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Please post the names, it is okay per the (sm)

Posted By: LisaT on 2009-07-29
In Reply to: MTSOs who send out rubber checks - cheryl

moderator, but please do it to keep other MTs from having to go through what you are.  DIT has already been listed below as one that does not pay.  Please, please list the companies.


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Post edited -- DO NOT POST NAMES. (SM)
If you continue to post names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers on this website, you will be banned.
You can't post names
can you post any of their names? nm
We're not allowed to post names or even
initials here.  Their website might give some insight.  The CEO and his brother own the company, but CEO is active in the company and he doesn't know his rear end from a whole in the ground and is motivated by GREED.  He just kinds of plays it by ear as he goes and after talking with him you feel like you need hip boots and a shower. 
Wow, I didn't know the owner would get on here under different names and post
I guess that explains it all.  My experience wasn't the best and I know I'm not alone.  No wander there are lots of positives, had no idea the owner did that.
That may be but if companies can't post ads without company names,
I think the point was to POST names of good companies for all MTs to see,
I have deleted one of your posts. Do not post names of employees on this board. Thank you. nm
No one will post account names here. Call Debbie or your supervisor. nm

Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
Only when names are used. If you do not
use names, the posts will not be deleted.

This must have been a long time ago because with HIPAA, no one can use someone else's ID and KS is very strict about that now, if not in the past.

The leads have been changed over the past few years and especially over the past few months and weeks.

It might be worth revisiting just to see the positive changes. I am not saying that KS is the right fit for everyone, but I will say that things are MUCH better organized over the past 3 months than EVER before and the new office, with having so many people in the same place (finally) will make that the norm not the exception.
I can't name names but this is
There must be a lot of problem in QA and I heard a rumor that 3 people are about to get fired. they wanted somebody in there in place before this happens so they will have a QA staff because they have a big backlog. I wasn't sure about it because they kind of come and go so I was offered the extra line rates for now to motivate me to learn my newbie program and take the step to teach QA
Those 2 names
Probably the same 2 from the other company
seems to me I see the same names
I always see every day and communicate with regularly with the same MTs - - group looks to be over 100 now where is used to be only about 50 - - they are growing and that's why they need MORE MTs... new accounts like crazy coming on, I see the emails from the acct manager regarding new accounts starting up - - reason tells you thats why they need more MTs - I know I'm not working on any of the new accounts and see a growing list of MTs in the group emails weekly
I don't know particular names, but
that advertise they use an FTP site.  Most FTP sites have you type in Word.  Hope this helps a little.  Not a platform lover here either. 
No more names, please. (sm)
I have removed several replies to this thread that were naming 2 different people associated with this company.

Let's just leave the last names off and realize that the original poster is referring to the company Allstate and the owner of it.

They also use other names now since so many
I recently saw ads with another name and it was the same exact wording TransAm uses so they're now using other names to try to lure unsuspecting MTs into their web. Basically, a good rule of thumb is any company that advertises 100 of the same ad all over the place, states you can make a ton of money with no experience and they'll show you how, and wants you to work for free or pennies, it's a scam, and probably TranScam. lol
I would like to see names also, but
also think it is a crap shoot either way. You never really know if a company is the right fit for you until you actually work for them. It all depends on what a person is looking for, what accounts they get, their supervisor, etc. For instance, there are a lot of negative posts about MQ, but I do very well there. Some companies that people rave about being good I have worked for and not been happy with, mostly due to lack of work or platform...crap shoot.
I don't want to name names...but...sm
it is a job posted on mtjobs.com.....company out of california.
I don't think so..unless she has different business names. nm
They had people's NAMES in them, a no-no.

I do not know of ML&M or any of those names but Jamie.
Ubiqus goes by many different names - and
they also offshore their work. In fact, they have lost quite a few clients in the past three months because of the quality of the work that is being returned. I work with their sales guy, as well as transcribe for them. But I DEFINITELY do not rely on them to be my bread and butter. I'd be the skinniest Transcriptionist in the world! They definitely do not pay well for pharmaceutical work

Funniest thing - the owners used to have this thing about converting everyone that worked onsite to go into scientology. I just humor them.
Is there some reason we can't come right out and name names?
Do we have to use cryptic abbreviations for these non-paying or slow-paying companies?
PS: No names needed.
No names needed, as I believe that is against board policy now, but just wanted to get a broad idea of how much per year deductable you pay if you work for a national service.
I would also ask about looking patient's names up and such.
Personal names. How would you like to see your own name
trashed on this forum? If not, maybe you shouldn't do it to this man, either.
You don't call names?
Be careful of your thoughts. They become words.
Be careful of your words. They become actions.
Be careful of your actions. They become habits.
Be careful of your habits. They become your character.
Be careful of your character. It becomes your legacy.
Nah, but don't wanna name names. nm
What is the LLC after company names
I see several companies on the job boards that use the initials LLC after the name. Are these companies related?

Real Names
Like you do???---Passing Thru--. I call them as I see them; there are no gray areas here. Also, NO ONE should ever give their personal information out on ANY public website, i.e., name, e-mail address, etc.; too many psychos out here...
Overhire. I see 4 or 5 new names on
my accounts every week, and we never needed any help.
No, you just see an MT ID number...no names...nm
They must be. There are new names in the newsletter every
Names posted
About halfway down the page, there is a company owner's name posted. Should that be deleted?
No initials or names. (nm)

ok.. but names were mentioned x2
A name was mentioned x2 in the tts nasty post and was not removed...
Names were removed. (sm)
We try to edit if at all possible.

Why is TTD changing names.......sm

On job seeker's board, TTD has another add but now they posted the company name as TMinc????

Guess they are not getting resumes or responses to their ads.  hmmm

I have the file names...
... on my computer. Your mileage may vary. Here are mine:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDocQscribeMQ1CacheUser Profiles994888324013user.aco


C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDocQscribeMQ1CacheUser Profiles994888324013userdic.tlx

If I'm not mistaken, user.aco is your expansion file, and userdic.tlx includes any entries you may have added to the dictionary during spell-check.

So if you search your entire hard drive for files named user.aco and userdic.tlx, you should be able to see where they are hiding in both installations of DQS, and you can copy the larger files (the one with all your expansions and dictionary entries in them) to the locations where the smaller files reside.

Clear as mud?
Anybody with any other company names for
I can't think of any others but the 2 listed above.
A few good QA...names and all!

I think alot of companies have horrible QA, but these are a few that I have to say are pretty awesome.  Before you go there, I am NOT management, just think the rare few need to be mentioned.  I know most are pretty awful, and I think we need to give more company names on these, maybe they'll recognize themselves and do some self-assessing!

MedScribe - Indiana has super nice QA.  Not only are they nice, but very fair in their feedback and focus on what is really important.

MTS, though a crappy company (see, not managment!) being run into the ground, the QA gals are pretty awesome.

TTS, still an almost crappy company, but QA is great.

add names and abbreviations.
Yes, you need to
My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
Can't you give her any names for companies? sm
You have been around and tried many - you should have some names to give yourself.

The posts were removed because names were used. That cannot
be done.  KS is just the target right now.
As well it should be. I often wonder how people here would like their names bandied about
on chat boards.  Do unto others, people.
Can't even spell the names of your accounts
Stop posting names ...
Keep first/last names, phone numbers, and addresses (even company e-mail) to e-mail.
Stop posting names. (NM)
Yes, but I don't think we are supposed to give names here. They are BIG.