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What I find funny is that they wanted to know SM

Posted By: laughing on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: Not sure when you were there, but this is NOT true now! - Diskriter MT

so much about me (background, physical condition, etc.) and THEY turned out to be the people who were breaking the law (labor law)!

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Anyone wanted to be an employee from IC only to find
that your money will drop per line- so our pay is dropped and then we will have money coming out for SS, unemployement, etc., etc. This really sucks!
I don't find you funny at all...
Get a life
I find it funny that they are still

They have posts on the job board.  I hope whoever posted those jobs are reading these messages.

And what do you find funny? lol

Is having you pay cut by one third at least funny? lol

Is that the best you have to offer? lol

Do you have anything nice to say, no, then say nothing. lol

You may find this funny....SM
I noticed this typo in their most recent ad:

The positions due require

Maybe they need some QA.

This I find funny, your statement that is.... NM
what I find funny is that MTs allowed it, it was their fault too. sm
I know for a fact that MTs were as equally responsible.  I worked OT and didn't claim it because I needed extra money however I could get it and didn't care that it was not approved at the OT rate.  I did so at the suggestion and approval of one person and it was NOT know by upper management that it was going on.  When they found out, it was stopped before the labor board even found out. The one person who was overseeing the MTs was trying to cover their own behind for not having good management skills and not wanting to say we can't handle this much work without OT or hiring more MTs and that is how it all happened.  It is not completely the companies fault - mostly the employee that did it and got the company in trouble, as well as the MTs who agreed to turn their head and look the other way and let it happen.  They learned their lesson and are a better company now because of it.  I'd like to find one company where 100% of the people have no complaints at all - it's just not realistic in any industry.  There will always be disgruntled exemployees fighting for their case and current employees sticking up for the company.  Each MT has to see for theirselves if they like the company and take the opinions as that, opinion.
Funny if Scribbles IS Gourd trying to find out who
but I'll bet the CEOs find it funny. After they

I find this post funny. If a company advertises constantly, posters question if they are losing peo
3 weeks, since 5/24, there are posts that question if they are growing. Who cares if a company is growing or not as long as they have enough work for their MTs. I started PT with KS two weeks ago and will be going FT 7/10 after my long-awaited and much-needed vacation. They have treated me very well and have plenty of work if the account I work on is any indication. I also came to them on the recommendation of several MT friends who work there, all of whom are very happy and have been for a while.

If you want to work for a particular company, your best bet is to contact them. I have read in several publications that more jobs are filled before advertising than after the fact.

Give them a call, especially if you like/love radiology!
Thank you! Just wanted I wanted to hear!
Did find a Wright Watson Sten-Tel in Austin if their site isn't old. Find 'em with Google. nm
Trying to find info on Encompass on this board, can't find any recent. sm
Anyone have any current info. Any employees out there? Give me the low-down if you can! Thanks a million.
Thanks for saying what I wanted to say...
We are not the same as Transcend, although we both are good companies. We care about MTs... and I would love to know who the posters are that claim differently.

As Liz says below -- e-mail her or give her a call.
I just wanted to say that I don't believe the
Indian worker is trying to destroy the American dream, they are trying live it.  Blame should go to the companies who are taking the work and sending it overseas, not the workers who are given an opportunity to better their life situation.  This doesn't mean I agree with off-shoring, I just think blame for the dying of the American MT profession is sometimes misplaced.
I have been following this and I wanted SM

to say that it might not be that you were the only one this happened to---a lot of people just see the $ coming out of the paycheck and don't think they have to confirm that the plan holder got it (because the company should be more trustworthy). 

The way these companies are now, it's probably a better thing if you take the check they gave you and found an IRA to invest in yourself.  You can also arrange to contribute to it throughout the year (although it will be after-tax money, but you will be able to claim the contribution at the end of the year and get that tax back) out of your own bank account.  The situation that happened to you is unacceptable.  You are being far more gracious than I would under the same circumstances. 

