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Spheris - Losing benefits???

Posted By: spheriscurious on 2008-11-17
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Can anyone tell me if Spheris is taking away their benefits for employees?  I see benefits listed on their website, but another company I used to work for says it is so. 

This is a former company because that place took away all our benefits and paid 2 cents a line less.  And we are suppose to be thankful to just have a job.

It gets to the point that you look for a place not that is good to work for but not as lousy as the one before. . 

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New Rewards Plan - Losing old benefits (sm)

I have been very happy with MQ for years now, but all of a sudden things are changing.  After losing yet another Transcription Coordinator, the new one informed me the other day that SEs have a 20 hour per week requirement not just the original 4,000 lines per payperiod.  I don't know when they changed this little rule (certainly not on any contract that has been signed previously), but I thought, oh well, I need to work more hours anyway.  Christmas is coming you know.  Bad side is that I had to submit a schedule for those hours and then received a memo stating we had to stay within a one hour time frame of these hours or notify (forgot her name).  So much for flexibility of a SE. 

Then, I was thinking my check was smaller than expected and finally called payroll and guess what.... They no longer pay weekend shift differentials for my accounts.  I was "supposed to have been told this before going to DQS".  Well, guess what again?...

Getting used to working on DQS has cost me enough in the way of earnings.  I make about 5-10 dollars less per hour now, on the same account I have done since 1998. 

Now I am just waiting to see what other little surprises are in for me with the new rewards plan. 

I certainly hope there will be some good news.  I have been pretty optimistic and happy with MQ for a lot of years, but this is beginning to wear on my nerves.  My husband asked how much more I planned on putting up with.  I think I would be best served to see what is in store for us, it might be a big improvement, and then make my decision.  I suspect MQ has been overhiring in anticipation of some of us walking anyway. 

Hope I am just PMSing and things will look brighter tomorrow.






Spheris Benefits
Can anyone tell me what benefits are offered to full time hires for Spheris vs. part time at Spheris? New to this and trying to make the best decision. Have also been in communication with MQ and am trying to determine who offers a better package.  Any info would be helpful.  
Spheris has benefits? LOLLLLLLL
You get no benefits working PT for Spheris
Used to get PTO but they took that away too.
I am not losing anything as those
do not apply to me.
So after losing all that, what did you do? nm
They are losing their credibility, though.
We started that new account just a month ago and already fighting for work. I cannot do this anymore. I cannot be tied to my computer all day long just to get my line counts in. Does anyone know a good place to start with companies?
Losing account
Do you work for the company whose name starts with F? Have you received info on a new account yet?

I was very panicked last week when I got this news. I have settled down a little bit now, but also I have started looking.
they are probably losing accounts or going to VR..sm
Have the attitudes of people in the office changed for the better? I remember the nastiest dispositions I have ever encountered in this business.

Good luck in your job search.
You have posting so much you seem to be losing it now
You are saying with a trust fund you would be able to make money on VR. Have you taken your medication today? Run along and say nite-nite to the grownups.
It's a losing battle
Or, at least, it has been for me. I got off on the wrong foot with QA where I am now and it has been drudgery ever since. Yeah, I was right in what I said and they were wrong or at least were not 100% right (a judgment call type of thing) but since then I get the crappy work, I get nitpicked on everything, and I think I am tagged 'the troublemaker' in general. I dread working now. Unfortunately, in this situation, if you stand up for yourself with QA you end up losing either way. You lose for the points being marked off and you lose for getting that label right out of the gait.
I'm not losing out; I have had my own accounts for
they aren't going to get anything better than they had with MDI.  Just not gonna happen.  Not everyone has the ability (opportunity, connections, know how, experience) to get their own accounts.  I feel fortunate that it has come easily to me.  I loved MDI but left because I made more with my own accounts.  If not for those accounts, though, I would have definitely stayed with MDI.  If i were with MDI now, in the situation today, I don't know what I would do...
I'm sorry the Heartland MTs are losing their jobs, but
why the outrage over offshoring.  They knew HL offshored work, yet they continued to work for the company.  Is it just know that you are losing your jobs that all of a sudden it matters that they offshore?  
Not the OP, but some of us are losing our ExText account and
Anybody else at Precyse losing $$ on taxes? Had

That's $281/mo loss of income last year due to both low work volumes and 50% line rate decrease with voice recognition.  The wave of the future is not to increase our earnings but to decrease.  They say the clients want ASR so they have to pay less which, of course, they take out of our pockets.  When the CEO sends around his Precyse made wonderful profits crap, I wanna barf.  Wonder how much of a pay cut he took to keep a client happy. 

They are losing their biggest and one of few rad accounts. sm
My manager told me that it will be gone by the end of the month. It is in NH.
Losing good employees

They are about to lose another one...I'm a long time employee and just can't take it anymore.  I work on multiple platforms and still have no work and the work I do have is 90% ESLs.  I went from about 20% to 30% ESLs to suddenly 80% to 90% ESLs.  You tell me these hospitals have no American doctors?  It must all be going to India but you tell me why the Indians are not doing the Indian doctors?  Wouldn't that be easier for them?  I have had no raise ever since I've been here.  Always told I'm at the top of the pay limit.  I'm giving my notice right after Thanksgiving.

