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To the MT who was *talking* w/ me a few weeks ago re MDI-MD who said Dorothy would be thrilled ...SM

Posted By: 27-year MT on 2005-10-14
In Reply to:

to hear from me.....well, I finally decided to email them about a position.  It's sure been long enough, hasn't it? lol  I appreciate your encouragement and your help.  We'll just have to wait and see if they have a part-time slot for me.  I wasn't sure if I ever expressed my appreciation to you then, and I sure hope you see this now and recognize yourself in my subject line.  Thanks again!!


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Not Thrilled
I think we are going to be working for a big brother company. Why do we have to put our escription lines in a completely different tracking system? Makes no sense to me and a waste of my time, especially when I have 3+ account every day.
I agree that Dorothy will do whatever she can to
help, but if there is not enough work to go around, then there is nothing she can do about that unless she gets rid of some people.  If she switched people off of YOUR account so you could have as much work as you want, obviously those people were switched to another account, so the people on THAT account are going to have less work.  Sounds like most of the accounts are running dry right now.  There is only so much work and if you have too many people working it just makes sense there will not be enough to go around.
Is the owner's name Dorothy? (And her
That company's probably that new one based in Emerald City, Kansas.
Larry? Sue? Liz? Dorothy? Is that you? nm
Millionaire Dorothy In

Old timers are thrilled to be promoted too sm
and especially thrilled when they get offered more for their experience coming in than sombody training for goodness sakes.  I just can't get behind that rationale.
Congrats. I'm sure they were thrilled to see your resume come their way!! nm
Having not had any in 12 yrs, I am thrilled by it all. Having the Blues is great sm

I was so very surprised.  When I had it that I paid on my own, I had about like the lower tier and I paid $200 a month for it and had a pricier med copay. 

I said 12 years and it more like 15.  Imagine my delight to find the same or lower copays than all those years ago and find a cheaper premium too!  I am so glad to have it.  The other was not available in my area and this IS.

Not thrilled about the new 40-hour week but SM
am still positive. An issue is how much of the current slowdown is actually due to the crash in the economy (on top of the holiday season), a change no company could have planned for.

Also, something I find encouraging is that WedMedx has a vowed goal of developing and providing its clients with very high-quality MTs, excuse me, MCSs (medical content specialists). If that continues, it means doing what it takes to hold onto them since these are people who can always normally find another job.
Have you talked to Dorothy? I mentioned last week sm

to her that I was having to scrounge all day to get my lines, and she was very helpful -- moving other people off the account and offering to give me a 3rd account.  I think if you let her know that you do not have enough work, she'll do what she can to help you.  At least, that has been my experience.

And I agree with the other poster ... typically, holiday times are slower everywhere.  Most people do not come in for elective procedures and such over the holidays. 

Good luck -- hope you find a solution that works.  :-)

LOL! Yep, people are thrilled with system that is slow and
Email Dorothy (owner) direct and ask
State the problem, how long do I hang on etc/  Get some definitive response. .
For the most part, I agree. Dorothy and I have butted heads a few times, sm

but I do believe that she truly cares about the welfare of her MTs, and is not some evil monster sitting on her throne, deliberately overhiring so she can make lots of people suffer.  As you pointed out, it is not even good business sense.

I am not on the inside track, so I really do not know what the plan is as far as continuing to hire new MTs when many are complaining there is no work, but I have to believe there is some kind of plan.   I have been fortunate.  I was running out of work, and they gave me another account, so I can make my quota.  Plus, I just decided I would be stubborn and sit and take the reports whenever I can get them, all day long if I have to do it that way. 

I suppose in my dream world, there would always be plenty of work, anytime I want it, with only the best of the docs dictating.   But, barring that, I still think MDI-MD is one of the best companies out there to work for, and I wouldn't consider leaving right now. 

Speaking of work, I had foot pedal issues last night, so I am behind and should get busy. 

Happy New Year, one last time. 

Should mention that my VR is 7 cpl - 2 cents below my regular pain...I would be thrilled with 500lph
Keep up the great work!!!!
Yes, they offer I think 4 weeks at full pay or 8 weeks at half pay. Call the office
and talk to them about it. You wont lose your job. They aren't like that.
Not talking about lines. Talking about what you actually
Also a few weeks for me sm
The real problem has not been getting used to DQS, but the fact that so many transcriptionists are doing the accounts, I may have to type from 5 or 6 different hospitals to get my lines in each day. The switching has slowed me down much more than the DQS itself.
It took 2 weeks to get an ID, but they kept following up sm
with me until it came in. They told me this upfront, so it was not a surprise. I was working out my notice at another company during that time, so it was a smooth transition for me. If you do not get something you need, call the office. They have always responded well for me and taken care of things quickly.
2 weeks' for nothing
Its hard to believe that when in the last few months we have been barely having work and we are not compensated in any way whatsoever. Just like its not your fault that the account you are to work on its not our fault that we are running out of work. I say lets give the loyal employees who keep sticking with TT through this very dry drought some kind of compensation if for nothing else than for sticking around.
Pay is ever 2 weeks
Not twice a month like most companies, doesn't seem like much of a difference but it's at least 2 more pay checks a year. Payperiods end on a Sunday and the check is in the bank the next Saturday.
i got one a few weeks ago
I got one a few weeks ago. I just told her that I had a position and only wanted radiology right now. I have also as someone else replied gotten a postcard before, I believe last year or the year before.
2 weeks

when you put in a 2 week notice, do most of the MTOS just let you go right then.......or do they let you finish out your 2 weeks?  Just curious.

It took me about three weeks,
but was well worth the wait, I love working at Keystrokes!   They treat their employees like human beings and not just a number.  I never run out of work either
2 weeks
Usually they let you finish your out your 2 weeks.

