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Webmedx created rumor mill

Posted By: unhappy webber on 2008-10-22
In Reply to: If you are a Webmedx employee....sm - m

I am aware of Webmedx acquiring new accounts.  And I will attend the meeting so I can hear how Webmedx cares about its employees because they make it what it is.  Any my quality is what I say, and I have never missed getting my linecount until recently when there is no work available to do to meet my linecount.  I have worked endless hours, overtime, stat calls on unscheduled time.  I have contacted my STM and discussed this on several occasions.


I am not posting unreal fears.  These are realities.  The rumor mill has been created by Webmedx and their lack of communication with their employees. 

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Transtech rumor mill

Just sending this to help clear TT's name as I love working for them.  Big boss just sent out an e-mail clearing up this entire mess.  People need to think about the potential damage they do before jumping on this board with mass hysteria with very few facts.  They damage TT's reputation and possibly keep other great MTs in the midst of trying to make a balanced decision away from TT because of misinformation.  

TT does not outsource nor is anyone taking over the company.  Sounds like the new company who will be providing benefits/payroll/insurance sent out the wrong/incorrect material, and as soon as TT mangement realized what was going on, they immediately jumped on the situation.  We don't live in a perfect world.  People do make mistakes ... which is one of the reasons I love working for TT.  If I do make a mistake, they don't me like I am the biggest moron on Earth. They treat me with respect. They understand I am human.  When a situation arises like this, why can't we, as a group, treat them with respect until the facts are clarified and not jump to outrageous conclusions.   

But rumor mill has them bought by Spheris,
I agree. Without facts, you're all just stirring the rumor mill. sm
If you really have concerns, ask someone. Point blank, ask L if there is any need for concern! I truly, truly do not believe QT would ever outsource their work! I have never been happier with QT and I intend to stay, so if you want to leave, go ahead; more work for me!!!
No. This company was created by SM

the same people who ran Omnimed after they sold to Dictaphone.  They waited out their noncompete and started this one.  Sounds very similar to Omnimed from the posts I read. 

I used to work at Omnimed and I think that was the lowest pay I ever received from a transcription company in my whole career.


Not all are created equal..
It is not accurate to lump all VR programs in the same category. While I'm sure there are horrible programs out there with companies that don't really care about whether the VR program works for the MTs that is not true in all cases. Like the other poster, I love VR and would never want to do anything else. There is no way that you can do 350 to 400 lines per hour on straight text; it is something that is not hard to achieve with a good VR program combined with a company that doesn't allow just any dictator onto speech. Of course you have to proof the document 100% - I don't think VR will ever be able to recognize everything exact but there are very minimal corrections to make. Maybe that is currently the exception and not the rule.
Macro already created
There is a macro available that will do this for you - you can obtain it at Productivity Talk, it is one of Ed Weber's wonderful macros.
New COO at WMX. Job created just for him, didn't exist before sm
Lots of new hiring at WMX.  Me thinks JC is probably behind this, recruiting Spheris/Edix people over there.  I will always thing of that scum bag service and Edix, one of the worst, ever.
Well I emailed the person who created it
This is a positive group that is not meant to harm TT. She will do whatever is best for the group as a whole. I don't know her at all because most of us are anonymous but I have confidence that she will do the right thing.
Templates are created by the IT people or

The MT usually does not have access to these things.  In my day, we had to put in a request and hope to heck they got it right.  Plus, we had to wait a while.  I think they're called dictionaries (templates) believe it or not.  It has been about a year, and I don't miss that system at all.  Clunky, slow, and lost many of reports due to it going down in the middle of typing.  Grrrr.....

It's a mythical title created by the AAMT to get yet another fee out of us
Ask any doctor what a CMT is. They have never heard of it.

Well, there ya go.
My account doesn't have a template, I created my

own.  The header/demographics is manually entered, though I have a template that has all the required information and I just fill in the blanks.  I DO get paid for that information. 


