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Right hand does not know what the left is doing!!

Posted By: mountaingal on 2006-01-22
In Reply to: What ever happened to DSG? Are they still around? - GAMT


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Right hand and left hand dictated on same report.
because the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing... EVER! that's how.
Ding!..schmack the carriage with your left hand...sm.
The font balls were rather advanced compared to an old Royal typewriter....Remember changing the ribbon or doing triplicates with carbon paper?  White out?   Cat
Sounds like SoftScript. The left hand never knew
EMR and Transcritpion can go hand-in-hand

IMO, until the old docs retire, they will use EMR and transcribed reports hand-in-hand.  There is no reason to totally go away from dictation, since typed reports can (and probably are already) be added to the EMR system.   


Starting in 2011 when the big roll-out starts, until 2015 when Medicare/Medicaid penalties go into effect for any doctors not using EMR, there should be no dramatic change in the number of MT jobs.  After 2015, I believe that as Transcriptionists retire, those jobs will simply not be replaced.  It may mean medical transcription schools will have fewer people to train starting in 2015 because of the decline in NEW transcription positions, but current Medical Transcriptionists should be able to retire from this field, if they want to.  JUST MY OPINION. 


Here is an interesting article giving the pros and cons of both EMR and transcription from a doctor's point of view. 



emrhealthinformatics   dot   co   dot    cc 


www.emrhealthinformatics   dot    co.cc 







Has anyone ever left Keystrokes and gone back? I left a few months ago and realize that I made a


I have seen this first hand with my own BIL
who is an M.D. He fired his own MT (IC) because he got a voice recognition program and decided to do it himself to save $. Like he needs to pinch pennies. He let her go after 10 years and sits at home doing it himself. Then tells me I should think of another career path because I am going to lose my job to his new program, hahaha! That was 2 years ago and my national still bothers me every weekend to work.
On the other hand...
We could all be totally thrilled and happy with the "new and improved" Medquist about to be unveiled. I'm staying POSITIVE!
W2s in hand?
Well, that is good to know, but who is going to monitor them, the W2 police? What is our recourse if we don't get them on time? It is aggravating to be ready to file returns and have to wait.
On the other hand

Most of us don't have much choice where to buy our water, natural gas or electricity. But hospitals can shop around until they get the transcription on the cheap.  And some well-thought-of MTSOs are losing accounts that have been totally satisfied with the work, because some other MTSO promises the client pie in the sky, 99.9% accuracy, 1-hour TAT at a real bargain price.  Might take the hospital quite a while to discover you should *love the one you're with*. 

Some of us have had an experience with deregulation of public utilities in our areas.  A small natural gas provider offers cheap rates on gas, using the big company's transmission system.  You sign up, then within a month or two the little company *discovers* it can't afford to sell the gas at those rates and has to raise its prices.  Sounded like a good deal at the time, but getting un-signed up and back with the company you never should have dropped is a real hassle. 

Not unlike what happens when a hospital gets courted by a new MTSO and finds that the price is nice but the quality stinks, because it is either bad VR, or offshore outsourced.  Have you ever noticed that a client hospital gets super picky about QA issues that never were a problem before?  This is how they justify breaking a contract before it's up, to go with the cheaper company. 

On the other hand
They hope that we're all sheepish enough to make nice with them until they get the accounts transitioned over, so even if they may not care if we stay or if we go, they're pompously (but probably accurately) assuming enough will stay to make the transition smooth FOR THE CLIENT.

Glad I'm not one that will be helping out in this regard.

I figured one good turn deserves another and walked on MDI-MD immediately.

I hope this has 'FAIL' stamped all over it.

Enjoy your $16 mil, D...I hope you're sent on a slow boat to India to spend it.

It is as simple as filling out a form. I did it when I left an MTSO and when I left sm
a non-MT position at a company years ago.

What company? I did not know that any of them offer 401K anymore.
Hold my hand??? sm
How about returning my calls instead of hiding behind the answering machine!! How about answering one of my dozen emails!! Give it up Lee. You're just making the obvious more obvious.
Yep!! I have experienced that first hand.
On more than one occasion, the company I worked for knew that I had worked 22 days in a row without a day off. They were so back logged and desperate that their response to me (CEO's response) was so, I've worked 24.
You obviously have your hand in AAMT...sm
or HIS or you wouldn't post ignorant stuff like this. If you don't have anything supportive to say, don't say anything at all.
Aren't we all. Why do you think someone should just hand
They sold off what they have. They might have more on hand, but I think that sm
once it's gone, it's gone.

So, no they do not provide equipment. They sold what they had for dirt cheap. Some accounts need it, some don't. If they have it, they will sell it to you very cheap, if they don't you have to find your own.

Okay, now calm down, it's okay. I see a hand too sm
when I have the message open, then scroll down to see the list, it is pointing to the one I have open. Do they have rooms with a view there?
The Mysterious Hand
Oh thank goodness someone else sees it.  I have never noticed this before, and I have been coming on this forum for months now.  Yes, there is a window view, and we only have to wear the straight jackets in the afternoon to give the staff a break
Gotta hand it to ya
No your hand is up, because apparently
you think it's normal for somebody not to be able to spell the name of the company they work for. Sorry, my hand is down because I agree that's a little weird. Sorry if that offends, people, I just think it's strange.

