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Precyse Solutions - need current info please

Posted By: rose on 2009-04-10
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Platform, pay, VR, M-F schedule?  Many thanks

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Precyse Solutions - Any Current Info?

Any current information regarding Precyse Solutions?  Good, bad, and ugly would all be appreciated.   Question line rate, ESL's, amount of work, etc.


Any info on Precyse Solutions? sm
Have an interview with them.  Is their health plan affordable?  Do they pay well?  Is the interview/testing hard...it is rather lengthy from what I hear.  Thanks....Sounds good from what I hear though.
Seeking recent info on Precyse Solutions.
I already know that they offshore...any other comments?
Precyse Current Info
I am an Editor for Precyse.  I have been with the company for several years now and do ot plan on going anywhere else.  Insurance is based on 40 hour workweek, meeting line quota for the time period.  Yes, a small percentage of the work is sent overseas, but that is per client preference.  We have plenty of work to go around, and new business heading our way on an almost monthyly basis right now.  QA feedback is full of hints and tips to new MTs, not just fill in the blanks.  I have seen some complaints about MTs not making enough $$ to survive at all of the transcription companies - wonder if it occurs to them that they are not very good, or not willing to go the extra mile and offer to work on a different account that has late work?  A good MT will not only succeed at Precyse, but thrive.
Anyone from Precyse Solutions that would be
willing to share their experience working for them?
They are a great company, and they just opened up radiology hiring. They are SOOO user friendly! And the supervisor who is working with radiology is wonderful.
Precyse Solutions !!
I have read a few complaints about them, but my year with them has been a top drawer experience, and they are offering a bonus for 2nd/3rd shifts.
Precyse Solutions
What's the consensus?  Thanks in advance.
Precyse Solutions
Does anyone have any information on this company? I am considering submitting my resume, but want to know more first and I can't find them on the BBB website. Thanks!
Precyse Solutions
Would like information on approximate cost of monthly health benefits. Thank you.
Precyse Solutions
So does anyone know what the PTO or maternity leave is like at Precyse Solutions?
Precyse Solutions too
Precyse Solutions
Hi y'all...Okay, I need to hear from current Precyse emps or very recent ex-employees.....am considering accepting position with this company...have read other posts....from a year ago....anything recent? Any comments at all are welcome...thanks so much.

Precyse solutions?
Anyone work at Precyse Solutions?  Can you provide me any information at all?  Good?  Bad?  Do they send work oveseas at all?  Any information would be appreciated.  Getting ready to leave employer of 10 years and need to find another great company to work for.  Thanks.
Precyse Solutions does. NM
Precyse Solutions
Just thought I'd share, Precyse Solutions has great platform, great benefits & pay is okay but bonuses limited. Also, they require you have your foot on the pedal for 8 hours/40 hours per work week in order to keep your benefits. Yep, that's right. You're now allowed time to look up terminology, physicians, or even go to the bathroom unless you are willing to work 9 or 10 hours a day to make up any lost time or work all the time on the weekend so your footpedal has been pressed for 40 hours. Something they don't tell you on your interview.
Precyse Solutions
I have been with this company now for 6 months,  and expected the work to run low around the holidays, but the truth is it has been low since I began work here.  This will be my shortest term of employment anywhere.  I can't seem to make a living here because the workflow is so unreliable.  The worst and most crazy thing is when I logged onto MT jobs.com to see what was there, Precyse is hiring still....no wonder there is no work--they are into over staffing.  If you are interested in working for them, you may want to take this into consideration.  It's hard to pay the bills when the workflow is not there and works against you maintaining a line count.  I have been an MT for 10 years, and living by the computer checking for work to pick up (outside your scheduled shift), staying chained to the computer all day is no way to try and live either.  You become a piece of furniture, one with the desk--horrible. 
Precyse solutions?
Any feedback? The package looks great, and a sign on bonus.  Is this one we should jump on? Thanks in advance.
Precyse Solutions
Anybody work for them?  Just heard they now have a big radiology account on which I had a couple of years' experience before my fomer MTSO lost the account.  Would love to be back on that account.  Would anyone advise calling them directly versus doing on-line application?  TIA
Precyse Solutions
Provides complete setup, great training, great benefits.
Any opinions out there on Precyse Solutions?  Thanks!
Precyse Solutions
Precyse Solutions is a multi-international company that offshores its work to Bombay, rather Mumbai. It has offices set up in Mumbai. Just say NO to any company that outsources to another country, because in the long run it will be the demise of our careers in transcription. We can clearly see the results now with the CPLs we are being paid. Why would these offshoring companies continue to pay us a living wage, when they can practically get it for free in another country. We need to send them a message. Our President needs to send them a message by hitting these companies in the pockets and making them pay for the damage they have caused to this career and our country.

Power to the American Transcription Community - Long live American Transcription in the US of A!

