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Turns out she was just frazzled hiring people. She works there. Sorry about the bad press.

Posted By: Moving on on 2008-05-09
In Reply to: wow.. - hmm..


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For some people it works, for others it does not. It is like sm
any other company. However, they do expect you to work your shift that you signed up for. The pay is very good if you have experience. Software is easy to use. They are getting new accounts. I would say try it for yourself and see if it fits.
Sorry - that is CorTmedical. I just get all frazzled even typing it!
Hope it works out well for all of you. People really putting their
For people at MDI-MD that say they are out of work, I see they are hiring now. Are people still
running out of work or did they get more accounts.  I am interested in this company.
Many companies are hiring MTs, QA people etc as
You must be hiring the wrong people...

it must be bad judgment on your part, but don't lump sum the rest of us who do take pride in our work and do have great work ethics and take our jobs seriously! 

Definitely could not understand why they keep hiring people
when there is no work for us. They specifically told us that our overseas partners would work the accounts in the evening and weekends when we need help the most. Then, it's no wonder when we get up to work that it is gone. They have been working it all evening and night. I'm sorry they wasted your time. If you wait long enough, a lot of people will be quitting (me included) and you might have some work.
I talked to one of their hiring people
but that's on a C-phone account.  Maybe that makes a difference between C-phone and internet account?  Extremely nice lady too, by the way.
And the strange thing is they keep hiring people so it almost seems as though they want us to run
out of work. How has their QA point thing been working out with people on so many accounts. What a joke.
Why is OSi hiring new people when I have been out of work for 6 weeks?

I am statutory (or IC, whatever they are calling it now).  I have a main account and 2 -- count them 2 -- back up accounts.  I have been out/short of work for over 6 weeks.

Unless you are a full time employee, you get no benefits, no hourly, NOTHING.  I am amazed that they are hiring when they have people already trained and begging for work!!!

Don't they realize that it costs a WHOLE lot more in turnover to train a new employee than to keep an already-trained one happy?

I'm looking at other nationals now.  I've never been one to job hop, but I just can't take the time off any more!!!

Why have they bothered advertising or tried hiring people when they do not have enough
manpower to get it going in an efficient manner. Truly, I hope Shiela is also not the one responsible for doing payroll. That may well be too much on one person. I have worked in offices where doctors were too cheap to hire extra help and just ran us into the ground with so much work until we quit from burn out. It just not the right way to run a business, having one person do everything. I do feel for Shiela but who would want to contact her now and burden her more. BTDT
The email was not about looking to fire people. Yes, they are hiring. sm
The email stated that everyone must maintain certain levels for production and for QA in order to stay a Keystrokes' employee.

They were reassuring us that even in this depression or recession, or whatever it is being called now, we will have work to do and that they are still growing.

There are 2 openings on my account, so I know that they are hiring, and there is a new account starting next week too.
Yep, hiring again. Are people quitting or what? There never seems to be a lot of work to me. nm
You missed the point. She has people that do the hiring because she is busy with her own
responsibilities. There are just people that feel they need to talk to Lee or no one, and those people find that they do not get things done as they should because they did not go through the right people.

If you knew Lee, you would know how wrong you are. I have never worked for someone as respectful or caring of others and I have worked for a lot of people in and out of transcription. This is the ONLY company where I have ever felt that I was treated as a person. How horrible of you to judge someone that you do not know.
Because of the shortage of work, we don't want our companies hiring more people. nm
Maybe they are tired of hiring so-called experienced people sm
wwho get someone else to test for them. Maybe they want to hear the correct answers straight from the horse's mouth so to speak...
And you are no longer a hiring manager and probably lost out on a LOT of good people
because of how you handled it. HMMMM??
News report government hiring 1000 people - sm
To work on cybersecurity. I wonder if they will address the use of widespread databases like some (they shall remain nameless lest this post get booted) VR vendors use. I hope so. I think I'm going to ask for all the names and addresses who have access to my medical record from my local hospital and see what they tell me.
It turns out you might be right!...sm
I had requested a contract and pay dates from them, and that was the end of our conversation. The other e-mails before that were coming back at me with lightening speed. That was even before I came here to see all the negative remarks, so it all added up. Thank God for this board because I would have been wondering what's up. Wonder no more!

