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AllHealth in GA - Good company, good equipment, any info about this company? (sm)

Posted By: Southpaw on 2006-09-18
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What type of work do they have?  Any op reports?  Appreciate any info. 

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Thanks for info. I think TT is a good company
caught up in a bad situation. From day one I thought that Dictaphone system was crap, and I couldn't believe anyone was productive on it. I was just fortunate to have a good supervisor and found another MT to mentor me through the problems.

I have wished for a long time they would just ADDRESS what is going on, as this silence or the retarded excuses for no work were getting a little ridiculous. Your list explains a lot to me, and you seem to be in the know a little more than the average MT.

Any thoughts for those who stay? Will we be working for Focus or not working at all?
Does anyone have any info on whether InterPro is good company to work for?

I am trying to decide between them and an acute care smaller company.  Does anybody know if they are a good company?



MT Recrutiers- ever hear of this transcription comany? Any info good or bad, new company? nm
Does anyone recommend a pretty good company that is good to work for, pay always on time and plenty
of work.  I know that is asking a lot, but just curious?
Strictly IC, good company, hard accounts, good platform.
Good pay, always on time, no direct deposit though.
Is Transcend a good company with a good platform to work on. They are advertising.
Webmedx hires some ICs. Good company. So sorry for your loss. Good luck!
TransTech for many reasons, good pay, stable company, good benefits
and flexible.
I have looked around the last 6 months and have found nothing better. Have turned down numerous jobs, and have finally decided to stay put. The better insurance plans were announced and even moreso than ever, I am staying put, and my paycheck is happy about that because it is getting better every day. Good luck to you.
TransTech is a good company. Debbie is the owner and a good one at that! nm
Good company, great people, good benefits.
Affordable insurance. Good luck!
I know JLG and they are a good company with a good group of people

I joined JLG about 9 month ago and I am thrilled with the experience that I have had.  Although the company has been around for 20+ years, a group of good industry veterans who know how to operate fairly to both employees and clients have joined the company in the past year.  I followed my manager from another giant company. 

I have also worked on this account and it was plauged with problems from the start.  The hospital required the account to be implemented in a matter of days, there were technical issues and the hospital management staff was new and the employees were mad because transcription had been outsourced.  Personally, I won't miss this client but good luck to those that get it. 

There is plenty of work at JLG and I have already been advised on my new assignments

DSG is a good company. The sound quality is good sm
but I don't understand why they are hiring. In the a.m. was have NO work. The afternoon and evenings do have more work though.
or maybe it's really a good company. Give me a break. If a company isn't talked about sm
on here, good or bad, it's probably too small to matter and does not offer benefits or anything at all.
Good company, with good incentive SM
pay scale, decent health plan for full-timers, lower end for other benefits, well organized and dependable, good platform, good support. Very heavy ESL, medium-sized community medical centers, relatively high SR pay rate because it takes longer overall to clean it up. However--good producers who put in a good workday make quite good money here.
good company
I have been with them for awhile now.  Every one is wonderful and helpful.  I thought it was a 65 character per gross line.  I am going to look back through my notes.  If it is not, I still make a line count that I am happy with and still improving. Pay is always on time.    Have a good day.
Good company
I am happy with them. Good accounts, very rare to run out of work, good managers, decent pay. I feel I have been fairly treated.
D*** good company, go for it
I was off of QA in 3 days, overtime yes, benefits, yes. GO FOR IT, EXCELLENT COMPANY.
I have found Philbrick Transcription (based out of CT) to be a great company and they only offer IC status.  They have a great starting line rate too!!!  www.philbricktranscription.com
Anyone out there know about Cy Med. Is it a good company sm
How do they pay?  Do they count lines fairly?  Do they have a lot of bad ESL?  They seem like a nicer, kinder MT company even offering time and a half until you get up to speed.  Are they liars who say anything to get you to sign on?  Can you expect them to be true to their word?  Thanks any and all imput!  What a crazy world.  I am going wild trying to find a nice MT company.
Good Company
Wonderful group of people to work with. Been there since August, with a few problems at home, and they have been great. Very high standards for quality.
Good company. sm

One downside is occasionally running low on work, but I have plenty of backups, so I never run out.  Platform gets quirky sometimes, but it doesn't stop me from producing and earning bonuses.  Great people.  Come on over. 

I don't consider them a good company. I

took their test to work for them and I have more than 18 years of experience and they sent me a really insulting letter telling me to apply again in six months when I had more experience.

The audio was horrible and I had no way of slowing the dictation down. 

I asked about what errors I had made and of course they told me to call.  I was not going to do that if they could not even give me an estimate of my mistakes which they could easily have done.  I was not about to play phone tag when I needed to work badly and had to wait till I was finished for the day to take the stupid test.

When you don't have the right equipment, just how are you supposed to take a test.  I know that I got the answers to the written part right and I did the best I could with the dictation which I say was awful, but to insult me like that having 18 years of experience and sending that shoddy letter just infuriated me.  I will never try again, I'll sure bet.

