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Simply put & point being - no different than a med student

Posted By: chosing his/her specialty. on 2008-07-26
In Reply to: My comment was to YOU - oh brother


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I know, that wasn't the point. It was simply the play on words....
......simply the play on words in the Google blurb that fit the situation, not the whole related article.
current student
I noticed on one of the posts here that some said that there are plenty of jobs posted on here that say will hire inexperienced MT's...... can someone direct me as to where to look for this, I did look at the jobs section but did not see anything for new MT's or inexperienced. Thanks for your help.
Well, as any first-year law student knows
TRUTH is an absolute defense to libel. They are just trying to scare her.
And I was simply pointing out that saying
you weren't a recruiter.  I didn't say you weren't a happy employee, most recruiters are, and so are employees that get referral bonuses.  In fact, I didn't even say you were a recruiter.   IMO, it could have been just as easy and more polite to say, No, I'm not a recruiter than to give the snide, condescending remark, now wouldn't it?
Yes, I am. And simply look at the archives. nm
I personally would take the $15 simply because
production-based work stinks regardless of how easy and how many normals there are. Production is never going to be a salary you can count on. Go for the $15. I sure would.
I don't think anyone has attacked you. You are simply
I was simply posting that
I was hassled by an MT who was fired. I could care less about your know-it-all antics. I'm over 30 and too old for your immature crap.

I was not IC, simply helping out
my local hospital when it was swamped with work, and agreed to help, at $1 per dictated minute.  WONDERFUL $$; I could type off at least $130-$140 a day, and over 20 minutes an hour.  It really is worth it, but ask for at least $1 per dictated minute. 
This is simply not true. nm
There was never a time that they could not meet payroll due to not having money in the past 6 years. When they first started out it was tight, but they are a huge company and I have never had a problem. I worked in the office for a while. They have a line of credit and never have to worry about that.
I am not a bully. I'm simply trying to tell the OP

to do something about her situation instead of whining about it and posting on here that there is no work and looking for pity.

There are plenty of companies hiring.  What's wrong with google?  Ever heard of that? 

Geez - try to help someone and you're called a bully, Grinch, and told to go away. 

So what does the OP want?  Because at this point, I'm clueless as to what she would expect with a post like that.  Almost any company on here would kill for a 3rd shift MT.

Simply trying to follow along here.
So what is the real concern in security here? I work with Escription and nothing is stored in my computer, download and upload each report to the company.  Most infringements are most likely occurring only by an MT who does not understand and practice confidentiality or HIPAA guidelines in this case mentioned originally.  We have been warned for years an MT can lose a job by any infraction, but this is a perfect example of that happening after the damage is done. 
I think it's simply many people do not have
enough money to go around and simply don't go in for medical care. At $20 a visit copay for internist, or $40 for specialist, then the prescription, many people can't afford the copays, especially if they have children.

Our good sized hospital is slow, as are the others in town as well. People just dont want to come in and have major procedures done and end up with the copays of hundreds of dollars.

