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TTS any info on this company or

Posted By: Jeeter on 2007-07-13
In Reply to:

Where can I apply for either QA or Transcriptionist that will pay 4 cents for qa and 10 cents for typing?

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AllHealth in GA - Good company, good equipment, any info about this company? (sm)

What type of work do they have?  Any op reports?  Appreciate any info. 

Info on company

Does anyone know any info about a company called Archivus?  Thank you.

Need info on this company....


I just agreed verbally to sign on with e-Tranz and decided to look at the archives and did not like what I see. If anyone has any current info on what it is like to work for this company please email me off the board at Irishbunnylynn@yahoo.com.


info on this company
Hello my fellow MTs I am at a crossroads with my current position as a radiology transcription position.  My hours are 10 hours shift SSMT.  I have been working this position with Spheris for three years.  I love working for Spheris but they have been stringing me along with finding me an account that is M-F.  I have received a job offer from Ascend with a good increase in pay.  I just need some info on this company if there is any.  Thanks so much and God bless those storm victims.
info on that company
I have information on that company.  Have you accepted a position with them yet?  Please e-mail me for more information. 
company info

Has anyone heard of TTS company in New Hampshire.  If so, how are they at paying and work load??



I don't have any info on either company,
but just in general, I would think you would be able to make more $$ doing clinic work at 1 cent more per line.  But of course there are a lot of variables like what kind of platform, what your experience is in, etc.   
Any info on this company?

Has anyone any info on WNC (also known as Medical voice Techology Services)?  They have a job posted on the job board.  I couldn't locate any info in the Archives except another asking this same question back in 2004 and she didn't get an answer.


Does anyone any info on a company
I would like to know your overall opinion in terms of work, pay, etc. TIA
Company info


I was just wondering if anyone might have some information about Niles-Lee & Associates Inc.  Thanks in advance. 


Any info on company

Quick Silver Tranz, Inc. out of Phillipsburg, Kansas?

I would also like info on this company
?? Re: Job ads w/o company name/info SM

Just wondering what others thought about the ads that don't really give any company name or details....Do you feel safe sending them your resume/information?  Do you send a sanitized version of your resume, or do you just not bother with the ad? 

I see a couple a couple ads on the job board now that could fit my needs, but I'm reluctant because of the no info thing.  

Anyone have info on the company looking for
I Emailed and haven't heard anything back.
Company Info
Anyone working for Transcription At Its Best, Inc.?  Would love to hear about the company, platform, etc.  Thank you!

Is anybody familar with Superscript Medical Transcription?  Rate of pay, fair regarding lines, macros, templates, spaces, etc?  Do they run out of work frequently, etc?

Company info on OSI Transcription

Has anyone ever worked for OSI Transcription?  If so, are they decent?  I just did the online transcription test and am awaiting their answer. I would hate to give up my local jobs for this one and find out they are not a decent company.



Company info on OSI Transcription
I've only been with them a few weeks, but so far, its been okay. Have had some minor issues regarding equipment and work, but these were resolved to my satisfaction by my manager. First pay was on time without any problems. If things continue as they are, I will probably be with them for a long while.
etranz - any info on this company? TIA

Saw their post on MT daily and was wondering how they are to work for.

Anyone have any info on Proscript Company.
Does anyone know about this JG company that is advertising right now a lot. Any info would be
helpful. Have they lost a lot of people or did they get a lot of accounts.
Cobb or *CMT* company info, anyone?
Lee Perfect.....anyone have info on this company?
Info on Transform MT Company? (sm)
Does anyone have any information on Transform MT company?  Are there ANY good companies to work for where you can make a decent living? I am readng more horror studies than not.  Would appreciate any information.
VoiceCode - any info on this company?


Net Script...any info on this company?
Anyone have info about this company?
DSG's QA manager ad - any info on this company
Aubritranscription - any info on this company?
Does anyone have any info on AubriTranscription - good and/or bad?

much info about this on Company Board
Thanks for all the info! I decided to go with another company
although this looked tempting, the pay did not look enough to me (cpl) for a difficult ESL. I could do difficult ESLs and do not mind that but need a higher line rate for that skill. Tempting though it indeed was! Thanks again for your feedback.
Any info on JLG transcription company?
Any info on USA Med Trans company?
I checked archives and only found job ads.
Anyone have any info on a company called (sm)
Basic Billing Solutions in Michigan?  Any info about platform, benefits and steady work would be appreciated.  Couldn't find anything in archives. TIA.
There is recent info here on this company.
Here it is again. Several divisions, they don't all operate the same. The one in Colorado uses Scribe and Express Scribe which isn't such a great program. I had problems with it freezing all the time. No demographics are filled in. (You aren't paid for doing it either.) You are expected to look up old reports and fill in blanks before you send to QA. They do not have 24/7 technical support. No overtime. No incentive/tier pay. Quarterly QA, must pass to be eligible for $50 bonus. Paid holidays. Some hire IC/and/or employees. Benefits (expensive but more than 1 deductible to choose from). Both straight typing and VR accounts. Cherry picking was a problem. Set schedules. Not for newbies.
Thanks for info. I think TT is a good company
caught up in a bad situation. From day one I thought that Dictaphone system was crap, and I couldn't believe anyone was productive on it. I was just fortunate to have a good supervisor and found another MT to mentor me through the problems.

I have wished for a long time they would just ADDRESS what is going on, as this silence or the retarded excuses for no work were getting a little ridiculous. Your list explains a lot to me, and you seem to be in the know a little more than the average MT.

Any thoughts for those who stay? Will we be working for Focus or not working at all?
Info on company board...
I believe you supply the laptop, but you have to get it approved through your STM first, then the SolCenter will help you get it set up. Start at your STM
Evolvemed? Any info on this company?
Does anyone currently work for this company or have any information?   Thanks.
Any info on TTS transcription company
I know that this has already been addressed in the past but just wondering if TTS is now a descent place to work?  Current service NEVER has enough work and thus no pay because of it yet constant harps about not getting production.  Any help in this matter very much appreciated.
Yes, if I ever find a company who will do it I will certainly share the info. :)
I am also looking for information for this company. Any info appreciated! Thanks. nm

RAPID TRANSCRIPT~ Any Info on company???

Just Curious if anyone knows anything good or bad about this company. Thank You!

Don't you think other MTs thinking of applying with this company would have liked the same info?
I don't have any info, but I took it you meant to stay away from this company. Maybe you should r
Accuscribe-Does anyone have any current info on this company out of SC?

I'm looking for info on the company - Rapid Transcript.
here is the link to company info page
Company and Medrite platform info.


Interview with ExecuSribe, any info on this company. Thanks. NM
FastChart, anyone with current info on this company...sm

Found lots of stuff in archives, but very old.

Anyone work for SmartDoc. Any info on this company would be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Serviss...any current info on this company? NM