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Posted By: sm on 2008-11-01
In Reply to: Sure do. - Alice

Is your new supe 'D'?

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Try going through supervisor. They should get
Why don't you say this to your supervisor?
Any acute care account may seem difficult for you. Express your concerns to your sup. and see if you can be placed on a different account.
My supervisor
Not sure who you had for a supervisor, but none of our supervisors have quit in the three years I've been here. Please be sure you have your facts straight there.
According to my supervisor....sm
you can work OT on any account listed if you are off hold for that account. If you see an account that you might like to help on, read the account specifics to see if you might like it and then ask your SMT to add it to your affinities. You will be on an initial hold, more than likely, but once you are off hold you can work all the OT you can stand.
Is KW still the supervisor?
If not, then things are probably much better.  Sounds like they worked out the bugs, though. 
Have you tried asking supervisor
for help?  I don't know if anything can be done about the clunky program, but perhaps you've encountered a lazy tech who is unwilling to work with you and your macros.  Maybe your supervisor or his/her supervisor can help.  It's worth a try. 
Let the supervisor know......

Well, I would think that if you can prove it you have a case. I know, this would make me crazy. I have felt the pinch of cherry pickers myself.

I wonder though, how is it that the supervisor doesn't know these people are taking an hour or two off or if their internet is down? Why are they emailing just you? If they are not notifying the supervisor, maybe next time you get an email like this you could email back and say something like thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to let -insert supervisor's name- know right away that you are not able to work at this time, let us know when things are -insert excuse for not working- back up again/you are feeling better/etc.

I would most definitely let the supervisor know every single time someone was taking time off for the reasons you gave. Then, the supervisor knows and can handle it accordingly.

Since she is not the supervisor, she
should never have been contacted to begin with. After the first one, however, I think I would have questioned the MT as to why she was not notifying her supervisor.
I liked Beyond Txt, I liked my supervisor
I liked my hours, I liked just about everything, except I was always just short of full-time lines. It was a high ESL, which is no problem for me, but I am very picky about QA. They also have a QA percentage requirement along with a line requirement, so every day I'd see those numbers and send less and less to QA b/c I'd take a lot of time to make sure I did it right. My fault. I ended up not able to support my child and I had to get a second job. Then I was exhausted and decided to just leave. I would have been very happy had I been able to make a higher line count with the QA I wanted and they required, and benefits. Like I said, one of those situations where I wished it would have worked out, but bills to pay, family to feed, all the rest! Good luck to you.
Must have the same supervisor or there all bad
99% of the emails I send my supervisor go unanswered the first time, and when I have to email her again because I really need an answer, I always tell her this is my 2nd or 3rd email so she knows how incompetent she is. I keep thinking maybe she will up her game, but so far it hasn't worked. Whenever I see a link asking for suggestions from any of the newsletters or emails we get from the company, I always send a suggestion that they do a survey of the MTs on 2 subjects. 1. How satisfied they are with their job. 2. How would they rate their supervisor's performance.

Apparently they don't like my suggestions as they never make an attempt at either.
My supervisor is also from NY, but
she is as sweet as an angel.  Maybe she wasn't born there. 
Call your supervisor.
I would call her and tell her you are at a point in time where you have decided it is important to take care of some personal issues. Be very upbeat, positive, and looking forward to the change. Tell her you have enjoyed so much working with her, and you will be glad to give a 2 weeks' notice, and would like to know if you would be eligible for re-hire if future pursuits do not work out.

Save the email.

If she wants more details, just tell her it's personal. You don't have to go into detail, and no, you won't sound dumb. :)
I called my supervisor...
I really struggled with the decision to quit. I liked the company (a national) and accounts, but I could no longer handle the 20-hour minimum for PT as I already work a FT job and it just became too much. She was very nice about it and understood. She is a good supervisor and I felt I owed her that much. I did give a 2 week notice.
Account to ASR - per supervisor -- been asking

supe about this for a year or so -- just told within the last week (after my many questions to her about where the work has gone on this account) that the account had gone to ASR -- I heard a "jillion" excuses from the supe for the "no work" situation, EXCEPT THE TRUTH -- that it was going to ASR. Now only get the jobs that ASR cannot interpret. MQ supes are definitely not for the MT -- but MGMT puppets !! Don't you tell the MT's that their accounts are going to AST UNTIL AFTER equipment is working well, and we can handle it without the MT  !!!!!!!!!!


