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Trasolutions, anyone know the kind of health insurance they offer? i.e. BC/BS

Posted By: MTMI on 2007-03-09
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Can a Transolutions MT tell me what kind of health insurance they have?SM
I have the idea in my mind that it does not cover where I live, but I can't remember the name to double check  Thinking of applying but I do need insurance.  You may email me if you would like to.  Thanks. 
Do they offer health insurance?
Does Transcend offer health insurance?
Any companies offer health insurance for part time?

Are there any companies out there that offer benefits to PT employees, such as health insurance?
I know it's a rarity but I know hospitals do.
Yep, it's for selling some kind of health supplements from home, like an Amway organization. nm
Do you know how much your health insurance is? sm
I applied today and took the online test.  I am confident I did well.  I am sure, though, there are a lot of others doing the same.  I was just wondering how much health insurance cost monthly.  Do you get paid by the line or by the hour?  Are they pretty fair? 
Health Insurance
I'm also looking to Webmedx.  I was wondering if you, or someone else out there, might have an idea what the cost of health insurance for family would be.  Thank you!
TT health insurance

Are any of you taking out the insurance. I just started in October with the big hire, and should be eligible February 1, 2007, right? Anybody know.

I have also been curious about the PTO time accrued.

Is the health insurance

a good policy. Is the premium super high.


health insurance
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what companies give a pretty good rate for health insurance?  Thanks!
IC, what do you do about health insurance. sm
It is way expensive on the outside if you know what I mean.
MDI-MD have health insurance for MTs?
I'm in their site and I can't find mention of benefits anywhere?
health insurance
Amen to everything that has been posted on this ongoing subject. I too have heard promises of new insurance over and over for the past couple years.

What's worse is that employees had to answer personal questions in a phone interview for insurance that never materialized.

And why was that AFLAC phone conference manditory? After reading through the materials they sent in the mail, I already knew I didn't want to waste my money on supplemental insurance.

Finally, if KS can't find better/cheaper health insurance, why can't they at least start paying for a portion of the premiums on the current insurance plan??

These are all questions that will probably go unanswered.
health insurance
I have had a gap, I was covered through end of November. I have been on meds, but there are some plans that define PEC as receiving treatment i.e. seeing a doctor, and just being on meds continuously doesn't count (Premera plans typically work this way). I have an offer from a company with a Premera plan that has a 3 month PEC so I am fine on that one. But with that company I can't afford to cover my spouse ($400/month paycheck deduction for him, $66 paycheck deduction for me).
health insurance
I am aware of this, that is why I am trying to look into all possibilities for now and also a couple years down the road. May have to keep a day job for a couple years while doing IC part time or something.
But I do know of a couple companies so far that will take a well-educated newbie that offer benes, and I am also starting to figure out what my goal companies are for later, from people's feedback.
Everyone's feebback is invaluable on this subject, for me and other newbies who have this question.

Isn't life a joy!  Thought I was going through menopause and it turns out I'm pregnant!  I've been with my current employer for 6 years, they have the worst insurance I've ever seen in my life.  Does anyone know of any companies that are currently hiring with half way decent health insurance, maybe a deductible that won't bankrupt me!??

health insurance?
Does anyone know of a company with good health insurance benefits that won't cost an arm and a leg to pay for?
IC Health Insurance

I will be starting 2 new IC positions soon and am looking into healthcare options, as hubby and I absolutely need this.  If you are willing to share the info pumpernickel, I would like to hear more about how/where you obtained healthcare,costs, etc.  Please feel free to email me

MDI - Health INsurance
yes but will they ever offer health benefits and PTO?
health insurance
I am looking for family coverage.
Are there any companies who offer health benefits to part time employees?
Need insurance.
MDI-ers: Is Instant Text compatible with MDI's platform? Do they offer health benefits? nm
regarding spheris health insurance


I got a job offer from spheris, i need some info regarding their health insurance benefits, how they are. Do they cut from our paycheck for health insurance i was offered 202 for family for two weeks excluding dental and vision. I would appreciate if anybody post message on it.




regarding spheris health insurance

thanks for the reply, but my questions is yesterday i got interviwed. The recruiter told me that the family insurance will be 202 for every two weeks and the money goes from our pay check only it looks more cost for insurance and excluding dental and vision is that everyone is getting the same insurance offer from Spheris for family or it depends on plan.
What do you pay for health insurance? Survey. sm

What do you pay at the company you are with for health insurance?  Is it employee, employee w/spouse, employee w/children or family? What is the deductible? HMO or PPO?  Big company or small?  What percentage does the company pay? 

We are trying to come up with what is fair for everyone without putting us out of business due to cost.  We need more MTs for new contracts but cannot grow until our benefits are better.  Catch 22.

I really would appreciate feedback.  What other benefits do you get?  Do you want? 

Medware health insurance
Does anyone know how much the health insurance at Medware costs the employee for eimployee and spouse?  Thanks
Pay and health insurance good.
Some of the QA who work for Precyse are the finest people this side of heaven.  I couldn't keep up with my lines and what I had typed, so I moved on.  Overall, a good company and they handle a lot of Baptist accounts with people you can understand.
health insurance deduction

Not OP, but self-employed health insurance premium deductions are now 100% deductible off adjusted gross on 1040 line 29 I think. I've been doing it for 5 years, the first year was only 40% deductible I think when my accountant did it and went up every year since then to 100% now. If you're not using that, you're missing a huge deduction if you're paying for insurance as an IC or SE.

