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Old posts mentioned nonpayment issues. nm

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-02
In Reply to: Any info on DW Medical Transcription - LadyRed


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Recent posts show them with late or nonpayment issues. Do a search. nm
How does a chat board assist an MTSO with nonpayment issues?
Just asking, not finding the correlation between the two, and clarification would be appreciated for now and the future.
Read down the board. Mentioned just 2 posts below yours and mentioned
multiple times this week. 
Just from recent posts there are still ongoing pay issues.
They have easy escription accounts but I can't tolerate being paid late/wrong. Good luck!

Yes, I contacted the company.  I spoke to a person in payroll, who refuses to release my check because she states she doesn't have a record of my returning their footpedal.  I told her I had a tracking number that showed they had received it Aug 30th.  She didn't want anything to do with the tracking number and had me leave a message on someone else's voice mail.  I have heard of other people having difficulties with this company and it looks like I am going to have to fight for release of my check. Hence, my question.


nonpayment help.....sm
What was their excuse for not paying on time? If you still haven't received 2 checks, I believe I would rethink doing any more work for them until I got paid. Are you IC or employee, since you said employer won't pay. I would let them know no more work will be done until payment is received within X number of days, and then I would call the local Better Business Bureau in that city and report this.

This has happened to me only once, but the owner of the company was very straight forward about her clients not paying on time, how much she owed the IC's, how much she had on hand to pay, etc. She pitched a fit to the clients, they paid up, and we got paid.

If push comes to shove, depending on where you live, I would then go to small claims court to get paid. File a claim in their locale. Good Luck!
I just quit an MTSO who is playing that game. Heard excuses three different times during the six months that I was an IC there and the third time, I said enough already. Always blaming someone else, getting P***y when asked when pay would come and the threat about ICs can get paid once every 30 days..I didn't write the contract MTSO did with biweekly pay. At the end, I actually stopped doing any work until I actually had the money, which ended up being just a few days before the next scheduled payday and the lies started again..last I heard said MTSO still hasn't paid up and still has tons of excuses why someone else is to blame. Glad that I left when I did!!!
I actually contemplated contacting other ICs that worked for the company to point out the discrepancies and then decided that everyone has to make their own decisions and I hope for their sakes that they come to realize soon that she is full of it....account is probably not paying on time because TAT is never met. In six months, there was only maybe one week where I didn't get emails screaming for people to work more because we were behind...I figure it won't be long before the account drops this MTSO altogether and I just hope all those ICs have other means of support or are able to find something else, in this economy that might take a while!!!
Nonpayment help needed

Invoiced and billed employer who has not sent me a check.  I did email and a check was to be sent to me by this past Friday, but is now not responding to email inquiries as to the status and whether or not the checks were mailed (they now owe me 2).

Which regulatory agencies or legal groups do I contact in this regard in order to be paid?

I sure don't need another nonpayment company.
Is there anyone that currently works there that can comment on the payment issue?
what action can I take for nonpayment?

I am having the same issue with 2 different companies. IF you are an employee, you can call the labor board and they can assist you. IF NOT...if you are an independent contractor it is a lot more difficult. The labor board will not assist an IC. Then your only option is to hire a lawyer in NJ and file suit against the company there. If the company owes less than the limit for small claims court, you can file in small claims court but you have to physically go there to appear in court...if you win, all you get is a judgment, i.e. a piece of paper. The court will not make the company pay the judgment, it is up to you to collect that. If it is over the limit for small claims, you have to have a lawyer file suit in district court. Of course...even if you win, the lawyer has to be paid so make sure you are owed enough for it to make it worthwhile to go that route. Now, if the company gives you a check that bounces, that's a whole other issue. Then you have to send a certified letter giving them (usually...varies by state) 10 days to pay the check and any bank fees you have accumulated becuase the check bounced. If they do not, then your only course of action is to send the check and a complaint to the district attorney where the company is and ask them to collect. The district attorney will send the compnay a letter and if they don't pay the check, then they will file suit against the company and will in fact arrest the owner. All of this takes ages of course and that is probably not going to help the immediate issue which is you need the money you earned! yeah...I understand completely. Good luck.

