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RE: Old eyes/new screen

Posted By: quietmoods on 2005-10-06
In Reply to:

Are any of you having trouble with focusing on the new white screen.  I've been in DOS for so long I forgot what a strain the white can be.  If you're having trouble, how are you handling it (and not losing time transcribing)? 

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I have seen this with my own eyes SM
the place I work has hired no less than 4 or 5 people who absolutely can't operate in a Word environment, they keep talking about how great WP 5.1 was, pining for the old days....
Are your eyes open?
Do you work for OSi? If not, quit bashing them. If so, why haven't you secured another position due to your unhappiness?
Rolling eyes here. They were being
sarcastic get it??
Tired, yes. But you already WON in my eyes!
****rolling eyes**** see what I mean everyone?

Get those $$ out of your eyes! No lawsuit here!
No defamation of character, TT Management!  It's all public knowledge.  That's right.  In the good state of Texas, one can look up this case and read the whole RIDICULOUS lawsuit.  Looks like something that would come out of that state!  Like our brilliant ex-Prez! 
Rolling eyes is quite unprofessional, IMO. sm
Get over it disgruntled.  My goodness, did they expect you to do horrible things like to  work 8 hours a day and meet minimums?  Shame on them for expecting such of a Primadonna.
Cross your eyes and your toes too. :-) The only
than I read but once you get used to it and it learns your particular account, you should be able to do OK with it.  It's picking up more and more all the time, less things you have to fix on certain worktypes but I look at it as job insurance, not displacement.  No matter how they tout this thing, it'll never replace us completely.  And it's good for a laugh now and then. 
I agree. My eyes are open too and sm
I trusted these people to operate decently.  If they are giving work to a company that doesn't pay people for work performed (even if it's bad, you know they have to be fixing it before sending it back and collecting their pay on it), then they don't deserve my trust.  These people at WMX are just as sneaky as the other companies, it turns out.
Your posts make my eyes bleed -
Keep your eyes and ears open. I have worked
for Transcend in the past, as did several of my friends, and we had a really bad experience.  MQ was better, which says a lot.  Hopefully things have changed now and they have improved their act, but things were horribly mismanaged a few years back, horrible accounts with cherry-picking, supervisors and other leads telling untruths, etc. Biggest point I remember was huge favoritism. I happened to be one of the favored ones, just by luck of the draw, while my friends were not as lucky. Again, just a bungled mess and we all left within a few months.  I believe one of my friends still has their computer. They never even noticed she was gone. That sort of nonsense. Best wishes to you, though.  Maybe you will be treated well since you are part of a business deal. 
I don't remember using the word "glued" maybe you should unglue your eyes and read again
Thanks a million!! I guess the spread sheet confused my eyes. :)
You are most definitely upset that your Bush **s-kicking ways have rendered your eyes caught in the
Without MTs, companies would not exist. You and many others have no regard nor respect for hard-working MTS. You can't take it with you. I feel sorry for you. Do the right thing...and, you know what that is.
See the top of screen SEARCH BOX sm
enter you company name there.
You will need to change it in screen preferences...sm
On your desktop right click and pick properties. From that window pick appearance. From there pick advanced and then you will have to click on the window that says window text and you will see in the middle a line that says item: window and to the right of that you will see a box that is white in color. Click on the little arrow thare and it will give you some colors or you can click other and then pick the exact color you want. From there once you find the color you want click okay and the color should stick for all the text windows in all your applications. I wish I could show you screen shots of this, but if you need to email me for more clarification.
SGS, eScription, one screen, avg 200 lph. Easy
They are d/l in the background, but once the next demo screen comes up,
it takes forever for the actual typing screen to come up. Frustrating.
What companies pay for demographic screen?
I am not aware of any, but have not worked for more than a few. Just curious.
If you try adding more than one time the ESP screen
will be behind your other screens. If you minimize them you will see it.
funny, I catch this ad at top of screen

