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There are so many hits on the job board for jobs that I wonder if people are qualified that respond

Posted By: PAMT on 2008-04-20
In Reply to:

or just send in a resume if they are not.  Would be interesting to hear from some of these companies what type of response they are getting. 

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Maybe it's because they post jobs and never respond to people.
Has anyone actually had them respond to a resume?
Thanks. I have noticed some hits on the job board have over 1000 hits and I am thinking oh my!
Hits just mean people looking. I always look,
And furthermore, you can see this hits a sore spot, this giving people backup accounts and then
you run out of them is also ridiculous. There you sit making less and less money and trying to learn multiple dictators and then guess what, that dries up.  Once you know that is what a company is doing, then you go to your alternate plans and never look back.  Sooner or later when MTs either decide no more or they get multiple jobs and they have to keep hiring and hiring which impacts their quality I am sure it will settle down.  At least, I would hope so although it doesnt seem to be right now.  Could be because of sending work offshore not sure.  All multiple backup accounts do is make it harder to make money and you have more problems with QA and your own quality because you just keep popping in and out of all these accounts that you really dont get to know that well.  Knowing an account well is the best way to go for quality and line count for sure, NOT multiple accounts.  All that does is help the MTSO keep the work caught up to the exact MINUTE. 
Public board. I am free to respond to any post.
I have known this for a long time; that is why I NEVER respond to an email from ANYONE on this board

because it will identify your email address when you return their email.  When they ask me to talk via email, I just don't respond to them.  NO RETURN EMAIL FROM ME.

SO right! People who get paid to bring people on-board -sm
to these companies (few, if any, are 100% honest, it seems), are going to be honest and tell you anything that isn't rosy and sugar-coated. Having a good prospective MT walk because the company isn't so great means less green dollars in their bank account every month. They're not going to tell us anything that DOESN'T make them more money.
Take a look on the jobs board.
The Amphion HR contact has her name and phone number there. That's probably your
best bet. Good luck!
There is one on the jobs board....
I would take it in a heartbeat but you need a C phone and I just sold mine on ebay.
They have an ad on the jobs board for rad MTs.
I don't know how they pay. We use ExText but not sure about that position. The ad says Meditech.

Worth checking into though.
Jobs board low pay
Has anyone notice how low the pay is on the jobs board? Can anyone live on this if you are self supporting and have no other income to the household?
First Medical placed an add on the jobs board

10 cpl/11 cpl weekends.  I've heard pretty good things about them.

WebMedex pays 10 cpl/11 cpl over 6000 lines - Lots of ESL, you have to clock in.



Only jobs post on Job board!! nm
only jobs post on job board
I was asking a question about a company on the company board and it completely disappeared. It's not on the job board or man board...I just replied to my own post to ask the question again though.
Their ad is on the, uh, competing jobs board, I think onto the second or third
There are several on jobs board page 2
DocXpress on the jobs board...

Anyone heard of them?

They got rid of people who WERE doing their jobs too.
I was there and had a lot of friends there. My QA lead was let go. Several of the MTs I mentored were let go. Some of the other QA were let go.
Try the Job Seeker's Board as there are plenty of jobs there.
there are other jobs boards also, but the Job Seeker's board here holds lots of IC jobs for full time and part time and some have very good pay.
There are plenty of jobs on the job seekers board
Ads all over jobs board because they are growing and need good MTs.
Three new accounts that I know of recently and more scheduled to come on. Started here as an MT and then moved to QA. Just like any place, there is good and bad but I can't imagine working anywhere else.
You are not supposed to post jobs on the job board
Again...you are not to post jobs on the job board unless you work in the capacity to recruit.
On a jobs board. It is listed as a supervisor.
Many usually ask how to get into companies as a recruiter. This is one chance I guess but you do have to have experience according to the ad if I recall in MT and QA.
Possible offshore company on jobs board?
Apobos2 - looks to be 3 ads same company - all off shore???
Plenty of jobs, just look at Job Seeker's board,
they just don't want to pay anything.
I wish I could look at the jobs board and not have to wade through the Focus s/m

job postings.  I know that sounds ridiculous, and YES, of course I can pass them by (and I do), but every time a job title catches my eye, it is almost always Focus Infomatics.  This automatically puts me in the mindeset of India and our jobs going overseas, which gets me grumpy.  I know some of you have had a good experience with Focus, and I am glad for that, but GRRRR.

