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The Transcription Doctors?? I received an email about a job. Anyone know who they are?

Posted By: Seeking information on 2007-05-22
In Reply to:

Just checking them out.

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TransTech / Transcription, Technology, and Support / The Transcription Doctors nm
received the email, nm
received the email
no email received
can you provide more info?
a lot of us received an email
asking when we would be able to have an interview--NOTHING, NADA after that.

received 2 email warnings

I had received 2 email warnings

I received no such email, and I was paid on the 8th, not the 7th, and sm

since the line counts have not even been issued, it would seem highly unlikely that I am going to be paid on the 22nd.

I am sorry that you seem upset by my question, but I do not think it is unreasonable to want to know when I will be paid.

As far as letting you know anything, you have distanced yourself from the MTs so much, I really doubted that you would care.  Thanks for responding to me at least on the message board.

I received an email from JG stating spaces would
be paid now too. Got it at 9:19 a.m. with a follow up email 4 minutes later stating for clarification, this is permanent.
Yes, to me too. In fact, I think it was an Indian name in the email I received.
I have received no email about such conference call.
Where did you get that from, and who sent it out.  Give initials, pls.  I got missed somehow.
Keystrokes is definitely hiring. I received an email from them saying that they sm
are hiring a lot of new MTs. They emailed CMTs from what I can tell, as they also emailed a few friends of mine as well. Three of us have taken positions. The timing was right; I have had it with MQ.
I don't believe I trashed the company, and I had not received the email yet. sm
And yes, she is cheery and full of hope and promise, but that doesn't pay the bills now.  I appreciate your compassion. 
I applied on Friday and received an email
on Sunday asking about my availability for an interview. I responded on Sunday with totally open availability and I have not heard anything back. What should I make of this?
A month or so ago I received an email from Axolotl
Offering me a position, but the recruiter was very up front and told me it was an extremely difficult, heavily ESL dictator account, so I passed.

I'm not sure if that's the account for which they still have an opening, or if they've got something else available now.

I've never heard of the other place, so I can't help there. You might check the archives just in case there's in there.

I received an email from someone about Keystrokes being for sale - it is lie. sm

Yes, the owners met with the CEO of Transcend and went to dinner but it was 2 years and it was NETWORKING.  They had no intentions of selling to them and when they informed them of that, Transcend stopped coming around.  I work in the office.  Get your facts straight.

I received an email from TransTech stating that they
are about to hire for many positions but just last week I read lots of posts on here about people running out of work.  At one time I had been really interested in working for them but this is really confusing and makes me very wary. 
I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

Submitted resume 9/28 late at night. Received email today. nm
Transcription Doctors, Inc.
Has anyone heard of Transcription Doctors, Inc. nm
Transcription Doctors
They have an ad on MT Stars, but I cannot find their website and I was just wondering if anyone knew if they are a good company to work for and if they pay on time. nm
The Transcription Doctors, Inc.
The owner of TTD, Inc. is extremely nice and very easygoing.  I worked for them for a year as an IC and was very happy.  I only left because I wanted to become a W2 employee with PTO and benefits.  Feel free to email me if you have more questions
Transcription Doctors
I worked as an IC for a year w/TTD, Inc. and had a very positive experience. Small company, very nice owner. Email me if you have any specific questions. :)
The Transcription Doctors, Inc
I was just wondering if anyone has worked for The Transcription Doctors, Inc. on the escription platform and how it was.   TIA
Transcription Doctors
Didn't work on eScription but worked for TTD, Inc. as an IC a little over a year ago and had a good experience. Email me for details if you'd like.
ARe TTD Inc & Transcription Doctors the same co. or 2 different..
companies? Any info on TTD? I couldn't find much in the archives. Thanks!
They are the same. The Transcription Doctors


There platform is easy to work for and easy accounts BUT you are considered an IC and have to adhere to a STRICT schedule, doesn't sound like a IC, huh? 

QA is OK, but again, you have to have to stick to a strict schedule, or else.

TTD is The Transcription Doctors
TMInc is TransMedical Inc.
TTD INC/The Transcription Doctors, Inc

Hey All ~

Yes, same company.  I'm the owner  Not trying to pull a fast one...just quicker to type TTD INC instead of The Transcription Doctors, Inc. LOL!  Nothing to hide here! 


The Transcription Doctors
Transcription Doctors
Did anyone get information on Transcription Doctors?  I've been offered a position also and am wondering if they are ok to work for or not.
Transcription Doctors....sm
She pays, but never on time you are right, the dates are NEVER the same, but I found out from an inside source, she pays herself FIRST!!!!
The Transcription Doctors, Inc?
Does anyone know anything about this company?
The Transcription Doctors
Any info on this company would be greatly appreciated.  I really want to make sure I am not working for free.  Thanks!!
Transcription Doctors...

I started working for this company (if you want to call it working).  I am only  allowed to do 10 reports a day until off QA and their QA is so back and forth- verbatum wait no add words wait no why did you add words AAAH. Nice people, but its driving me crazy.  Then there are these constant emails about backlog, but like I said I am only allowed 10 a day and I can only work on the one account.  I am a little frustrated.  I have been in this business for 10 years and left for awhile, but stepping back in.  Any suggestions?  Anyone who works for them and got over this hump and all was okay?



Transcription Doctors, Inc.
Any info on this company?  TIA.
Drop them an email. Mine was stolen. I received a nice empty envelope.
How is SGS connected to TTD (Transcription Doctors)?
Did SGS buy TTD?
TTD is The Transcription Doctors. TRX is a different company.

Transcription Doctors? OK to work for? (see message)
Do they hire IC or employee? Decent work flow? Reasonable expectations? Is management/QA reasonably nice?
Sending a resume to The Transcription Doctors
Their email address is an AOL email address, so if you are not using AOL, did you put @aol.com on the end of the email address? If you use AOL, of course you do not need to put the @aol.com extension on. As previously mentioned, I sent her my resume and heard back from them about a half hour later.
Anyone know a company that works with small pool of doctors? Tired of so many doctors nm
I got an automated email shortly after and received info from Debra shortly after that. NM
The coverage is perfect for me as all my doctors and my kids doctors are sm
in network. With WebMedx none of them were. The coverage is much better for me. My husband's company wanted to charge us $1470 per month for family coverage. There are three of us, so that would be $490 per month per person, which is insane.
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
I would like to speak with MTs who have worked for her in the past. 
Has anybody applied with p.r.n. transcription service? Please email nm
Does anyone work for Landmark Transcription by any change. Can you email me your opinion of them.
Thank you.
Hepworth Transcription. Any infor or work experience? You can email if you if you want to


doctors are way more $$ than MTs and
get a grip
Many of the doctors do this.
It wouldn't be a problem if it was just one doc. Sorry I didn't make that clear in my first post. There are several docs who dictate 'my normal' and it takes lots of time to do this on each report.