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The MTs can't be forced to work over 40 hours in a week

Posted By: mt2 on 2007-02-06
In Reply to: She means asking MTs to work OT but not record hours - OSI

unless paid OT pay. If the work is not getting done, maybe they need additional help on the account or MTs who can actually do the work in a reasonable time to stay in TAT.

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Why would anyone work 8 hours a week. The poster above said 16 or 24 hours a week.
Sorry, I work 15 hours a day 5 days a week and 5 hours the other 2, when I come here I dont proof.
how may hours a week do you work
or maybe a better question is how many lines a day do you do?
how many hours a week do you work to get this?
so, you don't really know what it's like to work a national.
How many hours do you work a week? (NM)
That is a great gig you have going. Do you have to work weekends?
How many hours in a week do you normally work to get your lines in?
Just curious. I work 50-plus hours here to make it work for our family, would love to cut back
I work 1 job, about 36 hours/week and make at
least that amount, plus have vacation and PTO, also an employee so they pay taxes.   I found that working multiple account keep me from making money because I have to learn so many doctors and be aware of the different formats/platforms and account specific stuff.  I used to work a bunch of jobs part-time and was working 7 days a week and lots and lots of hours and not making very much money.   If I worked the same hours on one account I could have easily made $80,000+/year. 
Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week?
I have a full time job, but need to make a bit more income.  Are there any good companies that might work for me?  Thanks for any input.
Just curious - how many hours a week do you work? nm
I work 40 hours a week. I'm glad you're
back to making good money, but I don't feel that I-chart is ripping me off. If I did, I wouldn't stay.
I used to work for them part-time -- I think 20 hours/week is the minimum. nm
Full time with Transtech is both. 40 hours per week and 5500 lines per week.
Any companies that allow line count rather than hours or less than 20 hours per week? (sm)

Wouldn't mind having something extra especially with Christmas and general winter expenses coming up but working a FT job and really don't want to do another 20 hours on top of that. 


Must we choose either 8, 16 or 24 hours. Why would they want someone only working 8 hours a week.
That is less than SE are required now.
So, when you are forced to work

on beyondtxt and you are forced to take a pay cut, and when you are sitting there with no work because the Indians are doing it cheaper, are you gonna come on this board and say how great it is?

You know, eventually when the Indians are doing 40% which is the goal for the *forseeable future,* they will probably hire the Indians to also be Team Leads at a lot less pay... Just some food for your happy thoughts.

So, when you are forced to work

on beyondtxt and you are forced to take a pay cut, and when you are sitting there with no work because the Indians are doing it cheaper, are you gonna come on this board and say how great it is?  Obviously the things that others are complaining about, you have zero knowledge of.

You know, eventually when the Indians are doing 40% which is the goal for the *forseeable future,* they will probably hire the Indians to also be Team Leads at a lot less pay... Just some food for your happy thoughts.


DARN STRAIGHT... and as soon as the Indians are forced to work weekends,

then I will.  I used to have plenty of work for my early morning shift and now none.  Why?  NOT BECAUSE THE CLIENT DOES NOT HAVE WORK AT THAT TIME......

BECAUSE THE INDIANS TOOK MY WORK.  They get to work days and have off nights and weekends becuase us PRIMMA DONNAS are here to suck hiney and say *I will do it cause the client needs it*

WAKE UP!!!!!!!  The world is laughing at you. 

You do not get PTO for 16 hours a week. 24 hours or more for the PTO. nm
20 hours per week

I have 3 accounts and work about 20  to 22 hours per week on them including printing, delivering, cutting apart chart notes, clean up their dictation, change things, etc.  and I make betweem the three of them (5 docs, 2 surgeons, 2 IM's and one plastic surgeon) $3200 to 3400.   Guess I am lucky.   Work at a clinic doing electronic chart notes and get paid $15 hour plus benefits and put in as many hours as I want -- up to 20 and sometimes bring tapes home and make 1200 to 1400 there.  Not bragging but the accounts are out there.



because anything over 40 hours a week
has to be paid at OT line rate if you are at full-time employee status.  That's probably why.
IC - 30 hours week. nm
32 hours/week
More like 80 hours/week hu?
More like 80 hours/week hu? Unless you work your booty off and have no life or have a slew of macros that you use for EVERY word transcribed.
Only 36-40 hours a week
It actually only takes me 6-8 hours a day of transcribing to make that much. The platform is great, and I do nothing but ER reports. Love it!
16 hours a week or 8 a week and get
401 K.
Anyone know of a company that needs about 10 hours a week...
I'm looking for part-time work, about 10 hours a week.  I've got 13 years full-time acute care experience and just need a few hours, Mon-Fri, morning or night!
Interviewed the other day - PT is 15 hours per week. (sm)

Don't know much about the way the jobs load, but she did say people are only taking 2 weeks or less to get up to speed.  (Of course, I know, they can tell you anything.) 

