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Yes but that means hiring a lot of extra people and paying out a lot of extra money when they can

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-22
In Reply to: MQ could add back the "part-time" status, and - MQ MT hopeful

have SE without all this. Their last report said they are making less money now than before and expect to make less in the next quarter so what does that say. We shall see. As part time employees you would still have to adhere to a schedule and I think people are SE for flexibility at least I am.

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This job is only good for extra pin money for people that have other regular income coming in.
It may end up being a good job for people that are experienced and on social security and have other investments now for some extra money.  Would never want to have it to pay all bills.  No way.
It means it does not pay extra for paragraphing,
underlining, bolding, new lines, etc., or any of the unseen characters or Keystrokes required to make a certain function, i.e., if you bold the word bold, it is 4 characters + 1 character after the word for the white space, but nothing for the control+B to make the word bolded, nor no keystroke for the space bar, as that is a white space.
Do you have the option of paying extra...
for fedex or UPS delivery? What's it like to QA there? I definitely could not afford to wait a week for my paycheck.
You obviously do not work there. They started paying the extra a while back for OT. sm
pay is by the hour. Don't know about CMT extra. Not hiring editors right now.
Just wondering if people are jumping in to work extra sm
since it is the last pay period before Christmas? Just a thought.
those bonus checks aren't extra money...you would just get tw bigger checks rather than 3 checks

don't kid yourself

Do they pay extra for OT?
As if I needed any more incentive to apply to this company.
MQ--extra 2 cents

some offices offer extra money for typing after 3pm, after 10pm, week ends, and holidays, and some offices offer this without asking for it

Going the extra mile? sm
IMHO "going the extra mile" means working your BUTT off when your company has a backlog.  Decent companies pay a bonus for doing that anyway.  Then coast when work is low.  If you fall into this cut throat mentality, you're not only hurting yourself but all MTs.  It is possible for companies to balance their needs with the needs of MTs and I, for one, refuse to work for one who can't  (or won't) do this.
Always work, usually all the extra you want too.

No special platform.   Some accounts you can work in WP5.1 or Word, some just Word.  Work is batched so no saving every report.   The only demographics you have to enter is patient's name, all other automated.  Daily QA feedback and QA is good overall.   Use BOS generally, but not strictly - client dictates.

Direct deposit and pay is ALWAYS on time, even early on holidays usually.  No charge for direct deposit.

If you are local can use C-phone, otherwise work is downloaded via FTP.  They provide foot pedal/software but not computer.

IC positions only - but don't know rate.  I've been with them since the beginning and am an employee.  They pay based on gross line though, use Sylcount for line counts and no screwing around with your lines.

They aren't perfect, but most employees have been there since the beginning, little turnover.  They leave you alone for the most part, no IM, no nasty e-mails, aren't calling every day for you to work extra, occasionally offer a bonus.   Schedules are Sunday-Thursday or Tues-Sat, not clocking in.



do any of you do something extra on the side
My hands kill me just about every day now, and looking at my hands i have muscle breakdown and twitching, so i'd like to cut down on typing.  Want to find something to do on the side to earn maybe 1000 to 1500 dollars a month.  Was thinking about ebay, but i'm doubtful I could make that much, even though they hype up the advertisement by saying you could make 3000 MINIMUM.  I'm just desperate and feel like my hands are about to fall off.  I've spent close to 1000$ this year alone in keyboards, gloves, splints, doc visits, meds, changed my station around, hot soaks, cold soaks, exercises, stretches, vitamins. still my hands just sing every day esp at night.  So any extra money earning ideas you guys?  thanks
MDI is asking for MTs to do extra work
Honestly, I do not know where you are getting your info from. MDI is really busy, so that leads me to believe you do not work for us. If you want more work, please call me at the office (or you should have asked your TL). I sent out a mass e-mail Wednesday night asking for help, help and more help.