Yep and turns out they need help so its not really PRN
Its whenever you want to work. 
if that turns out to be factual, SM
speaking as a veteran MT, I say stick together as a sisterhood in this profession and don't go with a Phillipine company. There are many jobs out there with reputable companies who hire only U.S. transcriptionists. Let this SPI advertise until their blue in the face. They will be desperate for skilled transcriptionist, because the overseas transcriptionists cannot cut it. Stand strong and go somewhere else. If everyone could do this (yes, I know it is not possible in situations where you cannot find a replacement job), this company will flop. The experienced and skilled U.S. MTs and editors who have the option to go with a company who does not outsource (there are many companies who do not), could virtually throw these foreign MT companies out of business with regard to the U.S. physician clients and hospitals. The garbage that comes in from overseas is a disgrace. Let the work go straight from the Indian or Philipine MT or Editor to the U.S. physician, and see how long the doctor keeps the service. By working for these companies, we are enabling them to stay in business and take over. Let's put a stop to it. I'll be the first to say, I would not be able to produce an acceptable transcription report in a foreign language format, so why are we letting them take all of our business, and then help them fix their mistakes so they come out smellin' like a rose. Sorry, I am most passionate about this issue.
No matter what the truth turns out to be, sm
no one is going to believe it unless it's the worst of all these speculations! Too bad it has gotten this far.
Nice one day, turns on you the next. I guess the MTs who
never talked to or know the owner are the lucky ones. She comes on as being so very helpful, promising you what sound too good to be true, and guess what? It is.
Do the managers take turns being on call 24 hrs a day?
So many twists and turns on this issue
The post here states very confusing- well maybe for some but I love and have been a Transcriptionist for much longer, almost 35 years now, doing VR for about 6 years and ours is tremendously good, can put on auto and really easy money for me. I think it all gets down to WHAT VR you use. Some are lots better than others. I do not find difficult in the least. I really look forward to working each and every day. Piece of cake!
My archive search turns up nothing.
I stated that I already know that they offshore. If you don't have any answers, why did you reply?
Turns out it was innocent oversight
Does not seem to be the event it has been in the past. In the 80s I worked for a hospital in So Cal that offered a luncheon to us MTs, little tokens, etc. It is what we make of it; perhaps send out gentle reminders next year. :)

Googling turns up tons of information.
That's all I know.
A search here turns up lots of negative information.

Best of luck with your continued job search.

Yes but that means hiring a lot of extra people and paying out a lot of extra money when they can
have SE without all this. Their last report said they are making less money now than before and expect to make less in the next quarter so what does that say. We shall see. As part time employees you would still have to adhere to a schedule and I think people are SE for flexibility at least I am.
I recently downloaded a trial of spyware and it turns off ITV when IT is trying to access it.
Don't know if that may be your problem or not, but that is the only time I have had it happen. It alwasy links to IE and I haven't figured out how to stop that. Wish I could.

Perhaps the owner is waiting to see if the pilot test turns permanent...sm
that's just my thoughts.
you will be hired eventually, then wait at least 3 months if lucky to be put to work. When and if run out of work they will immediately give you a secondary account because they have so many and that might happen within another 3 months....so, if you need a job and $$ income....might want something more dependable. Unbelievable, and not a disgundled person, just stating the facts. They always hire it seems. Just getting to work is not for one really looking for a job right away.

Thank you.  Radiology only sounds like what I need.  Your time and info is appreciated.



Need information on X-Press. I found some archived comments about them, but would like something more recent. Anyone work there? Used to work there?  Hate it? Love it? Pay, etc. Thanks for your help.


Always weigh the information you receive from MTStars.  If you hear bad reviews, make sure they can back it up, as well as the good ones.  Best of luck!
??? X-PRESS???

Anyone working for this company?  I checked out their website but wanted to hear from present or past employees. Anybody? If you have info good or bad would appreciate it. TIA. 

Thank you all!!! You saved me a lot of time and effort. THANKS!!

MQ pays per report.  How does x-press per line rate compare with MQ per report rate?

Worked a while with X-Press. Some say the testing is tough. That is because main account is tough, which is why they pay more, too. So many dictators (all students) you cannot macro or shortcut much of anything, hence a slow account and not exactly a money maker.

As for Mr. David, with every volume slam came 2- to 3-page emails of screaming and fuming over the account falling behind and how 'bad' and 'inconsiderate' we were professionally; threats of overhiring with 'girls who will work and appreciate it,'...yawn. Stange is right, the next morning - a long apology with praise. The man cannot handle stress and he's working in transcription! You learned to blow the behavior off because it was abusive and, well, hurtful. Added up to both he and the account not worth the effort it took to get through the day.

My experience, a pressure cooker.
How big is X-Press? No one seems to know. nm
Just heard through the grapevine that X-press? is hiring radiology MTs.  Does anyone have a link or contact for them?  Is anyone hiring for rad MTs now?  Thanks. 
I worked for them for 12 years - be very careful!!
X-Press Transcription

Just wanting to get in touch with anyone who works for this company. 

X-Press transcription
Anyone out there work for this company?  Looking for some feedback.
X-press Transcription, Inc.
Have you checked into X-press? They are a strictly radiology only service.
X-press Transcription, Inc.

I think you contacted the wrong company.  The X-press I'm talking about is based out of Long Beach, CA and Virginia Beach, VA.  Here's their website:  http://www.x-presstranscription.com/home.html

x-press trans

Can anyone tell me of any experience they have had with this co?? Thx

X-press - be careful
Pay well, but many problems. Be careful with them.
X-press Transcription