The recruiter was very pleasant, the test was a verbal thing, and the pay was decent.



Anyone know if TransTech will do PT less than 20 hours per week? nm
$4000 - PT - 20 hours week as IC. nm
What companies have 10 or less hours per week...
Most companies want 20 hours for part time, but with working outside the home, it's hard to swing it.  Anyone know of any?  Thanks so much.
At mine it's 8 hours/day, 40 hrs/week.
What they DON'T bother to tell you is that with the minimum line count you're going to be expected to produce daily, it's going to take you 12+ hours to get it all done. 4 hours of which, you know, you will NOT be paid for.

THAT's 'full-time' employment in the MT world.
Spheris PT 20 hours week?

Do they require 20 hours a week for PT and/or weekends? 

Not really...Minimum of 35 hours per week plus SM
more hours if they need you to work which means no part time.
PT has to be 24 hours a week at 100 LPH minimum.
sorry should have put an average of 24 hours per week.
I lacked 5 hours for the last week. Think that'll be okay since
work was low? I was going to make it up Sunday, but work still low and didn't want to take from the scheduled folks.
Yes. I earn almost $40,000 working 32 hours a week. nm
MQ requires 24 hours per week for PTO benefits.nm.
You didn't mention how many hours a week
you are working. ??
You didn't mention how many hours a week
Five days a week; 10-12 hour days.
PT 20 hours week including 1 weekend day ....nm
Any companies let you accrue PTO with less than 40 hours per week? (sm)
WMX used to give  FT benefits at 35 hours per week.  I can do without the insurance, etc.  but really hate to give up PTO.
I make about $1,500 a month working about 20 hours per week.

Believe me, I'm not bragging or slamming anybody at all.  No way.  I'm frustrated with my own income because I'd like to make more.  I'm willing to put in more hours to do it, too.  Honestly, I'm not that fast.  I have one very small local account and one small MTSO I subcontract for.  None of it is verbatim, it's clean up the grammar as you go, which totally slows me down.

I won't work for a national any more because I couldn't make enough money there.  I wasn't willing to tough it out for three months until I could make their line counts, especially when they had me on their worst accounts, pools of hundreds of dictators per hospital so I couldn't use my expander, and a new account every week.

I've said before that if I'm going to do MT, it's going to be on my terms.  I won't chain myself to a desk or be "on call" all day long waiting for work to come in.  Nationals don't pay you to sit there and wait for work.  That's bull.  Being on call IS working.  Other businesses pay their "on call" people at least minimum wage.  They skirt around the issue trying to use SE and IC terminology, but it's just a way of paying us less to be at their beck and call.

Don't give up on MT entirely.  You'll find your fit.  It just takes some searching.

I worked for them PT awhile back -- 20 hours a week min., I think. nm

Which companies consider full-time 35 hours per week? THX......nm
Perfect for me. I have a FT job and wanting only a few hours a week extra. nm
After signing up for 3 jobs totalling 80 hours a week as well as sm

an IC job for a few more hours, I guess I'm all about change for the New Year!  (ha)  Obviously, I cannot (or at least do not want to) work that much forever, but I have goals, and since I don't see the Pretty Woman fairytale coming true for me or perhaps winning the lottery, the only way to accomplish them is through hard work.  I believe we should change and constantly evolve into the best we can be, regardless of life situations and what beats us down.  I also realize that is easy to say, not always easy to do. 

I have been a medical Transcriptionist for over 30 years now, starting in high school with on-the-job training.  I am thankful for having that inhouse experience with ladies who had been doing it forever and having the benefit of their ears to listen, not to mention their patience and caring and being willing to teach me and share their knowledge.  Like many others, I have watched the benefits and wages go down in this field and have felt frustrated, hopeless, etc., but ultimately we are all the captains of our own destiny. 

I do not think I have the patience for QA, and I applaud those of you who do it.  To those of you who venture out and switch professions, I applaud you as well for your courage and determination.   To those who are the sole support for a family depending on you, I give you my cudos as well.   I am the only income for me and my doggie, and that is scary enough at times.  I cannot imagine the pressure of having others depend on me as well.

This is ending up a bit rambling.  I think I had a point when I started out.  I suppose I just wanted to thank you for the positive post and encourage others and let them know they are not alone.   Change is a part of life, but together perhaps we can all slog through it together. 


the day has 24 hours, I work only 6-8 hours, so, lots of time to post...nm
I make 1300 per month 10 hours per week (IC) extra job

6000 lines per pay period (2-weeks) and 20 hours per week that is
Just clarifying.