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Very interesting... see reply below under another topic

Posted By: "And, it just doesn't stop. Normally it is a on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: OSi coordinator job opening again? Another - coordinator bite the dust?? nm


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why do some people on this board think their opinion is the only right one?  what is the purpose of this board if not to share information?
I think it is actually to let you know it is a HOT topic. nm
Probably Off Topic but
I can't resist saying it....if the years hadn't caught up with me I would get into law enforcement and work to become a detective.  LOL  Seriously I would pursue a degree in criminal justice.  I do believe THOSE are jobs that will never be outsourced.  I made a good...well....great income as an MT during my working years but unfortunately I fear that is not an option for MTs these days.
A well deserved topic
I am glad you started it, as an ex-employee this was well deserved, now we just need to keep all informed of this problem on a regular basis. I do believe she will pay her dues in time, you are right, what goes around comes around.
YW. Sometimes I can't get my topic to come up on search, either. :) nm
Never accused you of anything. The topic was on
week during recruiter discussions, and postings below (don't know which one you are or who you are nor do I care) reminded me that I had been meaning to post on this.  You seem very defensive for a post that was completely not specifically directed at you. It was a generalization statement, and I mentioned recruiters who were well known and whose names I would not mention. Maybe you are one of those. Either way, no personal offense intended.  I read your post briefly and don't have time to refer to it again, but if you aren't involved in a company and have no interest, I still find that odd to be referring that company to someone you don't even know.  If MTs care about a company, its never made sense to me that someone would then so eagerly refer a complete stranger to your company - how do you know if they can spell C-A-T? Just very odd to me, though perhaps their intentions are pure and good.  I used to believe everyone on these boards literally, and thus my post was aimed, as I am sure I clearly stated, for those naive posters, like my old self. I used to be so touched and emotional, thinking someone actually cared enough about me to help me find a job, only to find the situations exactly as I described. Just my experience and just my 2 cents.  I also found so many MTs who I thought were so kind, only to be slipped at the last minute the line of oh, by the way, be sure to mention my name to the recruiter, so I can get my referral bonus.  Yuck. If these same MTs had been open with this from the start of our email exchanges, or post exchanges, the effect would not have disgusted me. But to act like a friend, a caring fellow MT, only to then hear the old referral part, just made it insincere, which it always was.  Again, you are taking this too personal, but that's your issue, not mine.
They mean it's a "hot" topic - once which
The topic is about "Layoff" - sm
*** Disclaimer: I'm NOT an attorney; therefore, cannot give any legal advice. These are just my opinions. Please do your own research and form your own opinions. ***

The topic under this thread is about Layoff.

It is my belief that in California, the at will employment defense is defeated by a termination in violation of public policy.
If the employer used the term Layoff to terminate an MT, I'm assuming it knows what it did because employer simply cannot find a sneaky way out and use the word Layoff for an illegal and wrongful termination, like those National companies that lay off MTs, turn around and give ads starting the same day at the rate of t.i.w. about new accounts and needing new MTs. Using common sense, if they are hiring new MTs for new accounts, there never was a lack of work to justify a layoff. The employers are entitled to their ostrichy-thinking, but that does not mean that they can get away with their illegal activities of terminating an MT without compensating the MT with probably back pay and front pay just because they feel like it just because the MT knows more about transcription than the manager of transcription does, in which case, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 might apply, not to mention, in such a case scenario, the terminated MT can bump the manager of transcription for her job if he/she does not have as much seniority at the company as the MT does.

Good luck!

*** Disclaimer: I'm NOT an attorney; therefore, cannot give any legal advice. The above are just my opinions. Please do your own research and form your own opinions. ***

Let's take tomorrow off! While the topic is hot!!
I need a day off.
Why do you obsess so much on this topic?
Do you not think the MTSOs know the rules? Do you not have anything else in your life to think about? I probably think most that frequent this board knows full well what an IC is but I along with others work like we want. No amount of trying to drill an idea in my head or others probably doing any good.
There is a similar topic below...
with EMR in the title. I'm personally not too worried about it. I think there will always be those who prefer dictation.
Well said!! This thread is way off topic now b/c some .
I may have strayed from the topic s/m
I was actually referring to Latinos.  So far as I am personally concerned, I have never seen Muslims act in any offensive way in this country nor have I heard of them demanding anything.  However, I expect that if they were to rise up and demand their rights while in this country, our government and other do-gooders would start a campaign to see that we paid attention to them same as the Latinos.
I noticed that too. His favorite topic definitely is himself.
and another interesting thing is that if he were posting the exact same how great I am stuff under a woman's name everyone would either ignore him or tear him to pieces. It's amazing how differently male posters get treated than female ones, especially on a message board that obviously has so many lonely female members.

