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Return the MT world

Posted By: Chimeralld on 2007-10-29
In Reply to:

Are there any HAPPY MTs out there who are making a decent living at it?  I have been out of the MT circuit for about a year and was thinking of returning, but reading all of these messages about the different companies (hence post on Company Board has made me skid to a stop. I have been an MT for 24 years, but spoiled because I worked for local hospitals and have never had to deal with companies via the computer. I am thinking of returning to MT work and amtrying to make sense out of transcribing for national companies and which ones to apply to, but all of these posts are rather frightening -- particularly when you are a single mom who is supporting not only a child, but a grandchild.  Any help with enlightenment on whether it is worth returning to or not would be great -- have interviews with Diskriter and Keystrokes at present.  Thank you very much. 

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Return to MQ?
No more statutory, just employee. I THINK flexible part-time is 2000 lines a week minimum, not sure. I left about 3 months ago. I have been called to go back, and the temptation was great because my line rate was higher there, but from what I read on the MQ board, I won't go back until they straighten out the mess there. Do yourself a favor and look at the MQ board just so you are informed of what has been happening there. I was there 10 years, hated to leave, but was not making any money in the cesspool any more. Good luck!
return to MQ?
Has anybody here left and returned to MQ?  If so, why, and did they offer you more money or any other incentive to return?
Carriage Return! :) sm
Remember how fast we could slam that carriage return at the end of the line.....or if we forgot and ran the line off the side of the page!

Carriage return - now there's a blast from the past! :)
Think of it this way. It is return of MY taxes that I
File your tax return based (sm)
on the pay you received and attach a note explaining that the company failed to pay you a portion the pay indicated on the form.
But are you required to sit & wait, or can you log off and return later? sm
If you are required to sit there, then yes you should be paid. If not, then you should be able to flex your hours and return later to finish.
No. They tell you when they need the jobs and it is up to you to decide if you can return the
Company soliciting return
One more thing for the day, I had a previous company solicit my return.  I contacted the recruiter because I thought they valued my service as I had departed on good terms.  I was offered 2 cents less than I was making when I left.  If you need the name of the company, just e-mail me, and I can save you the inconvieience of contacting their recruiter. 
Where do I sign up for the return voyage?!!! nm
No return call from recruiter

I had a similar situation happen twice, I might add.  I got an E-mail from a recruiter on 2 separate occasions - same recruiter one year apart during my job searches; the recruiter was from Prohibity Transcription wanting to know when is a good time to schedule an interview.  I immediately responded and said anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but to let me know what would work best for her schedule as I am flexible.

I never, on both occasions, received a reply back.  I sent a follow-up E-mail a week later, on both occasions, I might add, and never heard a reply. I called the company and asked to speak to the recruiter by name and got her voice mail with no return phone call.

I, too, have been in this business for many years with a proven track record and I used to get a phone call the same day my resume was sent out by companies, sometimes within 15 minutes upon receipt of my resume.

All I have to say is at first I thought it might have been a fluke the go around she did not respond to my E-mail.  The second time, I am not so sure.

My advice is look to the smaller MTSOs who are family owned as opposed to the Nationals - of course, with most of them, you are an IC, but I find you tend to be treated as a valuable employee and your hard work is appreciated.

is it called a hard return...
When you shift + enter?
a hard return is when you must hit the enter key
What world is that? Wally World?
My return was flagged for audit because of SE status
with all the terms written by a lawyer with signature by myself and the CEO of the company, so they closed the audit. About 2 years after they created the SE status, they wanted to make sure people weren't using it instead of IC, and I happened to be one who had to prove things to them.
send certified return receipt
your invoice and be sure to add the amount of the mailing - then go to small claims - you are a contractor - no tin the letter if you are not paid, you will add interest and court fee - give them 30 days and go for it. You file in thier state and this can most times be handled on line
If there a time frame for return of funds? sm
I know Silent Type wants $500. to get back in 6 months, baloney, this is just a way to get an iinterest free loan to purchase there equipment. I turned it down. On current company, you may suggest to get a predated check for the $125 to coincide with the proposed return of funds, then you can just automatically cash, hopefully there are funds there.
Amanda is one that dont return emails
Was told she's new and still hot a lot to learn.

