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Then you should be fine at Diskriter if that's where you choose to work, Jeannal.

Posted By: Sue on 2006-06-19
In Reply to: 2 cents worth - Jeannal

There are angry, negative people all over this board and, unfortunately, this line of work affords people the opportunity to job jump a lot more than most others. You will see negativity about any company on this business if you inquire on a message board, but the best thing to do is what is best for you.

Again, I'm very happy at Diskriter and would highly recommend them to anyone. I can only speak for myself.

Best of luck wherever you decide to work.


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I'm so glad you decided to join us, Jeannal! Welcome to Diskriter!
Glad you're having as good an experience as I've had.
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
You choose to work
12-hr days and weekends, but that doesn't mean it's the norm. I work M-F, no weekends, 1st shift. Not all accounts are hospitals either. Some people choose to work nights/weekends because of the differential or preference, but just because we got into this profession doesn't mean we HAVE to work that shift as there are all days and shifts available. I think the newer MTs and part-timers generally get stuck with those awful shifts anyway.
I guess I don't understand either. As for holidays, I CHOOSE to work them sm

my kids are grown and gone. They like to come for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas.  I have a choice, sit around and pout over it Christmas Day, or work...knowing that what I am doing means another woman who has little ones at home can be with them.  I feel like I am making a difference. 

I am working July 4th, always have.  I'll work Labor Day too, no big deal, although it falls on my Monday off and I won't get comp time, however, I am going to treat myself a nice meal out that week so I don't feel put upon.

I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have a full time job with benefits, regardless of working holidays, a part time job where they don't care when or how much I do (though I try for 500 to 750 a day even though their full time is only 800), and I have been offered a PT QA position in addition to these.  I can eat and pay our $4+ a gallon gas.  I can pay my bills and most importantly, I can be saving a huge amount of money in case something changes economically and it will. 

Grow up and understand this is part of this industry.  People don't take holidays off from being sick, injured or dying.

Jeannal, were you working for a hospital that
decided to outsource, or did you decide you want to work at home and so you are leaving the hospital?
Jeannal, here is some advice - it doesn't matter which company
you go with if they have good insurance. If you are basically looking for great insurance, then go with the company that has the best insurance for you. Bottom line. It doesn't matter what kind of work you get, what kind of jobs you get, as long as you make the minimum line count and you are only concerned about insurance, then go with that company that offers the best. It might not be Diskriter, it might not be Spheris, it might not be Medquist - or on the other hand, it might be all three. It's up to you - if insurance is a big issue and work is not, then go with the company that offers good insurance only. The rest will fall into place
My work has been fine and I think
they have more accounts coming on. If so, as we all know, you have to hire before you start the new accounts, so perhaps there is a slight over flow right now of MTs, waiting to be put on some new accounts. I also have had past experience that certain MTs are cut out for certain accounts. Perhaps the MTs who are low in work right now do not have experience in other areas that would otherwise be a backup until the work picks up again in their expertise. Hang in there. MDI is a good place to be and I should know, because I have been around a block more than a few times in this profession.
Just where do you work? Initials would be fine...nm


I work for DSG now and the sound quality is just fine sm
now that they are not doing MQ subcontracting.

However, I'm wondering why they are hiring. Of course all companies want their reports back in the right TAT but why do they always have to over hire? I am sure they want weekend and night coverage. That's a problem I think with any company. Even at MQ we are being asked to change our working hours to afternoon, evenings and weekends.
I can only speak for myself, but my work flow is fine.
I work for JLG and they are just fine. They treat you well with small little perks.
So they pay by 65 characters. So does most everyone else. They pay on time and are reliable which is better than I can say for some others around here.
fine people to work for...problematic system..sm
I can tell you that these people are a nice group and pay is reliable ..don't know much about benefits..didn't stay long enough..but they did in fact pay me their hire-on bonus even after I quit them in less than a month's time. They still use Word Perfect DOS program and drown you in paper work ..way too complicated way of working in this day in time but they supposedly are in the process of upgrading their system (???) Again, I must say the people are great...just could not deal with the unnecessary stress involved in their system.
Just be flexible with your work types and accounts and you should be fine.
? That's kind of a blanket statement; things are fine on the accts I work on. sm
Yes, it was slow a couple weeks ago but started picking up last week.

PS - Yes, they pay for spaces.
Anyone work at Diskriter, who can tell me how it's like, pay, work load, supes, etc. Thanks
I work for Diskriter.
They're fair, they pay on time, they have plenty of work.
I used to work for Diskriter...
and, I agree, they are a great company to work for, but I'm not going to knock another MT if she states she had a bad experience there. Diskriter did have their fair share of problems in the past with management, the overtime issue, etc. Good to hear people are happy there because theren't many places we can say that about anymore.
Does anyone work for Diskriter?sm
They sure have a lot of ads and I was just wonder if anyone had any experience working for them and why so many ads.
I work for Diskriter
I have worked for them since July 2006 and so far they have been great. Very professional, excellent help, excellent pay and great benefits (a little pricy, but worth it.) I would recommend them to anyone.
Anybody work for Diskriter?
I looked through the posts but didn't find anything recent.  Any info?
What's it like to work for Diskriter?


