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Pay is good, platform very easy. Got line count within days. (sm)

Posted By: Nother webber on 2009-02-06
In Reply to: Webmedx? - mt

The people you work with/for are extremely helpful. There is an incentive plan which they will explain to you during interview process. No 401 match - that is a bummer. First year PTO only a few days, but picks up the next year.

Apply and have the recruiter go over it all with you. It is well worth the time.

Good luck.

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ChartScript easy to learn/use/good line count?

Please post any experiences you have had with this platform. Also,does Diskriter provide good insurance and have plenty of work?

Is it easy to get required line counts?

ProScript platform - good line count?
Just wondering for those out there with ProScript, are you getting a good line count with their platform?
TS has very outdated platform, and it's very hard to get a good daily line count. NMout
Is it easy to get your required line count?
EASY to make line count!
My experience was the opposite. I routinely did 1600-2000 lines a day, WAY over minimum of about 1200 lines a day. I can't make that now in my current job, but at Spheris it was easy. It does depend on the accounts you're assigned, though, so I don't doubt that it COULD be hard to make line count at Spheris. Just depends.
When the company line count is fair - it is easy nm
Yes, if gross line count and easy dictator
to start with.
very easy to learn - good platform
I have worked on a few different platforms and this one works well. Very explicit account specifics as well so it makes it much easier to do your job.
Scribe platform line count

What are your line counts with the Scribe platform?  I'm only getting half of what I did with DocQscribe.

Scribe platform line count
I was told I got paid for all headers, footers and expansions, but so much has to be done manually, like open sound file, click to save, then click to close, then click to send, then click to send with note or without note, etc. With DocQscribe, so much was done automatically including downloading a file behind the one we were doing.
They are changing line count programs, not platform.
if your platform is decent at OSI and you make line count....
Their platform decreases your line count tremendously!
been with spheris 4.5 years, easy platform, good clinic account
The platform they use is horrible and slows you down with regards to meeting daily line count. Also,
QA can be bitchy, however, if you know your stuff and nip that bitchiness in the bud early on, they don't bother you later...except for one.  She's rude and vague in her f/u comments, so there is really no way around that one except not to take it personal.
Any thoughts on Interpro? Line count, spell checker, platform, management, pay rate? nm
I have always had trouble getting a good line count with them! nm
Truthfully - I couldn't get a good line count on Bayscribe. sm
I have 24 years experience doing all acute care and focusing on op reports. I could not get more than 200 lines per hour as opposed to my normal 350 lph. I had to rebuild an Expander as theirs comes with absolutely nothing and their spellcheck is not up to date and not Stedman's. So, I was just not used to working that way. Plus the sound quality using wave player was terrible. So, I used the Lanier for another account and never got the same dictator twice in a week doing all op reports. I stuck it out for a few months thinking, ok let me try this and get used the account and maybe increase my line count. Guess what - it didn't happen. So, I left.

My gut instinct was this was not going to work the third day I was working there - usually your gut instincts are correct so follow them.

All-in-all, I guess it is a good company and you can make a decent line count with the right account; however, that was not the case for me.

I went and got my own accounts again and am up to speed doing 350 - 400 lines an hour working in Word and using my up-to-date Stedman's and my own expander.

Also, those daily 3x a day e-mails telling us we are going to lose the account and everyone stretch, etc. just got to me. In my opinion, they are so unprofessional and if an owner has that much time on her hands, there is something wrong. I found them not encouraging at all and, in fact, had the opposite effect on me. Once I got one of those e-mails, I didn't want to work anymore or extra and sometimes I just stopped working for a while. Never an e-mail saying thank you to everyone for getting the account caught up or keeping it caught up - only do more, more and more.

Hope this helps! Not everyone will agree. Some love it there and make a good line count; however, this was just my experience.

They really dont pay enough for having most ESL accounts. Hard to get a good line count
and then to only make 8 cpl. It really is not worth it. Chartscript is not productive in my opinion.
Good & bad posts in the past. Must work 1 Sat. a month. Supposed to be gross line pay. Some days
WMX - line count. Was working along and noted line count accumulation (sm)

signed off the report I was typing.  Those lines didn't add immediately, but sometimes they do that.  What concerns me is that when I signed that job off and the next one came up, not only were the other lines not added in but they were LESS than they were before I signed off previous job.

I thought I noticed this happening the other day, but figured I just wasn't paying attention.  Today I definitely noticed it.  For some reason it changed it's mind and took 8 lines off my line count.  What the heck? 

Am not really ecstatic with the way things are going anyway  and then this confuses me. 

Please, someone have a realistic explanation so I don't feel paranoid and cheated here. 

