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The case for weekend and evening incentive pay ~

Posted By: Why should they? on 2009-09-20
In Reply to:

I believe in incentive pay for covering weekends, evenings and holidays. It seems there is always a demand for these duty periods. Yet some companies do NOT offer incentive pay and I would like to hear appropriate reasonings why they SHOULD. After all, we are giving up our precious, coveted time for their obviously hard-to-cover time slots!

Other than the obvious reasons of weekends and evenings being the only time when a majority families/individuals can relax and recreate, what are other sound reasonings for companies to pay more for these shifts. Thanks for responding!

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I'm the OP, just asking about extra hours in case I'm bored over the weekend and I've alrea
TransHealth just implemented an incentive plan, plus shift and weekend differentials. nm

Very good company. Incentive pay for production plus shift and weekend differentials. sm

Their platform is stable (proprietary, I've been on it for about a year and a half now).  Pay is always on time.  Good support staff.  Their insurance changed this year.  Plenty of work.  They don't overhire on their accounts from what I can see.  If anything, there is always plenty of work, which I like because I can hop on outside of my regular shift and get some more lines.  Now that they pay extra for weekends, I like to pick up some extra hours then. 

I think if you test well they will consider you on a case by case basis without the full 5 years.
I would definitely contact them anyway.
they may be willing to make considerations on a case-by-case basis s/m
I have a couple of situations that make 8 hours straight not possible for me, and when I hired on with the company I was with who recently merged with Transcend, they worked with me to find ways that would help me be productive without hindering my physical and personal limitations.

I am not going to list specifics, but I was very impressed at how willing they were to help me and they told me that they are willing to make considerations on a case by case basis.
A 3-day weekend every weekend? Wouldn't that be nice. Good luck with that!..nm
LOL! You made my evening. So
Does KS pay an evening differential?

And if so, what time does it start?  Would those who work a split qualify for a differential? Or,  if you start early in the day then runs into the evening.

I think it's 0.025 each for evening, night
Sorry, I was told before to try back of an evening when we run out during the day. (sm)
Didn't mean to step on toes. Heck, as long as they won't fire me for it I will gladly just take the time off.
I believe they are flexible, but probably some evening hours and
Rambling evening thout
With technology available today why are MTSOs and offshoring even necessary?. Why not cut out the unnecessary costs of the suits and contract directly with MTs with one co-ordinator or MT supervisor in each facility? A good place to save a lot of money per the health care reform IMHO. Not sure this will even post as I'm using my new handy dandy blackberry but I would like to say more on this subject.
Goodnight Lee. I hope the remainder of your evening
no message.
Wondering, too. Their ad here for Rad is for the evening shift at 1.31 per exam. nm
LOL! Good one..thanks for giving me my laugh for the evening! (nm)
I was offered 8.5 cpl for acute care, evening shift. Way too low for a very
My account has had plenty, but just looked a the evening count and...sm
I see where several are low, real low.  I am not sure what is going on.  Odd.  They did have an ad a little while back.  Hope they did not overhire again.
I didn't sign up to work Thanksgiving, but I will in the evening for a while at least. I heard s
that so many MTs want to work the morning hours that there will be almost no MTs to cover any evening work. I heard like only about 1.2 MTs per account. If there is work, I'll have it to be sure.
Is the work flow pretty steady on the evening shift
Well if that's the case..what about OSI? (sm)

Everybody now knows and they have admitted to outsourcing overseas...so why are they allowed to post of that's the rule of the boards?

In case you still need to know. sm
in this case, it is just a Name and nothing else..sm
have seen her post before under that name. It does not mean she is necessarily a newbie or a wannabe anything. in my opinion.
this has been in my case,
however, it may not be the same for all hires. In fact, i've wondered if you are really talking about the same company with the sun-thu or tue-sat schedule. No such requirements were put on me. Is this MDI out of Maryland? All we were expected to schedule when I was hired was any 2 weekend days per month. There has been no daily/weekly line quota. The best bet, as always, is to talk to the recruiter and see what they say.
Not the case
No work is definitely not the case. I personally have not taken a day off in 3 weeks because of OT (not complaining, need to $ anyway), so lack of work is not a problem. There is no problem as far as I am concerned. If you have such a problem there, go somewhere that suits you better. Try MQ!
just in case...

They get in a bind??  I don't know, but I get so many emails wagging the finger about how flexing was okay yesterday when the work was low (meaning nonexistant for many of us), but today we are building up, so if you have time to make up, do it now!  And then if 3 days on down the road a bonus comes up, you don't qualify because you don't have your hours/lines in.  So confusing...and somewhat unreasonable when you are a real person with a real family and other comittments besides being chained to your desk for a paycheck!! And please do not bash, I have a total of 6 backup accounts. 

Not the case at all.

Why is it when someone disagrees they are one of the chosen?  I think this is absurd.  I listened and do follow the rules and when I take my work I do it and then return for more .. the weekend is usually when those who do not follow rules throw their work back and the rules are set up specifically so that you know when you can go and pick any work that is available and not have to worry about preferred and selected and whatever.  After 20+ years in this business I have learned that worrying about what everyone else is doing or has for work has never helped me one iota.  Any service that does clinic work has a slow day and does it not make sense that if practices are closed on weekends that Monday is going to be a slow start with low work volume?  And, for the record, I was promised nothing, asked for the rules and follow them and work my schedule and extra is asked.  I do what is there for me and I don't think of myself as working only for certain dictators.  I do it all.  Some I like better than others but as an IC I understand how the work flow goes and pretty much it is the same from one place to the next. 

Additionally, I have another part-time job to pick up the slack.  A little planning on your part might be in order.  At tax time you would be glad to find it to your favor not to have just one client as an IC. 