They'll work with the report being created in front of them...sm

With all the times I've had residents, PAs, or NPs dictate sentences, erase them, start again, erase them, and then end up saying go back to where I said [fill in the blank] and put [such and such] instead, I can't see a machine being able to correctly interpret all that.  If they work with the document being created in front of them, they can fix all this stuff as they go along. Just highlight the old stuff they want out and replace it with the new stuff they really wanted.

I can't see the computers picking up medication errors, dosage errors, incorrect dates, new operative equipment, being able to correctly flag right/left, or correct spelling of cc'd physicians' names. Most likely there is another program running with it that would do a pop screen for amoxicillin 5000 mg tid to question it. Physician names are probably in a pop up screen too. Of course, it's not going to correct everything but when the COX-2 inhibitors were taken off the market do you think a human could go through all 5,785 charts to find the people who had been prescribed Celebrex to call them to tell them to stop taking it? Of course not.  It's not a matter of IF MT's will be replaced, it's already happening.



Rumor has it...
Baltimore. Or Colorado. Just rumors, tho. Praying not AMHERST....ugh.
Not just a rumor

It is an absolute fact that they are outsourcing.  There was no DD deposit issue just a money issue, another fact.  Everyone can take from this what they want, believe or don't, but just remember that when you all are sitting without a paycheck or work, you were warned. 

Who's out? What's the rumor?
Rumor - - yes

I am the supervisor of the Transcription Department, and I have only heard rumors!  LOL!  The administration likes to stick their noses in and make decisions regarding things they no nothing about, and they always mess things up - - TERRIBLY! 

They now have our psychotherapists typing their own narrative notes into Ecet, and today they started typing their own treatment plan updates in a program that was just purchased (I knew nothing about it).  We now outsource our initial diagnostic assessments to Transcription Connection, Inc.  We are still transcribing the doctors narratives and psychiatric assessments.  However, I think they will find a way to get these done elsewhere as well.  One of the docs told me that in a staffing meeting they were told to make sure they proofed their work well because they were looking to start sending everything to a service, and get rid of in-house. 

They do not want to say anything definite to me yet, as they still need the 4 transcriptionists they have (including myself).  When they no longer need us, we will be hitting the door I am afraid.  I am preparing though.  I have been job searching, and I have taken all of my PTO due to surgery, etc.  They are not going to take me for anything if I can help it. 

I came across by mistake an e-mail path my supervisor sent to TCI, stating that if she was happy with their work they would be getting all of it.  I was livid and confronted my supervisor.  She lied of course and said that she had to tell the service this to get the line count pricing down.  I told her that either way this was very, very unethical, that one of us, either myself or the service, were being lied to. 

I am bidding my time.  I am not walking out.  I am going to ride it out to the end.  I want to be able to get unemployment, etc.  As I said, I have been with this company for going on 15 years.  I have been very dedicated to this company all of these years and they are  just going to crap on me.  Nothing new in this day and age.  Corporate America is out for themselves and no one else.  It is all money.

This is probably a rumor about OSI
I am an ex-employee of OSi and did not care for some things there but I believe this is a rumor. This does not sound like something MB would do.
is this a rumor?
It's not rumor...

There are plenty of posters who say they have friends that work at certain companies and offer feedback.

If it takes 3 weeks to get up to par, that's quite a long time. 

What I stated above is not false.  No one needs to lie about a company.  I got an e-mail saying stay away from transportal they are horrible people to work for and load you up after they've sifted through the files all day. 

Maybe there are different accounts and different sups or whatever, I'm just passing on what I was told from an MT friend I trust.

The girl told me they've done nothing but hassle her and she only made a little bit of money. 

The moderators say to take everything with a grain of salt.  Apply away, and then come back and tell us what you think.   

Rumor is they are up for sale

but I have not heard anything more about that.

you said it exactly, rumor. that surrounds KS.
Do not start rumor. (SM)
If you have information, send it to the Administrator or myself and let us verify.

