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Transcription Solutions Info

Posted By: LB on 2005-09-05
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Has anyone ever worked for this company before?  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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Info on American Transcription Solutions, Inc.
Does anyone have any info on American Transcription Solutions, Inc.???
Anyone with info on RI Transcription Solutions in Minnesota? nm
Any info on American Transcription Solutions?
Info on Intermountain Transcription Solutions (ITS)
ATSI (American Transcription Solutions Inc......any info?
Info on ATSI (American Transcription Solutions)
Transcription Solutions, Inc
Where did you go?
Transcription Solutions, Inc
Does anyone know if the curriculum that Transcription Solutions offers is good or not?  Looking for a good MT course.
Transcription Solutions, Inc. (nm)
Transcription Solutions of SC
They are great, hiring because they have ad posted on the Job board. 
RI Transcription Solutions
Does anyone know if this company is good or bad?
RI Transcription Solutions, Inc...sm
Can anyone tell me anything about this company, particularly about being paid on time, etc?  TIA
Transcription Solutions of SC NM
Transcription Solutions LLC
Has anyone heard or worked for Transcription Solutions LLC? Or done Speech Recognition for them? Need info soon.
Transcription Solutions of NC
Does anyone have any info on this company?  Not much out there and what is out there is several years old.  Just ran across their website and thinking about applying.  Do you know if they hire newbies? 
RI Transcription Solutions

I've searched the archives and cannot find any recent information on this company.  Most of it is from 2006-2007.  I was thinking of applying with them, but would like some input.  I know I posted previously about leaving MT and going into general and legal transcription, but I thought maybe I could give one more company another try and see how it goes.  I'm in the process of taking their test, and so far it looks fairly easy. 

Anyone know about Transcription Solutions
I had saw a post from this company out of North Carolina.  Anyone got any pros and cons on this company???
Transcription solutions
I got an email from this company saying they want good MTs like me who do VR and they pay PER HOUR and WEEKLY!!!!  Could have knocked me over with a feather.  I've never heard of a company paying by the hour for MT work.  They didn't even ask me to test, just the interview and we would be good to go.  They also said they had companies waiting to come on board with VR.  Beware if it sounds too good to be true!!!!
Transcription Solutions
I have worked for them in the past for over a year.  I found them to be extremely easy to work with, absolutely no problem with pay, always on time, and I have recommended several people to work for them, and actually one of them right now wishes they could go back.  I was PT and they eventually needed only FT, which I could not do at the time.  I have nothing negative to say about the company, they do a lot more than what other companies do, this is not one to stay away from.
Any info on Precyse Solutions? sm
Have an interview with them.  Is their health plan affordable?  Do they pay well?  Is the interview/testing hard...it is rather lengthy from what I hear.  Thanks....Sounds good from what I hear though.
Any Info on Alphamed Solutions?

Good afternoon,

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on an MTSO by the name of Alphamed Solutions, Inc. (Marwan)?  It sounds like an off-shore operation.  Would appreciate anything I can learn.

Thanks for your time and the wonderful jobs y'all do!

CareTech Solutions info
Anybody have any news on them. They are out of Troy, Michigan. Thanks.
Transcription Solutions, Texas
Does anyone have any current information on Transcription Solutions, Texas - radiology or acute care.  How are they to work for.  How is pay rate compared to others?  TIA
American Transcription Solutions
Any info on this company?  Looking for editing job, and they have an ad posted.  You may email me.
No, you are thinking of Transcription Solutions
American Transcription Solutions
Does anyone have any info on this company in Clearwater Florida?  If any current employees can provide info either on the board or e-mail it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance
American Transcription Solutions
Do you mind me asking what they pay scale was?
American Transcription Solutions, Inc

Anybody work for this company.  Are they good with pay, work, etc?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

American Transcription Solutions

I was wondering if anybody has heard of American Transcription Solutions from Clearwater, Fl.  I would like some feedback as to what the company pays, work situation and what they are like to work for.


Moretti Transcription Solutions

Has anyone ever heard or worked for Moretti Transcription Solutions?  If so, could you give me some info on them.


American Transcription Solutions??
executive transcription solutions
Anyone with info on this company?  I Really would appreciate it!
American Transcription Solutions

Any feedback on this company?


