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Trans-Scribe out of New Jersey... any info on this company?

Posted By: Tracey on 2008-12-06
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Med-Scribe out of New Jersey --
I'm thinking of responding to an ad from them.
Med-Scribe - New Jersey

Has anyone worked with the Med-Scribe in New Jersey?  If so, what do you know about them?



Any current information on Med-Scribe (New Jersey)
Just wondering if anyone currently works there or knows anything about them. Thanks
Any info on USA Med Trans company?
I checked archives and only found job ads.
Trans-Scribe MTs
I saw a job posting for this company but have never heard of them.  If there are any MTs that work for this company, would you please let me know how you like it there?  There's nothing when I do a search on this site.  Thanks!  :)

If anybody's heard of this company or has a history with them, can you post a reply?  I'm wondering how new it is because their website doesn't work yet.
Documed Medical Transcritpions, LLC out of New Jersey...anyone with info?

Any recent info about Cornerstone Professional Services of New Jersey??
Would love to hear some very RECENT information about this company, regarding staff, pay rate, workflow, ease of platform, etc.  Only found old information in archives.  If you don't want to share on the board, please email me. Thanks for your help.
I just spoke with a company from New Jersey today...sm
Rude was not the word for this recruiter...My goodness, makes me think that is the norm in New Jersey.  geez!!!
I believe that the Medscribe out of Florida is a different company than the one out of New Jersey
but I could be wrong... I applied with the one out of New Jersey and there never seems to be anything on here about them, which to me is a good sign. This was for an Dictaphone account also.
Info on Med-Scribe in FL?
I just tested with them and I can't seem to find any info on the boards. Any info would be great. Thanks!
Med-Scribe, any info???
?Med-Scribe??? ANYONE got info
Also would like info on med-scribe as well...
info in Med-Scribe
Regarding the job posted today. Does anyone have any current information on this company? Thanks.
E-Trans Plus? Any info?
Looks like a good deal. They seem really nice.  Any comments appreciated. Thanks!
Any info on MDI-Trans?

Looked it up but did not find anything in archives.


DIT Trans - Any info?
Any info on DIT Transcription? 
Anyone have 'recent' info on Med-Scribe, FL.? - sm
The archives are old.  Anything current?  Does anyone enjoy working there?  I've read some not-so-nice things but these were old posts.  Did anything change?
I'd like to get info of Med-Scribe too. E-mails are welcome. nm
no msg
New or recent info on Med-Scribe ??

Sign on bonus and a 12 hour window to get work done in.  Slightly suspicious here, what is the catch? 

Opti-Scribe info? sm

good, bad, unknown?


Med-Scribe FL - Anyone with current info?
Hi, Could anyone provide any updated information regarding Med-Scribe FL? I am interested in the radiology position they currently have.
Any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
I am considering a position with them. Does anyone have any experience working for them as an MT? Are they good to work for? Are the flexible and do they treat their employees well? Do they have plenty of work? I am considering an ER account with them. Any info would be very much appreciated!
Is info on All American Trans Co?
Trans Tech info

Any info on Trans Tech would be appreciated.  Insurance, pay, etc. 

Thanks :)

Any info on Psych Trans

Was wondering if anyone works for or has worked for Psych Trans if they could give me any info on them, good or bad.  TIA.

Any info on PRN medical trans?

I checked the archives and didn't find much except 1 post below asking the same thing.  Does anyone currently work for PRN or recently worked for them? 

Any info would be appreciated.

Does anyone have any up-to-date info on Med-Scribe in Florida?

  • Could not find any current posts in the archives.

Can anyone give my any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
They have called me back about a position on an ER account. I was wondering if anyone has worked for this company and could share the positives and negatives about them. Any info is greatly appreciated!
Trans Med Plus, Inc. has a job posted. Any info, good or bad on them??
Anyone have any info on Trans Tech out of Houston?
Any info on Global Trans in Florida
Just curious if anyone has worked for them and platform they use.  Also, the good, the bad, and the ugly about them please :)  Thanks so much
Can anyone provide info on Trans Tech Iowa?
Any current info on Med-Scribe? They're hiring and all I can find on here is from 2004. Thx!
trans company
Because the company I worked for did a very bad thing and think they can get away with it by placing balme on others away from the facts at hand. And if they sign up here as a trans they can copy and paste the information - how do I know, because when I worked there they did it frequently.
I learned alot from the inside about trans companies - they need us, but at same time abuse their power over the work they assign. They think because we work for them, we arent as smart as them.
Trans company
There are many posts here that have a bit more detail, and the usual going back and forth, seemingly harmless could be with someone you actually work for. It would be difficult to prove yes, but the attitudes towards others could get caught in themiddle with their employer thinking that your username is actually someone else. Just a heads up that the trans companies out there are not all as niave about these sites - instead of treating us right, they would rather watch here for anything said about them. You may not give details and good for you - but others may need to keep in mind that they do watch the sites.
trans company
It is funny how everyone feels when 3 letters are used they are initials, everbody's name means something to them, The letters CLK mean something to me, not necessarily initials, but I guess it could be. Besides, anybody can put anything they want into the name field. This forum has so many trans on here, to think that your employer would see it and then assume it was you - you must not have a good relationship with them- or they are one of the ones we all should watch out for. Good luck.
are Med-Scribe Transcription Svcs Inc of Teaneck NJ & MedScribe Info Systems Inc of Jacksonville FL
Has anyone heard of this medical trans. company?
Accel Systems Group, Inc.?  How are they?  Any good?
Thomas Trans Any reviews/comments on this company?
Thanks in advance
Trans Tech is a good company to work for.
I have plenty of work. I wish you the best.
Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!
I think they are in New Jersey. nm
Not sure how it is now, but they were in New Jersey sm
and required you to fly there to train. They hired full-time only, and paid some weird way, like by the page or something. Could be different now ... this was several years ago.

Good luck!
Only 1 in New Jersey
There is only one DocuMed in New Jersey. It's located in Lakeside. Please trust me on this one. You do not want to work for these people.
How is the weather in New Jersey about now.
And how is the weather in New Jersey now for you too.
In New Jersey, from what I understand...
but, honestly, I'm not completely sure.
New Jersey last I knew. nm
DocuMed of New Jersey
I worked for them briefly during a slow period with my main service.  The work they gave me was great, their pay rate was commensurate with my experience, and everyone I dealt with in their office was very helpful and friendly.
All Type in New Jersey
If you have good or bad things to say about this company, would like to hear what they are.  Thanks for your time.