OSI's quality supervisor probably can't
I also suspect that she's been posting all kinds of crap on this board because that's the kind of lunatic she is.
So is that why the new US MT supervisor is Indian?
It depends on your supervisor. They are all very different.
How so? Supervisor answers, no one else
Have you spoken to your supervisor
Just curious. You've spent time in training...have you tried to see if the issue can be resolved?
The supervisor's name was Denise. nm
My supervisor just told me that they were having
problems with people not sticking to their schedules and work being out of TAT.  You might want to ask the recruiter about scheduling before you make your decision, as it might be an issue. 
Supervisor? He isn't on our side! No wonder he kept
calling this weekend to see if I could work extra! He and everyone in that office knew it was coming..how they sleep tonight, I will never know.
apparently you do not have the same supervisor I did!
Exact opposite. Pay was always on time, though.
Re: MT supervisor discussion below...sm
I was an MTSO many years ago and have been an IC with my own accounts ever since.  I'm curious exactly what an MT supervisor does?
Supervisor position
Anybody know if the supervisor/manager position has been filled for Superior Global.  I read some bad comments about this company, just was wondering.
Supervisor's pets
Has anyone else had a supervisor that had pets while riding all the other MT's? Anyone else out there who has had that problem?  If so, I'm sure your stories are just as entertaining as mine have been. 
Please notify the supervisor or QA (sm)
Many of us were QA'd for weeks because they had the luxury of taking the time with us then.  This is a good thing.  They will eventually take care of all this, but if it is a priority, which I think this is, it will be taken care of pronto.  Just do it.
No I am not a supervisor, just type a lot (sm)

and I bet I know which accounts you are talking about, and I do them too.  They're still a mix.  Good with the bad.  I have a lot of experience with ESLs, so they don't bother me.  I also get my share of slurry progress notes.  It still evens out.

Their best supervisor had her last day yesterday and she usually

would get them right on it. So many new people in positions they do not know how to do and the MTs are on the ones suffering. Counting the hours and days until my time is up with them.


Are there ever any supervisory/recruiter positions

posted here?

I think I would try to contact the supervisor
again talk to the supervisor
that is their job to let MTs know what the work volumes are and where they are at.
Supervisor meeting...
Report it to my supervisor?????
You mean the one who SELECTIVELY answers emails???? Do you think she will do anything about it? NOT!
have you asked your supervisor
I'm curious as to what she has said.
I would clarify this with my supervisor.
Perhaps this client wants the apostrophes.
The recruiter IS the supervisor.
It's a really small company. When I was hired the recruiter was the supervisor. There is only one supervisor, one manager, a handful of QA, and the rest MTs. So if your friend was asking about the mean supervisor, well, uh...
No the supervisor is NOT the recruiter
If it was that way in the past, it is not now and hasn't been for a while. 
Unavailable supervisor.....sm
Does anyone here work for KS on a certain account where the supe is NEVER AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and does NOT answer emails in a timely manner?????
Please talk to your supervisor...SM

Every situation is different for every individual.  I would suggest you talk to your supervisor. 

Why not ask your supervisor or higher
up people in the company itself for a straight answer??
All we can do is report it to their supervisor
Wish it was as easy as your answer.

We report it over and over to the supervisor, as that is all we are allowed to do where I work currently. We have no control over the supervisors and can not force them to put the MT on hold. Hence, our frustration with repeat offenders.
How about a simple - Let the supervisor
they can bypass the supervisor and just let other workers know?  Unfortunatley by accepting their IMs and working based off that you pretty much made your bed. 
One Supervisor's Perspective

There's a certain natural tension between the need for reports to be complete and the need for MTs to be productive.  This means making a reasonable effort to resolve blanks and ambiguities, but no more.  There is an obligation to the client and patient, not only to deliver this report (the one that you're transcribing), but also those that are waiting in the queue behind it.