Otherwise, state it is YOUR opinion only.


Rumor? you mean no one has told you yet?
This is rumor. Nothing has been decided yet. sm
We are still getting final numbers from 2 different insurance companies. In the past, we have not qualified for a large group policy at a decent rate because of lack of participation. All of the big insurance companies want 50% of the employees to take the insurance and we did not have that in the past. It does look good this time though. We are hoping that the rates come back low but nothing is definite at this point.
Whoever spread that rumor
I've been paranoid ever since the pay cut rumors post - thanks, rumormonger for spreading needless misery!
That's a pretty wild rumor to be
Do you know the definition of RUMOR? Sheesh!
You must be a riot at the laundromat! Yackety Yack!
Not rumor. I know of 3 accounts the last 3 months. sm
I was on two of them and called the hospitals to ask. The last one might be the last straw for me.
It is not rumor - they are! Some accounts want NO OFFSHORING!
It has become apparent that QT is offshoring; hence, very poor quality and the account has noticed!

Good luck in whatever you do!
No truth to the buyout rumor. It took them 3 wks to get
It's no rumor there is not enough work. That is a fact.

The rumor I heard was that a person with cancer
worked at MQ and got fired for not meeting line counts due to chemo. Do you think the company would verify?
Stop spreading unsubstantiated rumor.
Either show the document or stop this. I'm going to ask the moderator to look at your post. If you've information to show, put the link up so we can all verify it. Otherwise, stop speculating and causing problems.

They have created a new position that pays hourly. Anyone know what the hourly rate range is? NM
You could not be more wrong. Besides, rumor is she sold the company today. nm
Not sure who it was to, but I heard she is somewhere signing papers.  Hope not MQ.  Shame that a good company is giving in to the $$$.
I highly doubt that. This is obviously a rumor. She is much too busy to bother. nm
Losing 1 large hospital today. Not rumor, fact.
It is on the Eastern Seaboard and low ESL.
May not be confidential information but gossip/rumor at this point and no employer likes that.
I hope it's a rumor..I left MQ for KS 3 years ago..I finally found a place I love (sm)
so I hope the rumor is not true!
It's a rumor. They have growth plans, not selling plans. nm
I think they want to be bigger than Spheris, not bought by Spheris, and if they continue to grow in the next few years as in the last few years, I think they can.
What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
Webmedx?? Why do you say Webmedx is foreign??
Been with them 10 months.  They are great.  Fair. Great platform. Great pay.  But, I have been doing this for 25 years, no idea how it is for newbies that need hand-holding.  Though the trainers seem competent and willing, the little contact I had with them.
I like WebmedX very much.
Most important, pay is on time, direct deposit, and always correct. QA folks are very helpful without being condescending. They and the managers really do want you to do well and do whatever they can to help you achieve that. I am on a heavy ESL account and yet I find it quite easy to do as there are so many avenues of help with access to numerous samples and the ability to view transcribed records.

My experience has been quite good with this company. I can only speak for Webmedx as I have not worked for Medware.
Apparently, you don't really want opinions if you don't want to hear from "Bashers."

However, I have nothing bad to say - I have been there 8 mos. - come on board. They have great insurance. They provide you with a text Expander with your computer, and they pay on time everytime. My supervisor is probably the best I have ever had - I've been in this business for over 20 years.

Having worked for both and currently WebMedX, they're the best choice.  They are a lot nicer and easier to deal with, their pay is better, their benefits are better, their scheduling is better.  I honestly have had no complaints with them.  Once Spheris went through their whole restructuring plan for pay and line counts, they went right down the tubes as far as caring about their employees instead of the almighty $$ for themselves, in my opinion (sort of like MQ is doing right now).
Does anyone work for webmedx? Do you ever run out of work?  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Check out Webmedx - they have very affordable health insurance coverage. 
Webmedx sends out Christmas gifts, as well as gifts during MT Week. This compan rocks!