If that's the case...
I would ask to have 1 account removed where there is no work and be put on an account that has work.

But, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to have more than 3 accounts.
The latter case, likely. It's also...sm
happened to me too many times to count.  We are routed several jobs at once, usually 3 or so.  I can usually see the next job(s) in the queue.... and sometimes know by the doc's number who the dictator is.  But when I try to load the next job, all of a sudden it'll disappear and usually replaced by crap work, ESLs, etc.  It usually occurs during certain shifts, if I need to work off of my regular shift.  The lead MTs in my co. do the distributing of work but theyalso have to get their own lines in.... so you know they're not keeping the s - - - jobs, ESLs for themselves.  I've decided that the next time this happens, I'll just contact the particular sup.MT and ask what's up?  Where was my work?  AND CC THE E-MAIL TO THEIR OWN SUPERVISOR.  i'll bet it'll stop quick!
in this case
pb doesn't mean peanut butter
If that is the case for you sm
then YAY you! There are at least 2 of us right here who had the same issue, so for you to be adamant that we did not, is just plain silly. I'd say if you are not experiencing what we are talking about, then this conversation DOES NOT pertain to you. Save yourself the stress and go about enjoying your IC position however you want to take it!
That is only the case...
if it is absolutely impossible to have the report transcribed in an emergency setting, but that is the exception, not the rule.  That is why there is a need for STAT MTs.  It's a fact.  Transcribed reports are needed on weekends.  That's just the way it is.
This has ALWAYS been the case. More so now than
Not so in my case
Been there 2 years, did not test, but had 20+ years experience. I don't believe they hire PT, but could be wrong. Monday mornings are a bit slow early, but usually picks up pretty quickly. My line rate was fairly good, and their incentive program (the more lines you do, the more you get paid per line back to line 1) is great. No one is happy with VR as far as pay anywhere, but I do believe there is no choice anymore, everyone will have to eventually do it. It is not fair what is being done to MTs because of VR. Yes, I do transcribe it faster, not twice as fast, which is what I would have to do to earn my normal line rate. Lastly, I am a happy TTer, and do not feel like I work for next to nothing. If I did, I would go elsewhere.
Not true in my case.
I do not feel I should be used to gain experience.  I have had ton of job offers.  Also,  when I received work back from QA, it was just horrid.  The QA was not helping me at all.  It was not good and often wrong grammar was in my reports by the QA people, and the AAMT book of style was not even used, even though they said that was the guideline.  I want to be a better MT, not a sloppy MT.  I was trained by an excellent school and no what to look for.  Believe me when I say,  I only had one page of guidelines to follow for all my accounts.  My other job have a book of what to use and not to use.  I want to be an excellent MT and train for my CMT exam in 2 years.  I would be sloppy if I stayed at MQ. The reports QA sent back were just out of this world.  I need to move on and learn.  I am with a smaller company now.  I will stay and get my experience in, just not at MQ.
Hey, get off my case. I like Lee and Keystrokes.
However, I don't think it's right to make excuses for hiring people and failing to follow through on the oral contract.  THAT was my point that YOU missed.
I know exactly what you're saying, but in this case -
this is what our hospital wants. It's not that we need people inhouse. They get to make the choice. Our hospital does not want to hire people in 10 different states and all over the country. The hospital has great benefits, vacation, sick leave, incentives, etc.
Good for you, it just is not the case with everyone
Is this person a nut case or what? As
unprofessional as anyone I've ever seen.  
the log in is case sensitive - sm

You might try changing the way you log in.  I believe it should be ALL caps.  That could be the problem with logging in.  Can't help with the rest, don't know why they wouldn't be returning calls.



and in my case, they have made NO
contributions to my MetLife account this year. Hope this is only my problem, just wanted to make others aware it was happening to me.
I thought that was the case, but I had to ask because
seems like the majority do alot of bitching and moaning about not being paid enough.
Not always true. In my case SM
the MTSO that did our overflow work first did discharge summaries, then they got the consults, then the H&Ps.  They didn't have to do the crappy doctors, we had to.  We had to do all the vascular and cardiac stuff.  We did not get the good work, they did.  And you know what?  It turned out they got it ALL and we were all kicked to the curb. 
Oh well in that case they should definitely call OSI

That is great...wish it was the case for some of us
I loved the platform and the work, but I gotta eat and three weeks of next to know money and not being able to get a return response when asking what is going on was enough.  The lack of communication was the problem I had.
She is a nut case! I would stay away but
everyone has different experiences. She always has an opening and say that is because she is very difficult to work with.
Did you mean $860 a month?? Wow.. if that is the case..
How do people make any money to live on besides just having medical insurance. Obviously, we have to have the insurance but we also need to eat...Dang...
If that is the case, I would get out fast!
I left Cymed shortly after SPI bought them out. They are HORRIBLE people to work for, not to mention incompetent!
P.S. In case you missed it...
I appreciated the information you posted, but I wasn't looking for someone to do this for me.

My style? What really is your problem? I was trying to gauge INTEREST, not pawn off the research...

why don't you put down your dukes for a second and reconsider the (mistaken) analysis you made of my posts.
Uh-oh! I figured that was the case

Thank you for the info!    Just not what I was hoping to hear. 

You would think that would be the case but that is not their style, unfortunately
it's sad really because I have a few friends that still work there and they are great MTs who are not appreciated for their own loyalty to the company...
No work is not the case

I know first hand that there is plenty of work to go around at Transcend.  If you run out on one account, you switch to another.  If you still run low you let management know and they will set you up with more work. 

I know this because I was not happy on the account I was on and all I had to do was ask and I have been flooded with new accounts to work on.