Rant over :-) 

Quote from TransTech's ad on Jobs Board

* Paid maternity/paternity leave

Get it now ????  That is age discrimination! 

At least they seem to be happy with their jobs, which is more than i can say for most of the people
Transcend does. If you look, they advertise on the Jobs board but they admit that
they send work overseas.
On Job Board, there is a job 5 cpl but you are not supposed to apply after Monday because the jobs
will be all filled.. I'm sure they will be for that rate.
They have weekend Radiology jobs that were posted on the job board May 8..(sm)
other than that, you would probably have to call.  Good Luck!
If HL people know they are going to be losing their jobs, why are they still doing work for them?
Is it getting harder for anyone to get jobs now with all the people applying for them. How does
this seem to be going for most MTs looking for jobs.  What seems to be the one factor that gets MTs a job before all the other 100 or so looking for the same job and what are the most desired qualities today that companies are looking for.
Forever, people had 2 jobs, not just MTs. And great
This is what i mean by you pilot your life, your life shouldnt just be floating you thru life.  Over the course of about 2 years, I have made conscious effort to make my life work for me. Figured out what platforms I like, what type accts.  What kind of equipment works best for me, how to efficiently handle docs and files.  In word based platform, I am Speedy Gonzales as far as how I get in and out, how I process docs. Still spend same amount of time on actual edit and type, those you can only do so fast and be correct but all other aspects, I am fast. You find your fit, which is not a one size fits all.  But, working 2 jobs is not the territory of onlyl the MT world. My dad did it while my mom also worked as RN. 
In all fairness, the American people need jobs.
This post and the post about your as successful as you allow yourself to be (with near 10% unemployment, 15% unemployment in my town) should be read with a grain of salt.

American businesses are in it for profit, no secret there. But lets not feel guilty about them sending us into the unemployment line and critizing their decisions is just nonsense.

The poster is trying to make us feel happy for MDI and bad for us for not having a parade with balloons for the decision. ::eye roll::

Canada has added jobs and when I read this along with Canada's leadership not allowing the country to become a patsy to predator lending, and this is what you should be saying about your country and not do what you have to do business community - I'll be fine without a job. lol
You can only access the Jobs Board on MTDaily w/o paid membership. nm
Dictation Services Group. Go to the Jobs board, down 10 or 12, QA and acute
They advertise on the "other" jobs board. Lots of posts about them here. nm
On Jobs board, few inches down, AIDS/psych work, then
I think people will try it and just wont be able to do it with other jobs and family things. nm
I wish people would just stop applying for these low paying jobs!
That would force them to pay better or do it themselves. When I did QA for 3 years I was paid $20 an hour in addition to a line rate of 4 cents a line. I often ended up typing part of the report because there were so many errors. I would never work for 3 cents a line doing anything! Just my 2 cents...
Any service that offshores has US QA people. We're the ones stupid enough to take these jobs
and clean up their mess!
Awesome, it's so nice to hear from people who like their jobs and are positive.nm
To Moderator: Is Seroesh Saleem Akhtar allowed to post on the jobs board?

How do people cherry pick on accounts? You mean like supervisors assigning jobs?
I did not know you could do that, but is that what you mean? I need to know because I will not work for that.
Yep one of two people on this board
You people are a joke on this board...
the original poster just asked a simple frigging question! I used to work at OSi and I know who he/she is referring to. JP was a nice lady, and someone I learned a lot from, and maybe she just wondered if she still worked there.
Many people come to this board to find out
have had with MT companies that they may be checking out or applying to. I personally appreciate any information that I gain from this board and from the experiences - good or bad - of anyone who is kind enough to post that information before other people have a terrible experience with a company like not getting paid, like getting ripped off, like being lied to, or otherwise. I've also found a great transcription job as a direct result of the positive comments made about that company on this very board. If you want everyone to post nothing but positive comments, what is the significance of the Company board?

Who died and left you in charge of being the posting police?
And you trust the people on this board?
There are a lot of angry people on this board, but some of us here
are professionals and it is very difficult to read boards with the amount of unprofessionalism we see on these boards. I think we can expect it from some MTs in our field but when the companies come and act totally unprofessional I believe that is where we should take it that that company will be no different if you work for them.
Why must people be so negative on this board?? nm