We do not allow job-wanted ads. (SM)
Please feel free to post your resume on the resume bank or search the Job Seeker's board.

In the future, if you have a question about your post, please e-mail the Administator or myself.

I just wanted to know if - sm

it was liked or not.  Wondered if it slowed you down at all.  I am used to Word and I hate to change if it is a problem software. 



Just wanted to say hello...
I start with MDI this week, was just trained yesterday. It's nice to hear there's usually plent of work. :)
No job wanted ads, please. NM
No job-wanted ads, please. SM

Please use are free resume bank or see the ads on Job Seekers board.

Ask about specific companies or specific issues (i.e., the poster below asking which companies have an HMO plan).

If you need help, e-mail me.



just wanted to add...
it sounded very familiar to a presentation presented by a former employer YEARS ago. It was a very small local MTSO, and he was reworking the pay scale in order to cover other expenses. He showed us a pie chart of what a huge chunk MT wages took out of the total revenue (DUH -- would you HAVE revenue without us) and mentioned how we could increase our wages by becoming more productive (the latter, I believe, was mentioned more than once in the DRC/Acusis presentation -- read: don't count on making your current wage -- but you'll be able to offset that by increasing your productivity -- HA). We didn't get the pie chart in this presentation, but it was clear they want a good portion of their revenue to go to research and development.

I'm cautiously optimistic -- I would LOVE to switch careers but at my age it's impossible -- I know because I have tried. Once you have worked at home doing this for X number of years, you basically don't qualify for anything else unless you wish to flip burgers. A friend asked: Can they really cut your wages? And i explained how the lovely world of MT CAN and DOES do that: I predict in this case, it will be: We are switching to a different way of counting lines, and we will adjust your pay per keystroke appropriately. And LO AND BEHOLD, when you crunch the numbers, you will notice that your pay has been appropriately adjusted DOWNward.
Did you tell them you wanted to do OPs and they said OK, or just
not check it out at all???
I just wanted to say ....
I have worked for Liz, and she is really great. She was always very understanding and went out of her way to be kind to me. I did not see the ad you guys are referring to, and I understand no one wanting to feel like they are being insulted, but for her to have written something like what I imagine the ad said from what I can gather from your posts, she had to be frustrated. I would totally work for her again.
I think it is 5 cpl, but I wanted
I wanted straight transcription to get a better rate, so don't quote me on it.
Ok, that's what I have already. Wanted to see if could do away with the
That's what I wanted to know. Thanks for
your honesty. Anybody else have a different/similar experience?
By the way I wanted to add
I hope that by my initial excitement I did not encourage anyone to make any kind of choice they would regret. If so, I apologize. If you are happy good for you. I was just so excited initially, that maybe I should not have put the post in to influence anyone. Seems like there is an argument going on here and I do not want to say either way. I say interview if you want, ask all of the appropriate questions and then you may check references on a company before you take the job just as easily as they can check yours. If you are a good match, good luck. If not, then good luck in your job search. Not backsliding here, just trying to make amends because obviously you guys wanted a follow up so my comments a few weeks ago must have made an impression. No matter what there is a company out there for everyone, so good luck to all, and I wish only the best.
just wanted to know...
Thanks, but someone posted that if you wanted to see where they worked to check their other posts and you could find out. I don't want to know the identity of people, just if you can find posts of individual people! Does that sound clear as mud to you?!
Also wanted to add (sm)
It is too bad that they do over-hire. Because they are losing a lot of great people who would probably stay the duration of their career if they were able to get their line counts and make money with them. JMO.
Just wanted to add
you also need to contact the Labor Board. Take any paperwork you have with you--i.e., copy of your contract, etc. If I were in your shoes I would send a letter (cerfified mail, return receipt requested) to them telling them I expected payment in full within five days or I would do all of the above, including the Labor Board. Then DO it.
How do you know what she wanted?
You don't even know her, have not worked with her or walked in her shoes? What kind of a payoff do you get from being so nasty?
How do you know what she wanted?
You don't even know her, have not worked with her or walked in her shoes? What kind of a payoff do you get from being so nasty?
Thank you. That it what I wanted to know.
It has been so long since I last applied for a job, I am stressing about everything.  Thanks. 
I just wanted to thank everyone for
their responses. There have been some interesting topics raised. I have made my decision today - I'm taking the job offer that I got. It's not that I'm afraid to do VR - I've done it before, and it's not all it's cracked up to be, but it's nice to give your hands a break. I don't agree at all with paying half of your regular line rate for VR. It no way takes half the time for editing than it does for typing (at least in my experience). I would say 75-80% of regular pay would be more fair, but I would still prefer if they paid the same for both VR and typing. To top off the pay cut we've been expected to deal with, there also is no work to do. So that's ultimately what helped me make my decision. I cannot make money if there is no work to do - it doesn't matter if it's editing or typing, No work equals no pay. So with that said, I wish you all luck whether you decided to stay or go.
To all rad MTs...what is the best company to work for doing radiology?  I'm looking for a home where I can just do straight radiology typing - NO VR.  I know, it may be coming, but I hope to evade it as long as possible.  I'm tired of all the lies these companies tell you when trying to get you to work for them.  I'm tired of running out of work, babysitting the PC waiting for work.  I'm tired of horribly outdated programs that won't let me use my expander.  Are there ANY companies out there that have what I'm looking for?  Please tell me there's hope somewhere....TIA
Nutshell: She wanted them to have SM