Raise your hand... SM
...if you work for Acusis and your pay was cut during today's conference call.
Me to, I sit there with 1 hand on the mouse and the other on the
keyboard, reading along. When a correction is necessary, I put the cursor in that spot and make the correction and read on.
I never use shortcuts and I cannot imagine that this would speed me up.
Second hand information s/m
My DIL works for them  and  has for some years.  She seems pretty happy, says as long as you do what you're suppose to do no problems.  She said she very rarely runs out of work.  I've never worked for them myself.
A bird in the hand..... nm
My feeling exactly. I can count on 1 hand

the number of times I haven't helped out when they have gotten backlogged, usually without being asked with never a thank you, but an e-mail or phone call asking me to do extra the next day and then the next.   I've always pulled my share and then some.  I don't care about a gift or even a card, but if I do my 40 hours/committed line that should be enough.   They aren't paying me when there isn't any work.  

Ultimately it comes down to they don't care if I'm sick or I have a life or not, they just want the lines done.  They didn't used to be that way, or at least they would offer incentives, which they rarely do now.   I can't stand threats about losing accounts.  If isn't my fault if they lose it.   If another MT is not doing her share don't ask me to pick up the slack. 

Please don't post what you have no first-hand knowledge of. sm
It just makes it difficult to sort through what is true and what is not.
ooops, my expander got out of hand..lol - nm
Until money is in hand, yes, we have been stiffed.
I'm not the one needing my hand held, now am I?
A bird in the hand, well you know the rest
probably. A place would never want to hear let me work a little while longer but as soon as I find something that fits I will dump you. I would have worked another job in some way, at least on a part-time basis, while getting out of the VR business. Good luck.
bird in the hand my butt sm
Do you call working for $5 an hour a bird in the hand? I was trying to be nice and give notice. I'm thrilled they said no. Now I can do whatever.......but not work as a slave. That is below minimum wage.
Biting the hand that feeds you.......... sm
Sometimes that is all one has to eat! LOL

The MT field is transforming at an alarming rate and will soon require fewer MTs. I think it is time to open our eyes and really look at where we are now in comparison to 10 years ago and apply that difference to the next 10 years and try to project whether this field will still supply a viable income then. Personally, I don't think it will, and I don't think it will take 10 years to see that. Offshoring, EMR and VR are rapidly replacing the American MT, and if we continue to sit here at our keyboards with blinders on, we may be caught in a situation more desparate than the one we are in now.

I wish everyone, whether they choose to stay or choose to go, the very best of luck and good fortune.
Like I said, I'll take my decade of first-hand knowledge of her over
Anyone know first-hand about a black list shared by
I would fire someone for biting the hand that feeds them

it has nothing to do with free speech but it MIGHT have something to do with defammation of character or slander, whichever is appropriate.

Let me hand you this perfect job on a silver platter


Go to bottom right hand side of screen ....
Above where the time is shown. See the magnifying glass and the percentage? You probably bumped it to 110% (I accidentally do it all the time). Just use the pull-down menu and change it back to 100%.

I'm lol'ing because I did this several times and rebooted before I figured out what I was doing and how to fix it.

Hope this helps!!!

The bank has the copy of the transaction in hand and can provide it to you.
That's life! Too many untruths are told or maybe some banks operate differently, which is why dealing with the biggest might be an advantage.
No hand-holding here at all. Experienced! But truly the WORST ACCTS.
Sorry, but it's not me to go say "hey, remember me..I'm sitting with my hand out begging
for acknowledgment. Truly, not bashing the company. Overall, they have been good to me and that is why I stay. Maybe, they aren't the most organized but I am sure they try. I've worked extra to get bonuses and had to beg for that too (same thing..passing the buck..this person forgot to send it out, that person should have already done it, took about 2 months.............so..I'm done with that.  I have a job and that's good enough for me. If there were any better companies out there, I'd be there but they have most beat on that. What I have found that overall the best place to work is not for nationals but local doctors. They are the most appreciative and obviously do not have a lot of employees so you don't get lost in the shuffle. Merry Christmas to All. I have my wonderful family who is my life, not my job and that is what matters most to me.
Why do AAMT have hand on MY check? Dont work
EDiX--hand's down. A 4-letter, totally dysfunctional outfit. nm
WAIT! Before this gets further out of hand with the nay-sayers on here, talking about small claims
that, have you tried talking to them about a different account? They are pretty easy to work with, not impossible like the one I left that starts with M and ends with Q. (kind of)
may I ask why you left? nm
I would keep looking. I left after a
month because of the very low and convoluted pay scale, as well as the fact that I was never kept on an account long enough to build up any speed. Unless things have changed, you'll waste a lot of time looking up information that other services provide. They're nice people and they paid on time, but I didn't see enough earning potential so I moved on. BTW, I had 15 years of experience at that time and 99+% QA scores.
When I left
I was told by my PS that if I went with another company, MQ would one day buy it and then fire any MQ working there who had left MQ for that company. At the time it seemed like an empty threat, but who knows?
I did too, but left them behind and
if you want to email me I will tell you about my experience. I do not like the idea of posting negative things on this board, as everyone finds a company to be different for them. If interested, I will be glad to share.
I tell you why I left

Did you notice on Spantel the time difference?  You could be working in the evening yet the system would show it was the next day?  I was told about that when I was hired, yet I was constantly hearing from my manager about not having enough lines and there they were, credited for the next day.  They lost paperwork constantly as well and I had to work an entire month before getting paid because somebody lost the paperwork I filled out. 

I'd check my lines and see a list of jobs that showed 0 lines...yet go back in later and some would be there.  It was very very inconsistent.


LOL - that's why I left!!

That is why I left