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They don't HAVE to let ya finish your notice time. LOL

Posted By: G on 2005-09-29
In Reply to: MQ Notice - Screwed

Ya gave a notice, which was what they wanted. That's what makes you leave on a good note. All they can tell someone calling for a reference is the dates you worked and whether ya can work there again. If ya give 2 weeks notice then you're okay.

MQ isn't the only one who does that. Not just nationals either. Every hospital I've worked for, when ya gave notice, they accepted it, marked ya "eligible for rehire" and then you were done immediately.

I think there's probably too much room for questions and ugliness from an employee going out the door to others.

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I never take time w/o notice WHERE did you get that and SM
SORRY I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO READ YOUR RANT... I ONLY GOT THAT FAR. I was born in 1951 and I always give a lot of advance notice for time off. What in the world are you thinking of here?
Any Spheris employees notice a drop in PTO time? SM

Before we got 4 PTO hours a paycheck, now is seems to be 3.38. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks.

Notice is a courtesy, not a rule and they don't give you notice when they fire you
Giving a 2-week notice is common courtesy, and in most all my jobs, I have given them that courtesy; however, a company never gives someone notice when they are firing them. In my opinion, if a company does not treat their employees right, they do not deserve to get any notice at all.

As a matter of fact, I just left a company without notice. I felt horrible about doing it to my team but not to the company. While they never messed up on my pay, I was under constant stress. They treated several other people horribly and also changed all the terms of my employment contract within months of hiring me, which was going to cost me $800 a paycheck. I am the major breadwinner for a family of five and couldn't hang around a second longer losing that kind of money.

The only reason you would not want to quit without notice is if you want to use them as a reference and/or want the chance to go back to them in the future. I was advised by a recruiter that you should never put anything on your resume that is less than a year, so you really don't want to use them as a reference anyway, and you certainly don't want to go back to them.

Messing with someone's money is a big NO-NO, especially when they are costing you $400 for a second time. Heck no, I wouldn't give these people notice. There are some great companies out there hiring right now.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like some more detailed information about the companies I narrowed my search down to. I was very sceptical about trusting another company with the bad luck I've had (just as you have) in the last few years, but I think I finally found somewhere I can be happy at for a long, long time (of course only time will tell, but I'm feeling very optimistic).

:) Best of luck to you!
So if I finish the 60,000 keystrokes in
let's say 6 1/2 hours, I have to keep working for another 1 1/2 hours?
Finish sentence below
So, if you did 100% ESLs yourself the past 5 days let me know and I will gladly retract the statement. If you did not then why did you not help, and get over having to do the easier work? Just tell me that you helped out with the tough ones and I will retract and assume that there are more ESLs here than I was told.
Also, I will GET OVER IT when I am actually assigned the WORK TYPE I was hired for. What was that you said... GET OVER HAVING TO DO WHAT YOU WERE NOT HIRED FOR? Oh yeah, I forgot Bait and switch is the norm these days. IMHO.
sorry, didn't finish my thought. sm
65-character with spaces is much better than 55-character without spaces.
QA is not hired to finish MT's work
It's for going over for quality, not finishing what an inept MT doesn't want to do. The MT is supposed to look things up and try to put out a perfect product. The line rate for QA is very low. The problem is that everyone wants to work from home, whether or not they are qualified.
I never got to finish. After it asked me how much I was making, I got thrown off. -nm
Yo, MissIndigo, I'm really happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but
Thanks for the heads up. I was hired by a national 1 month ago. I am still waiting to finish
training so I can start working.  These companies make you wait 2 months?  That is incredible!  Grrrrrrrrrr. 
I've been loyal to MDI for 13 years and planned to finish my career here. I
can't even begin to express my dismay, disappointment, and feeling completely blind-sided and slapped across the face by this after a decade plus of Dorothy always saying she had too much integrity to EVER offshore, and now she's going to be in charge of sales and marketing TO offshore.  My mind is still reeling.  So not sure what you mean by loyal.  The MDI I've known and been loyal to for over a decade no longer exists.  Now I've just been left sitting here stunned wondering how she could do such a 180, or if it was just a facade all along. 
Should've read my email sooner, they did invite me to finish the test -sm
Mine did have 4 dictations. None of them were ESL, though they were a little more difficult than most tests I've taken.
I notice you are on here a lot and I know
for a fact that Spheris does not want its employees to participate on these boards, especially with their equipment. Is that what you are doing?
MQ Notice

My Story:  When I quit MQ a couple of years ago (and I had been employed by MQ for a few years with an account that requested me personally), I was kind enough to give 2 weeks notice and offer training/assistance to another MT to take over my account to ease the transition for the client and MQ. 

