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No one will post account names here. Call Debbie or your supervisor. nm

Posted By: Anon on 2007-10-20
In Reply to: What new accounts? - huh?

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E-mail your supervisor or Debbie and ask them!! nm
No, higher. I think like 6 or 6.5 cpl. I would call Debbie and ask her.
Debbie Hood is the HR person -- give her a call. nm

If you want to know the real scoop, always better to just ask.  Someone might pay me $20 a report (okay, in my dreams) and someone else something else.   I understand when people come here and want to know things a recruiter or HR person cannot or will not tell you, such as quality and quantity of dictation and dictators, reliability of being paid on time and such.  But if you want to know specifics of how much per report/line, what kind of bennies, direct deposit or no, etc ... why not just write an email or pick up the phone and ASK?


This is not meant to be rude or anything.  I just am curious.  When I signed on with a company, I saw posts saying 10 cpl was the ceiling and a bunch of other user-specific information that had nothing to do with what I was offered.  I made 11-1/2 cpl AND they paid my long distance.  A lot has to do with bargaining skills and what you have to offer.



Call the office and ask to speak w/ Debbie Hood
You don't call names?
Be careful of your thoughts. They become words.
Be careful of your words. They become actions.
Be careful of your actions. They become habits.
Be careful of your habits. They become your character.
Be careful of your character. It becomes your legacy.
Call your supervisor.
I would call her and tell her you are at a point in time where you have decided it is important to take care of some personal issues. Be very upbeat, positive, and looking forward to the change. Tell her you have enjoyed so much working with her, and you will be glad to give a 2 weeks' notice, and would like to know if you would be eligible for re-hire if future pursuits do not work out.

Save the email.

If she wants more details, just tell her it's personal. You don't have to go into detail, and no, you won't sound dumb. :)
Call your supervisor or e-mail me.
This is not something that Transcend does. They do value their employees. MT Stars is probably not the best place to post if you really like the company but are truly looking for answers. The Transcend MLS forum is also an excellent place to look. If you cannot get an answer, please e-mail me, I have been with Transcend for years. Hope this helps.
I am sure if you call your supervisor and ask she will be glad to answer or help.
realistically, they are not helpless, and you can Call your supervisor.
Call your supervisor and tell them you're giving two weeks
notice if they need it.
Tell your supervisor to put in a trouble ticket and/or call Tech Support at eS (nm)
Account to ASR - per supervisor -- been asking

supe about this for a year or so -- just told within the last week (after my many questions to her about where the work has gone on this account) that the account had gone to ASR -- I heard a "jillion" excuses from the supe for the "no work" situation, EXCEPT THE TRUTH -- that it was going to ASR. Now only get the jobs that ASR cannot interpret. MQ supes are definitely not for the MT -- but MGMT puppets !! Don't you tell the MT's that their accounts are going to AST UNTIL AFTER equipment is working well, and we can handle it without the MT  !!!!!!!!!!


Can you e-mail me with the account names?
I have a feeling I might be on at least 1 if not 2 of the accounts leaving . . . or at least accounts that have some fishy stuff going on at the current moment in time.
Post edited -- DO NOT POST NAMES. (SM)
If you continue to post names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers on this website, you will be banned.
You two shouldn't be giving account names.
I agree with her, but a lot depends on supervisor and account.
I agree with her, but a lot depends on supervisor and account.
Depends on supervisor and account. BTY, cannot get a job without being clocked in. sm
All the supervisors are different.  The newer ones are afraid of the higher ups and lack confidence, so are a bit stricter.  Really depends on the account needs, too. 
Have you contacted your account supervisor and asked about being put onto...sm
an additional account?
It is a West Coast account. Rather not mention names. nm

She and her husband run the account. 

You can't post names
can you post any of their names? nm
Please post the names, it is okay per the (sm)

moderator, but please do it to keep other MTs from having to go through what you are.  DIT has already been listed below as one that does not pay.  Please, please list the companies.


