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Payday supposed to be 1st and 15th.sm

Posted By: MMT on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: Tomorrow is payday - question

Received it 10 to 15 days after that date. I do not think we are talking about same company. I worked for BTS, not Sten-Tel.

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PS This was Saturday the 15th, payday
I know that payday is on the 15th, but since the 16th is President's Day, sm

do you think we will be paid on Friday like we were last payday?  This is only my 2nd payday, so I was just curious.  If I have to wait until the 17th, then so be it.  I don't want to be lectured by those I have seen about people expecting to be pair early.  As I said, it happened before, and I just wondered.  Since it is getting late and I have not yet received an email with my paycheck stub, it is looking like probably not. 


Paydays are the 1st and the 15th. If the payday falls on a weekend sm

the official rule is that we get paid the following Monday. However, the last 2 times it fell on a weekend and it was a Saturday, we were paid the Friday before (yea!!).  There is a listing of all of the official pay dates for 2009.  You should ask S for it. 

My co also pays 1st and 15th or is supposed to but nothing about 4th and 20th so must sm
not be the same company. So there are more than one out there who should not be in business obviously!
We people? If they want to put it in early, that is fine, but payday is payday. If it is late sm
many of us are in deep trouble particularly folks like me that live from payday to payday because I am the sole support of my son and cannot afford a company that does not put the money in on time. Those companies that do that should be run out of business or banned from the MT community. They give MT a bad name.

I bet you are an MTSO who does not pay on time....you people? Gives me an idea as to the part of the country you are located too.

I know my company would die before they put it in early and heaven forbid if you complain because it is late! You are lit into like a light to complain if it is late by the owner. It will never happen that it is in there early and I doubt seriously that it will happen that it will ever be right either. It is never right and yes, I am looking for another job because there are too many good companies to work for to put up with bank charges in excess of $50 for paychecks that are not in there on time or are wrong.

1st and 15th pay
I know for Keystrokes, there are no 'waiting' days in between. The checks are in the bank on the 1st and the 15th, so Im not sure about that one!
15th and 1st
Usually around the 15th

My surgeons usually give me 1/2 of my average monthly invoice, another office  invites me to their potluck and small gift exchange.  The doctors give out small gift cards to us.   Regular employees  might get larger bonuses, have never compared.   I think it is nice what they do for me and I truly appreciate it and do not take for granted.   Another one is a very small office and the gal and I go to lunch usually her treat between Christmas and New Years.   I make them all goodies, Chex mix and cookies or warm muffins first thing in the morning and give a nice calendar personalized with my name on it.    Yep I appreciate my accounts. 



1st and the 15th nm
Pay periods run from the 1st through the 15th, and sm
the 16th through the end of the month.  They have a LOT of different accounts, so I don't think there is any way to comment on the ESLs.  Like anywhere, it will vary from hospital to hospital.  And yes, line count is attainable with FT work.  Hope this helps.  I'm happy there!
I'm paid 1st and 15th
No it isn't. Pay is the 1st and 15th for employees and sm
2nd and 16th for ICs. It is for the previous two-week period.

For example, the period that just ended on 4/15 will be paid on 5/1. It is two weeks, not six.

I think people should have to be giving facts on these boards, not rumors. Call the companies directly. I am sure they all have similar pay structures; the last two companies I worked for were just like this and the hospital I worked at prior to them was as well.
Question regarding 1st and 15th pay -

This has nothing to do with Keystrokes, I work for another company.  Pay is suppose to be on the 1st and 15th of each month.  I get direct deposit and my account is not credited until around the 6th and 19th.  When management was confronted, I was told this is standard. 

On the 1st and 15th of each month
They have direct deposit and always pay on time.
Yup, twice monthly on the 1st and 15th.
According to the info I received there is a two-week lag from when you turn in your time card and when you receive pay for that time period.  It shows that on the list of pay dates and also in the Email info. 
I don't think there's a problem with the pay, just that maybe it has moved in house now and is not as automated as it was with the company that handled it before and there is a new payroll person handling it, experienced, I hope, so. . .