I think people are prioritizing; feed your kids, keep a roof over their heads, or run to the ER for a case of the sniffles.
Nothing to feel sorry about. You simply got an offer
"too good to refuse"...Happens to me all the time whenever I interview for several positions, and they all have understood, as long as you're just honest. Sometimes the company you end up rejecting tries to match the offer of the better company. Then you realize how you needn't have felt bad - the original company would have, or could have, offered you more, too!
Mostly, I simply ignore the "trolls"..don't need em...nm
I simply asked her what the reason.. sm
..was for her post, to find out her motives, and to hopefully help deter some MTs from divulging more information than they should about themselves.  You never know on these boards.  So I feel that you insulting me was unnecessary, not my question to the OP about her motives.
Do you think Acusis may simply be a 'front' for what is really -
US companies are in India, not simply SM
subcontracting, they are established as companies in India. Large companies. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Am I the only person who is simply grateful sm
to be employed? Wow. I don't understand why so many people feel entitled to a bonus. Back in the day, yes, it was much more common to get a gift or a bonus (esp if you worked for a smaller company) but now, with the economy as it is? I'm just happy to have a good, stable job. Count your blessings and don't envy what you don't have.
A former colleague went to work for them - said it was simply
I won't be more specific except to recommend that you pass on this one.
No sore spot at all. I simply do my job,
get my lines and hours in without much trouble and don't fret about who's getting the gravy work. I get along with my lead and supervisors well. I can do any report that comes my way, even the ESLs that others continuously skip over or suddenly lose their connection when they see the name or number. Simply do the job I was hired for, collect a nice paycheck and when my day is done I don't think about it again until the next day.  
I know people there who need to be fired and they won't fire them. That just simply sm
is not true.  They are a very nice company.  They have benefits which include PTO and sick time. 
She is here to slander a good company just simply
because they decided to change their mind on an MT trainer position calling the owner a liar. How sad is that. If she only knew the owner and what a good woman and professional she is.
the OP did not badmouth; simply asked questions.
Wow....calm down. She simply stated it wrong..
All you have to do is say don't you mean...

Take a Xanax lately? Just a thought.
I simply send back a reply to
all political emails to ANYONE that thinks I don't have the intelligence to form my own opinions and say return to sender.  Some have definitely stopped. 
That's simply not true - the policy is if you are documented OOW sm
you are not required to use your PTO. Whoever said that is wrong and you should go higher up the ladder to ask about the policy.
Yes, its simply called a No Compete contract.
in our industry. MTs and management alike are bound by them, so really should be no hard feelings or a big deal. Its a very understandable clause and common in all industries, not just ours. If you don't like the clause, you don't have to sign or work for the company. Its not a biggie, really, and very common.
You are simply incorrect! I do support my family...
however, I have been able to adapt to all the changes that the medical transcription industry has encountered over the last decase; in fact, I welcome the changes and it has been interesting if you keep the right attitude.
That is simply not true. They still offshore approx. 80% of everything
and will continue to do so. That was the whole point of Nuance purchasing Focus. Whoever is telling you otherwise is simply lying to you...or you are lying to us!
I had assumed eScription was simply editing, not correct? (nm)

I wasn't being cold, simply matter-of-fact. sm
My own reproductive history isn't a factor in my opinion. In the list of medical procedures, some things are necessary for life, others are not, they are elective.

Medical insurance exists to protect you against catastrophic financial burden due to unforeseen medical expenses. IVF is personally chosen, it is 100% elective, and it is done only to satisfy a personal want.

Also easy to put an end to it if the company would simply communicate their denial of the rumors, as
To my knowledge, the owner still lives in India, simply owns a home here. sm

The work is received FROM the Indian office and sent TO the Indian office.  They used to hire only American MTs, but then started outsourcing to a company in India (big surprise).

I understand what you are saying, though.  And if they are honest about it, then it is the choice of the MT as to whether he/she wants to work there.  The fact that they blatantly misled in their ad angered me, but then again, I have been an MT long enough, nothing should surprise me.  I guess I have done my part, and I have no particular axe to grind so I should just leave this alone now.  I just was shocked when I saw the ad. 

Good luck to all of us in finding a job that treats us well and pays us even better (smile).

Excellent point, and point in case
look at the charlatan christian in the
Whitehouse who uses religion to push his agenda...

Christian IS as Christian DOES...
I understand your point, my point is why can't MTs and QA work together..
being QA doesn't mean you are above everyone else, you are just an extra set of ears...and why do so many MTs take offense to QA??? That is my point...you made have had bad experiences in the past with QA but not all QA are bad...
Actually, I can see your point AND the opposing point
I do see your point. sm
I just don't know how bringing up old news affects the here and now. The article did say that Linda only referred to this time period as the "black hole."

From what I can tell from the article, a lot of court, attorney and ESI quotes were quoted, but no real fresh news, i.e., something present. If this article was never published, I would have never known.

I also understand and recognize your personal feelings. How do you think that this is going to impact you and/or the MT community? It could go both ways of gaining clients or very wary practice managers.
My point exactly, and....

