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Posted By: mt35 on 2007-08-07
In Reply to: I don't understand why people can google or search the - not m&N

About typos, doesn't anyone know the difference between the usage of NO AND KNOW?

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If SOOO many are saying it ... sm

i.e., with STRAIGHT typing and not being able to make lines/minimum wage... I'm sure there must be something to it.  All these MTs can't be making it up!

Since anything even remotely resembling English has gone the way of ($$$ for MTSOs) VR ... all that seems to be left is transcription that is rejected by VR ... all that's left for the dedicated, experienced MTs is GARBAGE ... it's not the LACK OF WORK ... it's the TYPE OF WORK the straight typing MTs are reduced to.  So, off your high horse and start doing 8 hours' worth of this crap (actual 14-16 hours required) to get FT lines in .. and then tell us we're not cutting it! 


This is sooo true!
I know from personal experience. The newbie gets in to work for a service and gets put in the FIFO pool and then complains all the time that there are too many dictators and they cannot understand them, or they do not know that speciality, yet they begged to get hired and promised they would do anything to gain experience, yet they cannot do the actual work.
sooo true....
You are exactly right. My favorite I found to be true is..misery loves company. I also believe in the Laws of Attraction,,, if you're miserable, you attract misery. If your happy... you attract happiness as more people like to be around you and everyone puts everyone is a better mood.
Sooo obvious..
It's so obvious that these last few replies were by the company/employees themselves in efforts to dismiss what is going on. MTs don't snooze on this one! Troll.. that is funny
cause I am sooo sick of hearing (sm)
whining and griping and complaining about the same old same old!!! That's why! And if it agitates YOU to think about finding another flippin' job, then so what! I really don't care! I say, if your job stresses you out this much, it is very easy to look elsewhere.  There are only TONS and TONS of other places to work, so...find another J-O-B! Simple as that! And quit yer whining, why don't cha?
ohhhhh my, sooo sorry (that was no class act)sm
And some on this board say the MTs complain (for no reason, their fault etc.

Ya know what, I am not here daily but I seem to see some of the same theme over and over and then to take heed. I know people stretch, etc, but I believe it, yes, I do.(one that got me recently was PAYPAL and having to pay $10 for a check that is $240 to get paid, (20 a month)
Sooo, is Trans Tech VR is that why sm
there is seemingly disenchantment in the postings? I will not try VR again, so just wanted to know.  I will never EVER work for that kind of money EVER.  This is a highly skilled and technical, knowledgable based profession. PERIOD and ever changing info to keep up with.
Well, aren't you just SOOO special!

that place is sooo boring; who posts there?
jobs there.  I think Spheris also has job ads there... 
I Sooo Agree...some HR Recruiters/companies

do not realize how much a waste of time it is for them and the potential employee/IC to go on with an endless hiring process of repeating application questions, testing, etc...possibly only to find out that they do not pay enough, or some other major item that is not unacceptable to one of the parties.  I have had some time-waster interviews, and I do not like to feel I've wasted my time any more than the recruiter does.

I bet Keystrokes is sooo glad they posted their benefits! LOL
Sheesh! Talk about attack mode!
I am SOOO sick and tired of BEGGING for work!
Anyone know of a company that is hiring ICs, flexible scheduling, multispecialty clinic, at least 8 cents a line (shows my desperation...!), steady, dependable work flow for the most part, a company where you can stay and work for at least a few years straight. Any out there? Do not want MDI-MD. Do not want to be an employee - want to be an IC. Do not want any complicated platforms. Any smaller companies out there? I can't find jack lately, even with over 10 years experience. I need consistent work!
that nasty
over the weekend.
not nasty

pointing out the contradictatory assumptions --first,  the original poster was wrong, the company is wonderful and has great communication and never deceives (or leaves out vital information regarding an account).  Then turns around and says communication must not be good, mgt doesn't know this is happening, who not go over your lead's head.  There is either great communication or there is not great communication.  The mgt should be dealing with these issues with honesty and not leaving it to MTs at home trying to help and getting all tangled up in contraindications.

.Why would a skilled MT give a company a second chance when the company obviously knew about the turmoil over the situation in the first place, and played dumb when confronted with this issue.



maybe she is - what a nasty
What was nasty that I said?
There are millions of people looking for jobs right now, not just MTs. It is almost impossible to find anything at all, let alone something that will let you settle in and feel secure. I would not quit any job (even a sucky one) before I found something else.

