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The largest number of complaints (sm)

Posted By: CurrentMT on 2006-04-07
In Reply to: Is anyone on this board HAPPY with their job? - MT

about companies that I see on this board are for two reasons: 1) Companies that routinely overhire and make everyone fight for adequate work but still insist on line/hour quotas being met; and 2) Companies that don't communicate well -- recruiters that are more focused on selling their particular service than listening to make certain there will be a good fit between service and MTs and supervisors who are quick to send emails to criticize an MT but are frustratingly unavailable when the work volume is low or when MTs have problems that need addressed.

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As in largest - largest number of MT's -- what is the order of the

Is the Q still the largest ? Is Spheris next ? 

Does anyone have a feel on this subject of late?

Who are the largest? Top Ten? nm
Q is largest with Spheris second.
Q has over 7000 MTs/MEs/QA. Spheris has around 3800 to 4000.

Largest Nationals?
What would you say the top 5 largest national companies are?  Thanks!!
Administrator...I have text set for largest, but

...have to keep the settings in control panel as is for my job.  The text is awfully small.  Would there be any other way to enlarge it, or do I have to make-do?  

I love the site and the changes, too, just find it rather small.  Unfortunately, on my end, I can not change any other settings, and the +/- does not work for me, either. 

Yes - it's the 2nd largest national, begins with S. :) NM
I seriously doubt they are the 3rd largest. Maybe on another planet?

We know pretty much who the largest companies are. I think the best benefits I have seen have been with TransHealth.  They are reasonable and they have really good healthcare insurance as well as dental and vision.  Most companies just do not care about the benefits for their people. 

3rd largest DOMESTIC employer
Besides MedQ and Spheris, who else has 750 domestic MTs?  And to answer your question before you ask; yes, CyMed really does have that many.  I work in the corporate office and they've been stuffing envelopes for employee Christmas cards and gifts all week.  (Finally getting them out the door on Monday.)
I know that MQ and Spheris are the two largest companies. Who are the next ones in the top 10? nm


SPi acquires Cymed - becomes 3rd largest Co.
The talk doing the rounds is almost official. At least one senior executive had confirmed the deal. Further details awaited.
I read that Transcend was the third largest
How could Keystrokes be that big? From what I heard Keystrokes is still midsize. I would say there are plenty larger than them. Also Transcend has several divisions, which I do not believe is similar to Keystrokes at all.
Sorry, but not according to one of the largest financial insitutions in this country.
They totally disagree with what you say. I have talked to them in depth
silly wabbit, take a look at the CEOs of the largest
The MT industry IS male- dominated. The ICs and small mom-and-pop MTSOs may still be predominately women, but when the higher echelon of the larger companies are in fact males...well, you just don't come off sounding like you have it all together. Additionally, most of those male-dominated large MTSOs have sunk huge amounts of money in offshore facilities/employees. Our government has made it lucrative NOT to do business in the US.

About this work stoppage thing and organization efforts you advocate, you must not be well read in MT circles on the 'net. There have been some serious people making serious efforts to organize the MT industry and time and time, these efforts fail. The biggest reason for this failure are anonymous message boards like these (no offense to the board owner/administrators) because people don't want to put their name behind what they say, don't want stand up for what they say. There are too many people who simply want to keep their jobs. I DO believe that if the US MTs collectively stopped working for a week, services WILL find alternatives and there will be loss of jobs. Remember the air traffic controllers? Best example I can offer.

I could go on but I got weary from reading your post as I have seen it time and time again, and unless you personally are willing to stand up and organize it, why are you stirring the pot?

Milton's Red Stapler
Wow, Will that then make Spheris the largest company?
My husband works for one of the largest corporations in the U.S. (not MT). sm
They are paid on the 1st and 15th and his will not post until Monday. They were told that it depends on the clearing house in their region, that their bank sends it any day, even if a Sunday, but if that middleman, so to speak, is closed, it will not go until the next day. Same with holidays.
India has one of the largest growing economies in
What are top 5 companies size-wise? MQ still largest? nm
Sorry, but I used to work at one of the largest financial institutions in this country.
Thank you very much. Unless you have proof in your hand that the deposit was supposed to go in on a certain date, DO NOT go writing checks and spending money without that proof because stuff happens.
You mentioned smaller companies, but MQ is the largest, so do you think thousands will be let go?
Diskriter - Working for the largest hospital system in FL.
The benefits look fabulous! Strict schedule? Good PTO?

I think the 2 largest companies that do not offshore are Webmedx and Keystrokes. sm
Webmedx is in the $25m range with 750 employees and Keystrokes in the $20m range with 600 employees.

I am not sure about SoftScript or Transtech but I do not think they are bigger than those two.

I know that both have goals to be in the same size range as Spheris. I worked for Spheris in management for a while before coming to my senses and both companies were discussed frequently.

I just hope that MQ or Accusis does not buy either of them. The rumor is that neither will even think of selling but $$$ talks and MQ still seems to have plenty even after losing the lawsuits AND after having a negative income for several years. Not sure how or why, but their pockets are deep, as are those at Accusis.

