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On accounts they are losing, one isn't a large hospital in LA? (sm

Posted By: notherMQer on 2008-08-24
In Reply to: Rekha Transcription - mqlongtime

I figured if they ever lost this one we would be notified in advance. (or at least hoped) This one they got when they bought YOG out, large, large facility. E-mail if you wish.

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Losing 1 large hospital today. Not rumor, fact.
It is on the Eastern Seaboard and low ESL.
Accounts going offshore or VR. They are losing large account SM
because the hospital(s) is going paperless.

I assume they want us all on VR, so they can pay us 2 cpl or whatever they are paying the offshore MTs.

You can ask to be put on a higher level account, however, there is no M-F on the higher level accounts. They want you to work evenings and one weekend day.
Transtech losing large account
Anyone know where it's going?
Transtech losing large account

I'm scared to say. But big.

Transtech losing large account

No, it's a chain of clinics.

Transtech losing large account
I think if you haven't been notified already, then it's not your account. You're safe.
Are they losing accounts. Do most of their accounts stay for long period of time. I have
heard pros and cons about the quality of their work.  I guess it is much cheaper than other companies can offer.
I know they just got a large hospital account near me.
Is this a large hospital with MANY Hispanic
dictators, probably over 75%? I heard they only had 1 account on DQS, a new one they picked up in August. I am working on that account and would love to switch.
And what large hospital did they lose? (nm)
Had someone tell me they do a teaching hospital with them, if you like large accts. Might want to
Lost job to outsourcing through a large hospital
Just found out my job is over at the end of August.  Have worked for MeritCare Hospital in Fargo, ND, for 2 years and they decided to outsource everything.  Any great ideas for me?
I worked on a large teaching hospital account and was
frequently out of work.  KS didn't have the entire account.  I don't know if they had in-house MTs or they used more than one company.  You should have a backup account too, though there may be some  lag time between getting you a backup as they figure out where they can plug you in.   They supposedly are getting several new accounts so surely they should be plenty of work. 
Today is the last day for a large hospital on the East Coast.
No doubt about it.
they are probably losing accounts or going to VR..sm
Have the attitudes of people in the office changed for the better? I remember the nastiest dispositions I have ever encountered in this business.

Good luck in your job search.
I'm not losing out; I have had my own accounts for
they aren't going to get anything better than they had with MDI.  Just not gonna happen.  Not everyone has the ability (opportunity, connections, know how, experience) to get their own accounts.  I feel fortunate that it has come easily to me.  I loved MDI but left because I made more with my own accounts.  If not for those accounts, though, I would have definitely stayed with MDI.  If i were with MDI now, in the situation today, I don't know what I would do...
Usually the hospital dump a large amount on Friday afternoon. nm
I was paid by the hour to work from home for a large hospital. nm
They are losing their biggest and one of few rad accounts. sm
My manager told me that it will be gone by the end of the month. It is in NH.
They weren't losing those accounts.
They weren't losing those wonderful accounts, they were being sent to the Philippines to their transcription center there.
I wonder if they are losing a lot of accounts lately. I have heard other MTs saying the same thing
from different offices.
You know, improper billing etc and now losing accounts.

They keep losing accounts and letting people go. nm
I'd stay away, losing accounts, going under fast...sm
I used to work for this woman and at best it was shaky, but now it's really bad. She just lost 2 large accounts due to the problems with her work coming in from India and the Phillipines, so now she's down to one account left and everyone I was working with has left already, shortly after I did. I'd stay clear of someone so insistent on using the offshore people and who doesn't seem to know how to employ US MTs successfully. This is a losing proposition and not a good company.
Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
They have taken on several new large accounts over
the past several months.
Yes, 2 large hospitals. Both accounts out. nm
The accounts are so large you get them some days
and other days none. I too have had days when that seems like all I get. Sometimes I will go 3 months before I get the same doctor. She should have asked them to route her a variety that day or try another account. There really is a break in period with any new account but Transtech really is the best company out there and they are willing to work with their MTs.
Yep I am sitting here with 3 large accounts and no work. Has anyone gotten any satisfaction from
speaking with corporate about this. These people in Amherst obviously do not know what they are doing. I wonder what the quality of this work looks like just throwing anyone and everyone on these accounts. Cant be too good. I have also noticed their QA people dont fill in blanks even for the docs that really are just more technical. Understandable with bad cell phones etc but just more technical or with an accent they dont get the blanks.
Hospital accounts...Sm

is what I worked on, one a teaching hospital.  I am a very fast typist, used my Bayscribe Expander to the max, and have been a Transcriptionist for 30 years.   There are other transcriptionists, as well, that can do that many lines at MDI.  

