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QA'ing what you QA'd is not really

Posted By: a total reflection of your ability. I've on 2008-09-11
In Reply to: Not meaning to argue... - MTSOs need to stop lying

seen many QA people who fill in the blanks, change a few commas, etc.  If you have fantastic MTs, there isn't much to change, so how is that reflecting YOUR skill and knowledge?

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Are lol'ing with me or at me?!
I know SPI is doing just fine without me - mostly because I still do work on the side for them and I keep in touch with a current employee. My point was why let a good employee fall through the cracks? And most of what is said about SPI on this site is, in general, very true.
i'm e/m'ing you.
That would be Teresa and he got her into MT'ing
My OSI AC said she was going back to MT'ing
QA'ing what has already been edited
Work Q'ing
Thanks to all for your input.
I think she was responding to Busy MT'ing not me!
Hun! How young are you. How long you been MT'ing.
I know it is possible, but I can promise you as the years keeping on passing you will slow down...16-17 hours a day for 6 days a week? What life?
Been MT'ing a long time.......
In the good old days companies were smaller and run by managers that were actually MTs and could relate to their employees. Now most have been replaced by managers with business degrees, little or no MT experience, and a corporate mentality. It is sad.
Oh no, offshor't'ing is a terrible thing
no message.
Groan. MT'ing has become such a cold racket. nm
That's funny - me too. I don't hate MT'ing anymore (sm)
and those who know me well find this amazing!! I actually don't dread coming in here mornings to start work.  2 years for me.
Whenever you find a place to work in MT'ing that (sm)
doesn't have slow times, let us all know.
You won't be hooray'ing abour speech for very long, because it will replace you

when the speech machine has learned all the doctors well and can interpret for them !  Just you wait and see.  Your job will be gone . . . bye, bye job.

See if you'll be producing more after 30 years of MT'ing and at 50+ years old.
I don't think so. My income increased every year also, until I reached age 50 and 30 years of MT'g, been downhill ever since.