Anyone know what company OSI's health insurance is through?
Who has decent health insurance?

I just got notice from TransHealth that they are changing our (already sucky) insurance in two weeks to an even suckier plan. I cannot afford a $1000 deductible. If I had that lying around, I wouldn't need to work!!!

Is there any company out there with a decent FAMILY healt insurance plan that won't cost $1000 a month in premiums?? I have 10+ years of acute care and multispecialty experience with 99% accuracy. Why can't I insure my family!?

Health insurance at TransTech? sm

Anyone willing to tell me what they pay for their health insurance plan through TransTech?  I just had a great offer from Keystrokes that I guess I am going to have to turn down because their health insurance plan costs more than I can get one for on my own!  bummer disappointment!  So I am going to pursue Transtech but don't want to end up in the same boat again....TIA.

PA health insurance benefits
I can't speak for all employers. I was manager of the transcription department for a large cardiology practice. Our health insurance premium was totally paid for (employee only). The company paid half of the premium for family coverage. Yes, those were the good old days! Now, as an employee with a national, I am looking at $400 per month for individual health insurance coverage with my current company.
if you are talking about health insurance you should
get a packet with your ins. cards in teh mail really soon.  they usually dont mess around.  if you havent recieved a packet...then i would definitley be worried.  same thing happend to a company that my husabnd used to work for and we never got our premiums back....
Health insurance option
Consider the IC at 9 cpl without benefits and no ESL.  Obtain health, life, and dental insurance other routes....like try ehealthinsurance.com.  More options there.  7 cpl isn't great if your dealing with a large amount of ESLs.
Keystrokes - Health Insurance
I think I remember that Keystrokes is supposed to be getting new health insurance that will be less expensive.  Can any Keystrokes employees tell me what is going on with that?  Do you have it yet?  How much is it a month?  I am considering a job at Keystrokes but I need the health insurance benefit, preferably low cost.  Thanks for replying.
Not a joke: I need health insurance. Is MQ
The health insurance is awful, but if you like it
TransTech health insurance
Does anyone have info on family plan health insurance at TT.  I have heard they have a few to choose from.  I don't want to spend my time going through the whole testing process if all the options are outrageously expensive.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!
As long as you don't need health insurance through them
The insurance is quite pricey.
Did Keystrokes ever get the new health insurance? NM

Just wondering.

Charge about $900+ for health insurance!
A few days off here and there isn't worth it to me either. Also, as an IC, they wanted a schedule. I never have worked this way before in my 10 years as an IC. Just giving my opinion. I understand how the whole employee/IC status works. You get tax benefits, time off, insurance, etc. It just doesn't sound that great to me. If you want 7.5 cpl for employee, go for it, but it is not for me! I have been offered more for employee too with another company.
Keystrokes Health Insurance
For single coverage:
$202 a month with $2500 deductible.

$251.30 a month with $1000 deductible
Health Insurance Coverage
Anyone know of any companies that offer health insurance with a company other than Aetna.  Aetna is probably great insurance for most people but almost no preferred providers in my area.  Would like to find Blue Cross and Blue Shield or United Health Care.
Did not mean to stress you out! After all we need health insurance
have not met line requirement for insurance and pharmacy... did not mean to stir a kettle, just wanted a reality check... you sure gave it to me!!!
No work, what happens with health insurance?
When there is no work at your company, what happens with your health insurance? You can tell about your current company and/or companies you've worked for in the past if you want.
I have excellent health insurance through them and it is only $185 per month. sm

A lot of companies do not have PTO so I am glad that I have it, although I had to wait a year for it.  When I worked in another field, I had to wait a year, so I do not think it is that unusual.  I wish we had dental but I am glad that we have 401k, health and life.  Like with any company ... get it in writing and then you will not have two different stories. 

Is Medware's health insurance affordable?

I am looking for either family coverage or just husband and wife coverage.  Any idea of how much their insurance costs?  I remember a while back they had their rates listed on their website and they seemed very reasonable. 

Can anyone give me an estimate on how much they pay for their health insurance for family.  This would be for the PPO insurance, as I do not reside in Florida.

Thanks guys!!!

Looking for a company with affordable health insurance.
Anybody work for Proscript or DSG, can you tell me how much you pay for husband and wife coverage?  Thanks so much.
Does anyone know of any GOOD, reasonably priced, health insurance?- sm
I would love to find a good health insurance company that I can purchase independently.  I LOVE the company I work for but unfortunately they do not offer health benefits.  I greatly want to stay with them, but in need of some serious health insurance.  Does anyone know of a plan that I could look into that is reasonably priced?  Any ideas or suggestions would greatly be appreciated since one trip to the ER could make a huge bill....Thanks!
Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Can anyone provide your average monthly cost for individual and/or family health insurance premiums?  I'm looking to change employers and most companies will not provide this information until after an applicant has gone through all the testing.  Who wants to bother with all that if the monthly health insurance premiums are outrageous?  The company I am with now has a very reasonable plan, and I need to find something comparable. I would greatly appreciate any information you can give.  Thanks so much for your time!!