Glad the rest of you got past the front door and liked it.  I thought I sure would have.  Oh, well.  I


MDI is a good company
I've been there about 5 months now, and I really like it. Pay is good and always on time - either employee or IC status. Good benefits but family insurance is expensive. Flexible as far as schedule and if you have doctor appointments or whatever. Never had any problem with that. Management has always been more than fair about any issues that I've had. The platform I work on is word based, but they have several different platforms - just depends where they need help and what you're needs are. Work was a little slow in the summer, but there's been plenty lately. I think every company has a slow time in the summer, or at least that's been my experience. I've been with other nationals, and so far, MDI is by far the best one I've worked for. Very happy there.
TT is a good company.
that are a piece of cake.  Some, I hear, are not.  Some of the ESLs in back posts are said to be very hard to understand.
Good company
No. Not a good company
A lot of MTs left this company for a lot of reasons, none good. I liked them at first, but that did not last.
They seem to be a good company (SM)
Not a lot of bad about them on the web.  I interviewed and tested for them, but the recruiter was off line and had computer troubles, never recontacted me, so I went with another company.  It would be a good choice, I think.  They offer a complete surgical position.  At one time, there was a $2,000 sign-on bonus paid out $500 every 3 months.  Might be worth a try, still.  Good luck.
In your own opinion, which company would be the BEST?  I am in desparate need of getting a new job (MAJOR problems with current company).  Don't want to get screwed around, pay decent and decent dictators.  Thanks everyone!!!
RE: Good Company
Give Transcend a try.
I would suggest trying Transtech.  They are very fair, pay on time, and offer good benefits.  I have been with them for about 6 months and I am very happy.
Good/bad company - sm
Well, not paying on time, paying incorrectly, doing the bait and switch after hiring, terrible platform where you cannot use your Expander and/or no spell checker, wicked QA that picks on you for the least little thing that has no bearing on the record itself, overbearing management, constantly emailing with threats or inconsistent personalities, horrible sound quality and/or horrible dictators that NO ONE can do and make money at, awful tech support, and I'm sure the list goes on and on.....
Good company

I have been working for them a little over a year and have been very happy.  The program is great; it's very easy to use.  Sound quality has been very good.  I was assigned one account when I first started that had very poor sound quality.  I'm not sure if the problem was at their end or mine, but I asked if I could switch accounts and they had no problem with that.

Work is plentiful.  The only time I have run out is around the holidays, but it doesn't last for long, and I think you'll find that's the case with most companies.

There have been many negative postings about them, but I honestly have been quite happy with them.  I think some people are just chronic complainers!  You're always going to find things you don't like no matter where you work.  You just have to decide if the good outweighs the bad.


Really sad because at first they were a very good company
  Really disappointed because I have always worked hard for them, had 99% or better QA reviews, and never missed my line counts until now.
good company
This is a good company. They have a lot of benefits and they pay very well.
What does that mean. Is it a good company or not.
Not a good company
I worked for DSG for a while, over a year and things just kept getting worse, for me anyway.  I loved it when I first started out, but the company has definitely changed and not for the better, in my opinion.  Lines were very difficult to get.  When I left they were adding new accounts etc., but I also know many MT left because they were unhappy.  Good luck with whatever you choose.
They are a good company except...sm
they run out of work a lot.  For the past month it has been so slow that my paychecks have been cut in half.  However, management is good, they pay on time, dictators are okay, and they use ExText which I love. 
Company is good.....
I was wondering the same thing....which company?
Okay, how about just the good and bad on the company??....sm
It is very unusual not to get ANY replies on a company of this stature.  I don't know if that's a good sign or bad sign.  I am inquiring about a radiology MT position.  I don't want to get stuck with a company that is almost all ESL, difficult management, whatever.  I would just like any info from someone who works there on how they like it...pros and cons, etc.   TIA
Good company
I like the company but have been running out of work all Summer. You are expected to wait for work, sometimes 2 hours or more and then make up lines at the end of the day or on the weekend. Also, my account has some of the worse mush-mouth dictators! Also, you have to work every other Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, so hope you don't mind that. Things will probably be good with the new accounts coming on though. All in all, one of the better companies to work for.
Yes, good company
Yes, I have.  They subcontract for Sten Tel for UMass.  I like AccuStat and have been with them a good while now.
I certainly would look further for a good company
I wish you the best of luck. There are many, many companies, take your time and think everything through before signing on to one. :)
DSG is a good company.

DSG is a good company.  I was part-time and had to leave for other reasons not relating to them.  The schedule is flexible and they have added several new accounts recently. The people are friendly too and you will get lots of support from other MTs and QA.  The platform is DQS, which is easy.  I never experienced any problems with them and found them to be very supportive.  Good luck! 



Good Company!
They're not new, and from what I know about them they're an excellent company. They're located in Michigan, and I think that due to growth they've just recently started hiring people who are not necessarily local to the area. I was offered a position with them in the past and often wish I'd taken it.
Yes. Very good company, IMO.
good company
I've worked part-time for Transform for two years.  Very happy with them.  They recently hired a bunch of people so Deb (hr lady) may be behind in getting back to people.  I think their website is transform.com or transformmt.com.  They are very nice to work with and appreciative for any extra that you do.
JLG - Good Company
A good friend of mine used to work for JLG, and she loved it. They set you up with an instant message system that allows you to speak with QA at any time, even while you are working on a report. They started her at 8.5 cpl, and she was very happy with her accounts. She was a former Medquist employee who felt that JLG was far superior to MedQuist in every way. The owner is a former MT who really cares about her employees.

Hope this is information is helpful.
Not a good company if you need
good company
Sue is right, Transcend is a very good company to work for. I do and I love it. Sue is one of the reasons why, staff is very very helpful and goes to show she saw your post here....
Good company
to work for. I actually work on the MDI side, but Transcend has been really good to me.  They have been extremely flexible with my schedule.  Better than average pay.  They use several different platforms and one or two are a little archaic, but once you get used to them, they're not that bad.  Actually, the platform my accounts are on is very user friendly.  I've worked for other companies who have had much worse platforms.  Some of the accounts do tend to run low on work, but if you're willing to take on several other accounts as secondaries and are willing to learn new work types, then you shouldn't have a problem.  Most of the people complaining about work being low are the ones who cherry pick and refuse to type the dictators we all hate and then start complaining there's not enough work.
My company does too. Good god.
Some people just get excited over the smallest things.