If you don't give 2 weeks...most times they mark your termination papers as not to rehire.

Hope this helps
Every 2 weeks. nm
Every 2 weeks.
Works out better than twice a month.
I have only been there about 6 weeks and
there were several days where others were complaining they had multiple accounts and out of work on all of them.  Judging my the backlog reports it looks like work has picked up considerably.  They are fixing to go live with 2 more accounts so there should be plenty of work.  They don't pay for downtime though.   It seems there are always accounts that have been approved for OT though, so I guess if you want to have several backups the work is there.   So far I don't have a backup account and I'm staying busy now and even able to work OT. 
They pay every two weeks. Sm...
and you will get your paycheck on a regular schedule via direct deposit.
I'm about to take off 2 weeks plus
and I feel guilty about it. I'm both an employee for one company and an IC for another. I actually feel worse about taking off the time as an IC because my company is so good about giving me the exact amount of minutes I've committed to each day, and I know it's a hardship when an IC is gone for that long. This was scheduled and they were notified well in advance, and I probably won't take off any other time until the next vacation which I'm sure will be months if not more than a year down the road. Still, I feel guilty leaving my company in the lurch.
Every 2 weeks. nm
I don't think in the last few weeks or so...

A few weeks ago most of you were saying SM
that this idea wouldn't fly and that you still wouldn't seek the credential.  Am I hearing some concern now?????
A little. I did some QA for about 2 weeks for
my 1-woman MTSO when she was trying to help out another MT on a very temporary basis.  I never would have done it otherwise and wasn't happy about it.  Anyway, the files were from Pakistan and they were atrocious.  It took me twice as long to edit them as it would have taken to just transcribe them myself in the first place because I had to listen to the whole file and not just fix glaring errors, but rewrite entire sections that were in terrible, broken English and/or they had gotten the entire phrase incorrect, changing its meaning.  It was very frustrating time-consuming work and I told her I would never do it again, not only because the quality was horrific, but because I didn't want to participate in any type of offshoring, even for a friend.
It took me a couple of weeks...
had to get all those shortcuts in but once you get used to it, it is okay.  I always keep track of how many reports I do and I don't look at line count until I do so many.  I can get my required line count in 6 hours or less and when I first started it was a lot longer than that.  So, it does get better. 
Go for it!! I started 3 weeks ago. (sm)
They have a super training team. You get an immediate reply when you send an email to ANYONE at Medware. They are a great bunch of people and very helpful. Bonnie (recruiter) has always been there for me and I am on a team with a great Team Leader and Lead Transcriptionist.

I am on the Merit side and love it. It is an excellent program and soooo MT friendly!!
2 weeks notice?

I am considering leaving MQ.  As an IC, if I give two weeks' notice will they let me work out the two weeks, or will they just have me quit immediately?   I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with this.  I am looking at starting with another company.  I am perfectly willing to give two weeks' notice, but at the same time I don't want them to just dump me immediately and not have any work until I start with the new company.

Did I say that clearly?? 

2 weeks' notice
I was an employee, not IC, gave my 2 weeks, had no problems with working those 2 weeks out. They asked me to stay on part-time if I could do 20 hrs, 6000 lines per pay....
Yes, for 2 weeks, which is easy on the
That works out to be 200 lines an hour. What type of work do you do?
I think there's about it takes about 2 weeks...
There's a processing time of about 2 weeks I believe, paperwork has to be sent to certain people and equipment has to be ordered and sent out to you. I'm not aware of it being based according to pay period. Just a side note, be sure you have DSL and if you don't, you'll need to order it right away to enable you to start on time.
I would definitely give 2 weeks, as well.
I wouldn't want to burn bridges.
as of about three weeks ago the had not fixed anything
Not necessarily 2 weeks (sm)
It depends on how fast you pick up their excellent system. Your reimbursed after so many months for your expenses out of pocket. No charge for the use of their computer which they maintain excellently. No one looking over your shoulder. What more could a happy MT ask for. Excelent work environment.
I left them after a few weeks..sm
The staff is great and pay is on time every other Wednesday..the co. is very fair. I hated the platform that I was on..MedType (DOS-run)...I don't know about rad. Some accounts use MedRite. If they had a decent platform..I'd still be with them.
With Transcend 3 weeks now,
so far okay.  But not passing judgment yet.  I will see when I am off my 90 day probation.  So far QA has been okay.  I'm still very slow.
Hired 2 weeks ago and still
wondering why
Two weeks' notice
Wow!  Somebody's actually getting decent treatment!  That is news!!  I bet there's a lot of very wistful, envious people reading your post of which I am one.  I've never had that experience myself. 
I will, I am fairly new, 4 weeks. nm
He left weeks ago for another job

and the new HR person has already started.  Since previous was there for a long time this is just one of those things I guess, move up the ladder at another company.  No ill will, but that was about a month ago.

did mine 2 weeks ago too
I don't think the call went quite an hour, but pretty close to that. I was applying for clinic work, so maybe that's why once I passed the verbal quiz I was told a written/typing test would not be necessary. If you're applying for acute care it may be different. At the least, I'd imagine it's tougher.

The verbal quiz I got was dirt easy, though. How many cranial nerves are there? Sheesh.
6 weeks first check
I'm wondering if it's me, or does anyone else think it is not right about starting a company and having to wait 6 weeks for the first check?  I applied to a company and they said if a person works 5/1 thru 5/31, the first check would be 6/13, and that would cover the first 2 weeks worked.  This is the second company I have found like that.  Even with direct deposit - that is a long time. 
6 weeks first check
This information should have been explained to you during the hiring process. Did you ask about this during your initial inquiry with the company? If not, you should have. This would have been a deal breaker for me.