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DocuMed of New Jersey

Posted By: Debi on 2008-05-29
In Reply to: Med-Links and DocuMed NJ info - medtran26

I worked for them briefly during a slow period with my main service.  The work they gave me was great, their pay rate was commensurate with my experience, and everyone I dealt with in their office was very helpful and friendly.

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Documed Medical Transcritpions, LLC out of New Jersey...anyone with info?

I think they are in New Jersey. nm
Not sure how it is now, but they were in New Jersey sm
and required you to fly there to train. They hired full-time only, and paid some weird way, like by the page or something. Could be different now ... this was several years ago.

Good luck!
Only 1 in New Jersey
There is only one DocuMed in New Jersey. It's located in Lakeside. Please trust me on this one. You do not want to work for these people.
How is the weather in New Jersey about now.
And how is the weather in New Jersey now for you too.
In New Jersey, from what I understand...
but, honestly, I'm not completely sure.
New Jersey last I knew. nm
Med-Scribe out of New Jersey --
I'm thinking of responding to an ad from them.
Med-Scribe - New Jersey

Has anyone worked with the Med-Scribe in New Jersey?  If so, what do you know about them?



All Type in New Jersey
If you have good or bad things to say about this company, would like to hear what they are.  Thanks for your time.
All Type New Jersey
I love All Type, I''ve worked with them for almost a year now and I have had nothing but a good experience.  Everyone has been helpful, I love the DocQScribe platform.  In my experience those who post nasty or rude comments about a company are those who didn't meet the level of quality that a company requires.  I work for two different companies and both of them have been professional and each have good and bad things, but mostly good.  I would be cautious of those who post mean-spirited posts on this site.  I hope you find the perfect fit for you.  .
Yes, I agree with calling New Jersey
What has happened is that P and M have a lot more authority than they are capable of handling. for example, I know of an MT whose son was killed in a car accident. For obvious reasons during the funeral and shortly thereafter she could not make her lines, they threatened to cut off her health insurance, single mom. That one broke my heart and I knew I had to leave.
Does Spheris off-shore? Do they have a New Jersey
Nope, don't live in Jersey
That would be a really long trip for me to pick up equipment. It would be nice if they would mention that in their job posting. Oh well ... thanks.
Anyone hear of Cornerstone in New Jersey?

They have a job listing on MTJobs that sounded pretty good.  I need information from someone who has dealt with them before, though.


silent type...have to go to New Jersey...nm
I think that is ridiculous and outdated!!!
Well there will come a point in time and it may have already happened that New Jersey gets so many
complaints and so many MTs quit that these 2 ladies may have gone as far as they can. I think it is already getting there. No one wants to work with them anymore or cares if the works is done or not. You can only push people so far and that is all they will take and it is obvious that has already happened with Amherst.
Advanced Medical Transc. New Jersey - sm

Anyone know anything about this place.  Saw an old post to stay away.  Anything current?

Took the test and heard from them within 1 hour wanting to hire me.  Lady hard to hear, lots of background noise, very weird test, undecipherable phone number.  Wondering if I should even bother with all these red flags.

I just spoke with a company from New Jersey today...sm
Rude was not the word for this recruiter...My goodness, makes me think that is the norm in New Jersey.  geez!!!
Any current information on Med-Scribe (New Jersey)
Just wondering if anyone currently works there or knows anything about them. Thanks
I believe that the Medscribe out of Florida is a different company than the one out of New Jersey
but I could be wrong... I applied with the one out of New Jersey and there never seems to be anything on here about them, which to me is a good sign. This was for an Dictaphone account also.
Look up the area code, they are located somewhere in Jersey...nm
Well if it is Amherst stick together and all of you call New Jersey. I did and a lot of people in my
office did and I dont know if it did any good or not but when I talked to New Jersey I got the distinct impression that were getting a lot of calls. They were very grouchy for sure. Dont just sit back and take it or nothing will change for you. There QA plan is so abusive it should be thrown out. You wouldnt believe the things they take off for to make sure you dont get QA points. They are a very very abusive office and it seems as though they like to make people miserable so it seems they must be very miserable women. You know, misery loves company.
Does anyone have any personal information about Silent Type, Inc out of New Jersey, or

Van Belkum out of Michigan?  I posted on w/e, when not many on the board.  Will try again.   Thank you.  