I was informed that my 2 weeks were not necessary and I was done.  They took me out of the system so I could not get in to work even 1 more day.  They do not care who you are or what you have done for them, your outta there. 

BTW, absolutely no correspondence from them since that time. Was FT employee, their computer, still have it with no word on what to do with it!!
I did notice that too.
I wonder why more do not post here about it. I searched the archives and found only a few posts about them.
Anyone else notice..
The job posted on job seeker's..whose pay range was from 4 cpl to 8 cpl depending on experience?? Seriously, if your newbie, do you really think you could eat on 4 cpl..and I thought VR at that pay rate was rough..straight typing at 4 cpl..Wow..glad to see cost of living keeps going on up but wages go down. I think I'm insulted.. LOL
Did you notice
their wonderful command of the English language? Get real!!
Since it was w/o notice
She is supposedly still working here, wonder what she is doing now. Wonder if she is typing now.
I would try both if you can tolerate it. You don't want to start this new job and decide it is not your cup of tea and be without a backup plan.
Notice when someone does not like they always say something like
less experience or slow but I have more years in than you, 36 this year and actually transcribe straight in a day around 2500. Now I can make around $22-25 an hour and that is ok with me. We are checked x3 months at our job and expected to have 97 or above which I always do.
did you notice
When you spend years at these companies that don't give raises, they bring on new people who make more than we do?
60 day notice .... What??
California is an at will employment state.  Your employer can let you go and does even have to tell you why.  That is the way it is.  A sixty day notice does not even make sense.  I have lived here for lets just say over 35 years and had a business (not MT.)  News to me
I always notice that too. nm

I gave them my notice. I was looking

for a job when I found them so I'm not worried. Good luck to you. You might need it.

2-week notice
It seems if you give a 2-week notice, companies are pretty forgiving... I would give it a try.... the worst they can say is No... or the best they can say is Yes!!  You don't know until you try!   Good Luck!
2 weeks notice?

I am considering leaving MQ.  As an IC, if I give two weeks' notice will they let me work out the two weeks, or will they just have me quit immediately?   I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this.  I am looking at starting with another company.  I am perfectly willing to give two weeks' notice, but at the same time I don't want them to just dump me immediately and not have any work until I start with the new company.

Did I say that clearly?? 

2 weeks' notice
I was an employee, not IC, gave my 2 weeks, had no problems with working those 2 weeks out. They asked me to stay on part-time if I could do 20 hrs, 6000 lines per pay....
MQ notice policy
I am leaving MQ (Columbus office), have accepted another position. Does anyone know MQ's policy on termination. I would like to be nice and give them 2 weeks, but if I do, are they just going to tell me goodbye and no more work? I'm an SE, so I could just wait until I start my new position, then fulfill my SE lines at night for 2 weeks.

Any input appreciated.

If you will notice, if you ignored the MQ stuff, there is nothing else other than that here.
Did you notice that the poster said that was
make really good money with my own accounts.  I have made anywhere from $40,000 to $105,000 a year, just depending on what kind of accounts I had and how much I wanted to work.  If you don't believe it, it's no skin off my back.  There are lots of us who have done it and know.  There is a huge difference between 8 cpl working for someone else and 14 cpl working for yourself.
Quitting without notice
Well, if someone hadn't told me I would not have believed it. First I am the relative that couldn't keep her thoughts about such things as hiring newbies with a contract that states they must agree to work for 30 days for free to determine if they are good enough to get paid or running off in the middle of a HUGE hurricane forecasted for Mexico and leave 4 kids with a babysitter and no emergency funds left for the sitter. I am also one of those that have NOT been paid for work done. First I would like to say that XXXXX is a great mentor, I learned a great deal from her, including that there are MTs out there that do not apply the ethics of medical transcription into their own life or the lives of their employees. As for upsetting her clients, I just informed them of the violations going on like file sharing after signing a confidentiality contract, some were quite shocked and I am sure she lost work because of it, but after the smear campaign she launched, I don't know what she expected. As for pay, you get paid as long as you work for her, you can ask just about anyone who has quit, and they have not received their last checks. Her famous excuse that I know that at least 4 MTs have heard is It must be lost in the mail. Funny how the only checks to get lost are those due to past employees and not current ones.
Two weeks' notice
Wow!  Somebody's actually getting decent treatment!  That is news!!  I bet there's a lot of very wistful, envious people reading your post of which I am one.  I've never had that experience myself. 
Did anyone notice the email has been sm
incredibly silent at HIS? Where's the email they promised about applying for unemployment and all of that? Taking their own sweet time. I can't wait until they all lose their jobs in Toledo.