Hope you are making honest posts. If you are, then I really would like you to call me either at home or at the office. My home number is listed in TT (although most of my MT's have it already).

Extra Work!
Does anyone know of any MTSOs that use MTs p.r.n. or on our own time? 
extra work
I'd be happy to share, just E-mail me. Am not that familiar what I can or cannot put on reply message
But can you work extra
hours if you need them in order to reach your line requirement?
can you do extra if work is available - nm
would you happen to need someone to take the extra
I'd like to get some prn work, or even a bit extra each day, especially on the weekends. If your account would allow it, and depending on the manner in which the files would need to be played, etc, I'd be happy to help. Let me know if you'd like my email addy.
Thank you..but no it only spaces an extra...
line between sentences. Instead of each line one under the other it actually adds an extra line space to double it but thank you anyway. I appreciate the help.
That is the BASE ... you get EXTRA for
shift differential, weekend differential, QA percentage differential, and line differential - FOUR on top of the base rate. If you don't work for TT you have no business chirping in. You get paid for holidays whether you are scheduled or not. You rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas, never both in one year. I have been around the MTSO block. Transtech is the BEST. Period.
Extra work at KS?
Do you have the opportunity to work extra at KS?  If you do, do you get paid OT for it?
Extra job security, anybody do this?
I recently took on another job, this one part-time.  I had been working for several months for a company that was constantly running out of work.  This way I can always be sure there will be work in one place or other.  I think in these economic times we have to protect ourselves.  Anybody else do this?  How does it work for you?
Yes, I just wanted a little extra job to help ...sm
because the work has been really slow the last couple of months where I am. But I don't hear anything. Most don't reply at all.
Has any company said thank you to those who have picked up the extra
work for those who are "out of service" from the hurricane?  I have worked my fingers to the bone to keep a few accounts happy, no thanks, no overtime, no bonus.  Guess I am the dummy here. 
This is a lot. When I worked for Transcend, I got a whole 0.025 extra for CMT. nm
There's no extra for that. It's just part of the job more and more lately. And the worst of th
Yup, and there's the extra hours gained
Gives nearly a whole extra day to get the work done because of the date/time line.
Mandatory extra hours?? How many?
I should have said old hires used to get double; now all will get extra 4 cpl;
they dont want extra, they wont take it.
Ask for extra work, they are probably willing to give it if it's there. nm
You certainly deserve the extra for working 3rd. sm
I could never do it!!
Should get extra for 3rd shift 99% ESLs!...nm

I wonder if this is the new pay plan coming out. How do you get the extra 2 cents. What do you have
to do for that.
Dental and vision are separate and extra. sm

I don't know how much, though, because I tossed the info on it as the provider list for the dental was SO LIMITED it wasn't even worth it, I couldn't get any dentist I wanted.