last paycheck nonpayment question
Does anyone know what is involved if you have to file a complaint with a labor board for last paycheck?  I am assuming that a labor board is where I would file such a complaint.  Thanks
What action can I take for nonpayment on a company in NJ - sm
As of this Friday the first invoice will be 6 weeks past due, the 2nd 4 weeks.  She has been saying for weeks she has mailed these two checks.  Today she said she sent them priority (told me yesterday she would mail them priority).  I know she is just biding time because there is no money to cover them which is my next problem.  If and when I get these who knows how long it will be before I can cash them.  I would like to tell her that if I don't have checks in the mail by Friday (that I can take to the bank and get cash for) that I am going to take action against her.  I am just tired of her crap and lies.  Obviously I no longer work for her either so she has no real incentive to pay me.  She stopped sending me work because she knows I won't type if I don't get paid.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.   
That IS nonpayment for services rendered
and someone needs to give them a kick in the asp for doing that.
MTSO won't pay or give me reason for nonpayment
I am going to small claims court tomorrow to file a suit against MTSO that hasn't paid me in four months. No idea why they haven't paid. Won't return phone calls or emails. Only worked there a week, and I think she somehow thinks she is justified in not paying me.

Feel bad for anyone that doesn't get paid. There is no excuse to not pay people for work they have done.
Yes, turn them in to the Department of Labor and Industry for nonpayment.
Try the BBB or FTC for unfair labor practices. Send them a certified letter demanding payment or you'll sue in small claims court.
Posts from April said everyone gets 8.5 cpl/newbie or experienced. Recent posts said
It's the big O not the one you mentioned
Yes, it was mentioned... SM
and explained. Transition to new MTSO not going smoothly -- acct could come back at some point but DO NOT hold your breath! Bottom Line: Same-old, same-old -- Onward and upward, think positive, etc. No dramatic announcements other than big push to get everyone on same platform. :-))
EMR...should have mentioned

Our EMR system did cut down on some things for us typists.  The medications and allergies were already in the patient's chart and therefore pulled through into the document (office visit letter) that the doctor created himself the day of the visit.  If there were changes to those meds, he would dictate the changes.  If there were no changes, he would state that.  That was one less thing for us to type.  It didn't change things for us greatly because we got paid hourly, but I'm sure that would cut lines out of someone who gets paid production.  It was a very new concept for our office at the time.  We had 21 physicians and 7 NP's so I can safely say half hated it and half loved it.  Some doctor's refused to go completely paperless and would always ask us to print hard copies of the latest test results and that allowed them to not have their faces glued to a laptop and actually pay attention to the patient.  I have not yet experienced the EMR/EHR system as an actual patient.  I'm sure I would be really alarmed at not getting to spend time with my doctor and instead only see the top of their head as they are clicking around in my virtual chart.  There are definitely pros and cons and I can see both.  As for it completely wiping out transcriptionists -- I have my doubts.  Dragon software years ago was supposed to have wiped us out as a profession and look what happened to that.  I know VR is a huge thing, but that too is still creating jobs.  I tend to be more optimistic.  The only thing constant in this world is change and we have 2 choices -- embrace that change and roll with the punches or sit and complain about it and make things worse.  Nothing is ever certain so I guess we will just have to wait and see.  No one can predict the future.

It has been mentioned that some
companies have increased the cpl when the client requires VBC.
The companies you mentioned
Company 1: Good company if you like ESLs. They have lots of accounts in areas that teem with ESLs. For them, I would choose QA.

Company 2: This company has had more conflicts than Carter's liver pills, and the turnover is outrageous. The problem is that they are always out of work. They overhire, then nobody has any work. Lots of big wheels. Public company and making millions but the MLS's as they call them don't get the money. They promote from within. They are going to speech recognition and cutting pay in half. Forget them totally.

Company 3 outsources like crazy and hires people who don't know what they are doing. Just started decent benefits. Moving to speech recognition. They do not stay in "touch" with the real workers who keep them afloat. If you are not an insider you will go nowhere with them. Forget them.

Company 4: I would shoot for a QA or editing job since you have the experience. There is some pettiness but you don't have to be that way and the managers don't expect you to be. Good benefits and stable company.

