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Warminster closing probably end of year.

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-26
In Reply to: And Chicago CSC is closing also as of end of October...nm - was leaked also by office peeps


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The Warminster office is now part of the NE Region. Unsure if Warminster will be
staying open. All the accounts have been switched to Amherst, NY. Hard to know who to deal with since the office manager has not been replaced so not the best.
MQ Houston office closing? I was thinking about applying but I just heard that they are closing
the Houston office soon.  What's going on with them?
I'm Warminster - I guess I'm not sure what your question is.....are you talking about IMail?
Was told no - but I think it's really that the office people were told no so they don't all jump ship just yet!
Sorry, this is Warminster MQ I am speaking about.
Warminster PA MQ office sm
Can anyone tell me anything about this office? I am still debating on whether to turn in paperwork or not.
What can you tell me about the Warminster MQ office?
The good, the bad, and the ugly are all appreciated. Thank you very much.

Was Warminster, God knows who we work for now nm

They were pulled into Warminster and some may now be in New York.
So is Warminster. Pity some but not all there. They never worked for the MT at all.
I am also from Warminster. Guess I know why we are all looking. Thanks for the info. Nice to know
what is going on in Warminster because no one there will tell you.
Actually they will all be closing,
Except the corporate office, of course.
QT closing
yeah, like they would be kind enough to give anyone advance warning of anything.  They strung along all the MTs and office people with empty promises and lies while they chortle all the way to the bank.  They are NOT nice people and I hope karma bites them in the butt for the way they treated their MTs and office staff. As for severance pay?  Can ya hear me laughing?  From what I hear there were only a handful of MTs left, but agree with other poster, what a horrible time of year to dump your employees, be it MTs or other.  Very grinchy of them
Any Warminster MTs have any thoughts on the email about getting switched to the NE region. Just
wonder what you think about the whole thing.
Unfortunately I have to agree about Warminster. I am not even sure it is stay open at this point in
time. It seems very uncertain the way things are going and I have also heard that the accounts will be going to New York Amherst.  
I also work for Warminster. Thinking of trying to transfer out. It is now the NE and yes multiple
accounts all the time. Warminster has always done this and I hear the same for the NE so may be time to look at other MQ offices.
ColumbusMQ Closing

Have you been told where you are being transferred??? I hope not to Amherst---your accts will be overstaffed and you will be out of work in no time. It seems like everyone who is tranferred there with their accts is out of work shortly there after. It happened with all our accts when were transferred to Foxboro and Amherst. Has anyone had any contact from the Foxboro office lately?? I wonder if that office will be closing soon if all their accts are going up on DQS all the MT's would be transferred to Amherst

Chicago MQ--closing

Do you know where you are going to be transferred to???  Please not to Amherst


Does anyone know how many MQ offices are actually left???

are you certain the office is closing?
You might want to call there and ask.
Closing in on 3 months at KS...
and I'm very happy.  I did not have full time work right out the gate as expected, but in the second week I made noises about it and they did get me backup accounts.  Now I have tons of work and a real sense of security about it.  The support has been great.  All the managers are accessible and responsive.  I came in while they were putting together a whole new benefits package so the dust is still settling on that, but I can't complain compared to what I had at my last company.  When I was company-shopping I felt discouraged about all the talk about different companies, but this looks to be a situation I could settle into for what's left of my work years (too many!!).
I heard they were closing down
completely! Something about never making any money in the MT business.
Closing date is 08/31 but there's a 15-day
curios about MQ Ohio closing
where and when was that announced?
Ohio office closing
I remember something about MQ consolidating down to just four regional offices, but never heard of the Ohio office closing.  Columbus is the only one in Ohio, but I am still curious as to where this info came from?
MQ Ohio office closing
This is to MQ'r--previously on the board there was a posting that the MQ Ohio office was going to be closed at the end of the year, if this is the only office left in Ohio, do you know where you would be transferred to. I thought you would be transferred to another office in Ohio but seeing that this is the only one that is not going to work. From what I have read on the board I would hope that it is not to the Amherst office.
And Chicago CSC is closing also as of end of October...nm
Difference in selling and just closing down
I can understand if there were legal issues regarding the sale of a company, but rumor has it that QT is just calling it quits, I would not think there would be any legal reason not to tell anyone, maybe they are just trying to prevent the MTs from leaving before the account has terminated. Still from what I read, most of the MTs would not go until the account was gone and the doors were shut, so I think it would more professional if QT told their transcriptionists what was going on.
P.S....or if facility is closing and provided that
Which they almost certainly would in most cases. This law has NOT proven to provide the protection for laid off workers that you seem to imagine.
technically, after the closing, then employees not ICs
so might want to rethink
Warminster office is about ready to close its doors. Our accounts unfortunately went to Amherst. I
understand they are going to have a national system not regional where when there is a hospital that needs help people out of work get work in it. I would rather have a main account or a few I know so I am not sure about this new deal. Maybe they are going in with Spheris.
MQ Ohio office closing-why not Amherst

What I don't understand is why they are closing an office that is obviously run very well--I don't think I have every seen anything but good about this office and yet they are closing it and continuing to leave the Amherst office open. What is wrong with this picture!!!!