Heart of Quality my behind. That whole campaign was so phony. If they want to have their employees in India, I think Colleen and everybody should move over there and live. Move the whole base over there for God sakes. Get the hell out of here!
I've already put in my notice...sm
It would have been nice to know when I was hired by the smaller company just 1.5 months ago that there would be a merger.  Mergers take months.  Why would an employer withhold that type of information?  There were so many changes, inconsistencies, and broken promises, not to mention late pay, I just decided to call it quits until summer is over.  Companies like this make me want to go back to school.  Grrrrr.
giving notice

To anyone that has left Spheris, did you give two weeks notice?  If you did give two weeks notice, did they just tell you to quit then?  After almost 6 years, I'm finally getting out of there. 

I'm very tempted to just quit and not give notice, however, I have about 3 days of PTO time also I don't want to lose. 

Also is it normal for anyone in an employee situation to have to get someone to cover your hours if you want to take off?  I'm going to a bridal shower in another state and needed a day off and was told I had to find someone on my team to cover my hours otherwise I couldn't have off.  Also whenever I ask to have a day off I'm always asked Why?  Why is it their business?  So glad I'm getting out of there. 

giving notice
in most states, if you give notice to a company, and they tell you to leave then, they are responsible for reimbursing lost time, etc - because you gave notice and expected to work and earn money. Check out your state and verify. this would go for any company requiring a notice period.
LOL didn't notice the ist..
That's pretty funny.
2 weeks notice
When I gave a 2 weeks' notice as an employee I worked the full 2 weeks. When I gave the notice as an IC, I was done immediately.
Ever notice when you ask these whiners (sm)
if they have a backup account to work on or advise them to ask for one, they never have any snappy comebacks. 
How much notice did you have to give? sm
Was it a full two weeks, or did you just quit and start looking?
notice none of these replies indicate
how long ago the person worked there.  I have been there over a year and have posted previously on the positives of SoftScript.  As I have said before, no company is perfect, but this one works just fine for me.  I like being able to choose my own schedule, work independently, actually HAVE work, be paid on time and know that everything is done in America, no outsourcing here.  Whatever mgmt problems that were around before do not have anything to do with my work today or my paycheck. 
Giving notice

If you are required to give a 30-day notice to your current employer and don't have a start date yet for the new job you were just offered, when would you actually give that notice?  Now that you intend to take another job or when you actually have a specific start date for that new job?  Thank you for your advice.

Thanks. I guess I did not notice it...
And now that I read it I still don't know how she felt, so I guess I should e mail her directly... I guess I am just reading too quickly. Thanks for your help.
2 weeks notice

I am afraid to give my 2 weeks notice . . . what happens if they say they don't want me to finish out the 2 weeks and I have no income?  Has anyone had this happen?

2-week notice
It is something you have to be prepared for. It has happened to me once, and then my last employer told me in an e-mail that was obviously a normal how valuable I was and would be missed, and added in the line below and would you like today to be your last day. I nicely replied saying no, I was fully prepared to work the final 2 weeks and promised I would put out quality work.

When you put in your 2 weeks, you don't really know what is going to happen. Do you have PTO saved up they have to pay you anyway in case this happens?
Change in Pay Without Notice
Is it legal for a company to change the way they pay you without notice? I was being paid by production and I just got my last pay stub. They paid me $14.00, which shorts me by about $400. I am an editor. Can they do that without having you sign something? Does anyone know of anyplace that is hiring? I need to get out of here fast!
Change in Pay Without Notice
Yes, I did sign a contract and I have a copy of it.
Change in Pay Without Notice
Do you know how I would go about doing this? What specifically is the name of the employment department?
2 weeks' notice
Bless your heart! I worked for them and went through the same thing. Had a horrible platform and all ESLs with poor sound. It was kind of you to give them 2 weeks' notice. I wonder if they give people 2 weeks' notice when phasing out their accounts?
Always best to work a notice, so...
you know what you owe them for the vacation, and I would only work that amount so that when you are done with your notice they will be paid and won't owe you anything. You will protect your reputation and pay them back, but you won't be steamed over lost money. During that time, while you are working only enough to cover the vacation pay, you can try out one or both other jobs. Best of luck to you!