There's only one way to find out if an employer thinks you'd be as suited for a return to this


Ran out of work, they wouldn't return email or call...see msg
They wouldn't contact me back or answer my calls. Four days later they finally got back with me to tell me to be patient. I specifically asked when I took the position if running out of work was ever a problem.

It's been 3 months since I left the company, and I have not received my computer deposit yet.  I called and talked with HR and Accounts Payable, who promised me a check weeks ago.   I called today and was told they had a snag -- no one to sign checks, providing me with a lame excuse about having to send the checks to ATL next week, etc., etc.   NOT MY PROBLEM -- You took the money out of my check, now send it back since your computer was returned in good condition.   (Not to mention that I have not received my last paycheck -- haven't pursued that because it's less than $5). 

Also -- when I worked for the company, the accounts (3 hospitals) continually ran out of work.  I was to give WEBMEDX 12 hours out of my day, checking every 30 minutes to see if there was work, and then sign off if there was no work so as not to abuse the minimum wage laws (i.e. so they would not have to pay me).   This was the worse experience I have ever had with a transcription service.   HORRIBLE!!

I applied when they first posted. Not so much as an email in return after I tested.

Update: I've been contacted and may be able to return if work is available.
This is exactly why I loved my job there!!! These are the best people to work for. Whenever you have problems, issues, and questions, they are always there and treat you with the utmost respect.  Even if I do not get the chance to return, I feel blessed to have spent the last four years there.  Trust me.....none of the other nationals out there can compare.
Absolutely - I work off FTP and have a 24-hour window to return files.
I work my own schedule daily and keep my TAT. It is that simple. No big deal. I download my files late in the evening, transcribe the next day and upload them late in the evening.

Whatever works!
resend with a return receipt that generates once email was opened. nm.
You have no idea what you are talking about. My income tax return says I am making a good living
P.S. ''If we try employee status and decide itís not for us, can we return to statutory employ
MT World
Nice platform, very simple does not have a lot of bells and whisles, but it is a nice typing platform and it interfaces with MS Word.  On some you cannot get your line count, that was the only issue I had with it when I worked on it.
What in the world did they want to know?
USA is not same as MT-World

 MT-World is now ATSI - American Transcription Solutions.  Good company, but a lot of turnover in the office.  Lots of work right now.

why in the world
I agree!  I think the same thing has happened to me at MQ.  I'm still waiting to hear back from them after training.  :(
Any info on MT-World in Clearwater? Have a pending offer in radiology.
I've been working for them for about a month now so I don't know how much help I can be, but everyone there has been very helpful. Any time I have a question, there is always someone I can ask. Get paid every 2 weeks and so far have been on time.
How in the world would you know??
I thought people could post anonymously. BTW first time I have posted anything about TT in a long time. Im just watching these days. Pretty interesting I must say.
What in the world is going on at OSI?
Seems to be big changes going on.
Why in the world sm

did they buy an MT school?  I have my thoughts about that.  Mostly that they are trying to get rid of the older (higher paid) transcriptionists.

Whether it is a true town hall meeting, and we get to speak, is yet to be seen.  In the past they told us to mute ourselves, and they just said what they said.

I think it's becoming a dog-eat-dog world out there

When I first started in this business and on this board, there was never a bad post. Everyone helped everyone with  questions, etc.

Lately, with the economy and the world the way it is, plus the fact that MTs don't get recognition for their GOOD work and, of course, let's not forget the crappy pay, there are a lot of unhappy people out there.

I read an article in the newspaper today that stated in a capitalist nation, greed is good if it serves a purpose; i.e., jobs and prosperity; but if greed gets out of control; i.e., bonuses for the upper echelon and nothing for the true workers, then the role of capitalism is in the toilet. This is what is happening in our nation today and everyone is either worried about their job or trying to stay afloat with all the negativity in the job market and so, the nastiness prevails and turns into the dog-eat-dog world we all fought against a few years ago.

Things will turn around again, but it will take years of trial and error now. Whether it will be good or bad will depend on the attitude of the people and government.