There was absolutely nothing nasty about what I said. I do wish OP luck and anybody else who is looking.

Chill out for crying out loud.
if this is the same CC below...you are just nasty...go away! nm
Nasty and
Wow how nasty! sm
I believe it was someone who realizes what this so called career has turned into. It is sad and I feel the same way. We are not appreciated. Worked out in the real world yes, prefer home. I feel after 14 years I am a professional, and used to make much, much more 5 years ago than today. Sound like a bunch of old housewives who feel important because we TYPE for a living. Obviously you are not in this profession or what used to be a profession. Yes, I have many talents and many hobbies and can do so many things it would make your big head spin right off your little neck. Oh I might pee myself to talk to the owner of the company yea, well I doubt it, I like ME, and my touch with greatness was meeting, greeting and talking with George Bush Sr., never once thought about peeing myself, sang with Jerry Jeff Walker on stage, never peed either.

UIMO that was the most creative post explaining the situation now that I have seen in a long time. Thanks for being a team player, NOT YOU (had to say it)!

Good I can go to bed now I have done my anon post on the board and I feel big and important. NIghty night, pleae let the bed bugs bite.

lets not get nasty.......
1. I am not management.
2. I have been on DocQScribe for about a year and a half.
3. I do not count the headers and footers since obviously they would not copy and paste into the Word Document. Since we don't get paid for them, why would I count them?
4. Not getting paid for headers and footers is wrong - but we are caught in this predicament - the only way to force the issue is to stop filling in the headers and footers and since I am not management and not even remotely interested in leading a revolt, I will not be the one to start this whole issue.

Sorry. I better get back to work. This board is one of the many reasons I don't meet my line count - too much internet surfing when I should be working.
I see that unless you have something nasty to say you get no replies
Rather nasty tone -- that's what they get (sm)
I've been in admin before. If you are a good enough MT, a good company would save your resume for the future, possibly contact you and let you know there is nothing presently open, or even contact you for testing. Smart recruiters don't just put valuable people on junk lists (valuable being key--I would put the Dear Sir kind of countless offshore applicants in Junk Mail in a heartbeat). That sounds more like someone with a little Napoleon complex than anything.
mean and nasty is not cool..
Sounds NASTY to me! ;D
That recruiter is still nasty!!! wow...sm
Dealt with her years ago when I was thinking about working for them, but when I found out i had to go to NJ, I declined....I hate flying, will not fly ever...last time I had to fly, I had to be given very strong meds to tolerate it as I slept thru most of it!!! But that recruiter was just plain RUDE!!!!!!
Nasty vs Touchy
The person YOU ATTACKED made 1 statement of fact. Now if YOU read it as nasty, isn't that YOUR issue? For goodness sake, it's not nasty to share a different opinion (stated with a simple statement as she did) especially when the opinion is truthful.

It's not nasty to disagree, it's healthy.

IMO, worse than attacks are those who constantly whine about BEING attacked when it simply didn't occur.
Why, why nasty response?
The OP was asking about the rates paid and I answered. VR can be productive. Sorry you seem to be having a bad day.
Wow, what a nasty and miserable POS
you are. Sheesh!!!
Nice not Nasty
I agree with you.  People should be nice, not nasty.  There is, of course, a difference between being bluntly honest without being nasty.  I quit a company and was bluntly honest with what I thought of them and how they might improve by treating MTs as people instead of disposable commodities.  So since I told them exactly what I thought of them, I don't mind telling anybody else.  Simply stating a fact.
I'm not being nasty. Don't know why people
don't check the archives or even attempt to read posts on the same page and continue to ask the same questions over and over.
OMG, this is really a nasty comment....
I, too, paid for rent and food when I lived at home, after I graduated from highschool. But my mother was already then a widow, so understandable and justified.
No nasty replies here, I think you have

Just a question - not nasty . . .

When someone posts about hating their company, isn't it logical to say which company?  Geesh.  My attitude is fine.  I'm just wondering about the company. 

Take a look in the mirror.  Why would you repsond to my post with such hostility?  Wow.