Allscripts - Just found out that one of the divisions for one of my largest accounts has started
to use Allscripts instead of dictating with my service. I believe it's just a matter of time before the rest of the divisions follow suit....this can't be good!
Sure, if you have a legitimate complaint or a negative observation about a co., you should feel free to post it. But there are a couple of people who's sole purpose for coming on this forum is to find some excuse for name-calling and launching a verbal assault on anybody who has a different opinion. I for one don't give any credence to an opinion expressed in such an immature manner. If you've had a bad experience with a co., vent about it, but don't harp on it for the next 10 yrs. One person in particular has tried to dominate this forum with her constant ranting and raving over her personal experiences and then insulting the intelligence of anyone who claims to have had a good relationship with the same co. Get over it already and give us a break!!!! It's obvious you never outgrew being a bully, but the rest of us are sick and tired of it.
no complaints
I haven't worked for TRS for a long time, just since October, but I have found it to be a great place to work. I think everyone is an employee, but I'm not sure. You have 12 hours to complete 8 hours of work. They require 1000 lines a day and you have 90 days to get up to that speed. Lines seem to come along pretty easily. When it comes to the overseas thing, I think there is a lot of wrong and misguided information out there about it. I am happy with the decision that I made to accept my position with them.
No complaints here
I have worked for Karol for just over a year and I have no complaints.  The work is good and steady, pay is always on time, and she is very laid back and easy to work for, nice person.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
No complaints here. nm
No complaints here. nm
SPI complaints
Lick the stamps was just an expression. Of course, I have more to worry about. I'm being fired by them after tomorrow because I'm refusing to sign away my legal rights. I feel it is illegal coercion to force an employee into signing documents against their own interests. The only lawsuit I could ever bring against them would be for terminal unprofessional conduct, anyway.
I had no complaints while there sm
I worked there over a year, had decent accounts, decent pay. I was IC so no idea about employee side of things. As long as you get your lines in there really wasn't a problem. I would get emails a few times a day with updates on account flow. Yes at times they ask for volunteer overtime if swamped but they also pay incentive for those extra lines, and again it was voluntary. My emails didn't get ignored, as some have stated, but I never really had a need to email them often. Good people working there, always ready to help with a sample. They have a private forum so you don't feel totally alone. They are basically split into 2 groups; DSG1 and DSG2. I worked primarily on DSG1 accounts. I did do some work on DSG2 accounts and personally I thought they were horrible dictators, but that is my only complaint. Perhaps see which you would be on before making up your mind. So why did I leave? I was doing PT work for a local clinic and they had an opening for FT. Any other questions feel free to email.
Love it here. No complaints.
Know your ESLs though or look somewhere else. Seriously. The benefits are great, I am never out of work. They hold you to the line count requirements (and why shouldn't they?!)

good luck.
No complaints with Medware
I've worked there almost 6 years and have had consistent work and reliable pay, and I make decent money.
all I see are complaints about Bayscribe
One of my biggest complaints about this job is
dealing with these people and waiting for work to be assigned. They have taken as long as 30 minutes to get work assigned and they obviously can't read. I ask for 20 minutes of dictation and they give me 35. You know, 20 means 20; 22 or 25 maybe, but they take advantage every chance they get.
I just filed complaints to the IRS..........SM

and sent copies of some of these job ads asking for ICs and listing a shift.  I am fed up and sick and tired of this.

I see the numerous complaints on here
This is pertaining to work, not my home life but pretty much of a recluse because that is how I like it, love being able to do what I want and when I want. People gripe on here about their companies. I like the place I work for, have no complaints. Most can say we are all in this together. Not me. Others can get lawsuits, try to hold MTSOs responsible for every little thing going wrong in their lives, have at it. Ok, I donít really live for myself, I have animals around here also that I care for, how about that? Hubs is pretty special also but other than that, work is way down on my priority list.
I started with them recently, no complaints SM
other than the week of training was only on the computer. I started production IMMEDIATELLY. I would have liked at least 3 days of guaranteed pay. It may be different for you being new though. Go for it.
I have been there for a few weeks, run out of work often. Other than that, no complaints. NM
I work for Diskriter, no complaints
give it a shot - - can't hurt to talk to them, everyone can say they have had a poor experience at one place or another - -no problems with management, pay, everyone is nice, communicate with other MTs on my account daily, my 2 cents
Problems with board or complaints. (SM)

If you experience problems with any operation of the board, or have complaints about the board, etc., please contact us.

You can find the Administrator or Support e-mail addresses by going to the home page and clicking Moderators.  You can e-mail myself through the e-mail option on my posts.  The Contact page also has a forum you can fill out for problems.

Thank you,


I have made 3 complaints with the online BBB and it
did not cost a cent. It never hurts to try.
Do you think they'd agree with the complaints, even if true?
This is a tough situation for a company. They are really danged if they do, danged if they don't. There will be people on both sides that say that the management rep is lying. If I was a company rep I wouldn't say a word.
I work for Spheris, and I have no complaints. SM
I am level 8 (I think there are 10 levels), I make 9.18 cpl. I have been with them for 6 months. Go for it.
any comments/complaints on SurgicalNotes ?
I used the search button, but didn't come up with anything on them.
I work for them - no major complaints
Take the negatives with a grain of salt... they have been very fair with me and *never* miss a payperiod.

Been with Webmedx about a month, have no complaints at all ...
I love working for them.  Great, user-friendly platform, really good support and PS.  Very friendly place to work.  Fair pay, very good incentive program (tiered platform). 
Ummmm...all your complaints are basically

While I understand your beefs with the industry, including dictators' quality, its been this way forever and ever. I've been MTing professionally for 25 years now, and my elders before me said things were always this way, back to when the doctors actually dictated in person with the MT taking notes on a steno pad. Every item is the same, including our pay rate! LOL.  I find it a challenging career, but would never stay if I made anything near 15K.  Despite all the challenges, shaky companies, etc., I still always minimum  hit $35K.  Not trying to brag, but have no idea how or why you would stick around for that poverty level income.  Surely something else would better suit you, even for a short while til retirement? Here's wishing you a Happier New Year.

I work for JLG and very happy, no complaints! nm
No complaints here, it depends on the account, insurance not the best NM
working that account and it is great! So far I have no complaints. nm
Great company... no complaints.. three years and counting....
I just love it. If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me. This is a great place, and as I said many times before - I found a home.
AccuStat in Wisconsin is a great company - no complaints at all - nm