Something is not right here but yet nothing is being done

Dewey/MQ Columbus office closing

I know there have been post on this board about the Columbus/Ohio office closing BUT, these were "leaks from inhouse", speculation, etc....as is the norm with MQ.

So, I'm not sure if they do close where we would all go, get transferred to etc.  I just pray they don't..why mess with a great thing ya know?

Irony - MQ is closing offices and Keystrokes just built a new one. sm

I was part time with MQ and full time with KS and now will be KS only.  I am radiology, make great money and have a great lead.  I would recommend them to all MQ MTs that are thinking of leaving.

The email is KeystrokesNow@aol.com.   The fax is (630) 729-3177.

We do not have a referral bonus, I am just trying to help everyone that is feeling displaced.

Don't understand, are you in suspecting you are losing an account or QT closing? nm
my first year I made 16k. Doubled that second year. Going on year 6 with (sm)

two local accounts I earned 23,000.00 and a national I earned 35,400... 58,400 this year.  Don't ask me how many hours, though, I really have no idea.  I'm pretty motivated.  (When people ask me how many hours I work a week I reply as many as it takes  I'd say 40-50/week.  I am also a fitness instructer and personal trainer, about 5 hours a week or so.  Decent money (sometimes under the table!) but mostly I just do it for fun and to be social and wear cute work-out clothes. 

that first year was a rough one... but I consider it part of my education. 


I'm pretty motivated. 

Last year, there was a letter sent that told us what we earned the previous year. sm
In the past, it has been all or nothing; if you did not hit the lines for full time for the year, you did not get PTO. I talked to my lead this morning about a last-minute vacation and she told me that the yearly packets are going out in a week or so and that the new policy will acrue PTO by the pay period or month. I like that a lot better, but she also made it sound like they are upping the amount of lines needed to acrue PTO. I normally get between 15 and 20,000 lines per pay period, so I am sure that will be fine but I am worried about the periods that have lower volumes, like most of January every year.
Webmedx lets you carry them from year to year sm
You can accrue up to 140 hours (I think) before you stop the accrual process. Don't have to use it all in one year.
I would stick it out, most places are slow now through the end of the year every year (nm)
Last year $36K part time, going to make more this year full time BUT sm

I AGREE it IS getting harder to make money.  I used to make $24 very part time 10 years ago and now...well it is Word and platforms versus WP5.1.  I got 7.5 cents a byte line then and I get 9.5 cents a character line now.  That IS a huge different in point of fact.


Have been with them for over a year...sm
and have no complaints. Pay is always on time and they have direct deposit. I have rarely ran out of work on my main account, but when I do I have a backup account to work on. There are incentives offered often as well. I don't see a high turnover rate...the reason they are hiring new MTs is because they have new accounts. Good luck in your job search!
Been on it for over a year and
still struggling. My lines went from 1,500 to 2,000 a day down to 800 to 1,000 if I am lucky. Still haven't found the courage to quit :(
Yes, they were. This year and I believe one other year. nm

Last year
Last year when I worked there I live in Texas and had BCBS of Tennessee through them since they are located in TN. Just FYI. Good luck!
Well over a year..nm
first year pay
I was lucky to make 15000 the first year.

I am making it now but hard in the beginning.
Wow, a year?

 That's great!!  I know of one that is $3000.00! You have a great deal there.

Been with them almost a year
I've been with SPI/Cymed for almost a year (at the beginning of March) and the benefits seem to be okay, but I have never had to use them. When I first started with them last March, it was still just Cymed. I did hear that since they merged with SPI that the benefits were supposed to be less expensive when they go to get them again this year.
No, it's DURING second year (after 1)
From 1 year ago...
Left because of having little to know work.  Seems like they way overhired.  They might do better now as I am seeing more than just clinic work
It's over a year old.
Been with them over 1 year now - sm
as a statutory employee. I would say scheduling is flexible depending on your account and what you and your manager work out. They have been an excellent company to work for and the people there are terrific. If you need support they are right there with you and if you don't they don't bug you and let you run. Their pay is very comparable and always on time. I plan on retiring with this company!