Love those nasty emails
In fact, I save them for my own personal amusement. I swear I have never seen such unprofessionalism in all my years. I am so tempted to respond to some of those nutty, nasty, threatening emails but I still need to keep the job for a little bit longer.
Not trying to be nasty to my fellow QT people, but maybe we should THINK that they just need us

to work hard and go above and beyond the call of duty just because it's the right thing to do in this case to get things back in order.  That was an honest, heartfelt this morning....why don't we forget about what used to be for right now and just help out.  I thnk we'll all be glad in the long run if we do. 

Nasty, rude MT. Really unnecessary. nm
I was not nasty. KS wants all their business posted and it was
not necessary. There is a professional way to do it without posting their stats. That's all. I was not being nasty at all and did not mean anything nasty by it
I thought we were all here to help each other with information? That is just NASTY.
Medrite XL and it's said to be some very nasty software. nm
Now I know why other's don't post. I was trying to help. You turned nasty. sm
Not everyone is cut out to manage accounts, and not everyone knows how to deal with others effectively. This person I was talking about wants to make everyone happy on her own; there is nothing wrong with that. She is going back to straight typing by choice as she does not want to have to deal with scheduling and details. It is not for everyone. It was not meant as bad for her, I was just trying to help you.

Posting such a nasty remark --

is offensive to those of us who have alcoholics in our family.  My youngest daughter has a drinking problem but has been sober for 3 years.  I don't know what this person said, but she must have been right on the money for you to be so rude.  I will say a prayer for you but I hope you rot in hell!

what a nasty shot at QA people

The only people you'll see in QA are the lazy ones who have no pride and no longer care.

Are you kidding me?  People who make nasty comments like this with absolutely nothing to back it up are just simply trying to start something.  What a nasty, nasty thing to say. 

For the person who originally started this post, I personally can't stand doing MT work anymore.  My wrists and back are shot and I have found that my ears are much sharper when my body isn't stressed out.  I have found in QA my passion and talent and wouldn't trade it for anything.  If you are awesome at MTing, maybe what everyone else is saying is worth heeding and you should stay where you are :)

Nasty, angry, and bitter
About a year ago, none of us were. We knew there were changes and trying to go along with them, but as SM so perfectly put it, they have made it very difficult. I could not have said it any better SM, cheers to you.

If you think this company is something you would like, then more power to you, just remember they are about their profits and they do not gave a damn about us.
If you leave, they win. Some of these people can get really nasty...sm

especially when you bite back, but if all the nice decent people leave, the nasties win, and we no longer have a place to come and help each other out, blow off some steam, and have a laugh or 2. 

It is probably just a few nasty people.  They hide like cowards behind name changes, and pop on and off, but if you pay attention to what they say and how they write, you see the pattern and who they are. 

There are a couple who are particularly nasty.  You just have to either bite them back, kill em with kindess or just totally ignore them.  They do it just to push your buttons, so you really should not let them run you off completely.  There have been a few times I have let these people get to me, and I swore I would never come back here, but I really like the nice people who are here, and even though I have many years experience, I am a humble person and know I can always learn something.  This board can teach you a lot.  The helpful people here have provided fantastic web sites and information you just can't find anywhere else. 


Kitty on Nasty people
Your story was so long winded and boring I couldnt even finish reading it.
She is very rude & nasty. That's why I turned
them down. One of my friends later ended up working for them & said that lady is always like that & she ended up not staying there long. I don't know how she ever gets or keeps employees with her attitude.
Sorry, but I see nothing nasty in mtmt's post, just
agreeing with you how difficult and almost impossible it is to find a rewarding and satisfying job and wishing you good luck.

This dire situation is getting to us all, we become paranoid, nasty, suspicious, confuse humor with sarcasm and irony, etc, and it's no wonder.........

No call for such a nasty attitude, IMO! nm
Truth or not, there's a nice way and a nasty way

She was very nasty in the threads yesterday to
people who just learned of the line rate cut, then indicated she was bowing out of this whole discussion after getting called on it. Someone said they didn't think she'd be gone long. Looks like they were right.

Nobody said she's not allowed to post. It's just making her look really silly.
I guess some folks have to be nasty sm
but in my own defense it has nothing to do with my quality of work. I had heard about all these companies that treat folks really bad and didn't believe it. I found out the hard way. Very difficult since my last long term company I was at for 23 years!

FYI, Keystrokes offered me two more accounts neitherof which I wanted because the money was so bad and the accounts horrible. One was the awful account another poster talked about and believe me I wouldn't even start the account.

You don't have a clue what you are talking about.