I've tried posting using a male name before, not to this board, but on another, and everyone was just so friendly, affable, supportive.

Try it sometime. You'll be surprised how differently you get treated on message boards if you're a guy.
It's under the A Stat topic below. I just read it.
One happy camper anyhow.
Are they deleting information on this topic?
Somethings that were posted under here are now gone
Slightly off the topic, but another MDI-MD question...SM
As far as them now requiring 700 lines/day, or 3500 lines/week, if you aren't scheduling yourself the 5 days to work one week if you needed a day off, how do you make up your lines to get your weekly requirement? How many days off can you really end up taking without feeling like you are jeopardizing anything? What if you took 1 day each month, would that be excessive?
Look below and read. It was a topic today. nm
Off-topic Axolotl question. (sm)
I worked there ages ago and I was curious if Michael Hill is still with the company - he was QA back then. Does anyone know? Not sure if it's okay to ask about specific people on this board, but he was nice to me and I want to say hello if he's still there. Thanks in advance.
Why not just bring up another topic to discuss sm
and let them bicker amongst themelves in the their own threads? Seems a whole lot easier just to start a totally new thread. No one is obligated to read their posts.
yup and lots of other OFF TOPIC KIND OF

stuff.  Right now I'm preparing to enter a Dutch oven cook-off along with my granddaughters (ages 15 and 9) this weekend.  The older one is cooking pepperoni stromboli, Apricot and raspberry glazed Cornish Game Hens with Apricot and Wild rice stuffing and apple dumplings.  The younger one is cooking Orange rolls, Shrimp Jambalaya and Pineapple upside down cake.  All cooked in Dutch ovens over an open fire.  (Do I have talented grandkids or what?) 

Some people seem to find it offensive that I still post  here being retired.  I do it because I have a great many MTs that I know personally who work for just about every MTSO in the country.  They're still working so I pretty much get told everything good and bad even though there doesn't seem to be much good lately.  I

hate to stray from topic here, but I just have to say...
the Rutt-Roh thing cracks me up!!!  I can't wait for an opportunity to use that one!!
whups - sorry, reply to wrong "who wants to be" reply
if I only had a brain...

Again, sorry to BTDT.
I have to bring this Psych Eval topic to the top. sm

Personally, it is a waste of money and time to have psych evals for prospective MTs.   I have seen many postings by MTSOs on this board who are so unprofessional and sounded "crazy", that it made my eyes pop out!  

Any successful business person knows, good judgement is the key to success.   If can not rely on your good judgement, than you should not be in business.   Why would any MTSO waste the money and time for such a screening?  That is demoralizing to our transcriptionists.  They are not applying for a job at the pentagon! 

Now,  there are some people who have major "issues"; however, that should become apparent during the interview process if you interview properly. 

I do believe this company is way off base in doing this; however, if you the MT feel its okay and the company meets your needs and pays well, than go for it. 

I think what happens is the MTSO's company gets so busy and the MTSO gets so stressed out about meeting TAT, they hire anybody with working fingers.  There lies the problems.   If the MTs have the experience needed to do the job, they pass the transcription test with flying colors, and you are satisfied with the personal interview, they should be hired.  Maybe the MTSO needs to replace whoever it is they hired to screen the candidates and the MTSO needs to be in on the interview process.   That sounds like more of a solution to weed out the unstable individuals then a battery of psych evaluations for prospective MTs.   Good Grief!  Where is the common sense in this?