My pay has always been in on Friday mornings. I check my account every day before work and I start at 6. This is the first time in my 1 year with TT that it was not in on Friday morning, so I have changed my budget planner to reflect TT paydays based on the payroll sheet they sent out. Sigh. Friday paydays were great for us because my husband got paid on the opposite Fridays, so it always seemed like we had a little bit of money between pay periods. HAHA. Guess it had to come to an end sooner or later. I just hope this doesn't cause serious problems for people. I pay bills electronically so I was able to change some dates luckily.
I am a new KSer also, and am figuring on Tuesday at this point, with nothing in my account. The paperwork does say if it falls on a weekend or holiday, then next business day. I forgot this was President's weekend, and this is my first paycheck.
1st through the 15th, 16th through the end of the month. nm
Does Keystrokes pay on 15th and 30th?nm
Not sure if it is still true, but they used to pay once a month, on the 15th, sm

and no direct deposit.  I almost took a position with them, but that kind of backed me off.  Good luck!


The pay periods end on the 15th and the last of the month. sm

As the other poster said, generally we are paid witihin a week after that.  I think the latest I have received my pay was on the 10th.  It is true that it is a bit odd not having a set pay date, but at least I can sure I will be paid.  I read horror stories on here of companies giving bad checks or not paying at all, and it makes me cringe.  I am my sole support, so if I do not get paid, my world turns upside down in a hurry. 

If you are considering working for them, I wouldn't let that back me off if I was you.  They say the techs are working to fix it so that the line count doesn't have to be done manually, so perhaps in the future, it will be better. 


Pay period is 1st and 15th of every month
I submitted my timesheet on 08/31 after working 2 weeks to be paid on the 1st.  They have direct deposit and the check is not in my account.
Usually pay period ends on the 15th and last

day of month.  Then you get paid somewhere around the 22nd for pay period ending on 15th and get paid around the 6th for pay period ending on the last day of the month.  If you work as an IC you may could expect pay one day after submitting an invoice, but if you work for a company it takes time to process payroll and then if DD it has to be submitted and it takes more than 1 day for that. 

When I worked for KS took me almost a month to get my first check. 

Paydays are on the 1st and the 15th, unless it is a weekend, then sm
it is the following Monday.  Welcome to Keystrokes -- hope you love it as much as I do. 
Tomorrow is payday
Are you saying that you have not received your check from last pay day? If you have not, please call HR immediately.
When is the next actual payday for TT?
I will be starting soon. When does the current pay period end, and then when will the check for this pay period be paid? Is the pay period Monday through Sunday, then it is paid by the following Monday? I will have DD and want to plan my finances this weekend. If I can get a pay date for the next check, I can plan ahead for every two weeks. I forgot to ask the recruiter and don't have my packet yet. Thanks.
Next payday at Transtech?
I start there soon and wonder when the next paydate is and what calendar days it covers? I just would like to determine when I will get my first check. Thanks!
Payday is Monday and that is when I sm
anticipate being paid. My check is always there on Monday, never sooner. You are lucky your bank floats it sooner. Most banks don't.
DON'T do a payday loan!
You will borrow around $300 and end up paying something like $900 back! That happened to a friend a while back. I know that our state is trying to outlaw these payday loan companies. It was on the news and in the newspaper not too long ago. Their interest rates are also illegal.
payday loans sm

The problem with these is that a lot of people don't pay the entire amount back plus the fee and that's it because they're short again on that paycheck so they roll it over and the cycle begins.  Sometimes they go to another lender to pay the first lender, then another to pay the second lender, etc. Storefront lenders at least are regulated.  Most of the ones on the internet are illegal and are more expensive.  In my state they passed a law last year limiting the amount of interest these places can charge.  A lot of them went out of business.  However, if you can use it once, pay it back and that its, you'll be fine.

