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What amount are you talking

Posted By: sm on 2009-05-01
In Reply to: Does such a thing exist? - MTDays


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Just the right amount here...sm
I get the hours I am scheduled for. I've been there a few months now. Going fine. Off of OT finally but not running out.
Could you disclose the amount....sm
you were paid?  How long ago was this that you didn't have enough work?  Also, were you full or part time and what were your report total requirements per pay period?  TIA
For ANY amount of money


Not only do they pay late, the amount of the
checks are incorrect and it takes forever to resolve the issue with accounting.  I even talked with the owner of the company a couple of times because of incorrect and/or late paychecks.  Nothing ever changed, so I left.  Beware!
The amount of tax you withhold should
be what tax bracket you are in. If you are in the 15% bracket only hold back 15%.

There are pros and cons on both sides. You just have to find the fit that works for you.
Sorry, but would not put up with that crap for any amount of $$$
Well that's a decent amount of $
NOT to walk away from. Depending on how much you need it though I would still consider not taking it... and not signing.

Then you are completely free to do anything u want without any worry.

If you need the money, however, you appear to have little risk with this contract being prevailed upon in court.

I'd say you don't really need to 'panic' anymore - :) you'll be OK with either choice.

Good luck.

I also just registered the amount of
$1K to $3K is not worth it to give up your career. Forget about it! File for unemployment, which I'm sure you did, and hang in there for a few weeks until you get your first check. But to sell out your potential future career for a few grand? No way! And its still something I would not want to mess with in a million years, as there is a lot of -- stuff -- going on with your ex-company, accounts/clients, etc.
Maybe someone who knows a fair amount about
It is a taxable amount.
You got a reasonable amount sm
from what I've seen for raises - a full half-cent would be great, but it's hard to give that to deserving MTs when companies can't get hospitals or clients to pay more.

I definitely have sympathy but I'm afraid that you were lucky to get anything at all, unfortunately. I wouldn't feel insulted - I'd be grateful that they were even able to grant a small raise in these tough economic times.

I'd advise you to try again when the economy picks up.
Not that the amount isn't an insult or anything, but
the fact that you got anything more at ALL is pretty unusual, with the current state of affairs in MT. Wages have been steadily declining over the past 10-15 years, and many of us have been getting even further pay cuts recently.

I hear ya on the amount, though. .09 cpl might have been good in 1980, but this is 2009. Although lately, it feels more like 1930.
Every company is going to have some amount of ESLs
Figuring amount for pay per minute
Does anyone know how to charge by the minute of dictation? I only know rates for by the line.
IC means they cannot tell you WHEN to do the work, only X amount
Otherwise by IRS definition you ARE an employee. I have been seeing a lot of ads lately where companies want ICs for particular hours, and I can't believe people fall for that. The definition of IC versus employee is simple: Who has control? If you have control, you are IC. If the company has control, you are an employee.
Not from me. I need that amount to pay for a bad shopping habit :)
My DH pays the bills, I pay the extras. He's lucky I like a lot of extras and don't like to cook!
Thanks. Do they have good amount of work?
Is the payment on time?
Guaranteed amount of work!

With all of these people complaining about no work at this company and no work at that company, I'd have to say guaranteed work is a load of you know what!!!!  Also, you can pay your own social security.  The employer is making money off of your withholdings.   Hello?  Does anyone here think that it is probably better to owe the IRS at the end of the year and keep your money and invest it yourself, rather than let the IRS have your money for a year to make money off of your money just so you can have a refund?  Grow up and save your own money! 

Are these companies paying for downtime when the dictating physicians are on vacation, and there is not enough work to go around?  Doubt it!!! 

To the OP:  You'd be better off as an IC and pay your own insurance!

1099 Form amount
Isn't the amount $600.00? If you make that amount or more then you must be sent a 1099 form? I do have records of all of my earnings that I made last year. I made a little over $3,000.00 with this company. It was not that much, but enough to report in.
A company might require a certain amount of
lines, but may require a certain amount of minutes, which pretty much equates to the same thing.  The last 2 companies I have worked for required 1200 lpd for FT work, but I have seen some companies only require 800 - though I think that is IC and not employee. 
There is one thing no amount of money will ever buy ......
But... then again, that pretty much goes without saying.
Did QA for $20 an hour 5 years ago and will never do it again for any amount! sm
For one thing, I can make more transcribing with a LOT less frustration.  It gets old fast seeing work that is pure garbage turned out by American MTs day in and day out.  It is not only the offshore MTs producing garbage work, trust me.  Companies also cycle through people fairly quickly due to them not meeting the QA standards, line requirements, whatever the reason, and correcting reports with dozens of blanks for various reasons is tedious.  I found it far more exhausting than I ever did transcribing the worst ESL docs.  Just something to keep in mind.  The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence! 
My family coverage amount
I work for Axolotl and our insurance just changed at the beginning of the year, but I pay 134.00 every 2 weeks for mine. It's Aetna PPO insurance. I have coverage for myself, son and husband.
Paying same amount for VR and straight?
You apparently must have just started on VR then. I know of no company who pays the same for those 2. I know at first the hospital where I worked said pay was the same until and the until did not last that long. VR was almost immediately into play.
All those facilities amount to 1127 sm