We're not allowed to post names or even
initials here.  Their website might give some insight.  The CEO and his brother own the company, but CEO is active in the company and he doesn't know his rear end from a whole in the ground and is motivated by GREED.  He just kinds of plays it by ear as he goes and after talking with him you feel like you need hip boots and a shower. 
Wow, I didn't know the owner would get on here under different names and post
I guess that explains it all.  My experience wasn't the best and I know I'm not alone.  No wander there are lots of positives, had no idea the owner did that.
That may be but if companies can't post ads without company names,
I think the point was to POST names of good companies for all MTs to see,
I have deleted one of your posts. Do not post names of employees on this board. Thank you. nm
Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
How long have you been there? big account? Call them and ask what's up?!? nm
We have too much on my account. Call and talk to sm
Martha or Karyn.
Did you call WebMedx to verify that they have the account? NM


I know which account this is that started this week. I would call tomorrow. sm
The IDs were sent back from the hospital but only one part of them. I have been on the account for 2 days and it is great. HBO Star and lots of volume and good dictators except one or two. Call and ask if the IDs are ready. There are a bunch of new accounts starting at the same time. They pulled me from my primary to help until the other IDs are in, so they are definitely needing you on there. You will love the KS rad department; I have been with them for 4 years and every year it gets better!
Talk to your leads or call the main office to see if you can get a backup account...
I have been there for over a year too and have always had plenty of work...
OK - your other post said you chose this account because of the challenge
it's a clinic account; if I use initials, post will be deleted.
Sue and Debbie
Maybe if Sue would actually LEAVE things would be okay, but right now the company is going downhill FAST. Debbie is back AGAIN and with her disorganization things will NEVER change.

If you want to be happy with where you work (at least most of the time) then you need to continue looking because these two companies are not the places to work. Think about it, why are they always hiring more and more people? Itís called HIGH TURNOVER!
when was Debbie gone??nm
You should ask Debbie
Any concern especially with regard to below.... ask.
Is the air time card also called an express card? Do they have cards that you just pay a monthly fee for and not through your cell phone but like through a satellite dish or something?
Debbie is a schemer, nothing more!
I could swear when we first checked out her pay me to take surveys MLM scam site before she had previously worked at Bloomingdale's or Nordstroms, but I do not recall that she had worked there for 20 years or had worked anywhere for 20 years. Seems to me she had references from several people she had supposedly worked with from several different places all swearing up and down what a wonderful and qualified employee she was (too much so, if you get my drift). I don't recall ANY of those said jobs being QA positions, more like sales or clerical. She seems to have had a lot of jobs for someone her age who worked for 1 company for 20+ years.

My point here is that this gal was operating a pyramid scheme just a couple months ago. Her original site was Join here and pay $20 to take survey's about our MT business, and then refer people to me and you will get $5.00 per person who signs up under your name. I don't believe she is interested in any of this information being factual, she just wants to collect it (along with our personal data) so she can make money by selling it to God only knows whom, probably costing us our jobs or at the very least a whole lot of aggravation with e-mail boxes being filled with spam from other companies. Her only goal (in my opinion) is to make money in a marketing scheme. I guess she thinks the national MT companies are going to pay her for this data just because she collected it? She will claim its accuracy because she did a survey? I also find it odd that while she talks about QA this and QA that, it seems to me what she really means is quality control - and that is a big difference, odd she would not know the difference, isn't it?

Being a former Spheris employee myself, if she was as all that in the QA field, she should have started with them. I do wonder if she is still with them and, if not, then my guess is this is how she thinks she can make a living since, apparently, no other companies will have her?

One thing we all noted before, and it is rather apparent on her new site too, is that for someone who has been an MT for 3+ years and is supposedly as good as she claims herself to be, she sure makes a whole lot of errors.
You don't happen to know. Ask Debbie if you don't believe me! n/m
I am really not sure, but I would contact Debbie and just ask.
her point is to thank Debbie.
Did you ever see Debbie Downer on SNL?
Debbie is no longer the owner.
The previous COO from Heartland is now the President and COO! Watch out! Major outsource lover...
Debbie - please re-send the email
Debbie told me when she hired me
that she is more interested in the total line count than the hours. Pam I Yam and the other poster is correct - just put your regular shift instead of all the signing in and out stuff. The time card needs to show 40 hours but how many people take bathroom breaks and actually eat during the day? It's not a big deal!!!!! Put your regular shift in.
Debbie - there IS a slight glitch on the 2nd page - sm
where after you complete it, and click on CONTINUE, you get a message in red at the top left-hand corner stating answering that question is required. (Even though it HAS been answered). I figured out to just hit exit survey at the top, but was not sure if my answers were recorded or not. Anyway, that might need to be fixed, because it might cause people to give up and not finish or send the survey.

Thanks for publishing it - GREAT idea!
I find it hard to believe that Debbie "promised" you
So is Transtech the first company you ever worked at that had slow periods? Didn't think so.
I hope Debbie "outs" the entire greedy -nm