American Transcription Solutions
Anyone with any info on this co? good/bad

American Transcription Solutions
Bad any way you look at it. Their so called recruiter was so unorganized it was hilarious. Don't expect them to answer any of your questions. You'll get emails back IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that they are in, yet,another meeting. Funnier yet is that I received the same job offer twice, the second time at a lower rate. They don't even know who they're talking to!
Moretti Transcription Solutions
Just wondering if anyone can give me any up-to-date information on Moretti Transcription Solutions.  Thank  you!
Transcription Outsourcing Solutions
Anyone know anything about this company. Line rate, pay on time, platform, communication, offshoring? They have a job on the board and I was thinking of applying. Any info would be appreciated.
What is bad about American Transcription Solutions
I just got an offer from ATSI.  What is it about them that is bad? 
Global Transcription Solutions
Can someone who works with them, or has in the past, tell me what they are like to work for now?  I've heard mixed reviews maybe two years ago and was wondering what they are like now that they have absorbed a couple of other smaller companies.  Do they pay fairly, correctly and on time, plenty of work, decent QA, responsive to questions when/if you have them, plus anything else you can tell me.  Thank you in advance.
Work for Transcription Solutions
This maybe the 3rd time I have ever looked at this site, but was informed of comments and felt the need to post a reply, which I am sure I will regret posting. 1.  We changed our name as we changed our services to our clients (offering work flow platform) and felt Solutions was a better fit. 2.  Bounced checks have happened and have ALWAYS been delt with including any bank fees. This was NOT a common occurance and have often been when major clients have not paid their bill on time through our factoring company. 3.  Tom Weber was an employee with this company. Its a real shame as we are a different company in the way we choose to operate. We do pay hourly, but have zero tolerance for cheating (which used to bite me regularly). We do not test, as I hire experienced MTs and feel that it takes 30 days to see/test and do not judge on a report or 2. Also, I think testing is just a way of getting free work. We are not perfect and have made our mistakes (some mistakes were in the MTs hired) and have had a lot of growing pains, but we have done our very best to make it right as quickly as possible. Our MTs have PLENTY of work and are getting all the hours they want. So....to whoever did the posts, I am sorry you were wronged, but I do know you were taken care of financially as quickly as possible since I have not had any contact from anyone. Obviously, there are 20+ others out there very happy to work for us and often refer friends. To those who took the advice of the post and decided not to give us try, thats okay too, but too good to be true does not always apply and there are always 2 sides. All you had to do was ask. Thats all you will ever hear from me and I will not even look for responses to this post. Thank you for your time.
Any info on OSI (Outsourcing Solutions Inc) in Georgia?
I'm testing with them for radiology.  Would appreciate any information.  Thanks.
Integrated Medical Solutions...any info??
Precyse Solutions - Any Current Info?

Any current information regarding Precyse Solutions?  Good, bad, and ugly would all be appreciated.   Question line rate, ESL's, amount of work, etc.


Millennium Business Solutions Info

They sent me an e-mail in response to my resume posted here.  It didn't really say much but the person's name was an ethnic name.  I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. 

In the e-mail was an attachment for pre-employment screening - when can you start, how many lines, etc.   From the wording of the attachment this is not a U.S. company.   When going to their website it doesn't mention anything about how long they have been in business, the names of management, etc.  

I didn't spend much time on the website, but what I saw didn't mention anything about a foreign connection. 

I searched the boards here and only found 2 posts where someone was asking about them and no one had responded, so I thought I would add my observations.

The e-mail didn't mention anything specific, they have clinic and hospital accounts, but didn't mention type of equipment, platform, lines required, or a pay scale. 

I did not respond to their e-mail. 

Superior Global Solutions...any info? sm

I applied with them and was wondering for you current employees there how you like it?  Since they are located in Texas, is there a lot of ESLs?  Do they have plenty of work?  How is their training period?  Any info appreciated.  Thanks!

Precyse Solutions - need current info please

Platform, pay, VR, M-F schedule?  Many thanks

Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, sm
Best in the bunch!!!!!!!
American Transcription Solutions?(ATSI)
Any info on them would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, LLC
Does anyone know how to get in touch w/this company?
Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, LLC
Does anyone know how to contact this company?