Precyse Solutions nm
Precyse Solutions
If you know anything about working for this company, please share your experience.  Pros and cons please.  Thanks.
precyse solutions
There is nothing wrong with having high standards as long as they are attainable; however, when most of your workforce is on 100% QA,even oldest employees and not just 1) Then, it would be pretty obvious to most that there is a problem and something or someone is stinking up the place. I guess I would have to say there is something rotten in Denmark, I mean in Precyse, and it is not the hardworking MTs.
Any current information RE: StatIQ Solutions? Thanks!

InterPro Med Solutions....any current information??

I see that they don't advertise very often.....anyone work there and have any good or bad experiences?  Is the starting rate 8.5 cpl as seen in some ads?  ANY information would be wonderful!  Thanks!! 

Precyse Solutions/should I or shouldn't I?
Got an offer. Could use some info on this company. Benefits sound pretty good, line rate decent for FT. They send their own computer. Curious about the platform...easy to learn? Good sound quality? Expander friendly? Nice people? Do they seem fair-minded? QA/team manager oversight...too much, too little or just right? Any feedback would be helpful.
Precyse Solutions benefits?
Would appreciate any specific information I can get on cost of benefits, especially medical, dental, etc. It would be for me and my husband, no children, but would also like to know costs for just myself as well. Thanks.
Precyse Solutions and Medquist
precyse solutions or transcend?
anyone work for these firms?
Precyse Solutions and Satellite
Do any of you Precyse MTs use satellite internet connection and, if so, does it work okay with their system? Thanks!!
Precyse Solutions-Feedback???

Just accepted a position with them, coming out of Spheris.  Most recent posts talking about Precyse are from March ....  Anyone have any pros/cons for this company?  TIA!  

Anybody work for Precyse Solutions?
 Any feedback from their employees or ex-employees would be appreciated.  Thanks.
CyMed/SPI or Precyse Solutions...which is better..sm..?
I would like to know your opinions on these two companies where I and thinking of applying with. Who pays better?  Better growth potential?  Better benefits and PTO?  Better platform?  How well do they treat you?  Bonuses?  Lots of questions as you see.  TIA
any thoughts on Precyse Solutions
just wondering...thanks
PRECYSE SOLUTIONS (no message inside)
Can someone give me information on Precyse Solutions...sm
I would like any and all information regarding Precyse Solutions...I know they are Employee Status.  But could you tell me about their pay, cost of health insurance, etc.  Thanks.
Medware, Transcript USA, Precyse Solutions

Does anyone have information on any of these three companies?  I have been trying to do some searching on them...

I want to know about a computer if it is provided or not, benefits, vacation pay, and specifically if there is anything for a maternity leave...I have other posts on here and noone really seems to be helping me out much...hasn't anyone been in my situation before?  I need to have pay when I give birth to a baby...I CANNOT go without pay for that time!!!!

HELP ~stacy

Who works for Precyse Solutions? Need your opinions

of this company. Pluses and minuses, including steady work, health benefits, etc. TIA


Precyse Solutions--Does anyone know if they still require you to use their computer?
I know they advertise that they provide it, but do you have to use theirs? I'd rather work for someone that didnt require you to use their computer. Thanks
Precyse Solutions, MedQuist, Sperhis
I believe Precyse Solutions will accept satellite. NM
Take Precyse Solutions in GA off the list because they most definitely do offshore....
They do hire American MTs though, along with all of their MTs in India
Transhealth or Precyse Solutions for radiology? Comments please
To any current Precyse MTs (sm)

Do they offer direct deposit?  Any problems with pay?  How do they handle holidays? 

I've read that they have a unique PTO plan.  Do you like it? 

I'm assuming since they use Webcorrect, you don't get paid for the demographic stuff, but is the line rate based on a 65-character line with spaces? 

Anything else you'd like to add about them would be appreciated, especially about QA, communication, amount of work, etc.  Thanks so much!

Precyse Solutions -- I've read the archives and I'm looking for updated ...
responses. Is there anybody here that's actually happy working for Precyse? Are most folks making decent money there?

Does anyone know if Precyse Solutions is a good company that pays on time and has plenty
of work?
Current info on Diskriter?? Past info was very mixed. Either MTs hated it or liked it, does anyone

love working there and why? Do you easily meet your incentive pay or as past people have said, the ESL are so bad that you never meet the line count. I need current and new information. Isnt there a company out there that has a handful of happy employees or does all of them have both the haters and lovers. It is so hard to sort out fact from fiction sometimes and all of us have different expectations. It kind of goes along with the one man's junk is another man's treasures theory, I suppose.

Transcription Solutions Info

Has anyone ever worked for this company before?  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Any Info on Alphamed Solutions?

Good afternoon,

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on an MTSO by the name of Alphamed Solutions, Inc. (Marwan)?  It sounds like an off-shore operation.  Would appreciate anything I can learn.

Thanks for your time and the wonderful jobs y'all do!