Trans-Scribe out of New Jersey... any info on this company?
NJPR is in NJ, not NY, stands for North Jersey Physicians Review I believe,
try googling for a web page, I am quite sure they have one, you can the info and I think a phone number there to call.
Any recent info about Cornerstone Professional Services of New Jersey??
Would love to hear some very RECENT information about this company, regarding staff, pay rate, workflow, ease of platform, etc.  Only found old information in archives.  If you don't want to share on the board, please email me. Thanks for your help.
Documed ...sm
I have searched the archives, and there isn't much there...can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this company?  I believe they are out of NJ....TIA
Any feedback on Documed out of NJ?
I had posted a question about Documed a few days ago and never got a response either, but I would love to know what the deal is with them.
Thanks for the info! BTW - what is a cherry picker?
Does anyone know anything about DocuMed????
Could I please hear from someone/anyone who has worked with or is currently working for Documed in NJ? TIA.
Just wanted to know how you got along with the office staff. They seem like quite a nice group of people.
Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.
Re: Documed.
I do currently work with Documed and have for about over a year.  Excellent people.  I just love it there.

Does anyone know anything about this company, or where they are located?  I can't seem to find much on them.


actually, the documed in Google is a company that makes medical supplies.  however I did find the other one.  Does anyone know anything about it??

All this m.t.'ing must be making me crazy.  When I Google it brings up the company which does formats, etc. and when you look under opportunities it is all about engineers!   

I have been with them for the past nine months and I love it. The work is easy, always lots of it, and the staff are super. Pay is pretty good too, except they only pay for spaces, no headers/footers, tabs, or returns.
Does anyone here work for Documed?  If so, any feedback?
Which DocuMed ? NJ ?...nm
DocuMed in TN

Does anyone have any info on DocuMed in TN/Joy Pickett?  I have been offered a full time radiology MT position without testing and I wanted some info on them before I make a decision.  I have a couple of job offers and I need to make a decision but I wanted some info on them first.  TIA


Re: A few asking about DocuMed in NJ

I am sorry.  I seen a few asking about DocuMed in NJ but by the time I had a chance to come back I could not find your questions as I was going to answer you.  I do currently work for them.  I have been with them a few years now.  If you have any questions regarding them you are welcome to e-mail me and I will tell what I do know and my experience with them.  I know they are looking for a couple more people. 


Does anybody know any info about this company out of New Jersey?  Good or bad to work for?

I wish I had read these recent posts before I turned down another job. I tested last Thursday -- heard back from them late Monday. I called Tuesday when offered a job via E-mail. She asked me to type 3 more files for 2 other doctors. I did so, sent them back and I haven't heard a word since! I was really looking forward to a full-time job again. I hate my current part-time gig. Good luck to you! I guess I will go back to looking again. Oh Joy!
I am sorry you all had bad experiences with this company. I can only tell you it's the best company I've ever worked for. Management is fantastic, and the owner is such a nice person. This company is very personable. I've never had a situation they couldn't work out with me, such as vacation, etc. I think they had a few bugs to work out when I first started with them, and I almost quit, but I am glad I hung in there. I have been there for almost two years. They pay on time, twice a month. I've never had a problem with my check, and they do pay for spaces. Just wanted to give a positive note about this company because they definitely deserve it.
I was recently offered a job with DocuMed.  Does anyone have any experience with them, either good or bad   Thanks
I am through with this place. They offered me a job too. Said that my test was excellent. I called to accept the job -- they asked that I type 4 more reports and I never heard from them again. They never paid me either. I am not alone. Others have sent me Emails describing the same experience. Good Luck.
Was the person's name by chance Joy or Donna that runs this company. If so, they are also known as ASAP/Alliance. I had to finally threaten to take them to every organization I could think of and they wired me my money.