and could not do so.  Here is a cut and paste of the response I got and it just doesn't click with me.  Take care all.


We are needing about 12 ICs not employees to start, and will be adding on over the next few months a few more.   These are fulltime and part time, but we need at least 10 fulltime to start.  Below is further info.  You resume was posted on MT Daily


MT Work Specifics


Startup Date:  Jan 2, 2006 with others added in as they can for the next two weeks.


Worktype:  Multispecialty clinic, DS, clinic notes, Consults, Psychiatry etcetera.

Dictators:  Mostly English speaking, sound very clear, digital wave files, ESL docs are clear, (possibly 5 out of 100 doctors a bit of a sticky mess to type up but all others very good).


Transmission of Work:  Work is taken direct from a pool for transcriptionists, and work filters in 24/7 and drawn at will by the MTs.  This will allow for work 7 days a week for those who want to work varying hours/days. 


Computer Equipment: 

      A good computer (preferably no older than 4 or so years, with a good lot of RAM

      Word 1997 or 2000 ( I believe 2003 will also work but not sure yet)

      a sound card, good headset for transcription work

      DSL preferred for speed downloading

      FTP program (we have one you can use free) 

      foot pedal

      medical spellcheck program

      line counting program (we have a free one we can send you if you don't already have one, counts will be compared to our in-house counts)


Special Equipment: 

      All MTs will be hooked up to a web-based program, in which they will draw sound files as well as type up reports.  Once those reports are complete they will come to our editing department automatically. 

      Wave pedals particularly for this type of web-based program will be provided by us, and the expense of $87 (plus nominal shipping fee) taken from your first pay. Note:  Some of you may already have wave player pedals that will work with this system so we will test them out first.


Experience Requirement:  MTs must have good experience or be willing to train properly to bring their skill level up to par. 

Line Count:  65 character line WITH spaces  (average report approx 3-7 minutes of dictation, depending on worktype)

Status:  Independent Contractor only

Pay Rate:  Varies depending on experience and will be discussed individually.

Pay Dates:  Invoices are paid on the 5th and 20th of each month and are done by direct deposit to your bank unless otherwise requested.


Do I work remotely?  Location of MTs does not matter as the work is drawn from your work pool, therefore you can begin any time of day or night, although we are hoping to mostly find those who can work daytime and weekend.  Those who can work evening for a few hours are also welcome.


How much work can you draw?  As much as you can complete in a timely manner, with all work being done by day's end, and completed properly and accurately.  If your work is lacking in accuracy you will be cut back on workload until accuracy levels are appropriate again.  We tend to hire only good experience but will always work with an MT if we see potential for improvement.


If you are interested in testing after reading this information and discussing rates, please be in touch


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The scoop
Here is what is going on at OSI: The QA Manager is someone who a lot of people feel like it inexperienced to handle the position. Its caused a lot of the problems. As far as being an MT at the comapny, you may or may not ever notice her. Its risky but not completely out of the question.
What's the scoop?

Just wondering what there is to know about TSSC, LLC . . . saw their ad, but not much info available as far as I can tell.


want the scoop on D&L
I am sure those who have posted before would not mind - just reply by email instead of posting. Some things are better understood through email.
Same Scoop Here
I'm FED UP as well. I have been wanting to give her notice for a while but I've been waiting to get some money which I need first. Its been one thing after another. I'm getting rid to start filing complaints but a lawyer would cost me more than she owes me. Anyone know anything about small claims court?
Here's the scoop...sm
opening is for Full Time work only with 1200 lines per 7 hour shift as the minimum production standard. Pay is based on experience as determined by the hiring supervisor..
What's the scoop with Transolutions new QA? I sm
was offered a job and thinking about it but don't it if they nitpick you death on QA. They pay is kinda low though, only 6 cents a line.  Isn't that lower than average?
here is the scoop on flexibility with DSK
I worked for them and was told I could have flexibility. This is no lie, I would run out to the mailbox to get the mail, or maybe get interrupted with a phone call - probably no more than 10 minutes away from the computer - AND I WOULD GET A PHONE CALL FROM Diskriter ASKING WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU ON BREAK? YOU NEED TO LET US KNOW WHEN YOU ARE TAKING A BREAK OR GOING OFF TO LUNCH.

When I took my lunch break, my phone would ring if I was over 30 minutes. I felt like big brother was always watching.