someone else work the portion of the schedule she didn't like and give her the hours she wanted, but instead they found someone who could work the entire schedule they had available and passed her by.


Not what I wanted to read...

Now I'm nervous. I'm supposed to start working for this company very soon. I applied because of the glowing reviews they got on this forum, now that seems to have drastically changed. I left my last company and took a 2-month break from transcription because of problems with the other company's QA department (similar reasons as listed here in this thread), now it seems I'll be walking right into the same type of situation.

Anyway, I was told (by the recruiter) that they are pretty flexible with schedules but how true is that? I have a little boy in kindergarten and I'll need to run out every day at 11:40 to go get him and bring him home, I don't want this to be a problem. 

Sorry to have rambled, I'm just finding myself very nervous and tense now. 

Yes it does. I just wanted to get some feedback
from others before applying.
Thanks for the help! In your opinion, if you really wanted SM
to always be able to work six hours (a.m. and early afternoon), do you think this would be a good company for a schedule like that?  Thanks again!
We do not have space for job-wanted ads. (SM)
Please feel free to post your resume on our free resume bank. As well, you can search our Job Seeker's board. The job advertisements there are very descriptive and you should be able to find something there.


from ExecuScribe and wanted to know if
anyone on this board works for them now and any info that you may have for a MT who is close to being hired (at least my testing was really good). Thanks very much in advance.
editors wanted
I heard from someone that it was Shapin with the Editor positions. Don't quote me, but that is just what I heard.

Please do not post job wanted ads. (NM)
Please do not post job-wanted ads. (SM)

We have a free Job Seeker's board with plenty of job advertisements to peruse.  As well, we have a free resume bank for interested MTs to present a resume on.



Please do not post job-wanted ads. (SM)
We offer a free Job Seekers board with literally hundreds of advertisements for employee and IC positions.

As well, you may post your resume for free on our resume bank for potential contact.


Again -- Please do NOT post job-wanted ads! (SM)

If you are looking for a position (employee or IC), you will simply have to do your own legwork like everyone else.  Look at the Job Seekers board.  There are both employee and IC positions available.  Inquire with those companies.

Post your resume on the free job resume bank.  Companies looking for workers will be sure to see it there! 

If you wish to inquire about a specific company, please do so right here, on the Company board!! 


Most definitely, but I wanted to hear from
someone who has had personal experience with them and not just what they have up.
I mean the "help wanted" ad for AC's not new MT's
No job wanted ads/posts, please. NM