Dictation being what it is, some blanks are inevitable.  Sometimes you just need a second set of ears (the way we used to hand our earphones to the person next to us and ask what's this guy saying?).  As a supervisor I was much happier helping my people resolve blanks than being scared to leave them and making poor decisions.

That doesn't mean, however, that I didn't sometimes see blanks that undoubtedly should and could have been resolved by the MT.  For instance, I would see a blank early in a report due to a somewhat mumbled phrase that was dictated more clearly later and correctly transcribed, but the MT did not connect the dots with the earlier blank.  Or, I would see a blank for an unusual (but clearly pronounced) medication that I found in 5 seconds in the drug reference that we provided to MTs.  Or, I would see a blank for hypo-/hyper- such as hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia that was unclear, but the accompanying value made the choice obvious.  We hired only very experienced MTs for my accounts, and they should be able to resolve an ambiguity in a sentence such as The patient was extremely hyp?glycemic with a blood glucose of 26.

As I dealt with blanks turned in by my team, I sometimes had to address issues of inattention to context, lack of skills with reference materials or Web search methods, carelessness and yes, sometimes downright refusal to take even a brief amount of time to check a spelling.  I also sometimes had to deal with things like Expander errors, which occur due to inattention and/or the method that an MT uses to name her short forms (and in some cases, creating far too many short forms of questionable productive value).

However, I dealt with issues like these on an individual basis and only when I was satisfied in my mind that I wasn't misconstruing the situation.  In doing so, I found that most of these situations were opportunities to help an MT improve her skills or her understanding in some way and very few were cause for some sort of corrective action.  In other words, in my experience the vast majority of MTs take enormous pride in the work they do and the skills they bring to the dictation.  By contrast, a much smaller percentage of physicians exhibit that same level of care in their dictation, and to me that meant giving the MT the benefit of the doubt.

I was also keenly mindful of something else, which is that my connection to the dictation system might be better than what the MT had, so that what might be clear to me on reviewing the report could well have been less so when she transcribed it.  The phone system is such that we go through many different switches and circuits between here and there, and these connections can be quite different even between the same two locations on different phone calls.  You might call the system in Tampa from your home in Chicago, and one time your call could be routed through Atlanta while the next time it goes through Dallas.  Knowing this, again, the benefit of the doubt must go to the MT.

So, I looked for certain patterns of behaviors, not one-off incidents.  I produced for many, many years and have never forgotten the challenges of dealing with that tension between leaving no blanks and the corresponding responsibility not only to this job, but to the job behind it.  You can't lay down any rules about this.  You can only help your people have the best skills possible in doing rapid and effective research, in using the context of the report to help resolve ambiguities, and then you encourage them - yes, ENCOURAGE them - to leave a blank when they have made a reasonable effort rather than to believe that filling in anything is better than leaving a blank.  The supervisor should be the MT's resource of last resort - the backstop, so to speak.  It's the patient and that report that matter most, and getting it right is more important than who fills in the blank.





Can you email me the name of your supervisor? I have
already been assigned my account and supervisor, but I haven't done any training yet.  My computer crashed since talking with the recruiter, so I am waiting on that.  I will only be PT because want to stay with my current employer (MQ-7 yrs), until I know things will work out.
This person is my supervisor.
The person is my supervisor and also the recruiter for the company.  I had specific questions that she couldn't answer or tell me why something was wrong.  I was just very frustrated and confused. 
Have you asked your supervisor?? They
may make a place for you on another account. You will never know if you don't check with your employer. People on this board have no way of knowing.
No response from supervisor , which is why I came on here.
Was hoping someone would share their story maybe about losing their primary account.
Not hearing from supervisor

I do not hear from my supervisor unless she has made a change to the account specs and is letting me know about it or if she needs me to switch accounts.  I like to be left alone so I can do my work.

Well I am out of work but my supervisor