I don't mean to turn this into a political post but I, myself, have been biting my tongue towards some posters and just trying to live my life the best I can. With DH only working 80 days this year and not able to collect unemployment, I am the total breadwinner, so it makes me a little sarcastic and/or mean, but not enough to post nasty messages....YET.

You have to let the negativity go in one ear and out the other and move on.


How in the WORLD do they keep.MTs? sm
Oh, i know how...they get paid well by their clients and they pay their MTs 6 cpl........
What in the world?
Ok, I am cracking up right now.  You seriously have some problems.  No, I am not the woman who lost her marriage.  I am still married and wouldn't lose my marriage over a job.  This is hilarious and thanks for the laugh.  Like I said, go get some comfort food and calm the heck down.    You are totally losing your mind.   Here is you ------>    Here is me ----->
Why in the world would anyone
NOT give the best they can? That is owed to any employer by any worker. Second-best doesn't cut it in this job.
What in the world?

MTs have become a total joke.  What happened to this profession?  I am so embarrassed to be part of this industry.  Some of you are visualizing managers as drinking brandy and smoking cigars?  Are you imagining them yelling 'let them eat cake too?'   I wish I could tell you how I visualize most work at home MTs, but it might be a little too harsh for such a nice place as this.  

What in the world????

Why on earth would an MTSO who KNOWS they are treating their MTs well and with respect, have any desire to come and visist this or any  other board???  Only one way that my poor humble mind can see and that is because they KNOW they are not treating them well much less with respect and so they MIGHT feel the need to assess how angry their MTs are so they can plan damage control.  I'm sure there are good SMALL MTSOs out there who do treat their employees well but I think they are fewer by the day.

One would think this board is for MTs to share their various experiences and those who are happy should thank God that they have it so good and those who are hurting, well it says a lot about the people who would put them down and pour salt in their wounds.  There but for the grade of God goes you. 

Best Company in the MT World
Stat-Med in Missouri - Pay is excellent, always, always on time. Owner is the best person to work for and I absolutely love it.

Greenlight - Pay is absolutely great. Owner is SUPER and again love working for them.

MT-World, any info

Any info on MT-World, good or bad???  Thanks!

Post about mt world
There was a post last evening about MT World being a scam, a couple people asked for an explanation and now the post is gone - why was it deleted?  If this place is not legitimate we should know because American Transcription Solutions is advertising and they are part of MT World.
I do anything and everything. Why in the world are they hiring???
I did not like MT World either and I hated being on IM all day. nm
Its really World War III here, War of the outsourced
Go get those scammers.
ATSI, formerly MT-World?
  Lots of work right now.  Pretty good accounts, not a lot of ESLs.  Direct deposit every 2 weeks.  Good work platform.  Some benefits.
Why in the world do companies -sm
Keep on hiring MTs when there isn't enough work for the ones they already have?  I am disappointed to learn that a company I tested for, and accepted a position with, apparently does not have enough work to go around.  I used to love medical transcription.  Now I'm just downright discouraged and depressed.   
What a world this would be if no one had to work on
weekends. Every store, every restaurant, every gas station, would be closed. What would you do on your days off? Of course, all patients would just lay in their beds in the hospital, have family bring food in, etc., because no nurse, no dietary department, no ancillary services would be open. And if you had an emergency, of course it would wait until Monday to be resolved.

Too many of those who do not want to work weekends do not remember the days that all banks were open M-F, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. except Friday when they were open until 6 p.m. No one worked at home. If you had to take care of any personal business, you had to take vacation time from your job to do that, including go to a bank. No servicemen made calls on weekends, either, so if you needed a phone installed (before the days of the plug-in lines), you had to take an entire day off to wait from the service person to show up, and prayed that they did so you did not lose another day's vacation while waiting.

We were happy to work weekends then because we did not burn up all our leave time for taking care of everyday business.

I'll work weekends any time you want me to.
Welcome to the real world. Try getting your
see how it works.  I have a surgery center account that I bill once a month, on the last day of the month.  And they have 30 days to pay.  So work I do on January 1st, I might not get paid for till the end of February.