I also take a lot of breaks and work in 1 to 1-1/2 hour increments.

I left this kind of money because I now have a lot more flexible schedule and yes, believe what you want, I do make more money now.   

in hospital accounts

Does anyone know how most hospitals pay if you work in house? Do they pay an  hourly rate, or do they pay per line?

I do 1200 lines a day in 2 hospital accounts and I can
usually get my work done in 4 to 5 hours.  BUT, if the kids are around or whatever, then of course, it takes quite a bit longer.  Also, I have a lot of Instant Text saved etc. and normals that my doctors repeat in their reports.
Happy with my own hospital accounts. No more nationals for me. nm
Another company shares accounts at same hospital..
they pay well. contact phoenix med com at phoenixmedcom.com. they do lots of ortho too!
Diskriter versus hospital accounts

Did they explain the Diskriter versus hospital status to you when you spoke with them?  I'm a little confused about that from the above posters.  Thanks!

Diskriter MTs, is hospital account or DR accounts a
Hospital accounts can be worth their weight in gold.
I work for a hospital, and I'll never go back to a national again. However, I do believe I work for the best hospital on the planet, too.

We are on production, but if we run out of work, we're still paid (they value their MTs). Great benefits, fantastic incentives, Planetree philosophy, conscientous dictators, life doesn't get much better than this.

Strongly consider working for a hospital rather than a service. I think you'll be happy.
Out of work here, too--and I have 4 huge hospital accounts!! GRRR nm
Any with MDI that work on the Northern Virginia hospital accounts?
I work for one of the other services and received some disturbing news this week.  Just want to verify what I was told is true.  Please email. 
Jewish is the main hospital, St. Mary's is another hospital under their management. (nm)
I am not losing anything as those
do not apply to me.
So after losing all that, what did you do? nm
First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
They are losing their credibility, though.
We started that new account just a month ago and already fighting for work. I cannot do this anymore. I cannot be tied to my computer all day long just to get my line counts in. Does anyone know a good place to start with companies?
Losing account
Do you work for the company whose name starts with F? Have you received info on a new account yet?

I was very panicked last week when I got this news. I have settled down a little bit now, but also I have started looking.
You have posting so much you seem to be losing it now
You are saying with a trust fund you would be able to make money on VR. Have you taken your medication today? Run along and say nite-nite to the grownups.
It's a losing battle
Or, at least, it has been for me. I got off on the wrong foot with QA where I am now and it has been drudgery ever since. Yeah, I was right in what I said and they were wrong or at least were not 100% right (a judgment call type of thing) but since then I get the crappy work, I get nitpicked on everything, and I think I am tagged 'the troublemaker' in general. I dread working now. Unfortunately, in this situation, if you stand up for yourself with QA you end up losing either way. You lose for the points being marked off and you lose for getting that label right out of the gait.
I'm sorry the Heartland MTs are losing their jobs, but
why the outrage over offshoring.  They knew HL offshored work, yet they continued to work for the company.  Is it just know that you are losing your jobs that all of a sudden it matters that they offshore?  
Not the OP, but some of us are losing our ExText account and
Anybody else at Precyse losing $$ on taxes? Had

That's $281/mo loss of income last year due to both low work volumes and 50% line rate decrease with voice recognition.  The wave of the future is not to increase our earnings but to decrease.  They say the clients want ASR so they have to pay less which, of course, they take out of our pockets.  When the CEO sends around his Precyse made wonderful profits crap, I wanna barf.  Wonder how much of a pay cut he took to keep a client happy. 

Spheris - Losing benefits???

Can anyone tell me if Spheris is taking away their benefits for employees?  I see benefits listed on their website, but another company I used to work for says it is so. 

This is a former company because that place took away all our benefits and paid 2 cents a line less.  And we are suppose to be thankful to just have a job.

It gets to the point that you look for a place not that is good to work for but not as lousy as the one before. .