Platform very easy and quick - easy to get used to. :)
Then company should set line count per day with incentives for above that. If get line count done
1400 lpd over 10 days? How easy is that to do with all the ESLs there? nm
Not so easy when you make top pay and work days and hours of
Easy platform...sm
Basically, I have several accounts that I work on, but for the most part all that you have to enter in is the patient's name, DOB, DOS...the rest is usually filled in for you, click Enter or something like that, one button, and then it sends you to the report...when you are finished with that, you just click one button, check mark for QA or not, and send it through..SIMPLE and GREAT platform...not difficult at all...
The platform is NOT easy to use, sm
They do bother you and I just was not treated the way I expected to be.  I am happy you are happy with them but it did not work that way for me!!!!
Very easy platform, but I won't say it can't be tweaked a certain way. Don't think anything
Tell us more about why you like it. Benefits? PTO? Easy Platform?
Their platform is easy to learn...
Softscript's work interface is three-fold: a proprietary report client which downloads, uploads, and retrieves ADT; an audio player in the background; and MS Word which automatically opens the report for you--all you do in Word is type and save. I don't see why Instant Text wouldn't work; MS Word itself has a similar auto-replace function as well.
Line counts - the lower the line count requirements
the harder the account and problems with trying to get production off the platform the company uses.
I'm with them. Good work environment, easy accounts and I'm making really good money. nm

The platform is Scribe. EASY to learn and use.
The line count is straight 65 characters with spaces and you can see your count which is important to me.

Today is supposed to be my day off. I needed to do a bunch of errands and catch up and do closets. So far, it's almost 10:30 and I have been on here all morning! I need to scoot!
Anyone know of a company that uses a very easy platform with templates...
and lots of fill in the blanks? I am trying to find part-time work that doesn't require a whole lot of typing because I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. I still have several months of pregnancy left and I still need to work, so my only option is to find work that requires a lot less typing! I am just happy that this CTS is usually only temporary! I do wear wrist splints and take frequent breaks during my shift but this provides little relief. If you know of companies that use easy platforms with templates, fill in the blanks, cut and paste, etc - please let me know! Thanks in Advance!
What kind of platform does Diskriter use? Is it easy
Platform is fairly easy to learn, pay is

low/average, trainers/supervisor are helpful (at least the ones I've dealt with have been), bennies 35+ weeks.

Platform super easy to learn
I had heard horror stories about SoftScript before I accepted the job (realized you can't believe everything and took a chance). I gave them a shot and have been thrilled. The platform is super easy compared to some of the other Nationals I have worked for. Pay is a about 8 cpl, but that seems standard for Nationals. Tons of work.

I would recommend SoftScript to anyone and I have worked for the worst, MQ, Transcend, Medsribe, etc.
Platform is easy to use, and the people are great to work with. sm
I only work there part-time, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  Good luck on whatever you decide. 
The platform is super easy and user friendly. I have never had sm
any problems getting my lines...plus!
It is true. Any job has its good days and bad days.
Perhaps you'd like to just keep your old job and try this one out. Just because a poster here is crabbing about it, or even if as in the past there have been negative posts, odds are that there are very happy people who don't even post or know that this board exists. As Alice says. Everything is relative. The fact that this company is hiring and pays may be a place which is a blessing. As opposed to digging ditches on day labor for example. Or somebody might prefer digging ditches. This is just an example. Sometimes we who are employable, even though we don't make as much as we used to in this business, or as much as we would like to, we still if working at home do not pay for gas to go to work, career clothes, deal with office politics, have to look at a boss who writes us up if we are a minute late, etcetera. I don't make half as much as I used to, but I don't send my 3 children to day care which by the way saves us money. SO I remind my husband I am worth that in addition to my salary if I had a job outside. No job is perfect. I am not even sure if Focus is any good or not, I have not worked there. But if one poster says there are good days and bad, I say that is the most honest answer you are going to get anywhere, and if you need a job badly, how is it to hurt trying it out, until you know for sure for yourself? THanks for listening. But sometimes this board gets to be a bit much with the agendas of people railing on other people like the OP here who just wanted all opinions instead of just one side. Balance is always great. And, if things seem lop-sided, then it is a good thing to seek out both sides. IMHO.
I think they would. Those are good days for 10-hour days. sm
I have a set schedule but it is Tues-Sat and it works well for me. It wouldn't hurt to ask!
TT has plenty of work. The platform is super easy to learn and
I'm not having any trouble at all making good line counts doing ESL discharge summaries. Super nice people as well.
if easy platform and few ESLs, you'll do okay with same doctors daily.
Pay always on time, platform is easy, they've always been nice to me, do have several accounts to
avoid running out of work.  I do MT and QA.
I agree. I am only part time so far, but I love it. The platform is easy, and sm

the people are great.  I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto them.

They use Dictaphone EX Text platform. Very user friendly and easy to work on.
It is all strictly internet based. No extra phone lines required. They do reimburse your high speed internet up to I think $40 a month, too.
I love it here; easy platform, plenty of work, great communication
I agree that it is an easy platform, but compared to other platforms I have used, lines are harder
to get, probably counted or weighted differently.
depends; can make more $ on easy platform/7 than hard platofrm/8-9 cents
Medware's IT dept. obviously doesn't work weekends.No lines count for 2 days. nm
not surprised
Easy platform, assigned accounts, always plenty of work. Great OM and boss. nm