U.S. Based proofers?  Kinda curious needing MTs to clean up the reports, geez

9.9 Cents / 65 Char. line

U.S. Based Proofers, Almost Inhouse 98.5% Quality, 24 Hour TAT


Right upper corner of this screen sm
See where it says SEARCH  -- ENTER transform, will bring up posts
Waaaay down at the bottom of your screen sm
is a link to Moderators and at the very, very end is a link to contact us. It will take you to adminstration. Scroll all the way down the page and you should see them. Hope this helps!
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and
go to page 2. There's a list almost at the top of the page. Hope this helps!
so no platform, no patient info screen, etc....
I really like working for companies that have a platform. It seems to be faster for me. I type for a company with no platform and I have to download FTP files. It seems to slow me down.
I don't think so. What you see on paper or on the screen in black and white.
If it were me, I certainly would ask specifically the HR person or MTSO. Pick up the phone, dial their number, and ask. Never take a job, unless you know how and what you are getting paid for.

I do believe it means without spaces, but I could be wrong. Things change so fast in this industry, what it means one day, does not necessarily have the same definition tomorrow.
I do the same. I am constantly looking at the screen while listening and transcribing. sm
I can't even imagine having to go over every single word again.  It is easy to proof while you transcribe.  If there was something particularly difficult or troubling, I would go over that portion again, but never the entire thing. 
They got the dreaded "blue screen of death.
Go to bottom right hand side of screen ....
Above where the time is shown. See the magnifying glass and the percentage? You probably bumped it to 110% (I accidentally do it all the time). Just use the pull-down menu and change it back to 100%.

I'm lol'ing because I did this several times and rebooted before I figured out what I was doing and how to fix it.

Hope this helps!!!

Hahaha, don't hate me, but I have the beautiful NJA screen right now!!
And I am very happy to see it. Off to drink a hot cup of coffee and bask in the warmth of the morning sunshine.

I am sitting here looking at an empty screen also so dont feel alone. What is going on with MQ out

of work like this. I have 4 backups and am still out. I guess they are hot and heavy on this turnaround time being nonexistent so they are over hiring now and we will look at more empty screens.

Make sure that it is the Word version not the old blue screen. nm
It gives you a screen so you can insert your resume and email address.
No, only changes your computer screen color...does not affect what you send...nm
Hi, Unfamiliar. An already typed report comes up on the screen. You listen SM
just as you always did to the dictation and hop the cursor along the sentences and down the page with the dictation, making corrections as needed, such as correcting formatting, names, spelling, and wrong words, correcting and adding punctuation, filling in blanks, and so on.

It seems to require somewhat different skills from straight transcribing--ability to read and decide what and how to edit fast and accurately are needed, in addition to the ability to listen and type. I have the audio speed cranked up at or close to maximum on dictators I'm familiar with and whiz through those reports. Some make more editing and love it, some make less and hate it.

But all produce a lot more lines editing than transcribing. My company pays exactly half the transcribing rate for editing, feeling the average person produces about twice as many lines per minute of dictation on our platform, but some produce significantly more. So when you see someone fussing about how she's going broke earning only 60% of her transcription cents-per-line rate for editing, it's possible that she's significantly below average in her ability to edit quickly. Or something else is wrong, because at current pay rates a competent Editor should be making a decent or even better living.
Just a little slower than DQS in bringing jobs up, filling out screen. (sm)
Not a lot really, and the plus side of being able to research other documents by a particular physician or patient pretty much makes up for it.

Just thought I had heard something and was hoping there was an even better system coming about.

completing thought.....including on the Job Edit screen. nm
I use Meditech with them, but it is Client Server version. Not the old blue screen! sm
I actually like the program and I really like ShortHand but I converted my abbreviations from another program into there so I did not have to start over.
IMO, it's just easier to be rude hiding behind the guise of a screen name. The hateful ones here
It's likely that the hostile MTs that constantly spew negative remarks are the same ones who are too passive to speak up for themselves in the real world. They are basically cowards that take crap all day then come here and anonymously take their pinned up frustrations out on everyone else.

I have seen this on many message boards, but for whatever reason, MT Stars is the absolute worst for this. Isolation must be a huge factor. Some of these gals just need to get out once in a while. JMO
I love it! Nothing like the old blue screen Meditech. User friendly and easy to use! sm
I also get paid gross line, which helps, but very easy to use!