Losing primary account.
What happens?  I haven't been working for an MTSO long enough to know (worked in house for the last 5 years).  Could someone please tell me their experiences?  I work for a large MTSO, so I am hoping that I can get placed on another account, but really, I don't think there are enough slots to fill all our positions.  Any thoughts?  Please HELP.
To losing primary account
Can you tell us which company? The moderators say it is okay.
They weren't losing those accounts.
They weren't losing those wonderful accounts, they were being sent to the Philippines to their transcription center there.
We are also losing MS Word...don't know if we will need it for Triton or not?
Had heard they were picking up 2, not losing 2. Are you sure? (sm)
Since you also stated QA positions eliminated, I assume you have some inside information. Please share. I have all my eggs in this one basket. E-mail if you prefer.
Losing ANY job is no laughing matter
I wonder if they are losing a lot of accounts lately. I have heard other MTs saying the same thing
from different offices.
You know, improper billing etc and now losing accounts.

If HL people know they are going to be losing their jobs, why are they still doing work for them?
It was happiest note in losing Dolphin
Cut in pay/bounced checks/losing money
I have worked for this company for quite a while now. I have been very happy with them, until recently when they decided that they were going to cut my pay and other hardworking people's pay by 10% because they are losing money. They have had these accounts that they are losing money on for 3+ years and are just now realizing they are losing money. I have also had more than 1 of my paychecks to bounce. Beware!
On accounts they are losing, one isn't a large hospital in LA? (sm
I figured if they ever lost this one we would be notified in advance. (or at least hoped) This one they got when they bought YOG out, large, large facility. E-mail if you wish.
Thank you nana, I thought I was losing my mind when she was saying that.
Transtech losing large account
Anyone know where it's going?
Transtech losing large account

I'm scared to say. But big.

Transtech losing large account

No, it's a chain of clinics.

Transtech losing large account
I think if you haven't been notified already, then it's not your account. You're safe.
They keep losing accounts and letting people go. nm
As youself, "Am I safe from losing my job NOW?"
how far do you think that 6-10 cpl is going to get you 5 years from now?
MT work losing money daily
With the no raise and line count these services pay, 1 report with a difficult ESL doctor who makes a lot of money can end up with the TX making 3/hr. Illegal aliens make more so hospitals seem to hire interpreters now at 50/hr or more and thick accented doctors seem to not care to learn English and the Transcriptionist leaves holes for Editor - if someone else feels like learning their language - be my guest, but I have to feed a family and make some money in this dying paid profession. If I received 50/hr or 12 cpl, I would try to decipher but for 4 years .0825 and I cannot. I am not an interpreter. Starting to hate my job lately. No money. I see illegals with cell phones, nice apartments and yet they won't learn English and I struggle working 14 hours a day or more just with maybe a little food. The job is not an easy one but the pay is less than picking fruit in a field.
I'd stay away, losing accounts, going under fast...sm
I used to work for this woman and at best it was shaky, but now it's really bad. She just lost 2 large accounts due to the problems with her work coming in from India and the Phillipines, so now she's down to one account left and everyone I was working with has left already, shortly after I did. I'd stay clear of someone so insistent on using the offshore people and who doesn't seem to know how to employ US MTs successfully. This is a losing proposition and not a good company.
Losing millions each year? Easy to do, just look at
the headlines. Someone has to pay the big salaries, bonuses, and other perks for the fat pigs that sit at the top of these companies worrying about whether they will get the next 2 million bonus for the quarter rather than trying to improve the working conditions and lives of the poor goats that work for them.
We were getting laid-off, wages cut, losing bennies
Like for the last 5-7 years.
Don't understand, are you in suspecting you are losing an account or QT closing? nm
One with overwhelming ESLs that you have to keep leaving blanks for, thus losing
Accounts going offshore or VR. They are losing large account SM
because the hospital(s) is going paperless.

I assume they want us all on VR, so they can pay us 2 cpl or whatever they are paying the offshore MTs.

You can ask to be put on a higher level account, however, there is no M-F on the higher level accounts. They want you to work evenings and one weekend day.
How about Boeing losing that big bid recently to a French Company?
That really burns me because the contract was for aircraft for the UNITED STATES!

A military contract going to a foreign based manufacturer?

Even worse than that, TO THE FRENCH who couldn't lift a finger for us in our time of need and conveniently forget any assistance we have ever given them?!

I have no connection to Boeing and don't even know anyone who works for them but this is a HUGE slap in the face to them and all of the rest of us United States citizens, certainly a slap in the face and a kick to the groin for all of our men and women serving in the military.

And, yes, I do have many friends and family who have served or are serving in our military, including myself and my children.
How fast would this happen, would we be safe from losing our jobs
completely to India, now that they are all trained and certified by the former AAMT
MTSOs are going into la-la land, losing the grip on reality!...nm
Are any MTs still with Precyse that complained of losing their good accts a few months ago? If so,
Why are all these companies forcing VR at half rate? Are they losing money?
Lots of discussion below. Unless they are losing or firing MTs, I wish you luck in scrounging
for lines.  Can be a real problem.  Depending on the account, the sound is very poor.  I think this has been discussed rather extensively on this page and the second page of this board.  QA is very good but they do look at every word you transcribe so you had better be reviewing everything you do word for word.
Losing 1 large hospital today. Not rumor, fact.
It is on the Eastern Seaboard and low ESL.
Good for you, if that is true. It is really a losing game. Wouldn't advise anyone to pursue it.

You have to lie a lot, wouldn't you agree?  It is all bait and switch for the recruiters.  They promise a lot, but the companies do not follow through.  Care to say who it is you are a hiring manager for?  LOL.  Never heard it called that before.