Maybe it wasn't that way with everybody, but I never ever deserved that kind of monitoring for any job I had. The sad part was that when I worked for them there were times I would not have any work whatsoever, but was told not to leave my house in case work flowed into my que. One day, I sat for three hours on a Saturday morning because they insisted we do overtime, and I did not get my first job until 10:40 a.m. THREE HOURS ON A SATURDAY. I can still recall that day - I made $17.00 for an 8 hour shift. I quit shortly after that.
I REALLY need the scoop on RI Unlimited, please!
There was a little blip about RI further down the page, but it didn't say much. I did a search. Some people like them; a lot of people hate them. Folks, I could really use some specifics here so that I know what I'm getting myself into. Do they run out of work? How's the communication? I've heard they dock pay for mistakes. What kind of mistakes? I mean, there are punctuation problems and then whole medical words that can be misspelled or left out--and there's a huge difference between the two. How do they pay? Do they give raises often enough (or at all)? These are the kinds of things I need to know (and anything else you can add will be helpful). Thank you--I appreciate it very much!
Whose got the scoop on MT World?
Good, bad, and the ugly is welcome.  Thanks!
Scoop on Medware????

I was just offered a job from Medware.  Can anyone tell me a little more about them??


Need the scoop on Amphion
Thinking about applying, please give me the scoop, thanks!
Here's the inside scoop. sm
The accounts that are listed used to be overflow accounts and we keep on taking more and more work from them and adding more work types, so we need more people.  The hospitals are huge and we just can't keep working OT to keep them caught up.  I know this only because I receive the group emails talking about new work types or more work of ones we already get.  The Michigan account advertised for has a great supervisor and is an easy account with higher than usual line count possibilities once you learn the account specifics.  I'm not on that one anymore but used to be before the restructuring a few years back, just do backup occasionally for it now.
Want the straight scoop? Here ya go..
On the debit side:
1. Emails SOMETIMES are not answered promptly, sometimes not at all. This happens, it seems, if you ask a question that management might not want to answer for whatever reason, such as questioning Q.A.
2. Sometimes it takes a little too much time to suit me for the next job to download. This probably has to do with how many people are working on the system. I haven't asked because it really hasn't been enough of a problem for me to even mention it.

On the credit side:
1. I, personally, have run out of work totally only a few times, less than I have fingers on one hand, in the 5 years I've worked for TransTech. The first time I ran out of work, I asked for, and was given, back up accounts so that now if my primary runs out, as it does frequently, I have plenty of work on my back up accounts. I would imagine that running out of work would depend on whether or not an individual MT was willing to do any kind of work and on different accounts. In other words, doing what you hired on to do and that is the work they need to have done. Anyone not willing to do this might run out of work but that, IMHO is their own fault.
2. My paycheck is ALWAYS on time and correct. I actually received an email once telling me that they had accidentally shorted me on my paycheck and that the amount would be added to my next check. The amount was so minute that I didn't even realize I had been shorted.
3. Tech support is THE best. I have rarely required the assistance of tech support but when I have, I email and usually receive a call within 5 minutes. They get whatever problem I'm having corrected and I'm good to go very shortly.
4. Everyone in the office is ALWAYS courteous and helpful. I rarely need to call the office at all but this has been my experience the few times I have needed to call.
5. Their software is very user friendly and takes practically no time to learn. I am a complete computer incompetent so when I say this, I know what I'm talking about.

I guess that about covers it. I don't post often but it really ruffles my feathers to see such derogatory posts about a good company; especially the posts saying Transtech doesn't care about quality. That is a blatant lie. I do not know if they hire less experienced MTs or not. I hope they do. If, indeed, they do I feel certain they are left on full edit until they have proven their capabilities.

Now you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly from an MT who is some 600 miles from Houston, Texas, has never been to the TransTech office and probably never will be, so puleeez don't call me management.

Like Forrest Gump....that's all I've got to say about that.
md-it ever heard of them/any scoop?

I was looking for a smaller company as I'm getting disgrumbled with these nationals.  I found this MD-IT listed as a pacific northwest company, but see it has a lot of offices all over.  Anyone ever work for them and have any comments?  I see they don't want to talk to you until you take the test, which I want to avoid if they're bad news to begin with.

Thanks in advance for you help. 

MDI-MD? Whats the scoop? I know I have seen info on them
but for some reason search is not bringing anything up. Would prefer to hear from both current and former employees.
What's the scoop on Transolutions new payscale??
Whats the scoop on TTS out of New Hampshire?
Are they still on the crap list?
Focus Infomatics...the scoop

I have been very curious what this company pays.  I know someone who applied this past week and with 15+ years of experience they were offered 6 cpl, 3 for editing.  Thought I would share, just in case you were wondering.

Can someone give me the scoop on Trans Health..nothing in archives...NM