That is all I have on this subject.  I feel bad for those of you who need a job!   Good luck.

do a search on ExText - from 1-2 months ago topic
see same topic info on Main Board
This is perhaps off topic, but does TT still reimburse you for your internet fees? nm

I always think that the topic of my e-mail must imply that I am incredibly stupid
The topic starter for this thread says USA Transcription-anony
Forget it and just go away. Everybody is always so snotty and snippy here. I for one am tired of it and will never be back.
Whatever mar, I made the suggestion to her, not you. Pick another topic, you wore this one out...nm


This is totally off topic, but your post made me smile with the reference to Wang sm

word processors.  I remember when we got them at the hospital, I was all happy while some of the older ladies were balking at it, but the thing that sticks in my mind was a comedian at the time who did some kind of joke about, Who let some company call themselves Wang? 

Anyway, it was funny at the time and this brought back a memory . I'm sorry for your situation.  I am 50 too, and although I do not live in a rural area, in fact just recently moved to the Denver area, I feel rather trapped.  I have done this since I was a junior in high school, and I really do not have any other marketable job skills.  When I see posts about wages being cut and work drying up, I panic inside and wonder what the future will hold for me.  Even if I had the money to go back to school, by the time I would graduate, I'd be an old lady anyway and probably not the best candidate for hire. 

Good luck to you. 

um, only 1 harsh reply; the other 3 were in reply to the 1
What's interesting is...SM
The negative posts seem to be the most prevalent here. For almost every company that's been bashed here, I have heard MTs who say that they had a positive experience there (although not necessarily posted on this board).

Frequently, when positive posts are made, there are accusations of "recruiter," "management," "damage control," etc. Therefore, I take everything with a grain of salt.
Very intesting post
What is CC Road? a freakin Mail Boxes ect?
Glad to hear that other people feel the same. We were fed all the same lines from the so called recruiter. Glad to see her go, maybe now we will hear the truth?
Interesting. I did not know that.
Was she able to send out her obnoxious snotgrams at OSI, or did they rein her in?
Interesting, no? (nm)
Well - that's interesting - sm
Maybe I need to reconsider. Are you FT or PT, if you don't mind saying?
i always look at ads. might be something interesting
bet many do the same.
that is interesting.  Do you think that mainly is where there is more of a populated community?  I have been thinking about getting business cards made up and checking out the area where I live.  But  I recently moved from the atlanta area and in a smaller community in the north.  I have a feeling I won't be quite as lucky.
The ad asks for a certain player and the website states a DVIPS - and gives a link that does not work. confusing. The website is interesting but I wonder if they tell us which accounts we are primary and which we are secondary like their website states, would we get a heads up on when we have to cover. They must be pretty lenient with days off, with every account having a secondary covrage.
would be interesting
to know who this thoughtless company is??
Very interesting...did they say why?
This is very interesting
I have just given notice at the national I work at because I have never gotten such a low line count. I thought it was probably me...but now that I read this, guess I can put the blame elsewhere. At first I thought ExText was great but after a few months on it I realized I have never done such a low amount of lines.
Wow!!! That was interesting...
They are probably going through another employee turnover because of lack of work...and desperate, I guess??
I called Acusis and actually had a bit of a hard time getting anyone on the phone. I asked if they hire US MTs and they said not currently. I asked if any of their accounts are done here in the US and the reply was no they are all done in India. I also asked whether or not they had acquired companies that had accounts that had to be done in the US and I was told it was all done in India.
We think? interesting.

How many fingers are on your keyboard? Or did you just screw up the quote?


tone? Taunt - Everyone bypasses that I stated very clearly - I would work for a company that had their problems if they told me up front, I would work for less if I had the real deal up front, that I was interested in what they had to say - truly interested - no wonder 2/3 MTs on this board feel they get no where with the other 1/3 on this board - not to mention their MTSOs they work with. A sincere question turns to taunt and tone. I hate to say it, but if a question like that or request like that gives a taunting feel to some MTSO - I wonder how they get along in the business world - it seems as an IC I get more taunt and tone than this request.

The funny thing is that remark regarding dumb time bomb below to someone got very little comment - can you explain that since tone and taunting is your forte?
I never heard this. I worked for them for a year and quit about 4 months ago. I would love to know more about this!
very interesting
Very interesting....I worked for Cymed/Spi for 7 months before I quit and moved onto my present job since June 16. I moved on cause they took away the two accts I was working on and I needed more work....that is very interesting.....

very interesting indeed.....