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That person was a troll. Just trying to stir things up. 12 cpl or

Posted By: more WITH benefits is rare. on 2008-01-19
In Reply to: I am growing tired of this sm - You know me well and I'm a TTer


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Agree - Some troll trying to stir the pot
Must be having a very boring Easter and trying to seek stimulation on the board. *EYE ROLL*
Why must the person be a troll? Before its over with I guess you will be a troll also.
Yes, I will, but I'm not buying this. I think someone's trying to stir things up.
Some people just love to stir things up.

This person is a troll. (SM)
Probably a very disgruntled ex-employee. Probably have been banned at some point from this forum for unacceptable posting.

Do not pay any attention to their posts. I am leaving them here so the Administrator can see them first.

Trust me, even with their anonymizers, their ISPs can still be traced and they can be reported to anonymizers for abuse as well.
The HR person took files with her and really messed things up when she left. She was sm
the rudest person I have ever talked to, and Keystrokes is much better off without her.
Just want to make sure I have this straight. You come here obviously trying to stir the pot
with your e-mail about them obviously growing beyond the ability of their office staff to keep up and that they only want calls in an emergency, yet you want to work for them? Who are you and what are you trying to start here? Where on earth did you ever get the idea that they only wants calls of an emergency nature or that their office staff cannot keep up? If you really believe that, why in the world would you want to work for them?

First of all, they have never, ever said only to call in an emergency. With regard to the office staff, I have never failed to receive a timely and PLEASANT response to anything I need.

You are so clearly trying to start some sh*t here and you need to get over yourself, get a life and get a grip!
I wasn't trying to stir the pot and say there is an issue per se. sm

This is just the first place I have worked where I do not have a specific pay day.  I feel kind of foolish sometimes when people ask me when I will be paid, and I say I'm not sure.  Plus, I am spoiled because when I first started, the line counts were automatic and we were paid within a couple of days.  Then, they apparently discovered some flaw in the program, so the line counts are done by hand now and it takes several days.   I never quite know how much I have done until I get the final line count that is sent to me, so that is something new for me as well.

Still, they are great people who care about the MTs, and the accounts are easy.  I would recommend them to anyone.  If I was in a better place financially, the pay day thing would not be of concern either.  I have always gotten paid ... never any question of that.  They are people of integrity. 

For anyone who has done acute care as long as I have, working for various teaching hospitals with literally hundreds of different dictators and tons of ESLs, working for CardioScribes is a breath of fresh air. 


didn't mean to stir up anything - how do you get into recruiting and what are the requirments an

how do you find jobs ?  Do not see a lot of postings for recruiters.  Thanks.

Well, go back to work and quit trying to stir the pot.

Not to stir up trouble, but when we signed on didn't we agree not to
if we had questions or concerns? My just reading this makes my skin crawl but if I were really concerned, I would talk to my sup. right away, as they suggest... I am not management, just a concerned MT as people keep saying things on this board when we are constantly reminded not to do this hear, that is spread around facts which are not proven. Why not just talk to the job directly if you don't have work instead of getting the rest of us upset here?
Obviously a troll!
First, if you were fired from Spheris, you just aren't too good!  From your post, I can understand why you were fired.  Learn to spell!  I wouldn't go around telling everyone how you were fired either!  Most people aren't proud of that fact.  Your post makes NO sense.  You are jealous because an Andrews graduate received better training and therefore can get a better job.  DUH.  Try another line of work!
I'm not a TROLL
My post sounded very rude and I apologize.  Maybe I'm having a bad day or PMSing...who knows? 
Do you look like a troll??
Dont insult the trolls.
oh lawdy - one troll after another, eh? NM *lol*
Ignore the troll.
You are obviously a troll with a vendetta.
Too bad you don't have something better to do than come on here and cause problems.

please do not call her a troll - there is no need for that. the QA
part is the truth. There is a severe lack of QA at Diskriter. I just type my lines with or without blanks and just send them through because I was tired of the nasty emails I was getting from my supervisor about my blanks. That's all I will say because I do not know who reads this board
Can you say "management troll"???
Have you ever heard of a TROLL?

Yes, only a troll masquerading as an MT
would defend cherry-pickers and just say ignore them while looking the other day. REAL MTs would get mad and do something about cherry-pickers, not accuse MTs who disagree wtih it as being kids fighting over candy
you know I think you are the real troll sm
on here. I posted that I DO NOT own an MTSO but now I am a know-it-all and say things over and over. What the heck does that have to do with a post addressing the accusation that I am an MTSO owner. I work for a MTSO just like the rest of you. I happen to like my job, do well etc. etc.

You are nothing but a whiner and complainer that doesn't need to be in this business at all.