one of my companies gives an extra 8,000 per quarter for bonus
Suck it up and work the extra or move on!! sm
I am one of those MTs who had gotten sick. I hate to call of sick, but believe me, I could not work and then, once I was well, I stepped up and tried my best to work extra! Yes, it is the holidays and we all have a lot to do, but if the account gets behind and they get ticked, they can pull it and take their business elsewhere and where will any of us be? WITHOUT A JOB, that's where. If you don't want to do your part and step up to the plate for a company that is by FAR one of the best out there, well then you don't deserve to work for such an awesome company. Take it from someone who knows first hand, the grass is definitely NOT greener elsewhere. Look at all the MTs out there complaining that they don't have any work. I would much rather be in our situation than in theirs. I, personally, plan to work my tail off this week to help get things back in TAT! I wholeheartedly cannot imagine that QT is doing any kind of outsourcing! They have said all along that they do not support this! I hate coming on and reading things that are not backed up with FACTS. If you can't give solid evidence about the accusations you are making, then just zip it! Sorry for the long post, but it gets me fired up to see this company getting bashed when it does not deserve it!
You work extra or you lose the account!!!!
I for one know I do not want to lose the account, it sounds like you do not care, or maybe I just misread what you meant.
Delete extra "not", too early! nm
My C-phone accounts are begging for extra
I have 2 and every day this week they have been extremely full and begging for the MTs to work extra. It's too bad the accounts are uneven like this.
One AC has certainly asked for extra help w/o recording hours
That is a little much for somebody to make up. Also have you never been called by ops to work extra? If so that would be rare or your work is not very good. My phone rings off the hook on my days off.
If you work it you get extra cpl. You CAN ask for it off if it is on your regular days also. sm
Personally I don't think it is a bad deal at all.  Better than nothing, which is what my other job paid for holidays.
But not everyone has extra time to spare consistently, even at their
Again, I don't work for Amphion, but I could never work somewhere that wanted consistent OT. I deliver high-quality, high-production 40 hours, and outside of that I still don't have enough hours in the day to devote to my non-MT life. Amphion would be a terrible match for me, but I'm glad there are others who can live up to the overtime demands.
I'll still keep my other job on the side for extra cushion
since MDI only asks for 700 lines per day, I can easily manage both.
Are you paid extra to compensate for no spaces?
I just went back to my old job, because they are compensating per line the amount I would have made with spaces. In other words, I get 8.4 c with spaces, and between 9 and 10 cpl without spaces. If you are compensated with cents per line, the only difference is how you would react psychologically to seeing the low line totals at the end of the period. I had a time adjusting to this, but just remember 7500 lines without spaces equals approximately 10,600 lines with spaces. So you are not typing poorly, you are on target and if you are paid the extra amount then all is fair. It is how the client would charge, I assume. Talk to the people who offered you the job to double-check, but when I cleared this up, my misconceptions regarding lower line counts with no spaces, and productivity with the difference in cpl, I happily returned to my original company on an account that did not count spaces. Good luck on whatever you decide! :)
Check with SS and you will find the answer, don't have to pay extra
If you reach FULL retirement age then you are not punished, taking back $1 for every $2 you would make. You can make as much as you like after full retirement age without being penalized. The age 70 does not apply yet to the baby boomers, might in way years to come, has nothing to do at present with SS. SS just changed with full retirement starting at age 66 (which would be people born in 1943) but soon it will be you have to reach age 67 to get full SS retirement benefits. When I went to inquire about drawing out the money and still working, I had the same question as I had heard about the taking back 1 for every 2. You can believe me when I say they TRY to get you to take early retirement and I said NO way, I would just wait until that magical 66 number which I did. I checked with the person who did my taxes this past year, told her what I would be bringing in and just how much should I pay in taxes so would not be hit with huge burden at end of year. It was not huge as DH's taxes taken out kind of even things out. You can also find this information out on the form SS sends you every year, think the full retirement thingy noted on that but also on the SS internet site also answered.
Most leads are compensated for the extra duties.....
like answering emails and watching TATs, etc. There is no OT, and no huge salary, and leads are expected to reach quota like everyone else. I would know, I work there, and I am a lead. We don't cheerypick, and work is first in/first out unless work has to be assigned for a particular platform. Geez!
Yes -- still at Keystrokes and still love it. :-) I am just looking for extra work. sm

I have worked 2 jobs for almost all of my life, so it is almost 2nd nature.  I think you will find Keystrokes a refreshing change from MQ.  They actually care about your well being and listen to you . They do not overhire.  The benefits are pretty good.  I do not have anything bad to say about them. 

Good luck! 

You could give a walkout extra punch by
use this company for their transcription. When the suits came out of the hospital to ask you what you were picketing about, you could sure give them (and maybe the 6 oclock Eyewitness News?) a real earful.
Is there a reason that MTs get nothing extra at Amherst and have so many accounts. Who is in charge
that makes these decisions or do the decisions come from Corp and are going to be the norm for all MQ main offices.
And you are required to work 3 holidays per year, but you get extra pay for that. nm