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Well with spelling like that, it's no wonder.

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-09
In Reply to: typo, I type 1,200 a day or more. Yes I really do. Andrews grad. HOORAY!!!! - DiskriterNOT

Advise? Intensions? Please.

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drs spelling more and more
Well, my doctors have started spelling EVERYTHING.  I just shake my head and hope we are not gonna lose the account due to awful transcription.
I just want to clarify  that I appreciated the help with the spelling....I know that recruiters look at this site and I am human and make mistakes...nobody should be offended.
I have an idea on who you are.  I have never had a complaint with anyone on my spelling.  I will not have someone put my work down because you were upset that I could not offer you a position.  I have worked many years in this industry and very hard.  My MTs will tell you that I am there for them all day and evening to help.  I will not respond back to you as I do not have time to go back and forth over an issue like this. 
I have no idea who you are then.  I try to be very professional when working with the MTs.  I am very busy and try to make sure all spelling is correct.  Nobody has complained to me personally but if you feel that way then I am sorry you do.  I work 14 hour days, 7 days a week so my eyes at times I am sure get tired.  I was just defending myself as I put much time into my work and with my MTs who I am all grateful for. 
Brush up on your spelling
Memorize "conscientious" and we'll talk.
spelling and clarification
Did not mean to offend.  You're right, it was in bad taste.  I was in my Gone With The Wind phase today.  Sorry, but some of the responders need to find something else to do, like playing with their keyboards for a change.  What a lack of intelligence is on this board.  Hope it does not show up in the doctor's reports.  One of the best MTs I ever worked with was black and we dished each other all the time, in fun, in good humor, and in love. 
enough already with checking spelling and - nm
Thanks! I was spelling it wrong. nt
oops on spelling
OK, so I meant great, not gret.  Sorry 'bout that.
I don't like spelling police either, but...
she did not use they're correctly: P.S. They don't even advertise anymore on here because of they're reputation.

Should be 'their' reputation...

Spelling police is not necessary here.
Now here's a spelling error!
No spelling police please
on these boards
OP is probably Indian, hence the spelling.
we don't do spelling police here. NM
are you the spelling police?
so sorry I thought the spelling police were banned from here, guess I was wrong. But I am glad to know you don't ever add an extra letter in a word. Oh I wish I could be perfect.
I wasn't asking about spelling.
I was not asking about the spelling. I was asking if anyone knew about the company. I had not heard of them, only by phone and was wondering if anyone knew anything. Thanks for the spelling lesson though. JB
Please don't mistake me for the spelling cop, but (sm)
You stated that the QA people are supper helpful too... Does that mean that they'll drop in around 4:30 p.m. and start getting dinner ready for me too? LMAO!
DocQscribe is the correct spelling
correct spelling is (embarrass). Think you know it all!!
nice spelling lady
And I see, too, that your grammar is as top notch as your spelling!
Perhaps a search spelling it "Vianeta" might help
You are being mean to someone and saying how great you are.. check your spelling..
Your comments lack credibility when you tell her she does not have the experience. Things that make you go hmmmmm.... recuiting and Sorry you're experience WAN'T good, mine was great, very informative.  Wan't good, what is that???
Oops! Spelling is "inaccurate" :) (nm)
let moderator know; they will ban the spelling police
And my incredible spelling..... *sigh*
Punctuation errors, not spelling
Didn't see spelling mistakes, but plenty of grammar/punctuation errors.
I worked for co. with weird spelling and often
I usually don't point out spelling errors but the one
Correcting the spelling of a company name
It will help the OP find information in the archives.
Don't be. I work there and still have trouble spelling the name.
I can't remember L before T or T before L.  
nurse ratchett (not sure of spelling)
Do a search w/correct spelling.
TransTech MT grandma that does not even the spelling of there/their !!!!! WOW
Applying the right grammar and spelling
should not be an extra effort. But this only if one is good at it.
What logic is this: Today I am tired, so my grammar and spelling are bad.
I can understand: Today I am tired, so I make a lot of typos.

But some will never understand the difference.
Do you only use correct grammar and spelling
when you are paid for it?
spelling police not necessary. OP obviously upset..
she does not need her spelling errors shoved at her as being *cheered up.*
Correct spelling is kudos. You're welcome.

hope your spelling and grammar on work are better than this.
Spelling police aren't needed here. nm
Spelling police are dead on these boards now.
congrads? I know...no spelling police, but c'mon. nm
She didn't make 1 spelling error that I can see.
give it a rest who are you the spelling police..nm
No grammar and spelling/capitalization police please, nm
Ignore the grammar and spelling police
on this board and in private email, and they will go away.
BOS is a crock. Basic grammer/spelling all that is
Spelling correctly would help search function. nm

I guess my spelling sucks when I'm riled up.
Should be transcription, whether.