I hope one of these days this business DOES go back to where it was where you ahve to work your butt off to get experience with ESLs and everything else. The job is weekends, holidays, whenever the work is there is you want to work from home for an MTSO! If not go into a hospital and work int he MR department.. You will still have to work weekends and holidays.

Shut up or get out!
An obvious troll
put this clown who laughs at other's misery on *ignore.* Let LMAO entertain/babysit him/herself.
I think it is one person. I had a few print outs from a few weeks ago and this person even capital
I have had a positive one. I have been with Keystrokes for 3 months and am very happy.

I printed them to show my manager but she told me that there are few bitter people out there and no one can do anything about them. My manager said that everyone can tell that it is the same few over and over again, for Keystrokes and a few other companies as well. Time to move on Ms. Anon. I cannot think why a company would go through the trouble of getting IDs and getting you installed just to ignore you after that. Doesn't make sense, does it? Are you sure that't the whole truth? You keep saying truth but it sounds fishy.
Exactly what I'm talking about RUDE! You are a very unhappy person. A happy person does not
respond in such a way!  This is the reason SS has such a bad name.
why don't you grow up and get a life you troll
whoa - that just may be a troll post.....sm

as I know it, the MT work coming out of India is sent to 3 doctors in India who sit in a room and proofread ALL India-MT work........saw a program on cable TV.....and this work is proofed before it comes back to the US.....

No I am not a troll, but I did find a job. Good for me
I found a job as a medical secretary and that is good enough for me right now. It is not the best situation, but I will get some SUM tapes and practice. Thanks for the advise.
I don't think this is a true manager, just a troll.
Look on an urban dictionary. Its right by troll,
I call TROLL on the defensive
so-called MT who defends cherry-picking.
I am not a hateful person but that person screamed at me for 45 minutes. sm
She said all transcriptionists are idiots.
Ha, ha. I love it. Troll alert! Good one. nm
Yeah you troll. Get back under the bridge.
It's called a troll. Statements without backup. sm
There is a lot of work out there with Keystrokes and others. MQ is losing accounts, and the other MTSOs are getting them. I am sure that they want to see quality and limit volume the first few days. I would if it were my company.
well, haven't heard the word troll since...
There's something fishy here. The anti-KS troll is back!
I make 9.5 cpl after 2 years. Someone is trying to stir up trouble again.
Good plan. You know they troll these boards, so
I am officially calling you out as the troll that you are.. moderator are you here? sm
if this isnt considered troll like flaming behavior, please define what is.
If this is what is to be here on MT stars, I will be leaving.
Everytime you say something good about a company, they call you a troll - (sm)
Who's the idiot?
No. Expect good things, and good things will come
I LIKE MDI. A few little things here and there
but for the most part, they are far superior to the others. (I even like AIM.)
thanks i will definitely try these things

Three things ...
1) I am an SE and I work my schedule, period.

2) I have never been out of work...even when others complain they are.

3) I have been not only allowed to work past my schedule but encouraged to. It's not my fault I'm allowed/encouraged to do so. It's more money in my pocket.

Look, I work as hard as you do. I don't know why you don't have any work but that doesn't mean it is my fault because I'm an SE. I also don't "hog" work. I take it as it comes...not like I can horde it away on my system and keep it in private while others sit without it. I can have only 2 jobs in my queue at any given time, just like everyone else.

Let's band together and not fight, ok?! It's not the IC's fault if the work is poorly distributed -- it is mgmt's fault.

I always ask things like that first, also pay
Make sure to ask before you test. big waste of time
You are right about some things
yes, they are not the greatest company, but do we really know who is. I know it was disappointing to me that they didn't pay for training, though it was only 2 hours. They are paying for spaces now, just since the last couple of months. I understand about the supervisor situation, but I think that is anywhere, and I am almost certain I know who you are talking about, (I thought the same thing) but if it is her, she's gone. I do agree that it does seem hard to make good lines, at least on one of my accounts. All I know is that overall, I am the most happy with them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is just mine
I wonder about these things too...
I can understand the policy of not allowing companies who are dishonest as OSi apparently was to post on the board, but I thought there was a name-calling policy too. Someone below posted a really nasty remark about the Pres. of a co. (and used his name) and it was totally overlooked while a reminder about name-calling was deleted. Go figure.
of seeing the same things over and over with
nothing to back them up. I was sick reading the posts all weekend about every company that someone had questions about.
Look for these things.
What kind of reports are they?  Are they regular films or specialty work such as MRI and scans and special studies.  What kind of dictators are these, ESL or primarily English speaking?  An x-ray is not just an x-ray any longer.  Some can be very involved and it depends on your level of expertise whether you will make money or not.  What system will you work on?  Do demographics load or is it manual?  Lots of variables to watch for.
first things first
Have you contacted your company directly? What did they say?