Even with some of the problems mentioned here,
It was mentioned on this board that they -sm
never pay on time, so I wasn't in the least surprised when they told me about their payment method.
No one has mentioned my company yet
LOL!!! Sad, but true... Don't like my company either.
Several people have mentioned that they have
been hired for the account.  I have also been hired for the account. 
P.S. You mentioned archives
when you searched.  I believe that will give you only older info.  Try searching without going into the archives - you'll find some more recent posts, some negative, some positive.  Just confirming again, though, that my experience has been very positive.
Do you have to use their computer still? Mentioned somewhere in
The ESL load has been mentioned as being a very
Me too - Transtech was never mentioned by OP
Here's a few places that have been mentioned..sm..
Accuscribe, DSG, Echo Sten-Tel, Execuscribe (just started using it recently), InTouchMI, MQ, and VanBelkum.
No name was mentioned and how many people
even know who the recruiter was. 
I don't get it. This Kim person is mentioned all
I guess you don't want to say anything against someone here.  There is also Debbie mentioned for TransTech.   
As I mentioned in another post...sm

what a great way for terrorist organizations to infiltrate the US.

exactly. That's why I also mentioned POOL
Quite a few posters have mentioned doing this..nm

Which one mentioned hourly?
Was it M.L. or was it the female? Just curious. I can't understand why they won't pull the escription MTs who don't have work - over to the Dictaphone accounts that they are scrambling to hire for.

It seems really dumb to lose some of those MTs because they are quitting due to no work and then be desperately trying to find new hires for the dictaphone accounts.

They are only making things worse because those lies are catching up with them and they will have fewer and fewer people applying because the word is out.
ok.. but names were mentioned x2
A name was mentioned x2 in the tts nasty post and was not removed...
It's so important to her that she mentioned it not once
Maybe it's just my perception, but that post came off as really pretty arrogant. I know things can be conveyed wrong in writing but she does not sound like she would be a pleasant person to work for, that's for sure. The whole tone of the post made me go EEK...
All those "occupations" you mentioned are

fine but most businesses, even small mom and pop ones, have so many hoops to jump through to even get started. Then there's the ugly taxes to pay, too.

I'm trying to figure out a business I could get into without all the crap. Sick of all the hoops. Even crafters have to have a license if they sell at shows and our farmer's market has the list of names of everyone that has a stand there that they must turn over to the government if asked, even if someone is just trying to make a buck in something temporary, like selling all their attic treasures.

I'll be able to retire soon. DH says I better sign up as soon as I can, but I'm still paying off bills after his surgery, so it's impossible. I need another 3 years to get on top. Anyway, when I didn't pay SS taxes for 3 years (no job), my SS $$ went down from $1000 to $200 a month and after 10 years, I'm now at the $800 /month mark now. Who can live on that?


I already work at the first one you mentioned and leaving for
as mentioned, not a big demand for it whatsoever - sm
because of the fact that it can be outsourced. However, there are hospitals in very very remote areas that do not want to or cannot outsource, usually a very small hospital with outdated equipment, etc., - those were the travel assignments.
Forgot about benefits you mentioned. I don't have
their benefits so I don't know how they work or what the requirement is to get them.  It is much cheaper to purchase an individual policy in most cases when you work for any MT company.  Very rarely do they actually have good insurance.
You mentioned benefits. They only hire ICs.
I have no desire to go to MQ, never mentioned it in my post. nm
Don't Precyse and the other company you mentioned
How can you be so defensive? nothing was mentioned about India -nm
Plus, their QA on the account you mentioned is INSANE
If you're not one of their personal favorites, they will keep picking, picking, picking, tearing your work apart making sure you have at least a few errors - you know earth-shattering, life-threatening ones like putting a comma somewhere they don't approve of, just to make SURE you don't get that highest pay rate. Then next time you change it to what they said it was supposed to be last time it's wrong that way too - you have to have mistakes on your reports you know!

Power trip from hell, and messing with people.

No thanks.
Are they still in business? They used to be mentioned years ago on MTD. nm
No competitive website was mentioned by
name. Someone asked where something was posted and I said it was posted at another job website.

That told nothing. It could have been one in a million places.

They did?!! How long has this been in place? Never see it mentioned in their ads. Sure it was
They have been mentioned frequently lately. Read
the archives and you'll find lots of answers.