$100 at a payday place near me is $120 sm
on payday.  $200 is $239.  Come on, we are not talking about exending a payday advance for months on end.  If she needs it now and absolutely pays off the $120 on payday, not borrowing more, it's an option.
etrans payday
haha...I've been thinking the same thing all morning! Duh!
Keystrokes, payday
Isn't today payday for keystrokes?  I had no direct deposit and no email yet.  I sent an email, but have yet to hear back?  Seems like the dates of getting paid aren't consistent.  Sometimes the 1st, sometimes 31st, sometimes 14, 15, 16.  What gives?
Direct deposit on the 1st and 15th of the month. nm

They do direct deposit on 15th and 1st of each month.
pay 7 days following payperiod end: 15th/30 or 31st
I am paid prompty by DD on the 15th and 30th
for the lines I typed the previous month.  Sorry to disagree with you, but there are no standard practice of pay as an IC.  Employees should be paid promptly on the expected date, whether that be every two weeks or on the 15th and 30th of each month. 
When I was hired I was told the 15th and 30th, but
handbook says 15th and last day of month. I sure was disappointed.
Yes, tomorrow is payday at TT, every other Monday. nm
Mine has always been in on Saturday and not before. Since payday is not until
TT has it's faults but they've never been a single day late on a paycheck and have paid early for holidays many times. I don't think they can be blamed for not paying us early.
Stay away from Payday Loans if you can (sm)
I'm the poster child for what can go wrong with payday loans.  Because of the constant situation of low work I turned to payday loans.  I had every intention of paying it back on payday, which I did for the most part.  But because my paychecks never made it back up to where they once were, it turned into a fiasco, robbing Peter to pay Paul, or borrowing from another payday loan place to pay the first one back.  I got into a horrible situation with them.  I have paid them all back except for 2 which, now that I got a second and third account at work, my checks are getting bigger and I will be able to hopefully pay those off by June.  Some people can get PDLs and pay them back on time and move on.  But for people like me who used them to pay bills for too long it got out of control.  Last November my state (Ohio) did vote to lower the interest rate drastically on the loans and give people at least 30-40 days to pay them off.  But that would have put them out of business. Some of them closed down but the others found loopholes around the law.  Instead of calling them Payday Loans or cash advances, they simply renamed them, calling them Short Term loans or whatever. Plus they started buying and selling gold.  So even though they were all supposed to be put out of business, believe me, most of them found ways to stay open by finding a way around the new law that was passed.  If you can get one loan and pay it back and use that to supplement your income, fine.  But watch out, because you can get sucked into a never-ending vortex of re-loaning over and over.  I can't wait until these last 2 are paid off!   
Pay period ends on 15th, checks on the 20th. This
is pretty standard industry-wide. 
Mine is always there on Friday, but Monday is payday.
If my payday falls on Saturday we are usually paid
on Friday, if Sunday, then we are paid on Monday. We also have a pay schedule that is published at the first of the year so we know when our paydates are.
If your company hasn't paid you come payday and

promises it will either be overnighted to your or in your account by the end of the day and it isn't, and the next day the money isn't there and they wait until the end of the day to tell you they don't know when you'll get paid doesn't that sound very fishy?  I think the CEO should have issued a statement and outlined exactly what the issue is.  If it isn't a matter of money (like they don't have it) then why not say what the problem is. 

Someone mentioned this situation yesterday or the day before and got reamed, but I think this is now a MAJOR issue.  Fortunately for me I got a big tax return and I haven't paid all the bills yet so I'm not hurting, but I can imagine there are more than a few who NEED their checks NOW.  

Today is not payday. DD will be in bank tomorrow. nm


Agree with you. Payday is Monday, this is the Friday..

before payday. Some people will whine about anything. As I said before, plan your finances better and you won't be relying on DD. Why don't you call payroll and whine to them, see what they tell you?

I'm with you on the payday thing. That's the only real down side. sm
And I have not noticed a lot of ESLs on the accounts I do either.  The main account I work on, there are 2 woman (American born, I assume) who are far worse than the ESLs I have done.  Still, it is much easier than acute care.  After 30 years plus of being an MT, I was kind of burned out on acute care, so this is a nice change. 
You talked about gambling in the payday thread too. nm

Actually you are wrong about the payday thing. It states clearly that sm

the pay dates are 08/03 and 08/17, so unless your bank magically gets money for you, it has nothing to do with posting dates. 

As for the insurance thing, I'm like the other poster.  I didn't even get my new cards until last week and until then I thought I had screwed up and didn't even get the extra coverage.  I'm not bashing Keystrokes.  I just think they could have waited one more pay period and given people a heads up, this is coming thing for those of us not as wise as you obviously are.