I work for Diskriter, no complaints
give it a shot - - can't hurt to talk to them, everyone can say they have had a poor experience at one place or another - -no problems with management, pay, everyone is nice, communicate with other MTs on my account daily, my 2 cents
Try going to Diskriter. Plenty of work
How is Diskriter as a company to work for? Thanks. nm
What is work load and pay like for Diskriter?
Diskriter used to be a great company to work for
but I do not know what happened. They lost a LOT of office staff, as well as transcriptionists, and I am one of them. The management became horrible, the work was either there or not there on days, mandatory overtime, etc. I doubt they have changed. After 5 years I had to let go and move on.
Diskriter. NEW information on pay, work, QA, good, bad? NM
Re Diskriter, anyone work for the PA teaching hospital they have? SM
If so, can you post your opinion here?  Or you may email me if you'd like.  Thanks.
anyone work as hospital employee for/through Diskriter?
Was wondering how that works out, if that setup is better than working for a service. Better benefits, workload?
Is Diskriter a good company to work for?

Any information would be appreciated.


Diskriter ? about work flow and VR pay rate

Tired of hopping around and trying to find a place with enough work to keep everyone busy and not overhire for future use   So just wanting to check out work flow, and was also wondering basic range for VR. 

So does anyone work on the acct that DiskRiter is hiring for now? It's in Florida
Only if you work directly for their hospitals, not as a Diskriter employee. nm
If things don't work out,, the Diskriter FL Hosp position (sm)
Pays for downtime when work runs out and benefits are pretty decent.

Glad to hear things are better. Hang in there. I know how hard it can be... this profession just isn't what it used to be.

Good luck to you!!
About Diskriter - It's a great company to work for, but why did you post under the MQ question
Which to choose???

It appears I may be looking for a transcription job in the near future.  I'm just looking for someplace to call home.  I have multiple years acute care hospital experience, the last 5 years being done here at home.  I come here to find help and after reading through the first couple of pages, I feel like I might as well make a list of all companies across the US, put them in a hat and draw one!!

*I* think my requirements are pretty simple:  Nice, reliable company that treats me with the same respect that I show them, 11 cpl, and plenty of work.

Anyone know of companies that fit that description?  Of course, I prefer a small company over large but have done both and been happy in both situations.  Surely there is a company out there that would be a good fit??

Which to choose??
Sorry, 11 cpl is what I have been paid at the last two employers I've had....as an IC. Guess I could settle for 10 cpl:)
Who to choose?
Have offers for Cymed, TRS, Transolutions, and Silent Type.  They all seem to have pros and cons.  I want to be happy at my job.  Any suggestions out there??? 
You cannot pick and choose
I don't know how you think you can pick and choose. You get the jobs assigned to you by the queue managers. You cannot even see what jobs are available.

SS has been a terrific company for me. I too stick to schedule but at times have to flex because of kids, etc. and they do not have a problem with that from time to time.

Which offer should I choose?

Hi all...I currently have two job offers that I'm trying to decide between.  I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas, suggestions, input, opinions, whatever...

I was offered clinic work with Axolotl and also offered acute care with WEBMEDX.  They are both full time employee positions, but Axolotl offers 1 cent more per line, which possibly will go up to 1.5 cents more per line after 30 days.

I've read a few posts on here about WEBMEDX and it seems mostly good things are said about them.  I haven't read much on Axolotl at all, so I'm not really sure what decision to make.  Any advice is welcomed and very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. 

Are you going to choose to keep the computer?
I know they said that they would uninstall everything on the computer if we wanted to keep it, I just have a funny feeling about that, I don't trust them!!

If we don't want it, do we have to pay to ship it back? Is anyone going to purchase it for 260?
They do need people to choose a
schedule and stick to it, I believe. There is plenty of OT available right now, while they are still hiring. I have no idea how much flexibility your life requires, of course. I try to stick to my schedule, but when an emergency has come up, they have been very nice.

In my opinion, and trying to consider it from a business standpoint, their aim will probably be to cover the account with enough people so they don't need much OT in the future. But how it works out will just depend on the skill and production levels and dependability of the people they hire, I suspect. That makes it hard to predict future OT needs.

Good luck in your decision. I'm happy with them, but I don't have kids or another job or other a complications to work around.
You actually choose which plan you want to go with. sm
They offer many different plans at different rates. You choose the coverage you want and that is the plan you go with.
Have to choose IC over Employee?? ....sm
Hi!  Well, after all the testing, thinking, interviewing, etc., I find myself really torn apart.  I have wonderful job offers with fine companies, but the problem is that, at this time, I have too much family obligations to truly commit to employee status....my dad just passed away two months ago, and I am having to care PT for my 89-year-old mom, along with my 3 kids, and with all this going on, I can commit to working long-term and PT hours all through the week, some weekends, but really need FLEXIBILITY, and cannot sacrifice family time for $$$.  I have been doing this for 16+ years, but with my father's long, drawn-out death, I find I have to, in all conscience, spend as much time with my family (what really matters), but help out my husband with finances steadily.....do any of you ladies have suggestions for good IC companies where I can work hard, have experience in EVERY field, and still be able to BE THERE for my poor mom and family?  Thanks everyone so much in advance!!  
I would choose Transform
I have worked for both, if you are talking about Accustat in Wisconsin, and I currently work for Transform and they are awesome and very very flexible with hours, etc. The system is really easy to use and make great money on. I have no complaints about Transform at all. Good luck.
I'm not knocking you if that's what you CHOOSE
to do, and you shouldn't knock those of us who CHOOSE not to work those crap shifts. Free will, baby. I have experience and am good at my job, so don't worry about me... LOL
Yes they can do require that. You can choose to go or
not as an IC but you also should be prepared to be without that job if you choose to stay home.
Or you could choose to look for a different profession, sm
where you are not so demoralized that you feel (jokingly or not) that you are a victim.
LOL. No. I had to choose my own beneficiary. Are there companies sm
that do that?
If you could pick between OSi and TransTech, which would you choose? nm
They are not well thought of. I would choose Andrewsw or M-TEC. nm