actual beds (the size of 1 large teaching hospital), clinic work, a rehab center with 40 beds and an imaging center.

The list of facilities sounds impressive, but does not amount to the number of accounts we have lost and will lose over the next few months.

The way W overhires, this account will be like all others, everyone fighting for some work.

I do have a job a reasonable amount of work
with good pay.  I just haven't worked for this low of pay in many years.  It averages about $10.00 an hour when all said and done, and I didn't know if that is a waste of my time, or get more work at my other job for more money.  It seems the latter one is better, but in this day and age, I always think 2 jobs are more secure just in case one gets low on work.  What would you do in this case?  It is an IC position. 
Exactly. If pay is suffiecient for amount of work you
How are you privy to know amount she was sued for?
I might be wrong, and I keep up with these posts and never saw before the $$$ amount GP was sued for. Very interesting- sounds almost like she could have written this.
Not talking about lines. Talking about what you actually
Yes they pay for spaces and average amount of ESLs. NM
I have worked in another industry and made twice the amount - but it
didn't last long, about two years. sssiiiiggghhh!
MDI-FL is advertising top line rates. Anyone know what amount that is? nm
Mine also can't seem to get the amount right and it is always the bank's fault. sm
My account seems to have an adequate amount of work so far....SM
so that hasn't been a problem.  I guess it might be just me. 
You are assigned "x" amount of minutes every day, you work that out between the
two of you. IC status. Pay is on time every two weeks, but there is a long wait before you get your first check. After that, it's smooth sailing.
Does TransHealth have a high amount of ESLs? nm
Webmedx has a HUGE amount of ELS dictators. sm
They are a good company to work for but LOTS of ESLs.  Good benefits.
I would think it is a certain amount of hours or lines a DAY. But not employee, so can't say
I am pretty sure the amount required is fine.
They cannot insist that you work at a certain time.  Requiring a specific TAT is also fine.
Did you sign a contract stating the amount
Terminated after doing a very short amount of reports
I was hired by company A, whom I found out subcontracts from company B which is a large medical transcription company in California.  I worked for the second company for several years, and all of a sudden, no work  well getting hired by Company A  I found out why.  I transcribed a total of 3-4 reports for company A yesterday and today, and they wanted things such as pulse ox' and subcutaneous, etc  -- got called on the carpet if these abbreviations were expanded or spelled out.  I have been an MT for over 25 years and to me, when it is abbrevations like this, it sends a red flag in my mind as to quality.  If you want further information, please email me privately
You're not. VR = same amount of time for less money.
mary, is there a very high amount of ESLs? nm
Are there any companies that assign a certain amount of work per day
Instead of having to pull from pool? PLEASE  -   PLEASE    -  TELL ME! 
companies that assign a certain amount of work
Princeton Transcription out of New Jersey assigns work according to how many minutes of dictation you want a day.
I have to enter an extensive amount of information in the headers and

footers and look up doctors' names, patient info, etc., and not getting paid for that work.  I work for the Ohio office.  You're lucky to have the correct line count.  From what I've read, others on this board aren't as fortunate as you.

Yes but the amount depends on the account, length of time, etc.
I have been happy for two years!
For all the other people looking, are you finding a decent amount of other places to go to right
I would hate to have to try and balance out # of MTs versus amount of work. (sm)
They can hire for a new account on projected number of lines and projected amount of lines each MT does, but so many variables are involved. That is exactly why I just do MT and let the MTSO and staff handle those issues. Too much for my little brain.

They are a great company and truly try their best. Give them a call. Can't hurt to try.
I agree. I wasn't about to apply for that pathetic amount, but that is why
I was curious. At 7 cpl, they better lower their standards for experience, like someone right out of school who just needs the experience because they certainly couldn't survive on that for a living.
Usually the hospital dump a large amount on Friday afternoon. nm