Respectfully, if this story had not been published, you would not have known.  You would have not been fully informed of the business history of fraud.  What if, for example, instead of selling your business to her, you entered a partnership with her ??  And then found out this history in the newspaper?  If it were me, I know I would feel pretty ticked off and deceived.   That negative association could possibly last a business lifetime for you. 

Execuscribe (Linda) had awards locally, and has been in several news clippings and featured in Inc. magazine.  She is definitely in the public eye.  She has to take the praise along with the truthful reporting of fraud in her business.  She owns both.  Would you vote for a political candidate with this history???  Would you want your son/daughter to marry somebody with this history??

Her clients may jump ship -- I know of 2 MTSOs locally who have already received inquiries to change providers.  They may change, they may not.  Are they wary?  YOU BETCHA!  But, why is that?  Not for anything they have done, but because they may be lumped into the "Execuscribe" category simply by association of being MT.  Don't ya think that's a bit unfair?  From what I've been told about questions asked to these MTSOs, they have to go in with their defenses lined up about how they DON'T do business, before they can even present how they DO business. 

There was no "slant" to RBJ reporting.  Simply the facts taken from court records.  It's fresh news if it has not been disclosed previously.   I, for one, will be watching them closely. 

you do have a point! nm

That's my point
The "not saying more" poster said "Don't believe everything you hear about Transcend. The GOOD MTs like this company" and made it sound like if you didn't like Transcend, you weren't a GOOD transcriptionist. Those that left were there for years.  They must have been doing something GOOD with the strict QA to last there for years.  If they were that bad, why would Transcend expect them to sign a waiver not to sue when they leave? Transcend could always say that the MTs sucked, they were unreliable, their QA was terrible, etc.  Instead they want to clear themselves from future lawsuits.  That alone says a mouthful.  So "not saying more" is just plain wrong in assuming that it's the MTs at fault.
You have a point.
That would be the only drawback for me was the pay. I make 9 cpl now and at Amphion I would probably only make 7.5 to 8 cpl maybe. But I love the fact that I wouldn't have to work, weekends, evenings or holidays and I can spend that time with my family. I also am trying to consider the fact that if I get a good tax return this year I will pay my SUV off and that would save $300 a month. My baby is due any day now. The hospital I am working at has me working Labor Day (if I am not in labor), and Christmas. I worked Christmas last year and that was bad enough but this year will be my baby's first Christmas and mommy will be pounding away at the computer while dh, MIL and my other dd have the big family gathering.

OK I am not bitter.....lol. Probably just PG hormones.

I also see the point, however, sm
I meant no harm, just trying to offer help and/or encouragement to the original poster.  Most probably I could have done with just saying QA lest someone be offended.  I expect anyone who has ever been in the position of having that type of QA person would call that type of person the same, or worse, than I did.  Matter-of-fact, in real life I swore viciously at my monitor over that type QA person and called her everything but a good milk cow.  'Course no one saw or heard me and my email to the super was quite professional and simply referred to her by name. LOL
My point, exactly. Thanks. nm
Yes I am, to the point I am looking for another job. nm
This is my point
MTSOs have to be willing to walk away. Yes, the facility can find someone to do it cheaper and more than likely, the quality will reflect this. A company I used to work for had a large hospital account with all overseas MTs on it. I did QA for this account. The MTSO was dumb enough to release several of these MTs from QA which allowed them to upload directly to the hospital. I'm laughing as I type this. Two weeks later, the hospital had bailed. Account gone...POOF!

I can only imagine what those reports looked like that the offshore MTs were uploading. QA is like life support for the offshore MTs. They will always need it 24/7. What company in their right mind would allow these people who understand nothing about the english language and proper grammar - to come off of QA? Unbelievable!
and your point is?

That's not the point...sm
Word Expanders have NOTHING to do with being paid for spaces.
That was my point :)
Yes they do... but I think the point is that it is not always right.
And your point is.....
LOL.... Having postings proves nothing. And you cannot follow directions obviously.